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Bergamo: Day Trips and Tours from Milan

The foothills of the Bergamo Alps are the picture-perfect setting for the medieval city of Bergamo.

The city is surrounded by ancient Venetian walls and is a treasure trove of architectural wonders and historic marvels. The city walls are a beloved UNESCO World Heritage Site and are emblematic of the early defenses of the Venetian Republic.

A Bergamo day tour from Milan transports you into a tranquil setting, centuries removed from the chic Lombard capital. The city’s breathtaking views include mountains, sweeping valleys and distant Lake Como, a trifecta of North Italian vistas.

You will find below all you need to know about Bergamo, a beautiful destination for day trips from Milan.

How to get to Bergamo from Milan?

Bergamo lies only an hour northeast of Milan, almost in the center of the larger Lombardy region.

From Milan to Bergamo by car

Driving from Milan to Bergamo is simple and only takes around an hour.

Follow Via Palmanova to the A51 onramp and drive on the A51 for around 9 kilometers. Take the exit to the E64 and continue straight for close to 39 kilometers. The last turnoff is the SS42 which takes you straight into Bergamo.

From Milan to Bergamo by train or bus

Bergamo and Milan are efficiently connected by public transport with regular bus and train options available.

The RE2 rail route goes directly between the two cities or you can take that line to Treviglio and climb over on the R2 Green Line.

The Z301 bus runs a direct route between Milan Lampugnano and Bergamo Central Bus Station.

Guided tour to Bergamo from Milan

A guided tour to Bergamo from Milan is the most convenient way of traveling between the two cities. You will enjoy high-quality transportation along with an expertly guided tour to show you all the most notable sights of Bergamo.

What is the typical itinerary of a day tour to Bergamo from Milan?

Hop on a comfortable coach and swap the bustling confines of Milan for the tranquil medieval setting of Bergamo. From the bottom of the city, you will take a scenic ride on the Città Alta funicula to the upper city to explore the citadel.

Visit all the prolific sites of Bergamo including Cappella Colleoni, Piazza Vecchia and Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Your expert guide will show you all the hidden treasures of the city’s winding streets during your walking tour of Bergamo and share the tall tales of times gone by.

Along the way, there will be time to stop for a snack and a few stops to admire the sweeping Lombard landscapes below. At the end of the day, you will glide down to the lower part of town with the funicular and take the coach back to Milan.

What kinds of tours are available to go to Bergamo?

You can choose from a variety of day trips to Bergamo, each offering you a different look into this picturesque destination.

Guided tours to Bergamo from Milan

A guided tour of Bergamo will take you to all the iconic locations of the upper city and past panoramic viewpoints of Lombardy where you will see as far as Lake Como. A comfortable, air-conditioned coach makes the one-hour drive fly by and takes you to the funicular lower station in Bergamo.

Once you reach Bergamo Alta you can see the full expanse of the impressive city walls of the lower town, a valuable reminder of Medieval times that has also been granted UNESCO World Heritage status.

You will head to Piazza Vecchia to see Palazzo della Ragione, the highest tower of the city. Your guide will take you to the Bergamo Cathedral, Palazzo Nuovo, Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica and the Colleoni Chapel.

Take a short lunch break and indulge in some local dishes before exploring more of the picturesque town. You will see more sites like the Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe, Piazza Mercato del Fieno and the S. Francesco convent.

The last stop is a peak at the ancient washhouse before you take the funicular back down the hill to your coach.

Private tour to Bergamo from Milan

Take a day trip to Bergamo in the lap of luxury with a private guide and transport. You will be picked up from your preferred location and taken to the foot of Bergamo’s iconic funicular.

Once at the top you will enjoy spectacular views and an expertly guided experience to locations like Colleoni Chapel, the Santa Maria Maggiore Church, Palazzo della Ragione, Piazza Vecchia.

You can explore the city at your own pace and make use of your private guide’s expert knowledge of the region. Sit down for a fix of the finest Italian cuisine before venturing back to Milan in your private vehicle.

Day trip to Bergamo plus Franciacorta from Milan

Enjoy a luxurious trip from Milan to the charming city of Bergamo and include a visit to the Franciacorta wine region for the full Lombardy experience.

A comfortable private van will take you into the heart of Bergamo to admire the UNESCO-recognized Venetian Walls and explore the upper city on foot. Enjoy an indulgent three-course lunch with wine at a local restaurant.

Next, you will be whisked off to a historic winery to learn about the production of the region’s famous sparkling wine. Enjoy a local wine tasting and sample local salami and cheese to complement it. Take a look at the impressive underground cellars and learn about the valuable second fermentation that wine undergoes to become the sparkling wine you know and love.

End the day with a scenic walk along Lake Iseo before returning to Milan.

How much does a tour to Bergamo from Milan cost?

Group tours to Bergamo cost between €50 and €60 per person and include a comfortable coach ride and an expert guide.

A basic private tour to Bergamo is around €570 per person while a private tour that includes all your entrance fees runs around €800.

To visit Franciacorta along with Bergamo you can expect to pay around €440 per person or €530 per person for a tour that includes food.

What will you see and do on a Bergamo day trip from Milan?

Walk on the Venetian Walls

These 16th-century walls are more than 5 kilometers long and were built to protect Bergamo from the attacks from the Republic of Milan and an onslaught from the French. They wrap around the town, closing off its fairytale-like setting from the modernizing world.

Explore the corners of Piazza Vecchia

The upper city of Bergamo is built around Piazza Vecchia, the heart of the city. Here you will see can admire the stunning Palazzo della Ragione facade, dating back to the 12th century and the beautifully sculpted central fountain.

You can also dine at the atmospheric restaurants on the square or dip into some month-watering gelato.

Admire ancient churches

There are a few fascinating churches and cathedrals in Bergamo to explore. Admire the colorful marble facade of Cappella Colleoni that depicts vibrant biblical scenes and houses valuable Italian frescoes.

Move on to the Bergamo cathedral and Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore to soak in even more beautiful architecture and long-spanning history.

When is the best time to visit Bergamo?

May to September are the best months to visit Bergamo if you want to make the most of idyllic Italian weather. December to March are the quietest months but you run the risk of unpleasant weather.

Travel tips

  • Bergamo trips involve a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes to explore the city to its fullest.
  • Some places of worship require your knees and shoulders to be covered so dress appropriately or take a cover-up along.
  • Make sure to charge your camera to have plenty of battery for a half-day trip.