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Lovina tours

Lovina is a quiet town located on the North Bali coastline. You may considered Lovina as the relaxed and laid-back alternative to the busy beaches in southern Bali. Several traditional villages along Lovina beach welcome visitors with open arms all year round.

Early-morning dolphin watching and snorkeling adventures are the most popular activities to enjoy along the volcanic North Bali beaches. Adventure seekers may prefer the amazing jungle and beautiful waterfalls nearby.

Lovina is a popular day trip in Bali for nature lovers. Capture striking photos and come back home with unforgettable memories.

What are the best things to do in Lovina?

If you are traveling to Bali, you may decide to head to Lovina for the following reasons.

Experience dolphin watching

Lovina is very popular for dolphin watching. Bottle-nosed dolphins call northern Bali their home and are prominent during the early morning hours. As a  result, the most popular thing to do in Lovina is to schedule an early morning dolphin sightseeing tour. The Lovina tours generally leave the  beach at dawn and last a couple of hours. The opportunity to photograph dancing dolphins during sunrise is hard to recapture elsewhere.

Wake up early and get awesome photo opportunities of dolphins swimming and jumping in the ocean. If you are an animal lover, sunrise dolphin watching tour should definitely be on your Bali bucket list.

Try Jungle and hidden waterfalls trekking

Head to the Singaraja Valley and enjoy trekking to hidden waterfalls through a stunning jungle landscape.

Enjoy snorkeling or diving

In addition to scheduling a dolphin watching tour in Lovina, another very popular activity is diving and snorkeling. There are several outfitters along the coast that rent out equipment or offer personal underwater tours. Take a short boat ride and discover the sea-life underwater paradise of North of Bali.

Appreciate a laid-back alternative to the south of Bali

While the area is growing in popularity, it remains a quieter option compared to the common touristic places in southern Bali.

Watch the sunset over dinner

During the  evening hours, visitors often watch prahu boats get prepared for night fishing. It is a breathtaking place to have dinner while watching the sunset, along with friends and family.

Are there any Lovina tours from South Bali? How much does it cost?

There are many Lovina tours departing from South Bali available. You may either wake up early and go on a dolphin watching tour or experience a full day tour and visit Lovina and other attractions.

Sunrise Lovina dolphin watching tours

Going on a day trip from South Bali is a great opportunity to see bottle-nosed dolphins in their native habitat. Lovina dolphin watching tours starts quite early though - you will need at least 2 hours drive to reach Lovina. Expect your driver to pick you up around 3 am depending on your location in South Bali.

Dolphin watching tours from south Bali starts at 30 US$.

Full day Lovina tours combined with other attractions

If you wish to visit Lovina and other places on the way, Lovina full day tours are the best choices. You can combine your Lovina tour with a visit of local temples, a hike to hidden waterfalls, or even a trek to Batur volcano.

Full day Lovina tours are pricier though. Shared options starts at 60 US$.

How to get to Lovina from South Bali? How long does it take?

If you are staying in South Bali, you may wonder how to reach Lovina. We strongly recommend you to book a car with a driver or use the Bemos (local public transport buses) as the coastal road on the east side of Bali can be very busy, especially with trucks traveling from the North of the island.

If you decide to go on a sunrise dolphin watching tour, count around 2:30 hours to reach Lovina from the most popular South Bali touristic locations such as Kuta, Seminyak or Sanur. If you are staying in Ubud, plan 2 hours. Later in the day, traffic may be more busy, and travel time may be longer.

We suggest booking a guided tour of Lovina. Most guided tours offer direct transportation from your hotel to Lovina Beach. Therefore, it eliminates  the need to find your method of transport. Additionally, you will get a more informative and thorough experience of the region.

What is the best time to visit Lovina?

Lovina  gets far less visitors compared to popular southern  destinations of Bali. However, the area is growing in popularity and  therefore careful planning is important.

It is recommended that  you travel to Lovina outside the busy months of July and August when the island receives its highest concentration of visitors. Lovina is more traditional and relaxed compared to the southern end, yet traffic can get congested and sightseeing spots busy during peak season.

Travel tips

  • Dolphin watching is an awesome experience. Don't miss it if you are traveling to Lovina.
  • Don't forget your camera, bring a small jacket and sunscreen, and have a look at the weather forecast the day before.
  • Combined tours are a great way to visit several attractions during the same day. There are many great places to visit along the way to Lovina.
  • If you decide to drive by yourself to Lovina, make sure to have an international driving license.