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Gondola Ride

No doubt, taking a ride on a gondola in Venice is a unique activity to do. The romanticism of couples and the laughter of the group of friends take its power from the authentic atmosphere that is created by the fantastic style of Venice. Taking a gondola trip is a perfect choice to navigate the narrow canals of Venice.


Murano Island is the popular island of Venice with its colorful houses and glass workings. Visiting Murano island is a "must" when preparing a bucket list for Venice. Since authorities wanted to prevent harm which can be caused by workshops in the city, glass working workshops were moved to Murano, and afterward, the island became the center of the glass working.


Burano is one of the islands that constitute Venice Lagoon. The Church of San Martino, the Oratorio di Santa Barbara and the Museum and School of Lace Making can be counted as the main attractions of this lovely island. Featuring colorful houses and renowned stylish laces, the island awaits you.