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Helicopter Tours

When you arrive in New York City, there is an overwhelming feeling of having so much choice when you begin to consider how you want to see the city. If you’re not looking to immerse yourself in the atmosphere alone, there are guided bus and walking tours that take you through the maze of busy streets as you glare in awe at the museums, monuments and landmarks. However, if remaining on the ground isn’t a sufficient option and you’re looking to be 1,000 feet above it looking down, an helicopter tour of New York can cater to your aerial wanderlust. Unlike bus and walking tours, you’ll sit high above the sky taking in the expansive and vibrant nature of the Big Apple.
Helicopter tours are renowned for being the best way to see New York City. Regardless of whether your desire is to see the tip of the Statue of Liberty flame, the sprawling natural beauty of Central Park, or where King Kong made his famous journey up the Empire State Building, you’ll be treated to an experience like never before. Although helicopter tours are known for being on the more expensive side, there’s also a comfort in knowing that helicopter tour operators are highly competitive and you can find many affordable offers on TourScanner. So if you’re looking to see a whole city from the air, then a helicopter tour is for you.