things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is world famous for its splendid beaches and superb scuba-diving opportunities. There are so many things to do in Sharm El Sheikh in addition to sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun rays.

In this article we list some great activities to make your next trip to Sharm El Sheikh a real once in a lifetime memorable experience! Whether you are a regular visitor to Sharm El Sheikh or planning a trip there for your next holidays, this article will almost definitely provide you with some new inspirations and ideas of how to fill your holiday time to the maximum.

From mosques, traditional markets, scuba-diving, churches, desert safaris, hiking trips and watersports your holiday can be jam- packed with different opportunities to try out something new and take in the gorgeous natural mountainous landscapes and sea vistas.

1 – Marvel at the magnificent Mustafa Mosque

Mustafa Mosque, Sharm El Sheikh

This glorious mosque is the largest in Sharm El Sheikh and can accommodate around 3000 worshippers! The mosque consists of two 72 metre tall minarets which flank each side of the central dome. It was designed by Egyptian architect Fouad Tawfik Hafez and completed in 2008.

At night the mosque is illuminated creating a striking backdrop for some stunning photos! It is located close to Naama bay so attracts many tourists who come to marvel at its exterior. Inside the mosque is also very impressive with low-hanging chandeliers and walls decorated with Arabic calligraphy.

2 – Stroll around the Old Market

Old Market, Sharm El Sheikh

The Old Market is the ideal location to go and pick up some authentic Egyptian souvenirs. Enjoy haggling with local vendors to ensure a good price and soak up the vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

In the Old Market it is possible to find an array of products for example leather goods, herbs and spices, jewellery, textiles, hanging lamps, teas, shoes and more! One particular speciality is the crafted Egyptian engraved woodwork in the form of decorative figures!

Indulge your senses with the smells of Arabic coffee, shisha pipes, frying seafood and sizzling meat from the food stalls. Gaze upon the colourful fruits and vegetables or simply people watch as local Egyptians come to buy and trade their goods.

Open seven days a week the Old Market is a real delight to browse around!

3 – Explore the Ras Muhammad National Park

Ras Muhammad National Park, Egypt

The Ras Muhammad National Park is a vast area consisting of 480 square kilometres on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula. The park that is just 12 km away from Sharm El Sheikh is brimming with wildlife. In particular it is popular for its marine diversity, boasting an estimate of around 1,000 different species of fish!

Visitors will be amazed by the sensational pristine coral reefs with the possibility of catching a glimpse of some sea creatures including sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays and perhaps if you are lucky some reef sharks!

The park has a rich diversity of different habitats from desert areas, to mangroves and salt marshes. Taking a tour around the park you may have the chance to spot desert foxes, gazelles, wild goats and lizards.

Check out the information centre within the park to learn more about the different wildlife conservation projects and the local ecosystem.

4 – Soak up the sun in Naama Bay

Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Naama bay is a natural bay in Sharm El Sheikh and it is a fantastic place to enjoy swimming and snorkelling. There are many restaurants, cafés and bars. Sunbathing on the sandy beaches of Naama bay it is possible to take in the views of the surrounding mountains in the background.

Naama bay is also a great location to try out some water sports such as kayaking, jet skiing or windsurfing. There are many resort hotels in Naama bay perfect for family holidays. Most of the larger hotels offer swimming pools and sports facilities to guests.

Naama bay is very easy to get to from the Sharm El Sheikh International airport and therefore a popular destination among tourists who come to enjoy the Red Sea and the lively night ambiance.

5 – Enjoy the evening entertainment options at SOHO Square

SOHO Square, Sharm El Sheikh

Soho Square is a shopping complex where it is easy to find both Egyptian and international style dining options.

During the evening it is highly recommended to check out the spectacular illuminated fountain with colour changing water jets. Watch on as strobe lights flash and dance across the water.

There are many different entertainment options including an ice rink, a bowling alley and a large kids area with a ball pit and slides. Often there are live music concerts or dance performances for visitors to enjoy. Soho square is a popular gathering spot for both tourists and locals due to its relaxed family friendly atmosphere and plentiful outdoor seating areas.

6 – Adjust your scuba diving mask and plunge underwater

scuba diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is considered one of the top scuba diving destinations worldwide due to the excellent visibility and the well-preserved coral reefs. Divers travel here from around the world to marvel at the soft coral beds and have the chance to swim amongst tropical fish.

The Yolanda reef is located within the Ras Mohammed Marine Park and is one of the most famous diving spots. Yolanda reef is named after the wreck of the ship Yolanda, a Cypriot cargo boat that sank in the 1980s whilst transporting bathroom porcelain.

Divers love the Yolanda reef due to the rich coral plateau and the opportunity to spot many different sea creatures such as turtles and barracuda.

Jackson Reef is found in the northern part of the Straits of Tiran and many divers head here with the hope of catching a glimpse of a hammerhead shark, tuna fish or a manta ray. The Jackson reef also houses a cargo boat shipwreck which can be interesting for divers to explore.

Another popular site in the Straits of Tiran is the Thomas Reef which is actually the smallest reef but very much celebrated for its high concentration of bright corals.

The Blue Hole is another notorious diving spot which is located about a 2 hours drive away from Sharm El Sheikh. It is called the ‘Blue Hole’ because it is a sinkhole formed by erosion of the limestone reef. The hole is estimated to be around 100 metres in depth and offers an incredible array of marine life.

7 – Admire the sumptuous Heavenly Cathedral

Heavenly Cathedral, Sharm El Sheikh

The walls of this Cathedral are heavily plastered with frescoes relating biblical scenes. In particular look out for the dramatic depiction of Saint John’s vision of the Apocalypse!

Visitors will have their breath taken away by the opulent chandeliers, the hugely colourful stained-glass windows and intricately painted icons.

It required a team of 19 artists to create this masterpiece of a church and it is known as the ‘heavenly cathedral’ for a reason because the interior blows visitors away by its grace and attention to detail.

8 – Jump on a quad bike for a spin round the desert

quad tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Embark upon a thrilling adventure on a quad bike and witness the sheer beauty of the desert firsthand. Feel the wind rushing through your hair as you zip over sandy terrains and connect with a group activity to spend quality time with friends and family.

Quad tours are accessible for beginners or more experienced riders so every level can enjoy and become part of the activity. A quad tour could also give you the unique opportunity to get up close to a traditional Bedouin camp to experience a completely new culture and see how real people live within the desert!

9 – Take a snorkelling trip to Tiran Island

Tiran Island, Saudi Arabian

Tiran island now belongs to Saudi Arabia but used to be a part of Egypt. The island measures 80 square kilometres and is found in the narrowest section of the Straits of Tiran.

The island is uninhabited and makes up part of the Ras Mohammed National Park.

Crystal clear waters make Tiran island the perfect excursion for some snorkelling. Lots of tour experiences include a boat trip to the island with lunch and an opportunity to snorkel off the boat.

Get away from the more busy tourist areas around Naama bay to these secluded spots to enjoy fish gliding through the calm waters. Graceful rays and turtles are often spotted on these memorable day trips!

10 – Take in the beauty of the Sahaba mosque

Sahaba mosque, Sharm El Sheikh

The Sahaba mosque is now the second biggest mosque in Sharm El Sheikh after the Mustafa mosque mentioned at the start of the article. It only opened in 2017 so it is a relatively recent addition in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh.

The mosque blends lots of different architectural styles for example Ottoman, Fatimid and Mamluk creating a dazzling visual effect. The mosque has two 76 metre minarets (only slightly taller than the Mustafa mosque) and can be easily found in a prime location right next to the Old Market.

The mosque has two separate floors for men and women and a library full of islamic teaching texts.

11 – Discover marine life on a glass-floor boat trip

boat tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Some boat trips offer visitors the amazing experience of a glass-bottom boat trip with 18 windows to get a jaw-dropping vision of life under the sea. Venture into the depths of the Red Sea waters from the comfort of a boat and without even getting wet!

Some companies offer boat trips aboard a bright red pirate vessel with three different deck areas. Set sail across to the Ras Mohammed National park and pretend to be a pirate for a day in a great family friendly boat experience.

Other boat tours available include trips on luxury yachts, large catamarans or private speed boats. There are even tours involving banana boats for those seeking out more active water-sports adventures. Check out the Tourscanner site to browse all the potential Sharm El Sheikh boat experiences on offer.

12 – Gaze up at the night sky

stargazing in Sharm El Sheikh

Since Sharm El Sheikh is located in a desert region there are very dark skies at night which provide the perfect conditions for clear visibility of the constellations and planets. There is very little light pollution and often minimal cloud cover giving visitors a great view into the night sky.

There are many stargazing tour experiences on offer starting at around 25 euros per person. Gaze into a telescope and be amazed by the richness of celestial objects the night sky has to offer. A trained guide can help point out the different constellations and perhaps you even have the good fortune to assist a meteor shower or shooting star!

Click the link below to check out the stargazing experiences available, some even including BBQ dinners and camel rides!

13 – Discover Bedouin culture with a traditional dinner and show

Bedouin experiences in Sharm El Sheikh

The Bedouin people are a nomadic Arab tribe that live in the desert of the Sinai peninsula. They are known for their strong sense of hospitality and community values.

Traditionally Bedouins used to live in black tents made from goat hair however nowadays tents are made from more typically modern materials!

Let yourself be swept away by a once-in-a-lifetime dance performance surrounded by the desert involving belly dancing, fire and acrobatics.

Savour the traditional flavours of Bedouin grilled meat on the flame with a cup of Bedouin tea. Many of the tours involving the dinner dance show and a visit to a Bedouin tent also include riding with camels, quad bikes and star gazing!

14 – Mount a camel and parade through the desert

camel riding in Sharm El Sheikh

Camels are a timeless symbol of life in the desert and have been used by the Bedouin nomadic tribes for transporting goods along trade routes and in between settlements.

In Bedouin folklore the camel is a symbol of strength and endurance probably due to their incredible ability to survive with little water in such an arid climate. Without a doubt, a ride upon a camel in order to experience the true expanse of the desert is amongst the top things to do in Sharm El Sheikh!

15 – Cool off on some of the best beaches Sharm El Sheikh has to offer

best beaches in Sharm El Sheikh

When talking about the best beaches in Sharm El Sheikh there are so many that it can be a tough job to narrow it down to a select few.

El Fanar is a paradise of turquoise waters and clean sands nestled between some craggy rocks. There is a relaxed atmosphere with many great snorkeling spots to discover some new aquatic creatures.

While the name may put off some more cautious tourists, Sharks Bay Beach is considered one of the best beaches for snorkeling on the shallow reefs and taking in the sunset with a cocktail in hand.

Another popular beach is Ras Um Sid due to its abundance of fan coral formations. It is nicknamed ‘the Golden Beach’ due to the warm hue of the rocks and sand.

Old Quay Beach is often praised as one of the best beaches in Sharm El Sheikh because of the easy access to its vertical coral reef for snorkeling!

16 – Check out some stunning corals while snorkeling

snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh

Marine enthusiasts will definitely agree that snorkeling is a very high priority on the list of things to do in Sharm El Sheikh because just a mask and snorkel can open up a whole new underwater kingdom bustling with activity! The warm waters provide an ideal habitat for starfish, clownfish and parrotfish to name a few.

Use Tourscanner to browse some of the snorkeling tours available with many experiences including a ride in a boat and lunch. Snorkeling tours can last a whole full day or there are also some half-day (3 to 4 hours) options for those who plan to spend the morning topping up the tan on the beach.

17 – Spend quality time in the desert with a retreat or a safari

Desert Safari in Sharm El Sheikh

The peaceful desert near Sharm El Sheikh can be a great way to disconnect from the busy and frantic rush of modern life. Why not use your holiday time in such a relaxing location such as Sharm el Sheikh to reconnect with your spirituality and focus on your physical well-being by considering a yoga desert safari!

Check out the yoga desert holiday experiences on Tourscanner to discover more about what a yoga desert holiday can offer. Yoga and restorative meditation classes whilst contemplating the desert dunes and canyons followed by an evening campfire is certainly a wholesome way to pamper the soul!

For those looking for more of a high adrenaline desert safari, book on to an experience involving sand boarding. Glide over the desert dunes in style and feel exhilarated. Giving sand boarding a try will definitely give you a good body work out and will help improve your balancing skills.

18 – Climb to the summit of the sacred Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai, Egypt

Hike up to the summit of sacred Mount Sinai by climbing up the ‘Steps of Repentance’  consisting of 3,750 steps carved into the rocky mountainside. Once at the peak, gaze out over the extraordinary panorama below and watch the sunrise.

Hiking through the night is probably one of the most challenging things to do in Sharm El Sheikh but extremely rewarding with unforgettable views at the top.

According to the Old Testament, it is believed that Mount Sinai is where Moses encountered a burning bush and the voice of God which urged him to attempt to liberate the Israelites. Mount Sinai is steeped in religious significance with Christianity, Islam and Judaism considering it as a holy site.

19 – Learn about the historic and religious significance of St Catherine’s Monastery

St Catherine's Monastery, Egypt

St Catherine’s Monastery is a 6th-century Monastery located at the foot of Mount Sinai. It is one of the oldest continuously operating Christian monastic communities in the world and an important site of pilgrimage for believers.

The monastery is home to a community of Greek Orthodox monks, one of the oldest branches of Christianity.It is no surprise that St Catherine’s Monastery is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Within the monastery one can find mosaics, icons and a library of very early printed manuscripts. The monastery has strong fortified walls that have protected it against invasions over the centuries.

20 – See the iconic Giza Pyramids with your own eyes

Giza Pyramids, Egypt

When in Egypt, it seems a shame to miss out on one of the wonders of the Ancient world, the Pyramids! Take a Giza Pyramids day trip from Sharm El Sheikh to explore the 4,500 year old burial sites of the ancient pharaohs.

The Giza pyramids consist of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure, the iconic Sphinx and several smaller pyramids. Postcards and photos can not prepare you for the feeling of amazement when seeing the complex in the flesh!

It is absolutely mind boggling to think that the Great Pyramid of Khufu was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years until the completion of the Lincoln Cathedral in the UK during the 14th century!

Hot tip: Read our complete guide about the best Gyza Pyramids tours.

21 – Experience the bustle of historic and downtown Cairo

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a buzzing dynamic city that has a character like no other! There is no surprise that it is brimming with energy as it is home to around 20 million inhabitants! There are plenty of fascinating things to see in Cairo, for example the Citadel of Cairo is a historic fortress and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Located on top of a hill, the views from the citadel of the Cairo of the cityscape below are incredible and it is even possible to glimpse the pyramids on the horizon if you look carefully! Within the Citadel, visitors should also take a look at the stunning and elegant Muhammad Ali Mosque also known as the ‘Alabaster Mosque’.

Other fantastic things to see in Cairo include a visit to the Coptic Museum in the heart of Old Cairo. The Coptic museum allows visitors to understand more about Egypt’s Coptic Christian heritage and their early artefacts, icons and manuscripts.

Another fascinating place to visit in Old Cairo is the ‘Hanging Church’ which is full of Coptic artwork. It is described as ‘hanging’ because it is believed to have been built upon the southern gate of the Roman fortress of Babylon.

22 – Put on your hiking boots

hiking in Sharm El Sheikh

Hiking lovers can opt for the unforgettable experience of trekking up Mount Sinai. It takes between 2 to 3 hours of uphill ascent to reach the summit so this is definitely a great opportunity for hiking enthusiasts to get stuck in and breathe in some fresh mountain air. The total hiking time is around 4 hours including the descent.

The hike up Mount Sinai transports you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The remote and peaceful surroundings create a serene atmosphere that allows for introspection, reflection, and a temporary escape from the noise of the modern world!

23 – Take some fantastic photos of the Colored Canyon

Colored Canyon, Egypt

The colored canyon is a natural labyrinth of bright red and golden rocks. The 800 metre gorge of sandstone and limestone provides a kaleidoscope of warm colors. It is even possible to sometimes see purple and blue colors caused by mineral deposits.

The canyon has been created by the receding tides and erosion of the Red Sea and general weathering over the centuries. Learn more about the fascinating geology of the canyon and take the opportunity to take some surreal photos in the narrow maze-like paths and rock walls!

24 – Lie back and let yourself unwind with a restorative massage

Massage in Sharm El Sheikh

Completely disconnect with the help of a blissful massage that can help reduce accumulated tension and unknot tight and aching muscles. Indulge yourself whilst on holiday with a ‘Cleopatra massage’ involving natural essential oils and coconut balms.

Alternatively why not try a chocolate scrub full body cleanse or a Turkish bath program including a sauna and steam. Give your body the chance to let go and fully relax after a busy day snorkelling!

25 – Uncover the mysterious ancient city of Petra

Petra, Jordan

Make the most of your time and take a Petra day trip from Sharm El Sheikh, to explore this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a ferry ride all the way from Taba to Aqaba crossing the Gulf of Aqaba into Jordan.

Uncover the hidden secrets of the lost city of the Nabateans who lived there 2,000 years ago. Petra is also called the ‘Rose city’ due to the carved buildings in the pink sandstone rocks.

Marvel at the skill of the Nabateans who managed to develop advanced water management systems such as dams and channels carved into the rock to distribute this precious and essential resource!

The entrance to Petra is through a narrow, winding gorge called the Siq which provides a dramatic and magical introduction to the most celebrated monuments such as the Treasury.

Petra has been featured in several movies, including the famous Indiana Jones film, ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.’ Walking around the ancient stones of Petra you really feel like you are part of a historical film set!

26 – Try out a buggy tour

buggy tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Glide across the sands of the desert in a two seater or family buggy car! A buggy ride allows you to take in some spectacular desert views whilst having a great laugh with friends or family.

Some buggy tour experiences may also include a stop off at the Echo Mountains to play around with your voices echoing through the vastness of the desert!

27 – Parasail over the Red Sea

Parasailing in Sharm El Sheikh

Parasailing involves being strapped to a parachute on the back of a boat and soaring above the waters in the air. Experience some excellent views of the Egyptian coastline flying through the air at around 40 to 50 metres!

Parasailing has recently become a very popular activity in Sharm el Sheikh as it gives participants the thrill of sailing through the air without jumping from the height of a plane!

Flying is gentle, safe and smooth but also provides a slight adrenaline hit for extreme sport lovers!

28 – Take in the desert or beach on horse-back

horse riding in Sharm EL Sheikh

One of the most pleasant things to do in Sharm El Sheikh is a sunset horse ride experience either in the desert or on the beach. Gallop across the golden desert sands or feel the sea breeze running through your hair.

Get off the sun-lounger on the beach and get active for an hour or two. Learn more about horse-riding with the help of an experienced instructor who will help guide and instruct you during the excursion.

29 – Splash around at the Aqua Park

Aqua Park, Sharm El Sheikh

Explore the biggest water park in Sharm El Sheikh which contains over 38 different slides and a wave machine. Splash around in the water playground pools or float along the lazy river.

The aqua park is an enjoyable and refreshing place to cool off and spend quality time with family outdoors.

30 – Dine out in some of the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh

best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh offers a wide range of dining options. Please note that it is always a good idea to check availability and reserve a table beforehand.

Located in the Old market, Fares Seafood restaurant is a good choice for those who want to experience some authentic fish dishes. Some of their top recommendations include local grilled fish, shrimp, fish soup and lobster. There is a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

Situated in the market of Hadaba, Onions Restaurant offers both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Visitors can enjoy grilled meats, mezze platters, soups, curry and much more! The portions are generous and the ambiance very friendly and relaxed.

What makes the Umbi Sharks Bay restaurant stand out is the veranda with stunning views of Tiran island. In the evening the pretty lantern lighting creates a romantic vibe as you gaze out to sea. The menu offers something for everyone with seafood, Italian, vegetarian and meat.

You can find the Luxor Restaurant on the Soho square and it specialises in delicious Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The place combines traditional flavors and local ingredients. When in Egypt it seems a shame not to make the most of trying some really typical Egyptian delicacies! The mood is smart-casual so the dress code highlights that shorts or flip flops are to be left at the hotel.

Enjoy a luxury meal on the breathtaking white sands of the beach of Sharm el Sheikh’s Coral Bay. The Beach Luxury Club offers diverse styles such as sushi, Thai and Mediterranean. The chef’s attention to detail is outstanding and the dishes are served stylishly with finesse.

How to get to Sharm El Sheikh?

Check out the airport transfers from the Sharm El Sheikh International airport to your hotel front door to avoid stress and ensure a smooth journey. There are many professional transfer services available in comfortable vehicles starting from just 10 euros.

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport is only a 15 minute drive away from Naama bay so it is super convenient to get to and from the airport. Avoid the hassle of trying to haggle with local taxi drivers upon arrival and get to your destination as soon as possible after a long flight!

Where to stay in Sharm El Sheikh?

Sharm El Sheikh offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets and preferences. There are many resort hotels that offer superb facilities and access to the most beautiful beaches of Sharm El Sheikh. Here are a few ideas of where to stay when planning your next trip to Sharm El Sheikh.

For those seeking sheer luxury, the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh guarantees guests sleek modern accommodation. The private beach is a great site for snorkeling and the 3,000 palm trees create the ambiance of an Egyptian paradise. Rooms are light and sophisticated and the hotel has excellent spa and fitness facilities. The Four Seasons is renowned for its impeccable service and hospitality. The staff are dedicated to ensuring that guests have a memorable and personalised experience.

The gorgeous Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort enjoys a private beach on Sharks Bay and guests can have the pleasure of views looking out over Tiran Island from the room balconies. There are six different restaurants and plenty of terraces and garden areas. There are activities for kids and six swimming pools so there is definitely the option to find your own peaceful space to completely unwind.

The stylish Savoy Sharm El Sheikh is surrounded by lush tropical foliage and is perfectly located very near the lively SOHO square. There are six restaurants and five bars where guests can chill out to live music.

The Savoy is family friendly with a kids club and a games room. There are several swimming pools with one that is heated during the winter months. Make use of the tennis and squash courts or grab a mask and spend the morning snorkelling on the hotel beach. There are plenty of sunbeds to stake out on and soak in the radiant Egyptian sun!

Rixos Sharm El Sheikh is ideal for special occasions such as honeymoons or anniversaries, the Rixos is a hotel exclusively for over 18s. Located on the beachfront at Nabq bay, the hotel has a gigantic swimming pool and garden zone. The resort offers 7 different restaurants and 9 bars so there is lots of variety! Indulge in the state of the art spa, pump it out in the gym facilities or make the most of some of the great fitness class activities on offer.

The Barceló Tiran Sharm is a great family-friendly option located in Nabq bay. The buffet dining options are tasty and abundant! There are many entertainment options programmed during the evenings such as fire shows, dance routines and live music to delight all the family.

The snorkelling opportunities are impressive from the hotel beach and the views of the mountains across the bay provide a beautiful and serene backdrop. Rooms are comfortable and well-equipped.

Where to go next?

With many multi-day trips from Sharm El Sheikh, a trip to Cairo and Alexandria can be easily combined. Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria has a rich history and there are many fascinating cultural sites worth visiting for example the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the fortress of the Qaitbay Citadel.

Take a plane to visit the amazing city of Luxor which has some of the most astounding Ancient Egyptian temples. From Luxor you can also easily visit the giant Memnon Colossi statues and the legendary Valley of the Kings. Admire the Avenue of Sphinxes, the great Obelisk, and the columns of the Karnak Temple. Discover tombs covered in well-preserved colorful hieroglyphs, including the deepest tomb of Seti I with the burial chamber approximately 137 meters below ground level!

Next on your list should be the coastal city of Hurghada, known for its beautiful beaches and exceptional scuba diving opportunities in the Red Sea, with brilliant coral reefs that are a sea lover’s paradise. The more adventurous can enjoy desert activities such as quad tours and camel safaris, while Downtown Hurghada offers an authentic Egyptian experience with its bustling markets and local cuisine.

If you take a visit to Petra why not extend your trip and explore the capital city of Jordan called Amman. Amman has a Roman theatre and the temple of Hercules! Amman also has many beautiful mosques and traditional markets waiting to be discovered.

Sharm El Sheikh can also be a good starting point for a day trip or long week to Jerusalem nestled in the heart of the Judean Mountains. Explore one of the most religiously significant cities in the world where Eastern and Western traditions and cultures intersect!

Final thoughts

There are a huge number of activities and things to do in Sharm El Sheikh for all types of visitors whether you are an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or looking for a relaxing massage experience.

Explore the stunning desert landscapes on a camel safari, immersing yourself in the rich Bedouin culture and traditions. Alternatively, hop on a quad bike and embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure, traversing the dunes and enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding desert.

Marine enthusiasts will relish the amazing opportunities Sharm El Sheikh provides to swim alongside tropical fish and explore some of the world’s most celebrated diving sites.

For those looking to take a day trip or two away from the beach and the resorts, there are so many historical Egyptian places within reach for example Luxor, Cairo or Alexandria. Delve into Egypt’s ancient past and discover awe-inspiring temples, citadels and tombs that have been mystifying tourists for centuries!

Happy travels!