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Bike Tours in Milan

The Italian fashion capital is impossibly chic, romantic and vivacious and a bike tour of Milan is the perfect way to soak in all these elements.

Peddle through time and see where how the Renaissance rang in a new era in Europe and how Milan is keeping up with the times through architectural innovation and forward-thinking special development.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the city with a Milan bike tour by moving with the ebb and flow, going past monuments, shopping meccas and vibrant city scenes. Milan is at the heart of Northern Italy and creates a picture-perfect playground for outdoorsy travelers.

You will find below everything you need to know about bike tours, one of the most delightful outdoor activities in Milan.

What are the best Bike tours in Milan?

Milan bike tour

A bike tour in Milan takes you past all of the most prolific sites in the city, connecting its ancient past to its fashionable future.


The tour starts at one of the last remaining Roman ruins in the city, Colonne di San Lorenzo. From there you will move on to the Duomo de Milano, one of the most famous and monumental attractions in Milan. After admiring the cathedral and square you will cycle to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, home to all of the most famous Italian brands.

Next, you will see the Breda district where a few historical structures leave visitors in awe. You will also admire the Piazza Gae Aulenti where famous architects have created a visionary neighborhood to become the new modern heart of the city.

In Sempione Park, you will see the famous Arco Della Pace and then venture on to Castello Sforzesco. The tour finishes at Santa Maria Delle Grazie where Da Vinci’s famous “Last Supper” lives.

Milan hidden gems bike tour

Go off the main streets and see the real face of glamorous Milan with a bike tour of the city’s hidden gems.


Start peddling towards the CityLife Shopping District to see the modern facade of Milan decorated with boutique names and gleaming exteriors. Then step back in time with a cycle through the Brera District, Milan’s famed old neighborhood that has been impeccably preserved.

You will also get a look at Castello Sforzesco and the Roman ruins at Corso Magenta. Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan’s China Town, offers a drastic change of scenery followed by the snazzy business district, Porta Garibaldi. The tour ends at Corso Como, the trendy design district at the heart of Milan's fashion scene.

Cultural Bike Tour of Milan

Dig into Milan’s vast cultural history and explore the monuments of Milan that sprung from the Renaissance that transformed Italian culture.


This detailed tour will take you past ancient basilicas and to Renaissance monuments. One of the most formidable in Milan is the mammoth Castello Sforza which was home to one of the ruling families of the city during the Renaissance.

The city’s Roman ruins are up next followed by a visit to the iconic Milan Cathedral. You will have enough time to count all 135 of its spires before setting off for the Teatro La Scala, one of the most formidable opera houses in the world.

Along the way, you will see where Da Vinci left his mark and discover a host of hidden cultural treasures that make Milan a true beacon among Italian cities.

Aperitivo Bike Tour of Milan

See all the best sights and sounds of Milan and enjoy an aperitif in a trendy neighborhood that captures the vibe of the city.


Step back in time at the Castello Sforzesco and see how the other half lived during the Renaissance. Continue “la dolce vita” at Arco Della Pace, through the Milan Arch and into the affluent neighborhood renowned for its superb nightlife.

The next stop is Brera, where streets are teaming with street artists, fortune tellers and entertainment seekers fine combing the restaurants and bars of the area.

Seek out some famous faces at Corso Como as this neighborhood is a renowned hotspot for movie and sports stars. Pedal past Bosco Verticale, the vertical garden towers that are breathing new life into the city.

Via Paolo Sarpi is the last stop. This area is known for its popular aperitivi spots and you will take part in this time-honored pastime with a bit to eat and delicious drink.

How much do bike tours in Milan cost?

Bike tours of Milan start from around €35 per person and go up to €50 per person for more specialized tours like cultural or architecture tours.

Private tours are also around €40 per person. Aperitivo tours are around €50 and include a drink and snack.

What is included in a bike tour in Milan?

Bike tours in Milan offer essentials like the use of a state-of-the-art bicycle or e-bike and a helmet. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and receive a bottle of water to keep you hydrated along the way.

If you go on an aperitivo bike tour you will also enjoy a drink and a snack as part of your tour price.

Where do bike tours in Milan start?

There are a few meeting points for bike tours in Milan. Some start at the tour operator’s office while others kick off at the first attraction. These meeting points are mostly located close to the center of the city or in the Ticinese neighborhood.

How long do bike tours in Milan last?

Most bike tours in Milan last between 3 and 3.5 hours, giving you plenty of time to stop and soak in the marvelous and glamorous surroundings of the city.

When is the best time for a bike tour in Milan?

The best time for a bike tour in Milan is in the morning before the Italian sun starts beating down too much. Most trips leave around 9 AM and 10 AM, allowing you to enjoy the pleasant morning weather.

The trips that include a drink at the end leave in the late afternoon and continue into the early evening to let you see the city’s nightlife in action and enjoy the lovely golden rays of the afternoon.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Most tours only operate in good weather and you will receive a full refund or the chance to rebook if there is bad weather. A select few will operate in rain and will provide a raincoat but most tour operators prefer not to.

Are children allowed on a bike tour in Milan?

Some tours offer children’s seats for the bike that will comfortably fit a toddler. For older children to partake they must reach specific height requirements (around 1,35 meters) for some tours or an age limit for others.

The age limit ranges between 9 and 14 years, depending on the nature of the tour.

Which other sightseeing tours can be done in Milan?

Travel tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes that allow you to comfortably pedal your bike.
  • Pack extra sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt during your ride.
  • Bring a hat or sunglasses to shield you from the bright sun on your ride.