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Things to do in Venice

Venice is one of the most impressive cities in the worlds, a floating city designed by Italy's best-known architects. The dense network of canals connects charming neighborhoods and old squares. The typical noise of city traffic is replaced by the sound of flowing water and gondolas and taxi boats. Losing your path in this maze of streets, canals, and amazing buildings is the best way to discover the charm of the city called "La Serenissima". Your first visit to Venice will make you fall hopelessly in love with the town full of history and impressive architecture and you will want to come back again.

St. Mark's Basilica

The Saint Mark's Basilica is the most famous church in Venice. The mosaics on the dome are Byzantin mosaics and this basilica is also known as the Golden Church because of these golden mosaics on the dome. It is also interesting that while the Basilica of San Marco was being built, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was used as a model.

Doge's Palace

The Doge's Palace is a palace located in Venice. This construction, built in a Gothic style, takes the lead when it comes to "what to do" in Venice and it has hectic visitor traffic. Doge's Palace, built as a chateau, was used by the government of Venice. Inside the palace, it is possible to visit the rooms of the most important politicians of the Venice Republic.

Gondola Ride

No doubt, taking a ride on a gondola in Venice is a unique activity to do. The romanticism of couples and the laughter of the group of friends take its power from the authentic atmosphere that is created by the fantastic style of Venice. Taking a gondola trip is a perfect choice to navigate the narrow canals of Venice.

La Fenice Theatre

The Fenice Theatre is the oldest and largest theatre located in Venice and one of the most important theatre in Italy. The construction was built in the 18th century when the art of theatre was becoming very popular. After the fire broke it out in 1836, it had been restored and then inaugurated again with all its splendor in 2003. Today, the Fenice Theatre hosts audiences up to 900 people.


Murano Island is the popular island of Venice with its colorful houses and glass workings. Visiting Murano island is a "must" when preparing a bucket list for Venice. Since authorities wanted to prevent harm which can be caused by workshops in the city, glass working workshops were moved to Murano, and afterward, the island became the center of the glass working.

Classical Music Concert

For many tourists coming to Venice, experiencing the music of Vivaldi and the beauty of the Italian opera is an indispensable thing to do. Both street musicians and professionals are ready to feed your soul with their music. Classical music concerts in La Fenice or Teatro Taliban are highly recommended for the travelers.


Verona, the city where a famed love story was born, is also one of the most attractive points for tourists. Yes, Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet. With their love, risking their lives, Romeo and Juliet turned this city into a sacred love temple. Since Verona was also an important Roman city, there are many monumental structures have endured until now from the Roman Empire. An amphitheatre named Arena is a perfect example of the Roman empire monumental architecture.

Dolomite Mountains

The richness of Italy is not just about artistic cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. Especially in recent years, there is a place that has become popular, and it deserves a visit. If you are willing to explore the Italian Alps and its magnificent landscapes, turn your route to the Dolomites, north-east of Italy. The Dolomites, famous for their pink color at the sunset, are a wonderful place to go skiing during the winter or hiking in summer time. The Dolomites are among the most beautiful mountains in the Alps and in Europe.


Burano is one of the islands that constitute Venice Lagoon. The Church of San Martino, the Oratorio di Santa Barbara and the Museum and School of Lace Making can be counted as the main attractions of this lovely island. Featuring colorful houses and renowned stylish laces, the island awaits you.


Cichetti is the name of the appetizers in Venice which can be eaten by hand. It is possible to find various types of cichetti such as with meat, with vegetable, with fish, with meatball. Aperitivo is a very a common practice in Venice and around. Venice is where the famous spritz was born.