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The 10 Best Sorrento Tours

Capri Island Boat Tour

Boat tours to Capri Island are among the most popular Sorrento tours on offer. This famous isle is home to panoramic viewpoints and charming villages for that quintessential Italian experience. Natural landforms are in abundance, making this a picturesque day out.

You'll travel across to Capri by boat, combining sightseeing with coastal exploration. Excursions last a full day to ensure you make the most of your visit – your guide will take you to all the best spots.

As you approach the island, look out for rock stacks and sea caves along the shoreline. The highlight of these Sorrento boat tours will be a visit to the Blue Grotto, where luminescent waters never fail to enchant. If sea conditions are favorable, you'll be able to enter the grotto and see it up close.

Stop for swimming and snorkeling in some of the prettiest bays and take photos of the Punta Carena lighthouse along the way. Then it's time for some exploration by land, with Capri Old Town at the top of the list. 

Amalfi Coast Day Trip Plus Positano

The dreamy Amalfi Coast is one of the most-visited destinations in Italy. It's a picture-postcard scene of colorful cliffside villages, hidden coves and ancient architecture. A day trip here will whisk you away to some of the prettiest locations for sightseeing and photos. 

After being collected from your hotel, sit back and enjoy the coastal drive, with dramatic scenery on either side of the road. This beautiful peninsula stretches for 50 kilometers, so there's plenty to see and do during your excursion. 

Positano is a particular highlight, with its pastel-hued houses and narrow streets. You can explore the village on foot, taking in the best viewpoints and enjoying refreshments at the quaint cafés that cling to the cliffs. The Church of Maria Assunta is a must. 

You'll also visit Ravello, another cliff-top settlement overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Popular with artists and creative types, the village is famed for its garden terraces and stunning panoramas across the water. Don't miss the Villa Cimbrone gardens or a summer concert at Villa Rufolo. 

Path of the Gods Hiking Tour

These Sorrento tours treat you to some of the region's finest viewpoints, but you're going to have to work for it. This famous coastal trail snakes across lush hillsides and rugged clifftops, following the peninsula between Bomerano and Nocelle. 

Hiking tours are the best way to tackle the route as you'll have a local guide on hand to show you the way. The path is 8 kilometers long, so is suitable for anyone with reasonable fitness. You'll be dropped off and picked up at either end of the trail for seamless transport logistics. 

You can stop for a breather and photos at scenic overlooks, while basking in the sun that warms these shores. Look out for hidden beaches glowing in the golden rays and feel at one with nature as you delve further into the wild. 

As you ramble along the Path of the Gods, you'll be surrounded by ancient olive groves, vineyards and villages. In summer, wildflowers carpet the slopes, perfectly complementing the azure waters down below.

Sorrento Old Town Walking Tours

Sorrento itself is a charming town, so be sure to spend a day exploring the streets as well as taking trips along the coast. There are lots of Sorrento tours that focus on the charming Old Town, which is the historical heart of the settlement. 

As you follow your guide around the winding streets, you'll learn about the heritage of Sorrento – it stretches back centuries. Both small group and private excursions are available depending on your budget and travel preference.

Highlights of these trips include the Cloister of St. Francis. This 7th-century monastery boasts a flower-filled courtyard as well as sweeping views from the gardens. Inside, the gilded frescoes are particularly enchanting.

You'll also visit the fishing center of Marina Grande, which is known for its seafood restaurants and black volcanic beaches. Colorful dwellings line the bay making for enviable vacation snaps. Some tours also swing by the "Valley of the Mills" where nature is slowly reclaiming the eerie 13th-century ruins.

Day Tour to Pompeii from Sorrento

One of the most iconic trips in the Sorrento region is to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii. This "Lost City" was devastated by the 79 A.D. eruption of Mount Vesuvius and is known as the birthplace of modern-day archaeology.

Previously home to an ancient civilization, Pompeii now lies in ruins. It's an atmospheric place, and there are still lots of buildings and streets visible despite the catastrophic events many centuries ago. Exploring with a guide is the best way to visit and helps paint a picture of what the city used to look like. 

You'll see famous landmarks like the Forum, the thermal baths and the Greek Theater, all of which stand frozen in time. The most poignant sights are the body-shaped plaster casts of people who perished during the eruption. 

Some excursions also stop at the village of Herculaneum, which was another victim of Mount Vesuvius. Discover the stories of those who lived here and check out the well-preserved artworks that somehow survived. 

Sorrento Countryside Experience

Once you've explored the Old Town and taken day trips along the coast, it's time to head into the Sorrentine countryside. A world away from the tourist hotspots, this is the place to come for relaxation and local culture. 

Lemon farm tours are a popular choice, and you'll smell the citrus scents long before you arrive. This lush yellow fruit has been grown here for centuries, and many traditional dishes from the area incorporate lemon flavors. Enjoy a visit to the gardens and some limoncello tasting for a zesty treat.

Other rural Sorrento tours include wine tastings and cheese tastings. This fertile stretch of coastline is home to swathes of vineyards and some of the country's top wines are produced here. You'll also discover dairies that have been run by the same families for generations. 

You can enjoy wine tours in the Sorrento region, or head to the wineries at Mount Vesuvius or Irpinia. Add on a visit to Pompeii or Herculaneum and make a day of it.

Vespa Adventures

Hop on a Vespa and cruise through the Sorrento streets in style on these classic Italian adventures. There's nothing that will get you into the local spirit more than riding around on a vintage scooter. You'll be accompanied by a guide so there's no need to worry about getting lost.

Half-day excursions focus on Sorrento itself, taking you deep into the historic heart of the town. You'll ride along some of the iconic roads as well as check out little-known back streets for explorations well off the beaten track. 

Longer tours will see you driving your Vespa along the idyllic Amalfi Coast, enjoying the warm sea breezes above the cliffs. Stop for photos at spectacular viewpoints and indulge in coffee and cake at quaint village cafés. 

If you prefer to go it alone, you can rent a Vespa and enjoy a day of independent exploration. You'll be able to drive to places like Positano and Ravello, stopping wherever and whenever you choose. There's no better way to feel like a local!

Pizza Making Class in Sorrento

Italy is famous the world over for its delicious food, and it's one of the reasons so many people visit the country each year. Pizza is perhaps the most well-known culinary export and has its origins in nearby Naples.

On these tasty Sorrento tours, you'll learn how to make a traditional Italian pizza, using fresh ingredients sourced from the local region. The recipes have been passed down through the generations, so you'll be discovering a few insider secrets as you go. 

The class begins with an introduction to the process, often accompanied by a glass of prosecco. Some tours also take in the local market where you'll have fun shopping for the produce on your list. 

After making and kneading the dough, you'll get to add lashings of tomato and some of your favorite toppings. Then you'll bake it in a wood-fired oven for that perfect pizza finish. Of course, the best part is getting to eat your creations at the end of your lesson, along with wine and limoncello. 

Transparent Kayaking Adventure

If you're looking for unique Sorrento tours, these transparent kayaking trips are the answer. You'll paddle along the scenic coast, taking in the landforms and visiting places only accessible by water. You can choose to head out at sunrise or sunset for an extra magical experience. 

Most excursions depart from Marina del Cantone near the end of the peninsula. You'll be given some basic kayak instruction so first-timers are welcome. As you get to grips with your boat, you'll begin to relax and take in your surroundings. 

Following your guide, you'll venture through the Natural Marine Reserve of Punta Campanella – one of the most beautiful spots in the region. Don't forget to look down through your transparent boat to see what lies below. 

There will be plenty of stops in secret coves for swimming and snorkeling in the crystal-clear water. You'll also come across mysterious sea caves and the stunning Bay of Ieranto. This excursion gives you a privileged perspective of the Sorrentine Peninsula – don't forget your camera!

Bike Tour through the Italian Landscape

Head out on two wheels and explore the idyllic Italian countryside by bike. This is a fun way to discover the lesser-known parts of the peninsula, taking in sights favored by locals. You'll be cycling in a small group for a sociable ride and your expert guide will keep you all on track. 

Most tours are on electric bikes, so you won't need to worry about getting up those hills. You'll breeze along the rural lanes, inhaling the lemon-scented air and admiring the views. This is the real Italy, far away from the city crowds. 

Stop at a rural farm and discover fruit groves and vineyards – tastings are all part of the adventure here. You'll try everything from marmalade and limoncello to oil and homemade lemonade to fortify you for your journey. 

If you prefer to stick to the coast, that can be arranged too. Some trips head towards Amalfi, passing Positano and Praiano on the way. It's a different way to explore this famous region and one you'll remember forever.

Planning your visit to Sorrento

About Sorrento

The charming coastal town of Sorrento sits overlooking the Bay of Naples in the south of Italy. Built on the cliff tops deep in the Sorrentine Peninsula, this ancient settlement boasts some of the most dramatic views in the region. 

Sorrento has long been a popular coastal resort – the Romans used to vacation here back in the day. Now, people visit to explore the historic center, which boasts narrow streets and photogenic architecture. Sorrento also makes a superb base for sightseeing around the wider region, with everywhere from Naples to the Amalfi Coast easily accessible. 

The Sorrentine Peninsula is famous for its limoncello, which is used as an after-dinner digestif. In fact, the food scene in this area is known across the world, so do make time in your schedule to sample some local delicacies. Visits to citrus farms and vineyards are a popular activity here. 

This historic city isn't short of a myth or two. Legend has it that Sorrento was named after the sirens – or mermaids – who lured seafarers to their doom on the rocks below the settlement. So, keep your eyes peeled while exploring the coast, you never know what you might see!

Good to know before arriving

If it's your first time in Sorrento and you want to be near the main sights, then staying centrally is your best bet. Everywhere is within walking distance and you'll be in the heart of the action with hotels to suit all budgets. The historic Old Town is also where you'll find some of the best restaurants and bars. 

There are plenty of public transport options to choose from if you want to explore outside the old part of town. Local buses offer journeys across the peninsula, while the Circumvesuviana train line serves the wider Naples province. Taxis are at hand for short trips, and there are ferries to the islands for independent day adventures.

Sorrento does get hot in summer, so come in spring or fall for ideal temperatures and smaller crowds. If you plan on swimming in the sea, this is best enjoyed between June and September. 

Due to the popularity of the region, it's best to book ahead when it comes to tours and hotels. Places along the Amalfi Coast can be packed during peak season, and parking will be at a premium in the well-known coastal villages. Guided excursions make things much easier, especially during summer.

Places and experiences that cannot be missed

Taking one of the Old Town Sorrento walking tours should be your first point of call. This will give you a feel of the place, as well as a history lesson to help you better appreciate your surroundings. Head to Piazza Tasso for coffee and people-watching after your excursion. 

Once you've explored all that Sorrento has to offer, take a day trip to Capri, the Amalfi Coast or Pompeii. Don't miss seeing the charming village of Positano and Ravello for those famous views. Sorrento also makes a great base to visit Mount Vesuvius if you're up for an adventure. 

For something a bit different, day trips to the islands of Ischia and Procida, or the Paestum Temples, are also on the cards. These idyllic destinations are a little less visited than those above, so you'll be able to escape the summer crowds. 

If you're keeping an eye on your budget, free walking tours in Sorrento are a fun way to explore. You just tip the guide at the end according to what you feel the experience was worth. Other free activities include seeing the public gardens at Villa Comunale and visiting the Museo Correale which is home to thought-provoking Neapolitan art. 

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