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Boat Trips and Tours in Lisbon

Discover the capital city of Portugal at a leisurely pace with a Lisbon boat tour. The city is one of Europe's most attractive and cosmopolitan places and benefits from a warm, sunny climate and a beautiful setting across a series of hills near the mouth of the Tagus River.

No matter which type of boat trip you choose, you'll have an unusual perspective of the city and its many attractions. They include historical monuments, world-class museums, palaces, ancient buildings and verdant gardens.

You can spend one hour or several on the water or, if you have more time, consider a tour that extends over several days.

What will you see on a boat tour in Lisbon?

Boat trips travel along the Tagus river. You will see the city centre from a different perspective. You skipper will take you along the river, passing below the April 25th Bridge, navigating in front of Jesus Christ monument, the Monument of the Discoveries and Belem tower. You will also see lovely beaches of Caxias and Cruz Quebrada. Some cruises travel until Estoril and Cascais.

What kind of boat tours are available in Lisbon?

There are several types of boat tours in the city ranging from exhilarating speedboat rides and hop-on hop-off boat trips to relaxing sunset cruises and onboard parties. To help you choose the best one for you here are a few details of some of the available Lisbon boat tour experiences.

Sunset Sailing Cruises

Treat your senses to a beautiful sunset on the Tagus River while you sail past the capital city's main attractions including the Torre de Belém, the renovated waterfront and the Museum of Electricity. Sunset cruises can also be taken on board a yacht and a vintage vessel with a beautiful wooden deck.

Speedboat Tours

A thrilling way to see the sights is to zip across the water in a speedboat. If you feel the need for speed set off on an adrenalin-fuelled 90-minute speedboat trip on the river as the sun bows out for the day, this is the perferct choice for you. The rides are fast, entertaining and exhilarating.

Hop-On Hop-Off Boats

Get around to the sights and see them at your leisure with a hop-on hop-off boat tour. Your tickets will let you jump on and jump off your boat at any stops within its designated route.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus, Tram and Boat Tours

This ticket entitles you to jump on six different hop-on and hop-off bus, tram and boat. This is a great way to explore every nook and cranny of the city by land and by water. The ticket includes double-deck bus tours, historical tram car tours and a yellow boat tour

Sailboat Cruises

Step on board a sailboat and let the wind carry you on a gentle cruise along the river. Admire the magnificent city sights as you sit back on your comfortable perch aboard a sailing yacht.

Boat Parties

Enjoy the party atmosphere and dance to tunes played by a well-known local DJ as you cruise past the seven hills of Lisbon. Take some time out from the dancefloor and give your feet a rest to gaze at the city's main attractions.

Yellow Boat Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

With a 24-hour ticket, you can jump on and jump off at stops along a circuit tour of Terreiro do Paço and Belém.

Lunch Cruises

Tuck into delicious meals aboard a luxury 46-foot catamaran while sailing past waterfront historical monuments. There's something decadent about eating hearty Portuguese fare while looking at the city's grandiose architecture from the water.

How much does a Lisbon boat tour cost?

The majority of Lisbon boat tours cost less than €50 per person with the cheapest coming in at €12.

Private boat tours are more expensive, usually around €200, but they give you the privacy to enjoy your boat trip alone, with your partner or your family.

How long does a Lisbon boat trip take?

Take advantage of short or long Lisbon boat trips according to your schedule. You can choose from short-duration trips such as 45 minutes or one-hour and two-hour cruises. If you have more time, luxuriate with sightseeing boat tours that last for one, two and three days.

Where do Lisbon boat tours leave from?

Boat trips in the Portuguese capital leave from a number of different departure points. They include the Doca de Belém (just next to Padrão dos Descobrimentos), the Doca do Bom Sucesso Gate 1 (next to the Belem tower), Cais do Sodre River Boat Station, pier 1 and Terreiro do Paço (Praça do Comercio).

When is the best time for a boat trip in Lisbon?

The best time for a Lisbon boat trip is almost the entire year. Winters are not hard in Portugal, and you can get sunny days in December or January as well, approaching temperatures of 18 °C. The wind is what makes the difference in the feeling of the temperature. During spring, summer and autumn, the temperature is fine for a boat trip, and the weather is usually sunny. In spring and fall, there can be some wind.

Travel Tips

Make the most of your exciting adventure on the water with the following handy travel tips.

  • Wear comfortable rubber-soled shoes on board to prevent you from slipping when walking on deck.
  • Consider bringing a light jacket with you to keep you warm if the river breeze is chilly. If you're on a sunset or evening cruise, warm clothes are advised for after the sun has gone down.
  • Lisbon receives more than 290 days of sunshine per year, so make sure you bring your sunglasses and suntan lotion with a high SPF factor. It might also be a good idea to bring a hat to ensure your head stays cool.
  • Bring your camera for a permanent record of those memorable Lisbon sights and moments.