Day Trips and Tours from Naples

Day Trips and Tours from Naples

Perched on the picturesque Italian coastline, Naples is a thriving city teeming with vibrant culture, historic architecture and gastronomic delights. But if you are looking for a change of scenery, there is plenty to explore in the nearby area!

From the postcard-worthy Amalfi Coast villages to the offshore islands of Ischia and Capri, Naples's neighbors are second to none.

With tranquil beaches, ancient ruins, colorful towns and everything in between within arm's reach, you'll never run out of options for day trips and tours from Naples.

Amalfi Coast

Stretching for close to 50 kilometers along the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Amalfi Coast is dotted with charming towns and villages that seem to have been plucked straight from a postcard.

From Positano's pastel-hued buildings cascading down its cliffside to sun-soaked Sorrento and picturesque Ravello, each village has its own unique character and stunning views.

The most common stops on Amalfi Coast tours from Naples include the famed Grotta dello Smeraldo (The Emerald Grotto), where you can take a boat ride along crystal clear waters.

Amalfi itself, with its historic Duomo and winding alleys; Positano's main beach Promenade dei Cavalieri di Malta, and Ravello, home to Villa Rufolo and its breathtaking views.


Located close to the Amalfi Coast, just under an hour's drive from Naples, Sorrento is a sun-kissed town renowned for its lemons, limoncello and stunning views of the Bay of Naples.

Its cobblestone streets are lined with cafes, restaurants and shops selling everything from handmade sandals to souvenirs.

A day tour of Sorrento should include a visit to the St.Francis Church and Convent, the bustling Piazza Tasso and the Correale di Terranova Museum.

Don't forget to take a stroll down Via San Cesareo, where you can browse artisan shops, or make your way up to Villa Comunale Park for incredible views of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Mount Vesuvius

Just a short drive from Naples, Mount Vesuvius is an active stratovolcano that looms over the Gulf of Naples.

Its most famous eruption in 79 AD buried the city of Pompeii, and many tours will include visits to both it and the nearby Herculaneum.

Pompeii features incredible ruins, including an amphitheater and temples, while Herculaneum boasts well-preserved artifacts that give visitors a glimpse into its past.

Atop Mount Vesuvius lies the crater's rim, where you can explore trails and pathways that wind their way around this caldera, offering up different angles for incredible photographs.


One of the Amalfi Coast's most well-known towns, Positano is a haven of pastel-colored buildings that sit on steep cliffs in spectacular fashion.

With narrow alleys and stairways winding their way through the town's center, it's easy to get lost in this beautiful seaside paradise — in a good way.

Be sure to take the time on your day trip or tour from Naples to explore Positano's main beach Promenade dei Cavalieri di Malta and appreciate its spectacular views.

Most guided day tours will stop at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Montepertuso viewpoint and a local restaurant to try one of the town's famous limoncello and Fragoline cocktails!


Sitting about 15 nautical miles (or 28 kilometers) across the Gulf of Naples lies the idyllic island of Capri.

Known for its grottoes, terraced gardens and luxurious villas that come with jaw-dropping views, it's no wonder this is one of Italy's most popular holiday destinations.

The tours from Naples to Capri typically stop at the small town of Anacapri, where you can visit Villa San Michele, the Church of San Michiel and take a chairlift up to Monte Solaro for spectacular panoramic vistas.

Other activities usually include a scenic boat ride to the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni rocks, a visit to the Giardini di Augusto botanical gardens


Located on a cliffside high above the Amalfi coastline, Ravello is a charming village well known for its sublime views across the Mediterranean Sea.

Its most famous attractions include Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, two of Italy's finest gardens boasting exquisite terraces with sweeping vistas.

This enchanting village also features a number of stunning churches, including the 11th-century Church of San Pantaleone and the Duomo di Ravello.

For those looking to take it up a notch, the nearby Valle del Dragone (Dragon Valley) is perfect for an afternoon hike.

Naples day tours to Ravello are usually combined with nearby towns such as Amalfi and Positano, allowing visitors to explore the entire stretch of the Amalfi Coast in one day.

Caserta Royal Palace

With five floors, 1,200 rooms and close to 300 acres of gardens and grounds, the Caserta Royal Palace is one of the largest and most impressive royal residences built in Europe.

Constructed by Charles III of Bourbon in 1752, this stunning palace once served as a residence for the Italian royal family.

These days, the palace is open for public viewing, and visitors can explore its grand interior including the royal apartments, Hall of Mirrors and Vanvitelli's Grand Staircase of Honour.

Caserta Royal Palace day tours from Naples will escort you from the city to the palace and back, allowing time to explore both the palace and its lush gardens alongside a knowledgeable historian guide.

Blue Grotto

When sunlight enters the Blue Grotto sea cave near Capri, it reflects off its depths to create a mesmerizing blue hue that has left visitors in awe for centuries.

This phenomenon is best observed when visitors take a boat tour to the entrance of the cave and hop inside.

Once there, you can explore its depths by small rowing boats as guides point out its rock formations and other natural wonders.

However, it's important to note that this experience is only possible in calm waters — so be sure to book your Naples day tour to the Blue Grotto in advance, ideally in the summer months.


While lesser-known than Capri, Ischia is an equally beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples and a great day trip destination from Naples.

It features a number of natural hot springs, charming beaches and popular attractions such as Aragonese Castle, La Mortella Gardens, the Pozzuoli waterfront and Poseidon Thermal Park.

The island is accessible by ferry or hydrofoil from Naples or Sorrento. From Naples, it will take you about an hour to get there.

Depending on your tour of choice you may also get to experience some of the island's most famous flavors, tasting dishes such as eggplant parmigiana, escarole pizza and traditional Ischian rabbit stew.


An off-the-beaten-track destination in the Gulf of Naples, Procida is a small island that offers visitors an authentic Italian experience.

Its main town — also called Procida — features charming narrow streets and colorful houses overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

This tranquil haven is perfect for those looking for a quieter Naples day trip. After arriving via ferry or hydrofoil, your guide will lead you through picturesque fishing villages and secluded beaches such as Chiaiolella and Chiaia.


Located south of Naples, UNESCO-listed Paestum is a former ancient Greek city and archaeological site boasting three well-preserved Greek temples dating back to roughly 500 BC.

The Temple of Hera and the Temple of Athena are both dedicated to their respective gods while the third temple is believed to have been dedicated to Poseidon.

On a Naples day tour to Paestum, you'll be picked up from the city and driven to the archaeological site.

Once there, you'll have time to explore its ruins on a guided walking tour, learn all about the site's history, admire ancient artifacts and take plenty of photographs of the temples.

Paestum day tours usually last from 6 to 9 hours and some may also include a visit to Pompeii or a mozzarella tasting.