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Segovia: Day Trips and Tours from Madrid

Relive ‘The Sleeping Beauty of Spain’ as you explore the blond halls, fairy tale castles and the soaring aqueducts on your Segovia day trip from Madrid! Let the charm of ‘The city of Hercules’ bewitch you with its tapering streets and cozy, drool worthy cafes as you browse around the ancient Roman Cathedrals with ravishing facades and centuries deep significance!

Adore the stunning aqueduct that lays testimony to Roman grandeur with its imperial texture that complements the city’s magical terracotta and sandstone hues! And to indulge in the rich architectural legacy of this mega-structure, you must climb up the stairs and see for yourself the rows of 167 arches have held it together in perfect form to this day. Even better; absorb the beauty of the place in a single view while floating amidst the clouds on a hot air balloon which will calm your soul and please your heart.

How to get from Segovia to Madrid? How long does it take?

There are a few primary ways to reach Segovia from Madrid.

By Car: There is always the option to rent a car. It takes a little over an hour to reach Segovia from Madrid by car. Keep in mind that the length of your Segovia day trip from Madrid does depend on where exactly you are staying in the metropolis.

By Bus: Coordinating a bus tour with an outfitter is a far better solution. The travel time is about the same, yet you don’t have to worry about securing and driving a personal vehicle. Bus tours are convenient and affordable.

By Train: Europe is highly touted for a dependable public train system. High-speed trains can eliminate nearly half of the drive time by rental car or bus. However, you’ll need to coordinate walking or transportation once you reach Segovia unless you got a tour picking you up from there.

How much does a Segovia tour from Madrid cost?

You may find below the most popular Segovia tours from Madrid.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are available in several packages. Basic guided tours of Segovia start at 40€. Other packages can spike the cost of a tour ticket with multiple stops. These types of tour allow you to learn more about the landmarks through the wisdom of an expert guide.

Guided tours or other types of tours that provide lunch offer a great incentive. For a little extra money, you can enjoy a meal as part of your tour.

Combined Tours

Combined tours are excellent value as you get to see multiple places in one day with all the transportation included in the cost. Segovia and Toledo day trips start at 50€. Meanwhile, Segovia and Avila day trips start closer to 60€.

Multi-Day Tours

Do you want to spend more time in Segovia and its region? There is always the option to book a multi-day tour where you have more time to visit the sights. Allowing more time for a multi-day tour usually includes Toledo and Avila along with other destinations.

Hot Air Balloon Tours

Hot air balloon tours take you far above the city of Segovia. See the surrounding terrain including Madrid off in the distance and other places like Alta Manzanares Basin Regional Park. Hot air balloon tours are close to 160€ per person.

When is the best time to visit Segovia?

Segovia has several months of the year that are worthy of visiting the historic town. March, April, and May highlight spring and early summer, where temperatures are very pleasant and comforting.

The summer offers mild temperatures but more people, while the fall (late-August to early-October) is also very nice. It depends on what type of weather you are seeking during your anticipated visit.

What are the best things to see and do in Segovia?

There are options when it comes to traveling to Segovia from Madrid. It depends if you are visiting the northern city because of its countryside or history. The best things to do on a Segovia day trip from Madrid include:


Whether you are visiting the downtown area of Segovia or the surrounding area, there are a lot of sights to behold. The picturesque community offers its fair share of photo opportunities to share with friends and family on social media.

Segovia is a popular place to visit in Spain because of its history. The city is well known for three significant landmarks. The Segovia Cathedral, the Roman aqueduct, and the castle all dominate attention for their importance to the community.

Aqueduct of Segovia: The elevated bridge represents Segovia in so many ways that it is foolish to miss the iconic sight if you are visiting the town. The aqueduct is extremely well preserved and a great place to get a photo to share with friends.

Segovia Cathedral: The Gothic-style cathedral is along the main square of Segovia. Plaza Mayor is an exceptional place to spend part of your stay in Segovia as there is a lot to do in the area. The Roman Catholic cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Alcazar of Segovia: The Segovia Fortress represents a medieval castle that emerges among a rocky crag at the confluence of two rivers. Spain has some legendary castles yet very few that compare to the unique presentation of Alcazar of Segovia. It has served as a royal palace, state prison, and college over the centuries.


Segovia supports many festivals throughout the year. The San Lorenzo event is among its most popular every year in August. The events leading up to San Juan and San Pedro in June also present a series of feasts. San Frutos and Virgin of the Fuencisla take place in the fall.

Are there any other places to visit nearby Segovia?

You may find below the most famous places to visit nearby Segovia.


Toledo is considered as the heart and soul of Spain. Toledo is famous for its daunting medieval walls, its winding pedestrian streets, and offer to its visitors some of most important historical landmarks in Spain such as the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes and the Catedral de Toledo.


Avila is situated along the Adaja River. It is well above sea level with medieval walls that surround its boundaries. Avila has contributed to the nickname “Town of Stones and Saints” with a large number of Gothic and Romanesque churches. The popular tourist destination often gets combined with Segovia on a single day trip.

Alta Manzanares Basin Regional Park

Alta Manzanares Basin Regional Park is located south of Segovia, between the city and Madrid. The natural area has the distinction of a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. The landscape of the park ranges from high plains to mountains with a long list of wildlife to witness in their natural habitat.

Travel Tips

  • Plan to make the most out of your day. Scheduling a tour of Segovia helps with some of the planning. Regardless, you want to make the most out of your day since the hours are limited with plenty to accomplish.
  • Consider a bus or high-speed train for transportation: You can rent a car, but you’ll have to deal with finding one, fueling up the tank, and handling directions in a foreign country.
  • Bring snacks and water. Even if lunch is provided, you will get worn out as the day progresses.
  • Water keeps you comfortable and hydrated. Wear equally comfortable clothes and sun protection, especially in the summer.