Interlaken, Switzerland

With sights of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, and the towering, snow-capped mountains of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau – Interlaken will completely captivate you with its everlasting beauty and outstanding alpine landscape.

Known as the adventure capital of Switzerland, Interlaken is the perfect destination for those seeking a vacation filled with adrenaline. From bungee jumping and paragliding to rafting or skiing, the list of thrilling activities is endless and will keep you entertained throughout the whole year.

Of course, other than skiing and winter sports, Interlaken is also known as a hot spot for Swiss delicacies! Sample the best Swiss cheeses, fondue, bread, chocolate, and other rich Swiss dishes on a food tour!

Lastly, don’t miss your chance to see the world’s tallest fountain at Jet d’Eau, a perfect spot to feel refreshed after walking around the city’s Old Town and scenic parks and trails.

Let’s get inspired, and dive deeper into why Interlaken should be on your bucket list of places to see at least once in your life with this list of 53 fun things to do in Interlaken, Switzerland.

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1 – Take a picture under your flag at the Palais des Nations

Unterseen, Interlaken

Visit the historic and charming old town of Interlaken called Unterseen, and get away to a sight of medieval buildings, and old-world food markets, surrounded by dramatic and enchanting mountains, as you walk along the Aare river.

Take a look at some of the sights in the center, such as the Stadtkeller, a small yet charming performing arts theater with a restaurant inside, and the Tourismuseum, which showcases the history of tourism in Interlaken from learning about Alpine tourism, to learning about the souvenir business and the hotel industry and more.

If you’re looking for a nature escape while in Unterseen, you can’t miss visiting Höhematte, a beautiful and large open park, with incredible views of the mountains, and the town’s architecture, and colorful hang gliders above.

2 – Pack a picnic and head to Höhematte Park

Höhematte Park in Interlaken

Take advantage of the 35-acre Höhematte Park, situated in the heart of historic Unterseen, to plan a picnic, gather with friends, play some football, or simply lay out and stretch on the grassy fields while looking up at the majestic Swiss Alps.

Only an 18-minute walk from city center Interlaken, Höhematte Park also has local coffee shops with terraces offering a great seat to catch the adventurous hang glides dropping to the earth, making for an amazing afternoon plan.

Enjoy a scenic walk, passing beautiful gardens, and even a flower-made clock that tells time. Take a moment to visit the bronze statue of the Hindi filmmaker Yash Chopra inaugurated in 2016, attracting the attention of curious travelers.

3 – Share the love for Interlaken with the Statue Of Yash Chopra

Statue Of Yash Chopra, Interlaken

Located inside the idyllic Höhematte Park is the statue of Yash Chopra, built to honor the filmmaker’s efforts in popularizing Alpine tourism through his films to the Indian population.

The bronze statue weighing 350 kilograms is a replica of the original statue situated in Mumbai and is only one of the ways in which Chopra has been honored in Switzerland.

Chopra’s love and fascination for the Swiss Alps were always well known in his films, with productions like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge featuring the iconic Swiss countryside, recognized as one of the most successful Bollywood films to date.

He is seen in Switzerland as an ambassador of sorts, receiving honors from the Swiss government throughout his life, and even after his death.

Make sure to stop by, and bond with the love and appreciation that Chopra had for Interlaken.

4 – Catch 12th-century architecture and incredible natural colors at Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz, Interlaken

Found northeast of Interlaken is the picturesque Lake Brienz, a turquoise blue-colored river surrounded by jagged moss-covered mountains, adding a beautiful contrast of bright natural colors.

Aside from the stunning natural sights, Lake Brienz is great for an abundance of water activities, from stand-up paddleboarding and jet tours to quaint boat tours allowing you to enjoy every minute on the water, in different ways.

Consider looking through our list of the best kayaking tours in Interlaken, and soak up the sun and views of the 12th-century Ringgenberg Castle, with a small group of kayakers, as you’re led by a professional.

For something a bit faster, hop on one of the most thrilling jet boat tours in Interlaken, to really take your adventurous self for a spin!

5 – Get a glimpse of the unique Alpine animals at Wild Park

Alpine Wildlife Park Interlaken

Have you ever imagined what Alpine animals look like? These are animals that are typically from the Alpine region of Switzerland, and situated at the bottom of the Interlaken mountains is their home, Wild Park.

Home to animals like Ibexes and Marmots amongst other incredible wild animals, Wild Park offers people of all ages an amazing connection with nature and animals, and a connection to the local natural scenery of Interlaken.

While you’re visiting the Wild Park, stop by Hohbühl Pavilion to get lavish views of Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, and the peaceful mountains.

Entrance to Wild Park is free.

6 – See the stunning painted ceilings at St. Peter’s Cathedral

Harder Kulm, Interlaken

Surrounded by extreme natural beauty is one of the top observation points in Interlaken called Harder Kulm.

Perched up 1,322 m above sea level, get privileged views of stunning blue waters of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, as your eyes climb up to view the famed Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains via the viewing platform, where you can bravely walk across the safe glass bridge to see the true vastness around you.

Also located on top of Harder Kulm is Panorama Restaurant, literally offering incredible views from virtually any seat, perfect for catching a romantic sunset with your partner.

The best and most scenic way to get to Harder Kulm is via the Harderbahn Funicular from the Harder Kulm Railway valley station at the bottom of the mountain.

The Funicular famously passes by the stunning lakes via the Two Lakes Bridge, before arriving at the top in 10 minutes.

7 – Bravely walk across the Panoramabrücke Sigriswil

Sigriswil Panorama Bridge, Interlaken

Also known as the Sigriswil Panorama Bridge, the pedestrian suspension bridge attracts the adventurous traveler who willingly decides to walk the 340-meter-long distance while looking at the deep ravine below known as the Gummischlauch gorge.

Along with the intense views of the gorge below, catch sight of the beautiful Lake Thun and the Bernese Alps up ahead, further beautifying the views around you.

If you’re looking for a scenic trail to catch even more stunning lake and mountain views, then definitely consider circling the Lake Thun Panoramic Circular Trail, taking you through valleys, incredible river shorelines, and panoramic viewpoints of snow-capped mountains.

The Panoramabrüke Sigriswil is located 31 minutes west of Interlaken driving, and keep in mind to bring cash (CHF 8) to pay to cross the bridge.

8 – Bring the kids to Jungfrau Park Interlaken

Jungfrau Park Interlaken, Switzerland
credit to Jungfrau Park Interlaken

Want to bring on the fun for all those in your family? Look into visiting Jungfrau Park Interlaken, located only 5 minutes away driving from city center Interlaken.

Covering over 100,000 square meters, and offering an abundance of games and activities for all ages, enjoy everything from the fun arcade games to simulation games, and even theatrical shows.

Keep an eye out for the Swiss Alps Show, an all-immersive experience for the whole family that brings everyone on a fun “magic carpet ride” using advanced technology to take you through scenes of the outstanding Alps. Think of it as an iMax experience, but better.

Get into the mysteries with the performances of the Erich von Däniken, a theater experience that involves the audience untangling riddles and mysteries together.

9 – Raft through the glacial waters of Interlaken’s rivers

rafting in Interlaken

Don’t miss your chance of booking a rafting tour while visiting Interlaken, where you’ll experience the rush of rafting through the rapid white waters of the Simme River and Lütschine River.

Along with a small group of people, live together the thrill of paddling under the towering mountains, and taking in the virtually untouched natural areas along the rivers, while even catching a few animal sightings.

Rafting tours usually last between 1.5 hours – to half a day, prices start at around $97 USD. In the price, equipment, safety briefing, changing room facilities, and guide are included. Some tours may include a celebratory beverage at the end of the adventurous ride.

Make sure to bring a spare change of clothes, waterproof shoes, sunscreen, and your sense of adventure.

10 – Gear up for an eventful Mt. Pilatus escapade

Mount Pilatus, Interlaken

Mountain lovers get excited to visit Mt. Pilatus, where you’ll get a chance to choose between many activities ranging from hiking, climbing, dining, cycling, and even attending a live concert up there, all at 2,132 meters above sea level.

No matter your specific interest or age, there is bound to be something fun for each to enjoy on Mt. Pilatus.

Kids will love playing in the “sky” at the Pilu-Land playground, joining their families for a thrilling scavenger hunt game, or gliding down the exciting Fräkigauid toboggan.

Adventure seekers will enjoy the Dragon Glider zip line game, and trail running, and curious travelers will enjoy walking through the mysterious Dragon Trail, engaging in the Dragon World, and checking out Astronomy Evening for an evening under the bright stars.

Mt. Pilatus is located a little over 1 hour north of Interlaken.

11 – Enjoy some skiing and snowboarding on the magical slopes of Interlaken

skiing near Interlaken

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the top winter activities to do in Interlaken, with 5 different slopes designed perfectly for families or advanced skiing and snowboarding professionals.

Families will enjoy the kid-friendly Beatenberg-Niederhorn skiing area, situated near Lake Thun, offering pristine views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains.

Offering both families and professionals the perfect slopes is Axalp, sharing stunning views of Lake Brienz, and the beautiful snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the largest ski slopes of them all, Wiriehorn, offering not only powdery white slopes, but also incredible dining options, helpful skiing classes, and of course, expanded magical views of the mountains on the horizon.

Whether you’re a professional winter sports athlete, or not, all levels are welcome.

12 – Book a canyoning experience in the Swiss Alps

canyoning tours in Interlaken

Adventure-seekers make sure to book your canyoning tour experience in Interlaken, where you’ll descend into the canyons of the Swiss Alps, and slide through natural streams of water, combining both extreme adrenaline and complete peacefulness.

Ranging from 2-hour trips to half-a-day experiences, be guided by professionals who will take you exactly to the best and safest canyoning spots, taking in spectacular sights of the mountains and lakes on the way there, with your group, and getting a safety briefing.

Prices for canyoning start at $175 USD and include equipment like a wetsuit, lockers, a hot shower afterward, and a warm beverage.

This experience is not exclusive to professionals, anyone with a sense of adventure is welcome to create some of the best memories canyoning in Interlaken.

13 – Stop to smell the flowers at Japanese Garden Interlaken

Japanischer Garten, Interlaken

Relax and refresh your senses at the Japanischer Garten Interlaken, nestled between an old monastery and catholic church, with views of the emblematic Interlaken castle, in the heart of Interlaken.

The garden known locally as the Friendship Garden was a gift from the Japanese twin town of Ōtsu, which carries a lot of varying examples of Japanese influence, and symbolism that details the relationship between both towns.

Enjoy walking through the scent of budding flowers in the spring, listen to the calming sounds of the small waterfall, check out the pavilion, and the pond, said to reflect the beautiful mountains nearby, and if you look closely, you can also view orange fishes swimming around.

You can find the garden next to the Interlaken Hotel.

14 – Feel like you’re on top of Europe at Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Stand above a staggering 3,454 meters above sea level at the incredible Jungfraujoch mountain viewpoint, considered the first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Alpine region for its views of the impressive glacier alps, and views of Germany, France, and Italy.

With guaranteed snow 365 days out of the year, rest assured that you will see tons of icy white all around, and in the air, as it blows from the mountain peaks nearby.

A must-see on your list is the Ice Palace, showcasing incredible ice sculptures that you have to see to believe.

One of the ways to get to Jungfraujoch is to take the impressive and exhilarating Cogwheel Railway, a steep railway adventure that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, as you safely traverse the iconic mountain.

15 – Visit the Swiss Heritage Sites of the Interlaken Monastery and Castle

Interlaken Monastery and Castle, Switzerland

Situated near the Japanischer Garten Interlaken, about a 1-minute walk, is the Interlaken Monastery and Castle, dating back to the 14th century, and today, offering a quaint escape from the tourist hustle and bustle on the main streets.

Take in the sight of the Medieval architecture, and make sure to stop by the Gothic cloister gallery.

Another not to miss sight is the impressive Japanese garden nearby, with scenic trails to walk, and simply enjoying the quaint grounds for a moment of peace and tranquillity.

Though today it is no longer a functioning Augustinian monastery, but rather serves the town’s administrative business, the space is open to the public for free, so make sure not to miss this sight.

16 – Check out the infinite types of fun at Heimwehfluh

Heimwehfluh in Interlaken
right: credit to Interlaken Tourism

Located not too far from the city center Interlaken is Heimwehfluh, a local mountain brimming with various activities, attractions, and fun not to miss.

Discover the magical views from the tops of the mountain, after riding on the Nostalgic Funicular, running since the early 1900s, and taking around 3-4 minutes to get to the top of Heimwehfluh.

Once the views greet you, take a panoramic walk to keep basking in the views of the mountains and Lake Thun. After walking and working up an appetite, make your way to Panorama Restaurant, serving up even more views and delicious Swiss classic dishes.

Afterward for a dose of extra fun, slide down to the bottom on the Toboggan run, taking control of your own speed as you slide down, and taking in the sights at your own quick pace.

17 – Gaze down at the Alps from a hot-air balloon

hot air balloon ride in Interlaken

Like a vehicle from some other, enchanted world, hot-air balloons will take you on an aerial tour that’s unlike any other!

Enjoy the brisk air and the unique sensation of hovering over the breathtaking lakes and mountain ranges, with the sun rising alongside you to further paint the scene.

Going up some 1,320 meters up high, and seeing not only Interlaken but the town of Unterseen, the scenes will truly take your breath away, so bring your best camera for the perfect shot!

Some tours include ground transport that will pick you up at your hotel, for your convenience. Upon arriving back on the ground, enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and snacks!

You’ll feel like a proper adventurer!

18 – Visit the historic ruins of Weissenau Castle

Weissenau Castle, Interlaken
Credit to WillYs Fotowerkstatt

Tap into the explorer within and check out the Weissenau Castle, a castle that has records dating back to the 13th century, and currently holds a space on the Swiss Heritage Sites of National Importance.

Though the castle is in ruins today, the Weissenau Castle is still considered a lesser-known gem to visit in Interlaken, where you can still see portions of the castle intact such as the bedrooms, tower, and curtain wall.

The castle is open 24 hours a day and is free to enter. To get there, it’s an 8-minute drive, and the castle itself is situated along the iconic Aare river.

Pro tip: Visit during the day to admire the site, to admire the stunning nature as well!

19 – Get to know the work behind the scenes of Alpine tourism at the Touristik-Museum

Touristik Museum, Interlaken
Credit to Tourismuseum

Ever wonder what the history of tourism consisted of in the Alps? If so, then definitely check out the Touristik-Museum (Museum of Tourism) located in the historic center of Unterseen.

Browse through the interesting history of almost 500 years of Alpine tourism, going behind the scenes of the pretty sights to learn more about how building the railway helped attract tourism, how winter tourism started to boom, and a behind-the-scenes look at the souvenir industry.

Take your time making your way through the 3 floors, viewing the ways in which the tourism boards prepared the city for the waves of visitors that stroll through Interlaken.

The museum is open every day during the months of April – October, from 10 am – 5 pm. Ticket entry starts at CHF 5.

20 – Paraglide through the skies of Interlaken

paragliding in Interlaken

Maybe you’ve been looking up at the mountains as you’ve walked through the pretty historic center, but have you looked at them from above yet?

Be sure to book a paragliding experience to catch the impressive and memorable views of the historic Unterseen town, the rest of Interlaken, and truly opulent views of the mountains and rivers.

Rest assured that you will fly with an experienced pilot who will steer the direction, and prepare you for landing – all you have to do is glide down and feel the sensation of utter exhilaration.

Paragliding experiences are a must add to your list of things to do in Interlaken, just look up to see how many travelers also take to the skies.

Paragliding tours start at $176 USD.

21 – Tap into your adventurous spirit at Interlaken Ropes Park

Rope Park Interlaken

Visit the hub for amusement in the mountains, full of obstacle courses, laughter, and fun challenges at Interlaken Ropes Park.

Located only a 4-minute drive away from the city center Interlaken is the joy-filled ropes and adventure park, welcoming families and friends to spend some time going through zip lines, climbing through wooden steps in the air, walking amongst the trees via a rope bridge, all the while testing their balance.

The park opens all year round, even during the winter, so make sure to add it to your itinerary if it’s an activity that calls out to your adventurous side.

Rest assured safety is taken seriously and into consideration, so feel free to cut loose and have fun.

General admission tickets start at CHF 21.

22 – Learn about the Reformation Wall at Bastions Park

scenic flight in Interlaken

In order to really appreciate the many angles and moods of the mountains, you have to get up and above them – especially in a plane!

These small, versatile machines will show you sweeping views of the famous peaks and valleys, with vantage points you’d never get from the ground.

With visitors as young as 5 years old allowed on board, and multilingual pilots available to retell fascinating facts, this is a great adventurous activity to do in Interlaken, whether you’re traveling with family or friends!

Typically the standard package includes a 30-minute long flight experience, while a private one can go up to 1.5 hours, depending on the experience you want.

Your spirits will lift as high as the plane itself!

23 – Applaud a cultural dance performance at the Geneva Contemporary Art Center

Ballenberg Swiss Open Air Museum, Switzerland

Explore the streets of the Ballenberg, Swiss Open-Air Museum, admiring the traditional Swiss architecture and get to know the traditions happening right before you, dating back to the earlier, formative years of the country.

Located only half an hour’s drive from Interlaken, on the other side of Lake Brienz, the open-air museum has a daily schedule available online where you can check out, and see what workshops, events, and activities will take place.

Everything from cooking and baking classes, to embroidery and weaving activities, typically take place, plus or minus a few bonus activities throughout the day.

If you’re visiting during the last week of September and the first week of October, check out the Swiss traditional “Fest der Feste” where you’ll be able to absorb more Swiss culture, in real-time.

24 – See frozen lakes when you go snowshoeing

Schynige Platte, Switzerland

Take the scenic journey through the Schynige Platte, a small mountain range consisting of 3 peaks, and exuding tremendous views of snow-capped mountains, dramatic valleys, and beautiful wilderness.

A trip to the Schynige Platte means a stop at the gorgeous Schynige Platte Alpine Garden where you’ll be able to find some of the native flora that thrives 1,967 meters above sea level, on the soils of the mountains,

See the beauty come alive with a ride on the Schynige Platte railway, and when you arrive at the top of the Schynige Platte, if it’s anywhere between 11:00 – 14:00 hours, a live alphorn performance may greet you, for free.

The Schynige Platte is located a 24-minute drive from the city center of Interlaken.

25 – Swim around the Rhone and Arve rivers at Pointe de la Jonction

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald is a stunning little Swiss town just 28-minutes outside of Interlaken, known mostly for its all-year fun from hiking to skiing, and the stunning mountains surrounding the quaint town in the Bernese Alps.

Take a hike through Eiger Trail, around a 6-kilometer stretch taking you to the north side of the mountain, or check out Bachalpsee to see a beautiful Alpine Lake.

Take an exciting Luftseilbahn Grindelwald Pfingstegg cable car ride to reach the heights of Alp Pfingstegg nearby, traversing forested mountains, deep valleys, and stunning mountain views that get closer every minute you’re inside.

Enjoy various activities from toboggan rides to a fun zip line, and of course, don’t miss the stunning nature views of mount Eiger and the rolling clouds from up above.

26 – Learn to climb up ice – really!

ice climbing near Interlaken

With your tools and gear in hand, you can start your latest climb… but this time, you’ll be tackling a frozen waterfall!

This amazing adventure is part of a full, multi-day training that will let you get to know the wintry landscape in-depth… then conquer it!

Enjoy the fascinating experience of ice climbing alongside a professional and a small group of like-minded travelers, all with some experience under their belt. With so much physical endurance required for this experience, you’ll be fueling up with local delicacies, sure to increase the uniqueness of the experience!

Due to the nature of the experience, the experience may be a few days long.

So bundle up and get excited – these mountain adventures are all about the ice!

27 – Witness and listen to the 70+ waterfalls at Lauterbrunnen Waterfalls

Lauterbrunnen Waterfalls, Switzerland

Plan an exciting day trip to Lauterbrunnen Waterfalls, a gushing cascade of water created by melting glaciers, providing one of the most Swiss and scenic backdrops you can experience in the country.

The two main waterfalls are Trümmelbach and Staubbach Falls, but in total there are around 70+ waterfalls within the region, only 18-minutes away from Interlaken.

After taking a moment to contemplate the beauty of the waterfalls, consider a refreshing hike to get to see the natural wonderland up close, or take a bike tour to get a slightly different experience.

Other than looking up at the stunning waterfalls, appreciate the charming little town right beside the waterfalls, traditional Swiss alp architecture, rolling green hills speckled with wildflowers, and the occasional cow.

28 – Soak up the natural Alps beauty as you sip on some wine at the best rooftops

best rooftops in Interlaken
Credit to Metropole Hotel

Take in the magnificence of the sunset sliding down behind the mountains, adding gentle grades of colorful yellows and oranges from the best rooftops in Interlaken.

Check out Panoramic Restaurant Top o’Met, offering to-die-for views of the mountains, lake, and city down below. Enjoy a wide selection of Swiss classic dishes, specializing in seasonal ingredients and locally sourced products. Visit during the early evening to see the sun descend, and the colors of the mountains change colors.

Carlton Panorama Rooftop Terrace invites you into its swanky restaurant, and rooftop on the 6th floor of Hotel Carlton. Enjoy a fresh selection of cuisines from the world, starting with Swiss cuisine, to tapa-style bites and fine wine, as you take in the stunning sights of the valley and lakes.

29 – Use the fabulous sports facilities inside Bödelibad Interlaken

Bödelibad Interlaken in Switzerland
credit to Bödelibad Interlaken

Who says that traveling meant sacrificing your exercise routine? Bödelibad Interlaken is the place for all exercise lovers and sports enthusiasts who want to keep their regimes plus, have fun doing it inside the wonderful installations of Bödelibad Interlaken.

Whether it’s swimming indoors or outdoors, using the complete gym inside, playing a fun game of golf to keep up with your form, or fully going into relaxation mode and checking into the Wellness Oasis, there is this and more waiting for you at this sports complex.

Those traveling with children can also bring them along to enjoy the kid’s indoor/outdoor pool with a fun slide, making sure that everyone in your family is taken care of.

The Bödelibad Interlaken is located an 11-minute walk from the city center of Interlaken.

30 – Enjoy the wildlife inside the Weissenau Nature Reserve

Weissenau Nature Reserve near Interlaken

Get up close and personal with the abundant wildlife native to the Alps at Weissenau Nature Reserve, where you’ll see an impressive variety of birds like the goosander, kingfishers, and water rail as well as frogs, toads, newts, and more.

Only an 8-minute drive from the city center of Interlaken, you can visit this beautiful natural reserve via the Thun-Interlaken bus line.

The park is situated along Lake Thun, offering a unique influence on the wildlife and specific plants native to the land, that you must experience yourself.

Take a hike under the shady walking paths, get a fresh breath of air, and rest from the hustle and bustle of sightseeing for a while.

The Weissenau Nature Reserve is open 24 hours a day.

31 – Bungee jump into the beauty of Stockhorn

Stockhorn Bungee Jump

Are you ready for the adrenaline rush of your life? Check out the unique bungee jumping experience at Stockhorn, where you’ll be able to take the leap from a 134-meter tall mountain, onto the mountain lake of Stockensee, and then safely spring back up to where you started.

Surrounded by pine trees, the dark emerald green lake below, and the dramatic mountains and Swiss countryside, get the best photo-op while you’re jumping off, included in your ticket price, to keep the treasured memory forever.

Tickets start at CHF 219 per person, and it includes all safety equipment, guides, transportation, your entrance, and a celebratory drink to salute your bravery.

When preparing for this unforgettable experience, make sure to wear closed-toe shoes, warm clothes, and cash.

32 – See a two-headed turtle at the Museum of Natural History

Höheweg, Interlaken

Meaning “High Way” in English, Höheweg is the premiere street in Interlaken buzzing with life with its boutique shops, souvenir stores, enticing restaurants, and relaxing terraces, not to mention the cultural events that take place in the streets – it is the place where you want to go.

Aside from the charming street and all it has to offer, it’s also the perfect place to catch the impending view of the Jungfrau mountain, as well as the incredible sight of paragliders dropping and gliding through the sky in style.

Don’t miss the beautiful Swiss architecture of local homes, the beautiful gardens, lovely fountains, and the warm hospitality centered at Höheweg.

The Höheweg is located in the heart of the city center Interlaken.

33 – Plan a day at the lake at Burgseeli Lido at Lake Burgseeli

Burgseeli Lido, Interlaken
Credit to Interlaken Tourism Organisation

Dip your toes in the beautiful and peaceful Lake Burgseeli at Burgseeli Lido, just a 5-minute drive outside of the city center Interlaken in Naturstrandbad Burgseeli.

Whether you’re coming with friends or family, Burgseeli Lido offers everything from luxurious natural baths, surrounded by stunning mountains, ample open fields of flowers and grass, and much more.

Prepare a picnic or barbeque, using the barbeque facilities, play a rousing game of table tennis, or catch up on your suntan on the wide-open wood deck.

For children, games, and activities from the kiddie pool and mini waterslides, to larger jumping platforms are available to practice and show off their cannonball jumps.

Admission starts at CHF 5 for adults and CHF 3.50 for children.

34 – Feel the fairytale effects of Lake Thun

Lake Thun, Switzerland

Considered to be the largest lake in the Bernese Highlands, Lake Thun is also adored by its locals for the picturesque towns surrounding the lake, each offering its own charming sights.

One of those impressive sites in Lake Thun is the 12th-century Thun Castle, situated in the area of Lauitor on the other side of Lake Thun from Interlaken. Enter the castle after taking its beautiful exteriors, and wander inside the museum exhibits retelling its history, and the history of the surrounding area and lake.

For those who want to get on the water, consider booking a boat tour, offering optimal views of the little towns surrounding the lake, and the pristine mountains, all feeling like it’s a picture taken out of a storybook.

35 – Make your way around the Castles on Lake Thun

Castles on Lake Thun, Switzerland

Existing for over 8 centuries, the Oberhofen Castle sparkles bright with its renovated appearance, both inside and out. Stroll through the colorfully manicured gardens of the castle, and enjoy the fascinating exhibits inside detailing specific historical and interesting topics.

Dating back to the early 1600s, the Schadau Castle stands proudly today as a premiere hotel and restaurant, offering the classic charm of its yesterday years, coupled with the conveniences of modern times.

Have a lovely coffee at the Castle Café inside Hünegg Castle, and don’t forget to explore the castle’s museum inside, showcasing the grandeur of the castle in its heyday, and the many influences that made it what it is today.

Enjoy the historic views from Spiez Castle, offering plenty to do and see, from its historical museum that dates back to its prehistoric records to its glamorous visitors and more!

36 – Visit the national hub for wood carving at the Schweizer Holzbildhauerei Museum

Schweizer Holzbildhauerei Museum, Interlaken
Credit to Swiss Woodcarving Museum

Bask in the ornate and fascinating wood carving works inside the Schweizer Holzbildhauerei Museum, located in the center of Brienz.

Showcasing the history and reasons why wood carving became a major activity in the region, all the way to showcasing stunning works of wood carving art, appreciate the artists behind the crafts, only found in Brienz.

Check out the calendar online to see when workshops are held, where you can witness this artisanal work in real-time, and see contemporary works of art, adorning the homes of many woodcarving enthusiasts.

If you’d like to, you can also book a guided tour with a professional guide inside, sharing and answering any questions that pop up.

Entrance into this museum starts at CHF 5 for adults.

37 – Take a ride on the Historic Brienzer-Rothorn Railway

Brienzer-Rothorn Railway, Interlaken

Hop on board one of the longest-running cog trains in Interlaken, the historic Brienzer-Rothorn Railway, taking passengers on the most memorable rides since 1892.

Steam through incredible mountainside sights, from lush green rolling hills, yellow dotted fields, high views of the turquoise Lake Brienz, and the snow-capped, jagged mountain. If you plan your trip in the summer, you will be greatly gifted with ongoing views of mountains and lakes on the horizon.

The hours of operation for the historic cog trail are from June – October, and a good tip to consider is to book your tickets in advance, as this is a very popular attraction. Also, a good idea is to arrive 30 minutes before your train departure time to avoid any timing issues.

38 – Take a scenic ride on the Bodeli Tourist Train and Bodeli-Tram

Bodeli Tourist Train in Interlaken

Take a scenic journey through the natural wonderland near Interlaken on the Bodeli Tourist Train and Bodeli-Tram.

Take in sights of the turquoise lake waters, smaller streams, and rivers, while taking in the towering mountains above, and passing through the “Bödeli” – the name of the strip of land that crosses and divides Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and parts of the historic district of Unterseen.

Continue along the journey and stop by the famed Weissenau nature reserve with the option to stop by for a while.

The circular journey takes around 1.5 hours to complete. If you’re planning on adding this activity to your list of things to do in Interlaken, the best seasons to do it are between April-September, offering the best, clear, and warm days.

39 – Glow in neon lights at OMEGA next-level minigolf

OMEGA minigolf, Interlaken
Credit to OMEGA next-level minigolf

Mini golf fans get ready to plan a fun day at OMEGA next-level minigolf, offering a unique and fun mini golfing experience involving neon lights and colors that glow in the dark, in a 17-hole minigolf setting.

Make yourself stand out by drawing on yourself and your clothes without ruining them with washable neon paint, and stand under the blacklight where you’ll glow like never before.

Whether you’re a golfing pro, or you’re a beginner, all this game and experience requires out of its players is a good playing mindset and an open mind.

OMEGA next-level minigolf requires its visitors to schedule ahead of time your visit, and how many will come with you to better accommodate you, which can do on their website.

40 – Observe a Eurasian Lynx in the wild at Bioparc Geneve

Giessbach Falls, Switzerland

Cascading some 400 meters from above is the astonishing Giessbachfälle falls, a waterfall and river located on the other side of Lake Brienz, around 50 minutes from Interlaken.

Experience for yourself the multi-tiered waterfall, and feel its refreshing mist as you walk through the metal bridge directly in front of it, or take a hike nearby and feel its presence that way.

Book a half-day Giessbachfälle tour from Interlaken, stop by the beautiful Lake Brienz along the way, and experience a hike in your group, taking in the incredible mountainside, and stopping for photos along the way. Part of the trip also includes a stop to explore the local Brienz village.

Take the Giessbach Standseilbahn Funiculaire (Grandhotel Giessbach), slowly taking you to the top of the mountain, and close to the falls in a unique way you cannot miss.

41 – Feel the rush of the cool air on a helicopter skydiving experience

skydiving over Interlaken

Feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as you elevate into the sky on a helicopter tour, gliding across the Interlaken sky for maximum views!

Glide through the Swiss Alps, and make your way through the skies of the quaint villages down below, as you’re being saluted by the people down below. The helicopter can reach a height of 15,000 feet in the air, the height at which you’ll see a grand portion of Interlaken’s beauty.

Your pilot will share insider facts on all the sites, while also making a few stops to get off and enjoy the secluded scenery yourself! From the outstanding Swiss Alps to the blue and green lakes, and picture-perfect villages, helicopter tours start at $275 USD.

42 – Don’t miss out on one sledding in Interlaken

sledding near Interlaken

One of the activities not to miss out on while visiting this winter wonderland is sledding through the various slopes and mountainsides throughout Interlaken. From romantic sledding with your partner to family and even beginner friendly, there is an opportunity to slide through the powder white snow.

Those looking for a romantic moment with their partner should consider Saxeten, offering sights like the Alp Nessleren, passing frozen lakes, white-covered pine trees, and more. Afterward cozy up with each other with some mulled wine at the local wine bars.

For families, don’t miss the over 70 kilometers worth of easy to challenging slopes and sledding opportunities, helping you make amazing memories together. After viewing the cool snow glide from the Axalp mountains, and breathing in some of the purest air, enjoy some hot beverages like hot chocolate and other kid-friendly hot drinks to warm back up.

You can also sled through the winter landscape on the Niederhorn by day or night. Take the glass-sided funicular railway from Beatenbucht – the view is magical and imposing, and you can relax and enjoy the snow-capped mountains and lakes.

43 – Visit one of the highest mountain peaks at Schilthorn

Schilthorn, Switzerland

To get a truly beautiful view of the Swiss Alps, and multiple valleys below in one place, check out Schilthorn, one of the tallest peaks in Switzerland.

Consider a Schilthorn tour to better accommodate your experience to arrive at the peak of the mountain, and experience the unique attractions there from dining at the rotating restaurant Piz Gloria, to talking through the Thrill Walk on the Big Terrace, a glass-floor bridge overlooking other mountain peaks and valleys, not to mention the pure sights of snow all year long.

Also not to miss is the Bond World exhibition and 007 Walk of Fame, paying homage to the James Bond spirit of adventure with a replica of the journey that James Bond performed in one of his movies filmed there.

44 – Refresh your palate with a beer tasting

Haarige Kuh Brauerei, Interlaken
credit to Haarige Kuh Brauerei

Indulge in the local craft beer scene in Interlaken, with a beer tasting experience along with old friends, and new.

Check out Hüsi Bierhaus, just a 10-minute walk from the city center Interlaken, a chic bar and restaurant serving up incredible Swiss dishes paired with the best beers on tap, locally crafted. Get incredible views of the Swiss Alps from the restaurant, as you’re being served with incredible hospitality.

Another place to consider is Haarige Kuh Brauerei for an authentic brewery experience, where you’ll be able to step behind the scenes and check out how the Swiss make their beer. Offering tours and tastings, consider booking your experience with your friends, only a 15-minute walk from the city center of Interlaken.

45 – Have an afternoon of cheese and chocolate tastings

cheese and chocolate tastings in Interlaken

Book a delicious cheese-tasting experience, to sample some of the most delectable and creamy cheeses typical of Switzerland.

As part of many food tours in Interlaken, a cheese shop or two is a required stop, to taste cheeses such as creamy Gruyère and hard Sbrinz cheese.

For the chocolate lovers, make sure to check out our list of the best chocolate tours in Interlaken, offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you take a chocolate-making class, you must consider Funky Chocolate Club Switzerland, where you’ll be able to learn the basics of chocolate-making, while unleashing your inner chocolatier imagination.

On a chocolate and cheese tour, stop by the town of Gruyères and see the majestic La Berra and Le Gibloux mountains nearby.

46 – Conquer the currents with a bit of riverboarding

riverboarding near Interlaken

If you want to push the envelope in terms of watersports, why not try surfing… in the middle of a river?

Head down to the mighty Rhône with your board, and jump straight into the rapids for a wild ride that rivals any rollercoaster.

Worried you don’t know enough to try this activity? No worries! Riverboarding is a great sport to be a beginner at, especially doing it in one of the sunniest places in Switzerland, and with the guidance of a professional riverboard guide. You’ll receive all the proper techniques and safety information, your gear, and then you’ll be on your way.

It’s part surfing, part rafting, and all amazing! The experience will typically last around 2.5 hours.

47 – Take a scenic hike in Augstmatthorn

Augstmatthorn, Switzerland

With sweeping views of Lake Brienz, and housing an extraordinary home to wildlife, particularly birds, consider a trip to the mountain of Augstmatthorn.

The journey, which takes a total of 5-6 hours to complete, will gratify you with incredible views of lakes, emerald-colored mountains filled with forest greenery, and beautiful birds graciously flying through the valleys.

Although the hike is pretty long, on the way back, there are buses that you can take to give your legs a bit of a much-needed break.

If hikes like these or a bit less intense interest you, but you don’t know how to do one yourself, consider booking a hiking tour of this mountain, or a few others near Interlaken where you’ll be guided, informed, and well-prepared for your day out hiking.

48 – Live the magic of winter at ICE MAGIC Interlaken

ICE MAGIC Interlaken
credit to ICE MAGIC Interlaken

Enjoy the magic of winter at ICE MAGIC Interlaken, a one-stop shop for fun winter and snow activities, from skating to local sports like Bavarian curling, all while being surrounded by the majestic mountains and beautiful lakes.

Whether by day or evening, there’s always some fun to be had at ICE MAGIC, or even stepping inside the warm restaurants, serving cozy hot beverages and filling meals, while looking at the outdoor scenery.

ICE Magic caters to both young and adults, with ice skating rinks specified for different ages, as well as rides geared towards children.

Entry tickets to ICE MAGIC start at CHF 9 for adults, with multiple discounts offered depending on the day you’d like to stop by. ICE MAGIC is located only a 4-minute drive from the city center of Interlaken.

49 – Practice your swing at Interlaken Golf Club

Interlaken Golf Club, Switzerland
right; credit to Interlaken Golf Club

Located between the Thun and Brienz lakes, the Interlaken Golf Club is the perfect place to spend some time practicing your golfing skills, or meeting like minded people for a little while.

Uniquely located beside a stunning park, you’ll get to enjoy jaw-dropping views of snow-dusted pine trees, frozen lakes, snow-capped mountains, in the winter, and verdant trees, stunning mountains, and local flora in bloom during the water months.

No matter what the season, you’ll have so much to look at and appreciate as you’re doing your thing on the golf course!  Even if you’re new to the sport, there are specific practice facilities to help improve your golfing skills, so don’t hold back.

Make sure to reserve your golf time slot online.

50 – Day trip to other charming towns near Interlaken

St. Beatus Cave and Waterfalls, Switzerland

Forming part of the mountainside is the stunning St. Beatus Cave, cascading down below with a majestic waterfall, completely stopping every passerby in their tracks for its pure beauty, and raw enchantment.

Make the 15-minute hike towards the Beatus Cave, rewarding you with countless scenic sights of moss-covered mountains, and the sound of multiple waterfalls from all different directions. Locals recommend bringing a picnic and taking advantage of the picnic areas on the way.

Once reaching the cave, visitors can explore either on their own or with an English-speaking guide, or enter the museum to learn about the fascinating legend that circles around this emblematic wonder.

The St. Beatus Cave and waterfalls are located only an 11-minute drive from Interlaken, right along Lake Thun.

51 – Unwind at The Beach, the open-air pool of Bönigen

The Beach in Interlaken
credit to Interlaken Tourism

Freshen up with a cool dip in the pools of The Beach – Standbad Bönigen, or cozy up and enjoy the steam from the hot baths in cooler months – regardless of the season, there are many reasons to add visiting The Beach to your list of places to visit in Interlaken.

Located near Lake Brienz, The Beach also provides a great variety of food options in their multiple restaurants on site geared for children and adults, as well as other forms of exploration and adventure.

Rent a kayak or canoe to be one with the natural surroundings, or book a group stand-up paddleboarding experience, and explore different parts of the lake with others.

52 – Snap a selfie with Frankenstein

Spiez, Switzerland

Spiez enchants all its visitors from sports lovers to history buffs, and all in between with its charming architecture, historic city center, and beautiful natural landscape, only a 19-minute drive away from city center Interlaken.

If you visit during the summer months, enjoy splashing around at the Spiez Outdoor Pool and cove, or take a cruise of Lake Thun, taking notice of the centuries-old castles nestled on the sides of the mountains.

If you’re visiting in the winter, consider partaking in the local winter sports activities, ice skating under a magical ambiance of string lights, or inviting your partner for a cozy walk along the chilly promenade.

Spiez also offers incredible hiking opportunities, a pleasant activity to be on the list of many nature lovers.

53 – Tread through the ancient Unspunnen Castle

Unspunnen Castle, Switzerland

Visit the old ruins of the 12th century Unspunnen Castle, situated only a 5-minute drive away, in the Bernese Highlands.

Free to enter and explore, feel the enchantment of the castle, nestled in the forested mountains, with views of the lakes to imagine what life must have been like in the middle ages, and who lived there.

From there, enjoy a stroll around the quaint village nearby, or simply stay at the castle, carefully treading the paths that people did many years ago.

Since this is a free activity, there are no tours or people at the castle to register with. So tread at your own risk if you go when it’s rainy or snowing, as the paths can be a bit slippery.

54 -Hit the powder in a whole new way while snowkiting

snowkiting near Interlaken

Another unique activity taking shape in the region, snowkiting takes the winter sports field to the next level!

The basic premise is simple: head to the slopes on a modified snowboard with a large sail attached, and let gravity and the wind take you downhill.

But the unique skills and special blend of elements at play are what make this so unforgettable – and so exciting!

The experience will take anywhere between 4-8 hours and will take you to the snowy mountains of the Simplon Pass. Admire this commonly known “snowkiting paradise” as you start to gear up to shred the slopes.

Pro tip: the season to go snowkiting is between December and March, so plan accordingly and bring a good jacket!

55 – Heat up inside a HotTug

HotTug, Interlaken
Credit to Pirate Bay

A HotTug is a unique Swiss experience only to be had in Lake Brien in Interlaken, where essentially, you can rent out a boat that has a hot tub inside, with you and your best friends, and cruise along the majestic lake, while keeping inside the warm waters.

The HotTug can be booked at any time throughout the year, and you can purchase snacks for yourself and your group. Enjoy cruising inside the lake at a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, created through a wood-fired system, while directing the boat yourself. Whether you’re booking the experience with your friends, or family, this experience is most popular to do between couples.

Make sure to book your HotTug experience online on their website, and take advantage of this amazing opportunity, locally situated in the famed Lake Briezen.

There are two sections inside Lake Briezen where this opportunity takes place, so rest assured you’ll be able to book a slot.

56 – Stop into the best restaurants

La Terrasse Brasserie, Interlaken
credit to La Terrasse Brasserie

La Terrasse is the restaurant to make dinner reservations if you are celebrating a birthday, or want to impress your partner. Lavishly welcoming its guests, La Terrasse is on the luxurious side of fine dining in Interlaken, offering exquisite French cuisine.

For classic Swiss dishes, head over to Goldener Anker, offering the best in cozy dishes to keep you warm during the winter especially, such as warm fondue, Älplermagronen (potato gratin with other sides), and an assortment of delicious cheeses, and more.

Husi Bierhaus is an excellent choice if you’re wanting to go to a place that offers both great food and even greater drink selections. Indulge in a wide variety of beer on tap, craft beers, and classic Swiss beers, along with cozy Swiss dishes.

57 – Get ready to run when you experience the Longest New Year’s Eve

Longest New Year's Eve in Interlaken
credit to Interlaken Tourism

A celebration you won’t want to miss is the Longest New Year’s Even, bringing to life an age-old tradition (one of the many in Interlaken) that involves local lore and insight into the local culture.

Starting from December 31st to January 1st, the town comes out to celebrate New Year’s with plenty of traditions, many of which include a parade where you’ll witness the Hardermannli (the spirit of the Harder Kulum mountains) and his wife and followers all over the city.

Running around the city, the local legend humanized in a costume, runs around the town, gently spooking everyone in its path. It’s a unique celebration, and one to learn more about by being there while enjoying a few local snacks too.

58 – Try to win the jackpot at Casino Interlaken

Casino in Interlaken

Looking for some casino fun? Check out Casino Interlaken, where you’ll find everything from slot machines, to gambling games, an expansive bar to freshen up after a few games, and a spectacular garden worth strolling through.

Situated in the heart of the city, the casino is very accessible and open all year round, no matter what time of year you may be in town. Make sure to check the opening hours for the days you’ll be there, as they may change.

Check out their website to learn about the different packages they offer, and what they include. The basic package is called First Touch and includes admission, a welcome drink, lucky chips, a small gift, and free parking. This package is only available to those who visit for the first time.

59 – Snowshoe your way around a snowy forest

Snowshoe near Interlaken

Get ready to experience a true winter wonderland when you book your slot for a snowshoe experience, nestled between the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains, overlooking the hardly touched nature.

From frozen lakes, snow-capped mountains, and even a few quaint mountain villages in sight, you’ll fall in love with the panoramic sites as much as you will fall in love with this snow sport, which for thousands of years, was a common way for the locals to travel through the snow.

You’ll take the cable car to your official starting point, which will be a beautiful experience all on its own! Some tours are combined with sledding, so consider how much you want to experience during the fun outing, and book the perfect tour!

How to get to Interlaken?

If you are flying internationally into Interlaken, the closest airport to the city center is Bern Airport BRN/LSZB).

The most common ways to get to the city center of Interlaken are via the train or the bus, however, to cut in half the time public transport takes to arrive at the city center, check out the best airport transfers in Interlaken!

Where to stay in Interlaken?

NO8 Boutique Hotel is a great, boutique hotel to stay in and take advantage of all its amenities, and services like purchasing ski tickets right from the hotel. Situated in the historic district of Unterseen, rest assured you will be staying in the heart of the history of Interlaken, and close to everything.

Admire the beautiful, traditional, and clean aesthetic of the Jungfrau Hotel, showcasing amazing views of the Jungfrau mountain from virtually every room in the hotel. Inside, indulge in some of the best Swiss cuisine with the in-house restaurants.

Enjoy a night or two at Swiss Inn & Apartments, located in the heart of Interlaken, and close to all the must-see sights. Take advantage of the cool rooms in the summer, or the warm and cozy rooms in the winter, as well as high-speed wifi – great for those traveling and working.

Seiler au Lac offers the beauty and serenity of Lake Brienz right beside them, as well as great Swiss restaurants on-site. Enjoy the free bus shuttles that can take you into the city center, exclusive for their guests, and free parking for those driving to Interlaken.

Traveling on a budget?

Consider purchasing the Swiss Travel Pass, a great option for those traveling and wanting to visit the most major sites in Interlaken.

Save money and see more with the pass, offering quick entrance into certain museums, discounted entrances into most sites, and even a few discounts towards meals at certain restaurants.Considering spending your time exploring the mountains? Grab the Jungfrau region travel pass, offering a boat, train, bus, and gondola to truly experience the stunning Swiss Alps in all their splendor, for one payment.

Where to go next?

Now that you’ve seen what awaits in Interlaken, consider checking out Switzerland’s other incredible and major cities, including all the amazing things to do in Geneva, known for its beautiful cultural scene, best restaurants, opera and theater, and many museums. Begin your adventures with a stunning Geneva boat tour, and then witness the color changes at the point where two rivers meet at Pointe de la Jonction.

Make sure to check out all the incredible things to do in Zurich, known for its luxurious shopping scene, and must-try chocolate creations. From finance hot spots to historical and charming Old Towns, you’ll get the best of both worlds in this multi-dimensional city! Looking for some outdoor activities? Read through our list of the best things to do in Lucerne and explore the stunning mountains surrounding this unique medieval city.

Hop on the quick rail to get breathtaking views from Mount Pilatus, and then refuel at the best restaurants in Lucerne.

Final thoughts

Interlaken is a city that offers priceless beauty and nature, all year round, and has managed to invite its locals and visitors to discover it in multiple ways.

Rest assured that no matter which season you decide to visit the city known as one of the oldest holiday resorts in Switzerland, you will find more than a couple of things to add to your Swiss bucket list.

We hope you enjoyed our complete list of the 53 fun things to do in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Happy travels!

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