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Ghost Tours in Las Vegas

You might not think of Las Vegas as being a particularly spooky place, thanks to the neon lights and 24-hour entertainment. Yet venture beyond the obvious, and you may be surprised by the dark secrets and hidden histories that lie in wait.

Ghost tours in Las Vegas reveal a different side to the city that will send shivers down your spine. Keep your wits about you as you’re not the only one walking these streets!

What are the best ghost tours in Las Vegas?

If you want to go ghost hunting in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up all the best experiences that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Las Vegas Strip ghost walking tour

Spooky walking tours take in the hallowed Las Vegas Strip, but rather than focusing on the hotels and casinos, it concentrates on some of the most haunted areas of the city.

This 1.5-hour ghost tour in Las Vegas takes place at night because that’s when the action happens! You’ll wander along The Strip with your guide, who will regale you with tales of sins and mysteries at key points along the way. Popular stops include Planet Hollywood, Harrah’s, and Palazzo, where hauntings and long-lost stories bring these unlikely venues to life.

Discover how mobsters made these locations their battlegrounds and learn about ghoulish incidents that took place right here beneath your feet. You’ll never look at The Strip in the same way again!

Las Vegas celebrity ghost hunting tour

The ultimate ghost tours in Las Vegas are those where you actively go out searching for lost souls and creepy figures from beyond the grave. Armed with essential ghost hunting equipment like EMF meters, dowsing rods, and temperature guns, you’ll prowl past some of the most chilling sites in town to see who else might be lurking in the shadows.

This coach tour starts and ends just east of The Strip and takes in grisly places like the infamous “Motel of Death” where several celebrities have met their maker. You might even come across legendary mobster Bugsy Siegel as you pass by his notorious haunting grounds. Expect ghost stories and eerie presences to fuel your journey, as you hunt down famous apparitions with your ghost-busting buddies.

Goodsprings ghost town tour from Las Vegas

These ghoulish Las Vegas ghost tours take place in the abandoned mining town of Goodsprings, which lies about 25 miles outside Las Vegas. It’s a four-hour evening tour, giving you plenty of time to soak up that electrifying vibe.

Your journey begins with a drive to Goodsprings, and dinner in the Pioneer Saloon to fuel up for the night ahead. Then it’s time to get kitted up with your ghost hunting equipment and take to the eerily quiet streets on foot in search of the supernatural.

Explore derelict buildings and the local cemetery with your guide, who will tell you about the resident ghosts, including unfortunate miners and grisly gunshot victims. Back in the saloon, check out bullet holes in the wall from gambling shoot-outs, and use your equipment to search for specters.

How much do ghost tours in Las Vegas cost?

There are ghost tours in Las Vegas to suit all budgets:

  • The Las Vegas ghost walks on The Strip start at just $27 per person. This is a short tour undertaken on foot to keep costs down.
  • Celebrity ghost hunting excursions are $120 per traveler. These experiences last 2.5 hours with a maximum group size of just 12 passengers.
  • The small-group trip to Goodsprings costs $150 with dinner included. There will be no more than 13 guests to keep the experience intimate.

What is included in a ghost tour in Las Vegas?

  • All haunted Las Vegas tours include a professional guide who knows the best tales about the spooky inhabitants of the city.
  • The excursions that focus on ghost hunting include specialist equipment to help you in your search. You’ll be shown how to use it for the best effect.
  • Transportation is provided for all tours other than the walking excursion on The Strip.
  • The Goodsprings ghost tour also includes dinner at the Pioneer Saloon before your ghost walk.

Where do ghost tours in Las Vegas start?

Ghost tours in Las Vegas often have different starting points so it’s important to check your joining instructions carefully.

Walking tours on The Strip kick off from the Fashion Show Mall, which is just off Las Vegas Boulevard South. Meanwhile, the celebrity ghost hunting adventure and the Goodsprings excursion both start with a coach pick-up outside the Casino Valet on Flamingo Road.

How long do ghost tours in Las Vegas last?

Ghost walks in Las Vegas along The Strip tend to last between 1 - 1.5 hours.

The longer coach-based tours are usually 2.5 - 4 hours long, which is plenty of time to get in the mood and go hunting for phantoms and shadows.

When is the best time for a ghost tour in Las Vegas?

Of course, the ultimate time for a ghost tour in Las Vegas is during the evening because this is when the spirits come out to play. Everything is much more atmospheric in the dark!

Excursions generally start around 7 or 8 PM, although the longer Goodsprings trip departs at 5.30 PM to allow for journey time and dinner.

Are there any combo options available with ghost tours in Las Vegas?

Ghost town gold mine tour with Red Rock Canyon & Hoover Dam

Combine some of the region’s most famous sites on this ghost tour from Las Vegas. You’ll explore the dramatic Red Rock Canyon and visit the spooky Techatticup Mine which was once the most famous gold mine in Nevada.

Next up is a photo stop at the colossal Hoover Dam, before heading to the eerie ghost town of Nelson. This lawless settlement was the epitome of the Wild West, with frequent feuds and murders among the prospectors, deserters, and renegade Indians. If you’re going to encounter a ghost, this is a good place to start!

Are children allowed on a ghost tour in Las Vegas?

Yes, on some of them! The Las Vegas ghost tours along The Strip are family-friendly and suitable for all ages. This is the best excursion to go on with younger children.

The minimum age for the celebrity ghost hunting tour is 13 years, and all children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately, children are not allowed on the Goodsprings ghost tour due to the nature of the visit.

Travel tips

  • Remember to book your ghost tours in Las Vegas well in advance as places are limited to ensure an intimate experience.
  • Search for your Las Vegas ghost tours online so you can secure the cheapest prices for your chosen dates.
  • Wear comfortable footwear as there is usually a fair bit of walking involved.
  • Most tours require ID so make sure you carry yours with you.
  • These excursions take place in rain or shine so take a raincoat if the skies are looking cloudy.