things to do in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

It’s easy to see why Grand Cayman stands out as an exceptional exotic holiday destination with its untouched pristine beaches, turquoise crystal waters, captivating marine life, and abundant thrilling water sports opportunities.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway full of colorful Caribbean sunsets and dreamy moonlit walks along the sandy shores or simply a place for some ultimate relaxation and cocktails at the beach club, then look no further.

Nature lovers will delight in exploring the off-the-beaten-track wild mangrove trails, the impressive stalagmite ridden cave systems and the striking geological rock formations.

There are so many things to do in Grand Cayman such as getting up close and swimming with star fish, turtles and friendly stingray or embarking on a delicious rum tasting adventure and indulging in the local seafood delicacies such as freshly grilled snapper laden with flavorsome herbs!

1 – Step back in time at the castle of Pedro St. James

Pedro St. James House, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Step back in time and imagine what life was like for islanders hundreds of years ago at this restored 18th century house! Learn more about the history of Grand Cayman from the early settlers, to the abolition of slavery, to the establishment of democracy through engaging multimedia presentations and interactive displays.

Over its long history Pedro St. James has been used as a cotton plantation, a courthouse, a prison, and even a Government Assembly! In fact, Pedro St. James is the oldest surviving stone structure in the whole of the Cayman Islands!

The house is also shrouded in ghostly legends such as the White Lady who aimlessly wanders the estate grounds, eerie sounds such as unexplained whispers or footsteps and spine tingling cold spots!

2 – Swim and snorkel with turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre

Cayman Turtle Centre, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Did you know that when Christopher Colombus landed on the Cayman Islands in 1503 he originally named the islands ‘Las Tortugas’ due to the large quantity of turtles?

What a better activity than to go and encounter some of these gentle and majestic sea creatures at the Cayman Turtle Centre.

The center helps to protect green sea turtles which are considered endangered due to the popular consumption of turtle meat. The Cayman Turtle Centre is also home to a growing group of Kemp’s Ridley turtles and during a visit you may even have the chance to assist a turtle feeding or hold some newly hatched turtle babies!

At the center you can also find a huge crocodile at the Smileys salt water lagoon or visit the aviary to see some magnificent exotic birds!

3 – Explore the underground chambers of the Cayman Crystal Caves

Make your way through the lush rainforest to get to the entrance of the astonishing Cayman Crystal Caves, recently discovered in the 1990s. As you enter into the cool, humid and dark environment gaze up at the stalagmites and stalactites that dramatically hang down from above!

During a tour visitors make their way through the three interconnecting unique main caves; the Tropical Forest Cave, the Crystal Cave and the Lake Cave with an awe-inspiring natural underground pool.

Don’t forget to look up at the dazzling crystalline formations covering the cave ceiling or glimpse an elusive bat!

4 – Go snorkeling and the incredible Stingray City

snorkeling in Stingray City, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Swimming amongst Southern stingrays makes it high on the list of one of the most unforgettable things to do in Grand Cayman!

Southern stingrays are friendly and curious with characteristic diamond-shaped bodies, white underbellies and long tails. During a snorkeling tour you may even have the possibility to hand feed these gentle stingray with some crustaceans or mollusks. Make sure to get some close up photos as the stingray glide past in the clear transparent waters.

5 – Admire local artworks at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman

At The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands visitors can learn about how the art styles have evolved in recent Caymanian history and check out the Cayman art realism and modernism exhibitions. Highlights of the collection include expressive works by Gordon Solomon or Bendel Hydes, considered the forefather of Caymanian contemporary art. His works often deal with profound issues such as Cayman identity and spirituality.

Visitors can also admire lots of impressive traditional handicrafts that are showcased such as the skill and intricacy of silver thatching!

If you are looking to purchase some fine art to bring back as a souvenir take a visit to the Kennedy Gallery where you can see lots of original art by local Caymanian contemporary artists and other artists from all over the Caribbean. Browse the large canvases, prints, photographs and sculptures!

6 – Contemplate the rugged and cruel landscape of ‘Hell’

west island tours in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

When tourists visiting Grand Cayman claim to have experienced ‘Hell on Earth,’ they are referring to the striking rock formation of rough jagged edges that is estimated to be around 10 to 15 million years old!

Geologically speaking, Hell has been created due to the limestone rocks absorption of organic materials and erosion caused by acid rain!

Hell is located on the western side of Grand Cayman so its a popular stop off during the West Island tours. Other highlights in the West include the Governor’s Mansion on Seven Mile Beach and the Tortuga Rum Factory.

7 – Go for a horse riding experience along the vast sandy shoreline

horse riding in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Trot along the flat pristine beaches of West Bay on horseback in an unforgettable experience. Reconnect with nature and feel at ease with the guidance of a professional horse guide who can offer some riding tips!

Get comfortable in the saddle and feel the wind blowing through your hair! The elevated position of a horse is a great spot to take in the gorgeous views of blue waters and clear skies. Inhale the warm Caribbean breeze and attempt to establish a unique bond with your handsome pony!

8 – Catch the sunset at the glorious Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Spend a day on this family friendly soft sanded beach with tranquil waters excellent for swimming. Check out the coral reef system in the clear waters where you can spot colorful sponges, sea fans and tropical fish such such parrotfish or sergeant majors.

Sit on the shore and watch people softly glide past on paddle boards or indulge in some delicious Caribbean cuisine in one of the beachfront restaurants or bars. Since the beach is west facing, many locals and tourists gather on the beach to enjoy a sundowner cocktail and watch the sunset color spectacle!

If you are looking for a place to stay right on the Seven Mile Beach, take a look at the rooms at the 7 Mile Beach Club retreat. As well as direct access to the beach, the 7 Mile Beach Club resort has a swimming pool with two waterfalls and a jacuzzi.

9 – Go souvenir hunting at the Cayman Craft Market

Cayman Craft Market, Grand Cayman

Explore the crafts of local Caymanian artisans at the Cayman Craft Market in downtown George Town. Popular handicrafts include the stylish Silver Thatch hats and bags along with handmade jewelry and woodcarvings. Often local necklaces are made mixing beads made out of natural materials such as shells, black coral, polished coconut shell and conch seeds!

Embrace the Caribbean vibes and get a hair braid at the Cayman Craft Market! Inhale the scents of local spices such as scotch bonnet pepper, thyme or cayenne pepper. Foodies will enjoy browsing the jars of jams, pickles and local preserves.

10 – Plunge into the depths to encounter the Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef

Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Why not take a diving excursion to explore the shipwreck of the American submarine rescue ship that was deployed by the US Navy during World War II? Since the Kittiwake shipwreck is just 18 meters below the waters surface, it makes an accessible diving destination for divers who also have less experience.

The submarine was deliberately sunk in 2011 to create an artificial reef. Nowadays the artificial reef is bustling with marine life with schools of grunt and snapper fish darting in and out between the old decks. It has been also known to see barracuda patrolling around the wreck site or the occasional exciting nurse shark!

11 – Set off to sea on a boat charter to see some amazing marine locations

boat charters in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Book up a private boat charter and cruise around the waters of Grand Cayman with friends or family! Enjoy the boat exclusively with the company of your group for some ultimate quality time and privacy.

Thanks to a boat charter, you can explore some remarkable snorkeling spots such as Starfish beach. Jump over board and observe the red cushion sea stars lurking on the seabed! These red vivid starfish really stand out against the soft white sand.

Another popular destination frequented by private boat charters is the North Sound Lagoon and the Mangrove Reserve Environmental Park! Admire mangrove forests bordering the lagoon and the shallow waters.

12 – Master your core strength with some kitesurf lessons

kitesurf lessons in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Kitesurfing is an exhilarating and unique sport that combines elements of surfing, windsurfing and paragliding. Learning to master the kite and maintaining balance on the board will definitely engage all your major muscle groups, providing an excellent full body holiday work out!

Take lessons with a professional instructor to help progress your technique which will  provide a great sense of overall achievement. Meet fellow water sports enthusiasts during classes and pick up some tips!

Feel the water sprinkling back over your body as you glide over the water and the thrill of the movement as you harness the wind power!

13 – Go rum tasting at the Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery

Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery is located in George Town and was founded in 2007 and opened in 2013. The distillery has gained fame for their underwater aging techniques which involves submerging barrels of rum to the bottom of the seabed in order to seek optimal temperatures for maturation!

Book up one of the rum tastings in Grand Cayman to learn more about the rum distillation process and set eyes on the equipment used! Understand more about the different rum styles with the help of an expert and taste the classic Governor’s Reserve Rum, Gun Bay Vodka and Seven Fathoms Rum.

For those for prefer beer why not combine a rum sampling with beer tastings in Grand Cayman. Savor locally brewed craft beers at an idyllic waterfront restaurant.

14 – Swim with the playful and gentle dolphins

swimming with dolphins in Grand Cayman

At the Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman you can get in the water and give a hug to a dolphin. Learn about the daily life of a dolphin and their nutritional needs. Watch as the dolphins pirouette out of the waters and prance around the pool!

You can also connect and interact with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove Cayman at West Bay. Dolphin Cove experiences are conducted in the ocean water, connected directly to the ocean whereas Dolphin Discovery is in a large salt water pool. Choose from different dolphin packages such as Dolphin Encounter, Royal Swim or Dolphin Lovers.

15 – Embrace the natural charm and turquoise waters of Smith’s Barcadere

Smith’s Barcadere, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

South of George Town you can come across the gorgeous sandy cove of Smith Barcadere. In French the word ‘barcadère’ refers to a small harbor or cove! Take your mask and snorkel to spend a few hours admiring the exotic fish such as striped black and white angelfish or vibrant orange and blue damselfish.

Prepare a picnic to eat in the shaded picnic area overlooking the beach and rinse off the sand in the public shower facilities. The limestone rock formations that flank the edges of the cove provide an excellent backdrop for some top quality photos!

16 – Power over the waters on the back of a jet ski

jet ski in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Book up a jet ski tour to navigate the coast of Grand Cayman and access some of the the most sought-after marine spots such as Stingray city or the alluring beach of Rum Point.

Experiment with various speeds, practice some epic jet ski turns and enhance your driving skills. Refine your balance and steering techniques and feel the adrenaline rush! You can rent a jet ski for just 30 minutes for a quick and exciting wizz around or opt for a whole full day!

17 – Put on your helmet for a ride with Scoot n Tour Cayman

Scoot n Tour Cayman, Grand Cayman

Jump into a GPS audio guided mini tour car for a fun packed and engaging experience with Scoot n Tour Cayman. These mini cars are known as scoot coupés and they are two seater with an open top. These small cars are very easy to drive and park due to their miniature size!

Opt for the Scott n Tour Cayman West Island Tour to pass by the sites on the west of Grand Cayman such as the Turtle Center, Camana Bay and the Hell rock formation. Alternatively select the East Island Tour to stop off at highlights such as the Botanical Gardens, the Crystal Caves and Rum Point.

18 – Take a look at the Starfish at Starfish Point Beach

Starfish Point Beach, Grand Cayman

Located on the North side of Grand Cayman, bright red starfish thrive in the warm shallow waters of this picturesque beach, feeding on small crustaceans, mollusks and detritus.

Starfish are fascinating and unique marine creatures due to their self regenerative properties and attractive symmetry. Remember to avoid picking up the starfish because they can suffocate if they are taken outside of the water!

Moving the starfish can result in a hefty fine so remember to respect these peaceful sea creatures in their natural habitat.

19 – Discover scenic coastal paths on some bike tours

bike tours in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Embark on a serene bike cruise through secluded mangrove forests and allow yourself to be captivated by the fascinating tropical flora and fauna. Bike tours are accompanied by a trained Naturalist that can help identify local plants and their characteristics.

During a bike tour, visitors can pass by the charming ‘Old Homestead,’ an embodiment of classic Caymanian architecture or the famous and striking ‘Hell’ rock formation! During the biking expedition pedal around the enchanting expanse of Barker’s National Park with flourishing mangrove wetlands, expansive tidal flats, and thriving seagrass beds!

20 – Visit the welcoming Elmslie Memorial United Church

Elmslie Memorial United Church, Grand Cayman

Walking along Seafarers Way in George Town you can stumble across the beautiful Elmslie Memorial United Church constructed during the 1920s. The exterior of the church with white painted bricks creates a light and inviting atmosphere.

The Church is named after the Reverend James Elmslie, a Scottish Presbyterian missionary who came to preach Christianity on Grand Cayman in 1847. Step inside the cool interior of the Elmslie Memorial United Church and on Sundays believers can join their worshipping services at 10.30am.

21 – Appreciate a nature walk at Barker’s National Park

Barker’s National Park, Grand Cayman

This wild protected area brimming with coastal ponds and wetlands stretches along the north western coastline of Grand Cayman. Green sea turtles play around and feed in the seagrass beds and birds such as herons and egrets flock to the tidal flats.

Get off the main tourist track and explore some of the most secluded natural habitats of Grand Cayman away from the resorts and tourist melting pots! The access road to Barker’s National Park can be quite bumpy so its recommended to visit using four wheel drive if possible!

22 – Enjoy the comfort and privacy of Grand Cayman exclusive bus tours

bus tours in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Select a personalized 3 to 4 hour bus tour alongside your chosen group of friends or family, granting you the liberty to craft your very own itinerary around the island!

Tailor your bus tour to encompass some of the most breathtaking coastal spots scattered across the island or pass by the impressive geological wonders Grand Cayman has to offer such as the ‘Hell’ rock formation or Devils Grotto!

The bus driver will come to pick up your group from your selected accommodation and you can select whether you prefer the bus tour in the morning or the afternoon.

23 – Explore the Cayman Islands National Museum

Cayman Islands National Museum, Grand Cayman

At the Cayman Islands National Museum take some time to learn more about the flora and fauna of the mangrove swamps in the Natural History Gallery. Step foot inside the Old Jail that was probably part of Fort George’s defensive system or take a stroll around the Art Exhibition to admire the sizable collection of Caymanian paintings, sculptures and photography.

In the Cultural History Gallery of the Cayman Islands National Museum visitors can discover more about ship building, rope making, turtling, farming and fishing. Expand your knowledge regarding how religion has developed in Grand Cayman and the role of women and family life.

24 – Assist a bird feeding session at the Cayman Parrot Sanctuary

Cayman Parrot Sanctuary, Grand Cayman

Located in Gun Bay, the Cayman Parrot Sanctuary is a small wildlife zoo where visitors can get up close to some exotic and beautiful birds. Watching these majestic parrots in flight has to be one of the top exciting things to do in Grand Cayman!

The Grand Cayman parrot stands out for its striking green plumage and loud distinctive calls. The Sanctuary helps to rehabilitate this vulnerable bird species that is suffering habitat loss due to urbanization, hurricanes and illegal trade!

Young kids will love looking at the hermit crabs, guinea pigs, agouti rodents and snakes that are also housed on site!

25 – Experience the colorful floral gardens at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Take a stroll along the well-maintained walking trails of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park to admire the impressive selection of orchid and cacti species as well as recreations of natural Caymanian habitats such as wetlands, woodlands and mangrove forests.

Set foot in the charming ‘Heritage Garden’ where you can spot the Silver Thatch Palm and a medicinal garden full of herbs used in Caymanian healing treatments. There is even an old restored Caymanian traditional house surrounded by typical myrtle fruit trees.

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is also a sanctuary for the endangered Blue Iguanas and visitors can spot them roaming freely around the park! A trip to the Botanical Park is often included in the East Island tours, a fun tour in mini vehicle!

26 – Support the preservation of Blue Iguana’s at the Blue Iguana Conservation

Blue Iguana Conservation, Grand Cayman

Pay a visit to this breeding facility that has been operating since the 1990s. Nowadays there are around 100 Blue Iguanas living within the Conservation center. The Blue Iguanas like dry forests and shrub lands and as vegetarians they enjoy munching upon leaves, flowers and fruits. Blue iguanas are one of the largest species of iguanas as adults can grow up to 1.5 meters!

The Conservation project welcomes volunteers who are willing to lend a hand with food collection, pen cleaning and light maintenance. You can even support the program by adopting an iguana or sponsoring an iguana!

27 – Stake out in the sun on some amazing beaches

amazing beaches in Grand Cayman

At the north end of Seven Mile Beach, you can find the family friendly sandy paradise of West Bay Beach, well equipped with restrooms and changing facilities. West Bay Beach is also conveniently situated nearby several restaurants and at the far end you can find various diving shops. If you are looking for a beach club offering loungers and umbrellas, along with food services head to Royal Palms Beach also within the Seven Mile Beach.

Governor’s Beach is located along the Seven Mile Beach next to the Governor’s Residence. This residence is a mansion that was built in 1964 for the official Governor of the Cayman Islands. The beach here is excellent for snorkeling and in June and July, Governor’s Beach is known for the tasty natural sea grapes, also known as ‘sea caviar!’

Rum Point Beach, Grand Cayman

If you are in the South part of Grand Cayman, turn off Shamrock road to access Spotts Public Beach. Spotts Public Beach is a common spot to see sea turtles and conch shells. The best moment to spot the turtles feeding on the sea grass is early in the morning!

Decked with gazebos, changing rooms and showers, Colliers Public Beach is popular among families who come for swimming. On windy days it is fun to watch the windsurfers and kite surfers further out to sea.

Further beaches to explore include Barefoot Beach, a tranquil spot quite near the Geneva Kathleen underwater shipwreck or Rum Point Beach for some excellent snorkeling.

Geology fans will enjoy checking out the seawater jets at The Blowholes where sea water rushes and spurts out of caverns in the rocky shoreline!

28 – Check out the bee hives at Reagan’s Honey

Reagan’s Honey, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

At Reagan’s Honey you may find yourself partaking in the fascinating process of honey harvesting or tasting sweet and thick honey straight from the hive!

Uncover insights regarding pollination, the vital role of the Queen bee, and the daily responsibilities of a beekeeper during your visit at Reagan’s Honey. Dress up in a professional bee keeping attire for some memorable photo opportunities and listen to the gentle buzz of hundreds of tiny bees busy at work.

29 – Get off road in an adventurous ATV Cayman tour

ATV Cayman, Grand Cayman

Cruise through the Barkers National Park on the back of an ATV (all terrain vehicle) quad. Go solo on the quad or drive around in a pair, in a fun and exciting way to see the Caymanian natural scenery.

Follow a local ATV Cayman guide through the tropical trails of mangroves and feel the ocean breeze race through your hair. The mangroves are important ecosystems as they protect coastal areas from erosion and storms. They also help store carbon dioxide and therefore reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases on Grand Cayman!

30 – Enjoy panoramic views of George Town Harbor from Fort George

George Town Harbor, Grand Cayman

Fort George was built to help defend Grand Cayman from attacks by Spanish marauders during the 18th century.

During World War II Fort George was used as a look out post to survey the coastline for enemy German submarines. A wooden tower was positioned and camouflaged by a silk tree and today visitors can admire a replica.

Visitors can also take a look at the three paneled colorful mural by John Broad depicting a Spanish attack in 1779 or the conflict involving a U-boat and a Caymanian ship during World War II.

31 – Attend a mass at Saint Ignatius Catholic Church

Saint Ignatius Catholic Church, Grand Cayman

Located on Walkers Road and not too far away from the splendid beach of Smith’s Barcadere sits the Saint Ignatius Catholic Church.

Masses are on Saturdays at 6pm and Sundays at 8am, 11.30 am and 6pm. The building of the Saint Ignatius Catholic Church is modern with a peaceful interior where visitors can enter during the day for some silent contemplation and reflection.

The Church has a beautiful statue of Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux and attractive stained glassed windows.

32 – Soak up the sun at the best beach clubs

best beach clubs in Grand Cayman

Enjoy the lively atmosphere at Royal Palms Beach Club on the Seven Mile Beach with live DJs and music during the weekends. Sit back on their comfy loungers and make the most of the swimming pool and clear beach waters.

If you are planning to take an evening trip to nearby Biobay, spend the day relaxing in Kaibo, Cayman’s Luxe Beach Dining Destination! The beach club and restaurant were originally established in 1983 to serve Queen Elizabeth during her visit round Grand Cayman and the place has thrived ever since. Why not sip on a cocktail in a comfy beach chair or hammock?

Rum Point Club is another excellent beach club in the Northern part of the island. Chill out on the sun deck and savor the tasty dishes from the restaurant and large beach bar.

33 – Celebrate good times on a party boat cruise

party boat tours in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Charter a private party boat to create an exclusive and unforgettable atmosphere for your special event! Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering to spend quality time with loved ones or a grand celebration, these party boats can host up to 100 guests onboard.

Indulge in delectable snack platters, refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, and a top-notch sound system that lets you blast your favorite party tunes so you can dance the night away! Customize your own party itinerary so you can cover some epic coastal spots such as Stingray Bay, Coral Gardens, or the Barrier Reef.

34 – Pay a visit to Bodden Town Mission House, one of Cayman’s oldest buildings

Bodden Town Mission House, Grand Cayman

Take a tour around this old style Caymanian house that used to be inhabited by Presbyterian missionaries. Later the house was used as a police station and a school.

Unfortunately the original building from the 19th century was destroyed during the hurricane in 2004 but the restored version offers an accurate insight into the past.

During a guided visit learn more about the families that formerly resided in the house such as the Watler family who lived there for 77 years.

35 – Get a hole-in-one in the best Grand Cayman golf courses

best golf courses in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Head over for a round of golf at the 18 hole course at the North Sound Golf Club with breathtaking ocean vistas. The course is located quite close to the legendary String ray bay!

You can improve your accuracy and positioning at the fun Aqua driving range, where you can send floating balls skimming across the water’s surface! After the game, unwind and share a drink with your golf companions at the North Sound Golf Club Open Air bar located on-site.

Alternatively check out the beautifully manicured 9 hole course at the The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club. Enhance your precision on their putting green and relish the invigorating breeze coming in from the nearby saltwater lagoon.

36 – Contemplate the rich biodiversity and thick vegetation of the Mastic Reserve

Mastic Reserve, Grand Cayman

The Mastic Reserve is a vast area of untouched, old-growth dry and dense forest located in the interior of central Grand Cayman. The Reserve is brimming with wildlife for example large hermit crabs, lizards and birds such as the West Indian Woodpecker or the Caribbean Dove.

Hiking along the Mastic Trail visitors can look up at the fascinating tree species such as Royal Palms, Silver Thatch Palms and rare Mastic trees! The Mastic Reserve is a haven for some endangered plant species such as the Cayman mahogany and the Cayman ebony.

Traditionally ‘mastic’ was a resin that was extracted from the trees and used for shipbuilding or medicinal purposes.

37 – Unwind and indulge yourself in some of the best spas

best spas in Grand Cayman

Treat yourself at revitalizing facial or pampering body treatment at the Hibiscus Spa at The Westin Grand Cayman on the Seven Mile Beach. The spa boasts thirteen treatment rooms, plus two steam and sauna rooms. Try out their Rain Shower Experience or spend quality time with your loved one during a special couples massage.

For a Thai massage head straight to the Royal Thai Beauty & Spa on the West Bay Road. A good Thai massage targets acupressure points to help relieve accumulated muscle tension and stress, promoting healthy blood circulation!

One of the best spas in Grand Cayman has to be at Kimpton Seafire on the Seven Mile Beach. Their organic purifying facials are ocean inspired or treat yourself to an invigorating foot scrub or hydrating hair and scalp treatment.

38 – Aim for a big catch during a fun fishing excursion

fishing in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Discover the plethora of amazing fish waiting to be reeled in with popular catches including Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Snappers and Barracuda! Learn about different fishing techniques such as spinning, drifting and jigging with the help and guidance of an experienced local fisherman.

Enjoy spending time outdoors on the open waters and if you are lucky you make catch a trophy-sized marlin or tuna for some excellent and unique holiday snaps! Learn more about sustainable fishing practices, fishing regulations and the marine ecosystem firsthand!

39 – Try out your skate moves at the Black Pearl Skate and Surf Park

Black Pearl Skate and Surf Park, Grand Cayman

Hop on your skateboard or BMX bike to experience the second largest outdoor skate park in the world, near the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach. The park was opened by the skating legend Tony Hawk in 2005.

The park offer facilities for beginners up to experts with fun quarter pips, half pipes, rails, stairs and bowls. You can also reserve to try a session surfing in the continuous standing wave pool.

Even if you don’t fancy jumping on a skateboard its fun to watch the local youth showcase their skills, flips and tricks.

40 – Conduct some retail therapy at Camana Bay

Camana Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Camana Bay is a modern waterfront urban development with plenty of high end restaurants and fashionable boutique stores. There are lots of open public squares and seating areas where cultural outdoor events are organized throughout the year. If you are lucky you may catch a live music concert or an outdoor film screening.

Walk around the harbor area on the Promenada Camana Bay Marina to admire the moored up small motor boats and sailing yachts. It is also fun to climb up the mosaic covered Observation tower to admire the coastal panorama!

41 – Dine out in some of the best restaurants

best restaurants in Grand Cayman

Abacus in Camana Bay makes it onto the list of one of the best restaurants in Grand Cayman for contemporary Caribbean cuisine. They prize themselves on their freshly caught seafood and succulent chargrilled steaks.

The restaurant design is sophisticated and chic with both indoor and outdoor eating options. Their menu has a real focus on local and sustainable ingredients. On Saturday night diners can enjoy some after dinner live music entertainment.

For an intriguing and exciting blend of innovative Italian and Peruvian cuisine head to the Agua restaurant on the waterfront in Camana Bay. The interior decoration has a slight nautical vibe with attractive blue colored glass and plants that almost mimic sea grass. Taste some ceviche, the Peruvian fish stew or fresh oysters.

Or try out Bay Side on West Bay for a mix of food styles from healthy salads, to Vietnamese small bites, to freshly baked pizzas to Thai curries.

Their British Chef likes to take inspiration from various international cooking traditions to create wholesome and delicious dishes. They also open for breakfast where they serve up some quality artisanal coffees.

42 – Experience the magical atmosphere of snorkeling at night

night snorkeling in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

At BioBay you can immerse yourself in plankton filled phosphorescent glowing water for a remarkable experience! The water is naturally illuminated creating some dazzling photographs!

Bask in the incredible bioluminescence and gently create water movements to augment the sparkling visual effects. Snorkeling at night adds an element of excitement and magic! Appreciate the cool evening breeze and the silence of the waters after dark.

43 – Party on down at the best nightclubs

best nightclubs in Grand Cayman

Just behind the Seven Mile Beach, you can find the best cocktail bar on Grand Cayman, the trendy Door. No 4. The bar staff have won many awards for their top notch waiting skills and the tropical cocktail list is inspired by Caymanian fresh and fruity ingredients.

The place is decorated with a slight Art Deco twist and they host live music and DJ sessions every week either out of the patio or in the cocktail lounge!

For some high class cocktails and musical beats head to Next Door in Camana Bay. Check out their weekly events calender for jazz nights, DJ sessions, ladies club nights or local musicians!

Their cocktail menu stands out for using herbal ingredients traditionally used in ancient Caymanian healing medicine! Chill out in one of their low-lit booths inspired by a 1920s speakeasy.

Experience some party vibes at The Lodge, located just off West Bay Road. The Lodge is considered one of the best nightclubs in Grand Cayman due to the House music nights and different guest DJ parties. Make the most of their Funk Fridays, Jazz Saturdays or Monday Night Ibiza sessions.

How to get to Grand Cayman?

Visitors to Grand Cayman should fly into the Owen Roberts International Airport which is just an 8 minute drive from the city center of George Town. Many visitors also arrive to Grand Cayman by boat, arriving into the cruise terminal in George Town.

Why not save yourself stress and hassle on holiday and book up one of the airport transfers in Grand Cayman. Thanks to the airport transfers in Grand Cayman you can be easily dropped off at your hotel front door in George Town or along the Seven Mile Beach stretch.

If you are arriving in Grand Cayman by boat and are looking for a half day excursion to explore some more off-the-beaten path destinations, make sure to take a look at the shore excursions in Grand Cayman.

During the shore excursions in Grand Cayman, visitors can take a snorkeling excursion the exquisite waters around Rum Point or pass by the mysterious Bodden Town Pirates Caves and imagine the stashed treasures lurking within the back rocks!

Where to stay in Grand Cayman?

For one of the best and luxurious hotels in Grand Cayman book a night in the
5 star Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa. Look out at the Seven Mile Beach from your private balcony, plunge into the two seaside pools or spend time relaxing in the shade of the glorious manicured gardens. Work out at the state of the art fitness center or simply relax in the steam room spa.

The 3 star Hampton by Hilton Grand Cayman is also situated just off the Seven Mile Beach. Surrounded by tropical gardens, the Hampton has a large outdoor pool. Guests can walk to nearby Camana bay to enjoy the nightlife or relax and enjoy live music at the hotel and dine at the Ms. Piper’s outdoor lounge and restaurant.

Alternatively spend a few days at the Wyndham Reef Resort on the east side of Grand Cayman. Relax in a sun lounger on the private hotel beach, take a swim in the three pools and hot tub or use the onsite tennis courts. With an excellent fitness center, well equipped spa and nightly entertainment, what more could you want?

Where to go next?

After discovering the best of Grand Cayman, why not explore what hidden gems and natural delights Little Cayman or Cayman Brac have to offer. Check out our article to discover the many other fun things to do in Cayman Islands!

Why not extend your Caribbean odyssey and spend a few days exploring the vibrant island of Jamaica, birthplace of reggae legend Bob Marley! Taste the rich and delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee or marvel at the water force and energy at the Dunn’s River Falls.

Head over to the Dominican Republic to visit the tropical area of Punta Cana where you can visit ecological reserves or take tours around traditional Dominican villages. Punta Cana is a sought after destination amongst golf lovers who flock to the world-class courses and water sports enthusiasts.

Continue your tour round the Caribbean in the sunny Bahamas where you can swim with sharks or even pigs! A good time to visit the Bahamas is New Year for the lively Junkanoo Festival full of exuberant costumes, dance and music!

To finish off, consider hopping around the extraordinary Turks and Caicos Islands to set eyes on the stunning natural lagoon of the Chalk Sound National Park or

Final thoughts

There is certainly more to Grand Cayman than just luxury beach resorts and duty free shopping! Dive into the rich history of the island at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, Bodden House or the castle of Pedro St. James. Not to mention the coastline littered with ship wrecks and magical hidden caves once frequented by marauding pirates!

We hope this article has managed to persuade you that there are so many things to do in Grand Cayman!

From contemplating majestic blue iguanas, listening to the squawking Grand Cayman parrots to browsing local craft markets for delicate silver thatch palm handicrafts, discover for yourself why we think that Grand Cayman is a captivating and multifaceted jewel in the Caribbean crown.