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Rothenburg Day Trips & Tours from Munich

Start planning your Munich to Rothenburg day trip!

Back in the Middle Ages, Rothenburg was the second-largest city in Germany, bustling with a population of about 6,000. Today, this well-preserved medieval town is best known as one of the prettiest towns in Germany. After all, it’s the town fairy tales are based on.

What will you see during your day trips from Munich to Rothenburg?

Travel back in time on the Romantic Road as you journey to this picturesque, medieval town. Castles and splendor await you.

Depending on the Munich to Rothenburg excursion you chose, you will have the opportunity to see the following:

  • Swabia's Nördlinger Ries. Swabia, one of southwestern Germany’s historic and cultural regions is home to the Nördlinger Ries. This impact crater is home to the city of Nördlingen, which is located southwest of the crater’s centre. This depression is said to be the effect of a meteorite that hit the earth about 15 million years ago.
  • Harburg Castle. A well-preserved, 11th century medieval castle never touched by the ravages of war.
  • The medieval town of Rothenburg. Walk the streets of this beautiful town. Take in the sights of the Town Hall, city gates, the Markplatz, and Rothenburg’s famous Christmas shop.
  • The Stunning Mountains of Bavaria. Enjoy the beauty as you travel the scenic Romantic Road.

A day tour into Rothenburg is a must if you are in Munich or anywhere else in the region. Whether you decide to travel with a private guide and your traveling companions or whether you take this jaunt on a coach bus with a group, you’ll find yourself immersed in the history of the Romantic Road.

What is the typical itinerary of a Munich to Rothenburg tour?

There are several options when choosing an excursion from Munich to Rothenburg, but a typical itinerary might go something like this:

First stop, Harburg. The Harburg Castle is on one of the best preserved—and one of the oldest—in southern Germany. During both the 11th and 12thcenturies this was an important military stronghold.

Next, travel through the Swabian Crater. This crater’s rim was originally about 24 kms (15 mi) in diameter. The rim has eroded over time and the depression or floor of the crater now sits at about 100 to 150 m (330 to 490 ft) below it. The city of Nördlingen is located inside the depression and sits about 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) southwest of its centre.

Visit Dinkelsbuhl. This historic town on the northern part of the Romantic Road was once a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire. The 1962 movie The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm was filmed in Dinkelsbühl.

Arrive in Rothenburg. Finally, round out your tour from Munich to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a popular destination for tourists from around the world. Visit one of the best preserved medieval  city in all of Europe.

Return to Munich. To complete your Munich to Rothenburg day drip, your return journey may be through Hallertau, the world's largest hop-growing area. However, this could depend on the trip you chose.

What can you do in Rothenburg?

There are several top rated tourist attractions that make your Munich to Rothenburg day trip completely worth it. And you will have time to shop, sightsee, and have a meal. Some of the most popular attractions here are:

  • The Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas Store. This is a large store that is open year round. You will find all the typical Christmas ornaments, nutcrackers, and virtually anything that says Christmas.
  • The Marktplaz. You will find many of Rothenburg’s highlights here. Such as the Town Hall, which contains the Rothenburg History Museum and St Jakob's Church, a beautiful Gothic style building where you will see the Altar of the Holy Blood.
  • Plönlein. Rothenburg is a beautiful town to begin with, but this spot ramps things up. Literally translated, Plönlein means “Little Square,” and is likely the prettiest area of the town. From here you can see two towers, both built in the early 13th century. Siebers Tower and Kobolzeller Tower.

How much does a tour to Rothenburg from Munich cost?

There’s something for a variety of budgets here. Of course, how much you end up spending is going to depend on how much you want to see and how long you would like to stay.

  • 50 to 75 €. See the highlights such as Harburg Castle and Town Hall
  • 76 to 100 €. The above plus Salzburg and the Lake District
  • 101 to 150 €. For those who are interested in private tours of 7 or less with your own guide.

How to get to Rothenburg from Munich?

This is going to depend on the trip you choose, of if you decide to go by another means on your own.

If you are purchasing a day trip excursion, most — if not all — of them will take the Romantic Road route, for about 150 miles. Without any stops, that will take 2 to three hours.

Should you choose to make this trip on your own, you can either drive the same route or take the train. Please note there is no direct train from Munich to Rothenburg.

Travel Tips

  • We recommend bringing cash. Several of the local restaurants and cafes don’t take credit cards. They do have ATM machines, but then you may pay fees to use them.
  • The path along the old town walls is very narrow in some places. Two people can’t walk abreast, and it might be extremely difficult for a very large person to walk here.
  • If you wish to join a tour, make sure to book early to guarantee availability, especially during public holidays.