Innsbruck, Austria

Known as the “Jewel of the Austrian Alps” and “Olympic City” for its past Winter Olympics events – the capital city of the western Austrian state of Tyrol, Innsbruck, offers a wide range of incredible things to do, no matter what you’re looking for!

Surrounded by the astonishing Alps, Innsbruck is the perfect place to visit for all those interested in sports and nature! Head to the Nordkette mountain, choose from hiking, skiing, and rock climbing, and enjoy the incredible views of the city below!

Check out the highest-elevation zoo in Europe, Alpenzoo Innsbruck, and devour delicious regional foods at Markthalle Innsbruck! Appreciate a visit to the unique and beautiful Swarovski Crystal Worlds, bustling with fun activities for all ages.

Speaking of uniqueness, stop by the Grassmayr Bell Foundry, and see the 400-year-old family tradition of bell-making, for local churches, and some international ones! Top off your adventures, and get epic views of the city and mountains with a ride on the hybrid funicular railway, the Hungerburg.

Ready to see more? Let’s see the rest of the things to do in Innsbruck!

1 – Praise the beauty of the Golden Roof in Old Town

Golden Roof old town, Innsbruck

Standing apart from the many attractions within Innsbruck is the impressive Golden Roof in Old Town, completed in 1500 in honor of the wedding of Emperor Maximilian I to Bianca Maria Sforza. It was built by Archduke Friedrich IV.

Made up of around 2,657 fire-gilded copper roof tiles, and measuring 16 meters wide with the roof measuring 3.7 meters high, the Golden Roof was reportedly built to put to rest swirling rumors that the Emperor and his court were experiencing financial difficulties.

Though it was also built for the use of the Emperor and his new wife, the Golden Roof was also used for various performances and events. Currently, you can take a look at the shining historical attraction, while paying close attention to the carvings of animal figures. The original 6 tiles are located inside the Golden Roof Museum.

2 – See the incredible tomb of Emperor Maximilian I at the Court Church

Court Church, Innsbruck

Check out the Court Church, located 9 minutes away from Old Town. Though highly popularized for being the site of the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I, it also houses a historic choir, and 17th-century grand organ, known as Austria’s best-conserved Renaissance organ.

Also known as Schwarzmander Church (Black Figures) due to the prominent 28 life-size bronze figures propped around the Emperor’s tomb, the sepulcher of the Emperor is regarded as one of the best examples of German Renaissance work. The sculptures represent family members (including his 2 wives) and members of his court overlooking him for eternity.

However contrary to popular belief, the Emperor is not buried at the church, but elsewhere because of the weight of the black marble tomb, and other iron-made features. Today you can step inside, and purchase an audio guide to learn more about his fascinating site!

3 – See the top of Innsbruck from Nordkette

Nordkette, Innsbruck

Considered the “Jewel of the Alps” – Nordkette is one of the significant great mountains within the Karwendel Nature Park, located 20 minutes away from Old Town.

With some of the greatest nature things to do in Innsbruck found at Nordkette, choose between skiing, hiking, rock climbing, or taking the scenic Nordkette cable car to get a bird’s eye view of the charming Innsbruck!

Take the cable car, and make it to the top of the mountain at Hafelekarspitze, 2,334 meters above sea level! To get there, take the cable car to Hafelekar, and from there, hike for approximately 15 more minutes, and soon you’ll be met with impressive views of deep valleys, and snow-capped mountains.

On your way there, be sure to stop at other stations at different points in the mountain, and enjoy the delicious restaurants, with impressive terraces and nature views!

4 – Learn the story behind the Triumphpforte

Triumphpforte, Innsbruck

Located on the famous Maria Theresien Strasse Street, known as the city’s historical southernmost gate, is Triumpforte, one of the many well-known points of interest to see in Innsbruck.

Built with 3 arched passages, the middle one is designed for car traffic, while the side passages are designed for foot and bike traffic. The story behind the Trumphforte is one of both happiness and tragedy, as the Triumphforte was built in celebration of Archduke Leopold’s upcoming wedding to the princess of Spain, Maria Luisa. However, a few days after the celebration, the Emperor died.

The events of those days in 1765 are inscribed on both sides of the arch, and you can take a look at them for yourself. The northern side of the arch describes the death of the Emperor, while the southern side describes details of the happiness and celebration of the Archduke’s wedding.

5 – Walk through Maria-Theresien Strasse and see the St. Anne’s Column

Maria-Theresien Strasse, Innsbruck

Get into the action at Maria-Theresien Strasse, named after the “Mother of Austria” and the only female ruler inside the House of Habsburgs. The ever-popular bustling street is known for amazing shopping, busy restaurant terraces, and gorgeous 17th-18th century buildings.

Historically, Maria-Theresien Strasse Street was considered the “New Town” and was separated from the Old Town by a wall, which the nobility could walk through when visiting the New Town. With time, the affluent began seeking interest in the New Town, a decided to start moving there. This is why much of the architecture on this street is elegant and refined.

On the same street, you’ll see the St. Anne’s Column, built after the defeat of the Bavarian troops invading Innsbruck, on July, 26, the day of the Feast of St. Anne. Take in the red marble of the column, and the symbolism of its statues!

6 – Get panoramic views at the Bergisel Ski Jump

Bergisel Ski Jump, Innsbruck

Visit the modern Bergisel Ski Jump, a futuristic ski jump platform that houses a restaurant and impressive terraces with unbeatable views of the mountains, built by the world-famous architect, Zaha Hadid.

Whether you’re a ski professional using the facilities to work on your technique, or you’re a sucker for a good nature view, all are welcome to enjoy the ski jump’s innovative structure and facilities! Simply plan your trip on the funicular, and stop at the Bergisel Ski Jump.

At the Bergisel Ski Jump, you can also check out the history of the mountain, from the many Olympic-related events that happened to the historical events including the Tyrolean fight for freedom.

Make it to the SKY restaurant, and enjoy the floor-to-ceiling views of the slopes and skiers practicing below, as you enjoy a traditional offering of Austrian classic dishes, or a beverage to warm you up!

7 – See the grandeur at the Imperial Palace Innsbruck

Imperial Palace Innsbruck

Experience the lavish digs inside the 3rd most important historical building in Austria, the Imperial Palace Innsbruck, originally completed in 1519 by Emperor Maximilian I, and then renovated by Maria Theresa by 1780.

The Imperial Palace Innsbruck is found in the Old Town and quickly stuns visitors with its golden details, large chandeliers, the grand Giant Hall ballroom, and stunning frescos and galleries. On a guided tour of the palace, stop by the apartments built on the top floor, by the order of Archduke Karl Ludwig for his sister Empress Elizabeth (Sisi), and Old Mother’s Room, belonging to Maria Theresa.

Check out the courtyard, frequented by the sports-inclined Emperor, the impressive stateroom, the Guard Hall decorated with oil paintings, and more! Visit the museum, and view the exhibits showcasing art pieces, both from Austria and internationally, and other special events held within the historic palace!

8 – Breathe in the beauty at Innsbrucker Hofgarten

Innsbrucker Hofgarten

Located under 10 minutes from Old Town is the beautiful Innsbrucker Hofgarden (Imperial Gardens). The garden, once upon a time, was only reserved for the Royal Highness while today welcomes visitors to enjoy its wonderful spaces.

Whether you want a quick escape from the city and crowds, or you want to enjoy a picnic or get some steps in, a visit to the Innsbrucker Hofgarden will certainly inspire you no matter what your plans are! From the exquisite ponds and fountains to the shady trees, magnificent gardens, and even a few eateries, you’ll love what you see the moment you arrive!

Dating back to the 15th century, the garden currently showcases different areas named after Maria Theresa, as it’s been reported that even she spent some time gardening at the Innsbrucker Hofgarden. Make sure to stop by the Maria Theresa spruce, which is reportedly 200+ years old!

9 – Climb 148 steps to the top of Stadtturm (Innsbruck City Tower)

Innsbruck City Tower

Also located in the heart of Old Town is the Stadtturm (Innsbruck City Tower), built in the late 1400s, which was built as a space where important meetings and events took place, and then was transformed into a security tower where guards looked over the city and nearby mountains.

Measuring 51 meters high, you can admire the Stadtturm’s amazing height in comparison to other surrounding buildings, as well as the iron-made gargoyles, and a grand city clock. At one point, the bottom of the tower was a prison, which is noticeable today when you see the iron-sealed windows.

Though the panoramic deck reaches a shorter height at 31 meters, you won’t want to miss out on the incredible spanning views of the city, as the guards once got to see every day! Make sure to grab your tickets ahead of time, starting at $5 USD.

10 – Culture hop around the Tyrolean State Museums

Tyrolean State Museums, Innsbruck

Gain more in-depth knowledge about Tyrol, at the Tyrolean State Museum, and see everything from the Stone Age to the Emperor era, and the modern-day! Enjoy browsing through the art galleries, featuring local artists and common themes of the day, as well as archaeological findings and more!

If art is what you’re in search of, then head to the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, located next to the Court Church! Here, you’ll gain insight into the examples of different works of art created throughout the times in Tyrol. From paintings to traditional costumes and dress, and even cultural artifacts used during specific celebrations.

Lastly, the Tirol Panorama with the Museum of the Imperial Infantry is famously the museum that stores the grand Tirol Panorama which is a curved 1,000 square meter image of the 3rd Battle of Bergisel in 1809 and is also the largest painting in Austria. From there, check out the rest of the museum, showcasing the interesting military history!

To see almost all the Tyrolean State Museums, check out the bundle tickets!

11 – Hear the peace bells strike at noon at Innsbruck Cathedral

Innsbruck Cathedral

Also known as the St. James Cathedral, the Innsbruck Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches, dressed in Baroque-style architecture. Located in the heart of Old Town, the church is famous for more than one attraction within its historic walls.

Dating back to 1180, and then restored after damaging earthquakes between 1717-1724, the Innsbruck Cathedral became the final resting place of Archduke Maximilian lll in 1618, which you can view for yourself, the bronzed statues and other ornate details.

Something else not to miss is the beautiful artwork, including the most famous and most replicated Madonna and Child image in the Alps called “Maria Hilf” as well as detailed frescoes showcasing the scenes of St. James’ life.

Let your ears be enchanted by the resounding bells tolling throughout the town and inside the church, and see the second-largest bell in Tyrol!

12 – Browse the art museum inside the Ambras Castle

Ambras Castle, Innsbruck

Experience the majestic beauty of the Ambras Castle, set on the ruins of an ancient medieval fortress! The Ambras Castle is a picture-perfect Renaissance-style castle that once belonged to Archduke Ferdinand ll between 1529 and 1595 and housed a number of cultural objects to be seen today.

Divided into lower and upper castles, explore the beautiful halls of the historic castle, move around the lower castle, and find collections of late medieval sculptures and life-size armory.

Enjoy browsing through one of Europe’s oldest art collections, especially at the Portrait Gallery in the upper castle. The Portrait Gallery houses over 200 different paintings of various time periods, including portraits of Emperor Francis and Albert lll, and works of art by famous painters, including Diego Velásquez, and Lucas Cranach.

To fully enjoy the castle, and its stunning manicured gardens, pre-book your tickets and look into skip-the-line for convenience!

13 – Have an audibly great time at the Audioversum – ScienceCenter

Audioversum, Innsbruck

Dive deep into the interesting and entertaining world of sound at the Audioversum – Science Center!

A great museum for visitors of all ages, explore the engaging exhibits that invite you to learn how to keep your balance as you harmlessly test the vestibular organs in your ear. With virtual reality technology, learn all about bone conduction, see how our bones “listen” to the world outside, and figure out what hair cells have to do with our ability to listen, plus much more!

Lastly, check out the exciting Sound Gallery, an otherworldly experience that combines sound and art unlike anywhere else!

This museum is one of the most unique things to do in Innsbruck, and will help you gain appreciation for your sense of hearing, especially as you walk through the streets of Innsbruck, listening to the sounds of the church bells, and more!

14 – Get high on animal fun at the Alpenzoo Innsbruck

Alpenzoo Innsbruck

The Alpine Zoo or the Alpenzoo Innsbruck is one of the highest elevation zoos in all of Europe located on the Alps, and only 7 minutes away from the Old Town.

Enjoy and explore the many varieties of animals at the zoo-themed park, which prides itself on its healing conservation efforts towards its animals, including brown bears, deer, golden eagles, bearded vultures, wolves, otters, and many more!

Pro tip: To see the recently born animals, make sure to visit between April and June, as this is when many animals are born, and you can take a peek at them!

As you look at the animals, you’ll also take in the grand views of the mountains nearby, and for something a bit off the beaten path, check out the evening tours available during summer, every Tuesday and Thursday. Just make sure to pre-book it!

15 – Shop and sample food at the Markthalle Innsbruck

Markthalle Innsbruck

Calling all foodies, the Markthalle Innsbruck is your place to go to enjoy a sampling of the best locally produced foods, from cheese to meats, wines, breads, and more!

Open daily from 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM, the Markthalle Innsbruck is a beautiful, bright, and airy food hub that connects patrons to local farmers, serving their best, in-season produce, plus more!

Check out the daily activities and events held at the market, including monthly craft markets where you can score some amazing, and locally crafted souvenirs for you and your friends back home.

Enjoy a delicious pastry, buy fresh pasta and olives, grab a coffee or a quick lunch like a freshly hand-tossed pizza, and enjoy it at the seating available at the market, while absorbing another savory day in Innsbruck!

The Markthalle Innsbruck is located only 5 minutes away from the Old Town!

16 – Feel the lavish vibes at Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Austria

Enjoy something unique and fun at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, a dazzling space offering multiple experiences for solo travelers, families, and friends!

Venture through 7.5 hectares of The Garden, brimming with beautiful green landscapes, art installations, and of course, the famous Giant stealing more than a few glances from the multitudes of people visiting! Have kids? Take them to the carousel, the playtower and the playground! Get lost in the labyrinth, and check out the nearby Roman excavations!

Speaking of the Giant, learn the story of its presence in the garden, which goes far beyond the aesthetics of the attraction, and then step inside to see the marvelous 18 Chambers of Wonder. Experience trippy and beautiful crystal visual installations, themed in various ways!

Situated 24 minutes from Old Town, consider pre-booking your skip-the-line tickets, with bonus transfers to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds!

17 – Fly like a bird on a paragliding adventure

paragliding in Innsbruck

Ready for something epic? Check out a fun paragliding adventure through the skies of Innsbruck, taking a sneak peek at some of the beauty and charm of Old Town, but mostly concentrating on the unparalleled views of the Alps, and other nature sights around Innsbruck!

On a paragliding adventure, feel limitless as your 10-15 minutes in the air take you to view the Stubai Glacier, the Pinnistal, and more, while flying with a professional to guide and take care of the technical details.

All there is left to do is enjoy the ride, and the sights, and smile for the camera! Some experiences may offer professional videos and photos to be taken of your ride, so if you opt for this added bonus, make sure to check the details of your booking!

This experience is available all year round and includes safety gear and a safety briefing.

18 – Play like an Olympian at Olympiaworld

Olympiaworld, Innsbruck

Looking to break a sweat playing sports? Check out the popular and recently-renovated Olympiaworld, a mega sports center that the Olympics used in 1964, 1976, and 2012!

Do some ice skating at the TIWAG Arenad, check out the American Football Centre, and see the teams practice! Play some volleyball, shoot some hoops in the outdoor facilities, or practice your grip rock climbing at Olympiaworld.

Aside from being a space to play games and get into friendly competition with your friends, Olympiaworld also hosts numerous other events, from concerts, the circus, performers of all sorts, and of course sporting events, so make sure to check the events tab on their website to see what’s happening!

Olympaworld is 10 minutes away from the Old Town by car, and is accessible via public transportation, in under 15 minutes!

19 – Relish dinner and a show at a Tyrolean Folk Show

Tyrolean Folk Shows in Innsbruck
credit to Tyrolean Folk Show

Watch a memorable folk performance including traditional dance, cultural music, yodeling, typical dress, and more when you sign up for a Tyrolean Folk Show!

Hosted by locals pouring their hearts on stage in this tradition that’s been going on since the late 60s, a Tyrolean Folk Show is one of the best ways to engage and interact with local culture in a way that doesn’t require knowledge of the local language.

As part of the experience, you’ll get to choose between a Tyrolean Folk Show with an optional dinner, making this experience one of the best dinners in Innsbruck to enjoy! The dinner consists of some of the traditional dishes from Tyrol, including a traditional soup, pork Tyrolean-style, potatoes, and an apple strudel.

By the end of the experience, you’ll leave with a full belly and full heart from witnessing a special traditional experience!

20 – Attend a show at the Tyrolean State Theatre

Tyrolean State Theatre, Innsbruck

Get involved with a common tradition amongst locals, and that is attending the theater! Enjoy a variety of performances, ranging from dance, music, singing, theater, and more!

Divided into different stages for different events, the main theater has the capacity of up to 800 people, while the basement can fit up to 250 people for performances including operas, musicals, dance theater, and more.

Enjoy the beautiful interiors of the theater, dating back to 1846 when it first opened. Plush seating in its circular theater, beautiful chandeliers, and gold details fill up the space of this cultural hub!

To score tickets, head to their website to research the different shows and upcoming performances. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. The Tyrolean State Theater is located only a few feet away from the historic Old Town, so finding it shouldn’t be an issue!

21 – Munch on traditional Tyrolean cuisine on a food tour

food tours in Innsbruck

Prepare your palette and belly for a hearty sampling of some of the best dishes to try on a food tour in Innsbruck!

On your 4-hour tour, you’ll get to walk around to the best markets in the city and try all sorts of regional dishes and desserts, including Kassplatzln (egg noodles with fried onion and grated cheese), Zillertaler Krapfen (dough pastry stuffed with vegetable, meat, or cheese fillings), Prügeltorte (a “bowl” shaped cake with filling), and more!

Your guide will also share a behind-the-scenes look at the stories behind some of the traditional dishes, as well as recipes that will further deepen your appreciation of the cuisine in Innsbruck. To go along with the food, you’ll also enjoy a few alcoholic beverages for those of age, and other beverages for those under 18.

Some food tours are on foot, and others include transportation.

22 – Ring the bells yourself at the Grassmayr Bell Foundry

Grassmayr Bell Foundry, Innsbruck

By now you know some of the things that Innsbruck is known for, but now it’s time to add the craftsmanship of church bells not only throughout Innsbruck but even the world!

Check out the multiple award-winning and family-owned Grassmayr Bell Foundry, a historic “bell” museum that combines different specialties, from sculptors to electricians, casters, and more for over 400 years by the Grassmayrs family. At the museum, you’ll get the unique opportunity to see how these traditional bells are created, as well as see the science behind the creation of specific sounds that each bell makes.

Enter the “Sound Room” and amply listen to various sounds of the bells, and even get to ring a few yourself! This special museum is one of the most unique museums to visit in Innsbruck that you surely won’t get anywhere else!

23 – View the holy sculpture inside the Wilten Basilica

Wilten Basilica, Innsbruck

Found 7 minutes away from the Golden Roof is the Wilten Basilica, one of the most beautiful Baroque architecture churches, said to have been built over an older Christian church.

Due to this finding, influences of the Christian church remain, including the historic and Gothic image of “Our Lady under the Four Columns.” This image is one of the many reasons the church receives many visitors annually.

The church today is an extremely ornate space to see for yourself that is very bright, airy, decorated with gold details, carved items into the walls, and so much more. Not to mention, the basilica is also the home of the Wilten Boys’ Choir which can be heard during traditional mass held at the basilica.

The church is open daily from 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM and is free entry, however, a small donation is requested.

24 – Go on an epic rafting adventure

rafting in Innsbruck

Participate in some incredible rafting opportunities on Imster Schlucht, one of the best European rivers for rafting, only 35 minutes away from Innsbruck Old Town!

Ride the waves, enjoy the scenery, and get ready for a bumpy ride as you and your group of 10 people learn how to manage the ride, making for an incredibly fun time you’ll remember for a while.

The typically 3-hour experience will have you crossing some 14 kilometers (8 or 9 miles) through the water, and facing some class lll river activity. With your booking, you’ll receive the proper accessories, and gear, including water-proof shoes, plus a safety briefing.

You’ll also enjoy a well-earned alcoholic beverage at the end to help commemorate the moment! Rafting experiences start at $70 USD. Children 10 years and older are able to participate with an adult.

Pro tip: Protect your phone inside a water-resistant pouch!

25 – See how coins were minted at the Hasegg Castle

Hasegg Castle, Innsbruck

Enjoy a walkthrough of the panoramic Hasegg Castle, located 15 minutes from Old Town Innsbruck in Hall, where you’ll get to experience a bit of the rich mining history as well as the creation of the minting coins inside the Hall Mint Museum!

Within the walls of the Hassegg Castle, the Hall Mint Museum will show you a glance back at the tradition of making coins called silver Thalers (which inspired the name of the Dollar) with the actual machines and see them in action, getting a peek at the final coins.

If you have kids with you, they’ll enjoy the child-friendly version of the museum, where they’ll also learn about the coin-making tradition of Hall. Towards the end of your walk-through of the castle, you’ll make it up the stairs to the Mint Tower to get mesmerizing views over the valley below!

26 – See the modernities inside the Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Book a guided tour of the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, only under a 2-hour trip from Innsbruck on a Neuschwanstein Castle tour!

Considered one of the best historical castles to still exist in Europe, the Neuschwanstein Castle was built under the order of King Ludwig ll back in 1868, as a symbol of Bavarian culture and the powerful monarchy.

Though the king never got to see it completed, after his passing in 1886, the unfinished castle opened a few weeks later as a museum and didn’t fully finish construction until 1892. Take note of the impressive location of the castle, perched up on a mountain, the strong walls, and beautiful indoor gardens.

The castle remains one of the most fascinating ones as it was built with the best advancements of the time, including running water, an elevator, and a telephone line! Be sure to pre-book your tour guide today, as that is the only way to enter.

27 – Get the ultimate views of Innsbruck on the Hungerburgbahn

Hungerburgbahn, Innsbruck

Connecting the center of Innsbruck and Hungerburg is the Hungerburgbahn, a hybrid funicular railway, offering not only a swift ride but a sweet view of Innsbruck’s surrounding nature and city.

Only a few moments away from the Old Town, check out the views as you reach 1,905 meters (6,250 feet) above sea level and more getting views of the Alpenpark Karwendel, Austria’s largest nature park!

To get an experience on the Hungerburgbahn, check out the many different tickets available, from simple Hungerburgbahn round-trip tickets to combo tickets that include tickets to ride the Hungerburgbahn and entry into the Alpine Zoo!

When you get on, you’ll pass through 4 of its stations, with the option of getting off and on to enjoy different attractions and of course, the view! The final station is Hungerburg station, which is where the zoo is.

28 – Go bungee jumping from Europa Bridge

bungee jumping at Europa Bridge

Another way to literally “jump” out of your comfort zone throughout your trip in Innsbruck is to go bungee jumping off of Europa Bridge, only 192 meters high!

With the stunning Austrian nature surrounding you, get ready to leap into the natural beauty, at one of the most popular bungee jump spots not only in Austria but in Europe. Best of all, this experience is possible all year round, unless the weather gets extreme.

When you finally make the jump, the fall itself will take a few seconds but the adrenaline will last for a few hours if not days, and you’ll reach a speed of 120 kph/74.6 mph! The experience requires that you must be 16 years or older to participate, and you must wear appropriate clothing and closed-toed shoes. For an added fee, you can request professional photos and video to record your jump!

29 – Take a climbing course at Kletterzentrum Innsbruck

Kletterzentrum Innsbruck

Kletterzentrum Innsbruck is considered one of the best sports and rock climbing centers in the world that caters to both newbies and seasoned rock climbing and sports enthusiasts in its 5,700 square meters of wall climbing space.

With incredible views of the Austrian mountains in the back for inspiration, get your gear and courage ready to go and climb, or opt for a class to help you learn “the ropes” of this epic sport that is popular throughout Innsbruck!

Depending on the weather, you can choose to use the facilities for indoor or outdoor experiences, and add a great workout during your travels, while having fun!

To successfully enter, make sure to register yourself if you’ve never used their facilities, and then purchase your tickets. With your admission, you’re allowed to use the facilities, including the changing rooms and lockers.

Single adult entry is 15,30 euros.

30 – Win some extra cash at Casino Innsbruck

casino innsbruck

Ready to put your luck to the test or want to blow off some steam? Visit the Casino Innsbruck, and enjoy a fun night of luck as you check out the multiple games from Poker, to Black Jack, Roulette, slots, and much more!

Other than the fun games, Casino Innsbruck also knows how to throw an event around the exciting games, including the Xperience Zone, which combines gaming and party in a seamless and fun ambiance! Check out the different games on offer, and see which games and events are taking place at the casino for an even better time!

If you’re especially interested in spending a great time at the casino, consider the different packages and VIP opportunities, which combine select games, dinner, and drink options, for a seamless night of uninterrupted fun.

The Casino Innsbruck is located 8 minutes away from Old Town!

31 – Take up a few river surfing lessons

up streaming surfing in Innsbruck

Yes, you read that right! Although a bit different from other surfing capitals of the world, in Innsbruck you can still do some surfing! Up Stream surfing that is.

Embark on an epic water activity called Up Stream Surfing, which is essentially a mix of wakeboarding and surfing, and takes place in the rushing rivers in the outskirts of Innsbruck!

On this amazing activity, whether you’ve done Up Stream surfing, or not, you’ll receive proper training from the professional trainers, and you’ll receive all your gear, including the surfboard, rope, helmet, and more!

Like with wakeboarding, you’ll hop on your board, which will be attached to a boat, and you’ll then begin to “surf” the waves created when you’re going 30 kilometers per hour! In order to safely participate in this one-of-a-kind water sport, you must be over the age of 16, and know basic swimming skills.

32 – Figure out your getaway fast inside an escape room

escape rooms in Innsbruck

Put your thinking cap on, and work against the clock when you creatively make your grand escape from an escape room in Innsbruck!

Whether you’re tapping into your inner Sherlock, you’re trying to escape the revenge of Tutankhamun, you’re working with magic inside The Wizard escape room, or more, rest assured you’re about to have a blast finding your way around the props, riddles, questions and more!

Offering tons of different themed escape rooms, you and your friends can pre-book your favorite at one of the many escape rooms, including some that offer a “surprise room” where you really don’t know what you’ll run into!

If the weather is too good to be indoors, check out the outdoor escape rooms offered, where you can make Innsbruck your playground, for an unforgettable time! Escape rooms are located within 10 minutes from the Old Town.

33 – Chow down at the best restaurants

best restaurants in Innsbruck

Have a bite of local Austrian cuisine at Restaurant Bierwirt, located inside a 4-star hotel, that remains very traditional to its Tyrolean culture. Indulge in homemade Wiener Schnitzel and Tyrolean-style dumplings, as well as the freshest serving of quality meats and vegetables!

For a helping of local dishes with a twist of seasonal and sustainable practices, check out Die Wilderin, where the head chef and her team craft each dish with care and love. Enjoy dishes like Zillertaler Krapfen (savory “empanadas”), or step out of your comfort zone and try Hirschfleish (deer meat), and more!

No matter what you’re craving, try out Wirtshaus Schöneck, offering everything from traditional Austrian dishes, to a few classic European plates! Serving its guests since 1899, and offering a seasonal menu that changes daily, rest assured you’re consuming the freshest meal served!

Craving really good Italian? Try Convento and try their famous braised veal roast and parmigiana!

How to get to Innsbruck?

When you land at Innsbruck Airport (INN), travelers typically choose between taking a bus or train to the city and it takes around 13 minutes to arrive at Innsbruck city center.

However, if you want to avoid lugging your bags around town, consider pre-booking an airport transfer, which takes 11 minutes, and will take you directly to your hotel!

Where to stay in Innsbruck?

Stay in the heart of Old Town, and book your good night’s rest at Rufi’s Hotel Innsbruck! Only a few moments away from the Golden Roof, the Imperial Palace, and the State Museum of Tyrol – you’ll have endless attractions nearby! The hotel offers a fresh breakfast included in the price.

Altstadthotel Weißes Kreuz – In der Fußgängerzone is another great option, also located in the center of Old Town! Offering free taxi services to its guests, past visitors truly enjoyed their stay here because of the warm staff and hospitality, ready to answer any question guests had. The hotel offers impressive Old Town views from the rooms and offers sleek and clean interiors.

Offering city, mountain, and courtyard views, check out Hotel Maximilian, located in the center of Innsbruck! Close to many bus stops, including the famous hop-on-hop-off bus stop, you’ll be perfectly located to start exploring the city!

Visiting Innsbruck on a budget?

Plan your itinerary right when you purchase an Innsbruck card! Gain entry to the best attractions, museums, palaces, and nature spots throughout Innsbruck for a discount, without having to purchase each ticket separately!

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Where to go next?

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Check out Salzburg, AKA Mozart’s birth city, starting with visiting the Mozart Residence museum, strolling through the charming Mozartplatz and Residenzplatz, and taking a “Sound of Music” tour!

Hop over to Munich, and explore the city’s history at the Residenz Palace, and for those fans of sports, check out the Allianz Arena for a rousing soccer (football) match!

Ljubljana is a beautiful city that captures travelers by surprise, whether it’s the stunning Ljubljana Castle, a day trip to Lake Bled, or simply walking through the Old Town!

Venice and Milan, Italy are not far off, and offer their own charm to explore! Take a tour through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ll and squeeze in a day trip to Lake Como when visiting Milan!

In Venice, climb up St. Mark’s Basilica, listen to a classical music concert, and take a boat tour through Venice’s romantic canals!

Final thoughts

To truly enjoy all the amazing things to do in Innsbruck, plan a few days to enjoy its charm, whether that’s stepping back in time at the Imperial Palace Innsbruck, royally walking through the Maria-Theresien Strasse, or seeing it all from above on the Nordkette cable car ride!

We hope you enjoyed our list, let us know where you’re headed first!

Happy travels!

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