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Cooking Classes in Milan

Bubbling mozzarella atop crispy thin-based pizzas, oozing ravioli and creamy tiramisu are all dishes you'll find on the menu of cooking classes in Milan. Working your way around the best restaurants in the city is a highly enjoyable way to spend your time in Milan.

However, there's no greater joy than creating a traditional edible masterpiece by yourself on a cooking class in Milan. And, the best part is that you'll take your newfound knowledge away with you, ready to recreate at home.

You will find below all you need to know about cooking classes, one of the most palpable and tasty food experiences in Milan.

What are the best cooking classes in Milan?

Pizza and gelato making class

In this cooking class, you'll learn how to make the most iconic dish in Italy — pizza.

After meeting your expert chef, you'll watch them create the perfect pizza. Under their watchful gaze, you'll then attempt to recreate the masterpiece. You'll learn the recipe for the ideal thin-crust pizza and knead it yourself, ready for rising.

Next, you'll whip up a simple yet hearty tomato sauce to spread atop your dough. While you relax as your dough rises, you'll have the opportunity to sample local wines and olive oils.

Moving on, you'll discover the ingredients that create a creamy and rich gelato, as well as the churning process. Leaving no stone unturned, you'll also prepare your own cone before rolling out your pizza, choosing your toppings and watching your cheese melt in a hot oven.

After all your hard work, you can sit down and enjoy an Italian feast of your own creation.

Pasta, ravioli and tiramisu cooking class in Milan

Heading to a Milanese home, you'll discover the process behind creating some of the city's most traditional meals.

With a professional chef leading the way, you'll learn how to prepare the perfect ravioli dough, as well as make and cut your own tagliatelle. Making fresh pasta requires flour, eggs and a little patience, but you can experience the satisfaction of creating a meal entirely from scratch.

Moving on to dessert, you'll whip up the most authentic sweet treat in the country — tiramisu — made with mascarpone, chocolate and coffee. Once your meal is fully prepared, you'll enjoy devouring your dishes, washed down with a glass of wine while chatting with other participants.

Private cooking class in Milan

Those who are dedicated to learning about Italian cuisine may choose to take a private cooking class in Milan.

In a local family home, you'll learn the Milanese secrets of cooking. Using recipes and secrets passed down through generations, you'll prepare seasonal ingredients ready for cooking.

With focused attention from your chef, you'll create a local starter, which changes depending on the time of year, fresh pasta and a mouthwatering dessert.

Then, it's time for a pat on the back and to dine on your tasty three-course meal. You'll share your creations with the family and spend time conversing, and laughing together.

Market tour and cooking class in Milan

If you're dying to prepare a Milanese meal from scratch, why not go one step further and select the produce yourself?

Weaving your way through the numerous stalls of a local food market, you'll learn how to select the freshest fruits and vegetables. You'll also have the opportunity to sample fresh Italian cold cuts, including meats and cheeses, before traveling to your chef's home for a cooking class.

In this hands-on cooking experience, you'll create four authentic dishes. These vary from the to time but may include pumpkin ravioli, tiramisu and stuffed eggplant.

At the end of your class, enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing a meal alongside a glass of local wine.

How much do cooking classes in Milan cost?

You can expect to pay approximately €70 per person for a cooking class where you’ll create ravioli, pasta and tiramisu.

If you wish to make authentic pizza and gelato, you'll pay around €100 per participant.

Cooking classes in Milan that show you around a local market range from €120 to €140 per person.

Alternatively, private cooking classes that include a chef dedicated to your learning cost around €150 per participant.

You can expect to pay €250 per person for a private excursion that combines cooking and sightseeing.

What is included in a cooking class in Milan?

In a culinary class in Milan, you'll have a professional chef guiding you through the creation process of several traditional dishes. All food is included, which usually forms a three-course meal at the end. You'll enjoy a glass of local wine to compliment your Milanese meal.

Some cooking classes present you with a certificate at the end, which you can keep as a memento of your time in Milan. If you participate in a combination tour that includes sightseeing, you'll have a guide to escort you around the city.

Where do cooking classes in Milan start?

Cooking classes in Milan usually begin at an easy-to-reach landmark near the location of your culinary lesson. You'll be informed of this meeting point before booking so that you can plan your journey there with plenty of time to spare.

How long do cooking classes in Milan last?

Depending on the number of dishes you'll be preparing, Milan cooking classes range in duration from 2.5 to 5 hours. Longer experiences tend to include a guided tour of a local market.

Combination sightseeing and cooking excursions last all day, beginning around 10 AM.

When is the best time for a cooking class in Milan?

The best time to enjoy a cooking class in Milan is whenever you're hungry! These food preparation lessons start at different times throughout the day, providing you with lunch or dinner at the end.

There is no better way to dig into the culture of Milan than through its food. So, participate in a cooking class on your first few days in the city.

Are there any combos available with cooking classes in Milan?

Private sightseeing tour and cooking class

If you have a limited number of days to spend in Milan, consider combining tours to make the most of your time.

Starting the day off, you'll participate in a walking tour of Milan, which passes by the main landmarks of Milan. These include Duomo di Milano, La Scala Opera House and Via Dante.

You'll enjoy some free time to explore the grounds of Sforza Castle before continuing on to your class. After cooking up a storm, you'll feast upon the fruits of your labor.

Travel tips

  • Inform your tour operator of any dietary requirements or allergies upon booking.
  • Some cooking classes in Milan are strict on vaccine requirements. Check whether you need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate before booking.
  • Most cooking experiences have a minimum number of participants they must reach in order for the tour to take place. If this threshold isn't reached, your excursion may be rebooked.