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Arrábida Natural Park Day Trips from Lisbon

Escape from the Portuguese capital for thrilling outdoor adventures with a day trip from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park. Hike through coastal landscapes, investigate the underwater world on a snorkeling trip, visit an ancient fortress and taste some of the country's most excellent wines. Here's the lowdown on what you need to know for your day trip adventure.

What will I see on my day trip from Lisbon to the Arrábida Natural Park?

Arrábida Natural Park

A place of incomparable natural beauty that encompasses mountains, sea and white chalk cliffs. Thrill to the dramatic landscapes, enjoy outdoor adventures and chill out on its beautiful beaches.

Portinho da Arrábida Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the country lies adjacent to the fishing village of Setubal. It is a sheltered cove boasting crystal clear waters, an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing, fishing and snorkeling.


This beautiful resort town is a huge crowd pleaser for its golden sandy beaches. This fishing town lies in the foothills of the Serra da Arrábida and retains its fishing heritage with a fishing harbor and seafood restaurants.

Palmela Castle

This magnificent fortified complex sits on the eastern edge of the Serra de Arrábida hills, near Sesimbra. It occupies a strategic position 1,200 meters above the sea and has a history that stretches back to the eighth century.


Located in the heart of a wine-growing region is the small, attractive town of Azeitão. It sits at the foot of the Arrábida mountains and is renowned for its wines, cheeses and olives.

Casa Museu Jose Maria da Fonseca

Visit this 19th-century house, gardens and museum of José Maria da Fonseca, who founded a Portuguese wine empire almost 200 years ago. Learn about the history of its wines and sample several varieties.

How much does it cost for an excursion from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park?

Prices depend on what you want to do and see and for how long. The average price of an 8-hour excursion is from €50 to €80 per person, but cheaper ones are also available. For example, prices start at just €32 for a few hours of coasteering, and you can enjoy a 3-hour kayaking and snorkeling experience for €30. The most expensive tours tend to be the multi-day private tours which are just for small groups of people. With prices for all budgets, you're bound to find the tour that best suits you.

How do I get from Lisbon to Arrábida National Park?

Arrábida Natural Park is located about 1 hour driving South of Lisbon. Sesimbra and Setubal can be reached by public transportation, mainly buses. But, Arrábida cannot be easily explored without a private car or a tour.

Tours include transportation from Lisbon to Arrábida National Park in an air-conditioned minivan or similar vehicle. With some of the private tours, your day trip from Lisbon to the protected natural area may be in a car.

Typically, you will be picked up and dropped off at your Lisbon hotel. However, check with your tour operator in case there are other meeting points.

How long are the day trips from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park?

On average, the exciting day trips from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park last for approximately eight hours. This includes the travel time to and from the vast protected area. There are also excursions of shorter and longer durations, such as a five-hour snorkeling adventure and a 10-hour wine tasting tour.

What can I do on a day trip from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park?

Plenty of exciting activities and adventures await you on your day trip from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park. They include:


Power through the water and explore caves and inlets when you paddle alongside Arrábida's dramatic coastline.

Wine Tasting

Savor crisp whites and delicious, full-bodied reds when you visit historic wine cellars and vineyards in Azeitão.

Dolphin Watching

Observe dolphins swimming and playing in their natural habitat with a cruise around the Sado Estuary and the bay of Setubal. These wildlife adventures are part of some of the combo tours from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park.


Venture under the waves to spy on the aquatic world with snorkeling adventures. See squid, octopuses and many species of brightly colored fish.


Go deep underground and explore the caves, caverns, underground waterfalls and hidden passageways of the Arrábida Natural Park.

Rock Climbing

Hike through steep gorges until you reach the climbing and abseiling walls of the natural park's sea cliffs. Challenge yourself with rocky ascents and descents.


Lace-up your hiking boots for hikes through the lush hills and on top of Arrábida Natural Park's jagged cliffs. If you are fit enough, head up to the summit of Arrábida Mountain. At 501 meters, this is the park's highest point.

Hang Gliding

Soar through the air from one of Portugal's top hang gliding spots. Enjoy elevated views of the Arrábida coastline when you take off from the Serra da Arrábida.


Participate in the brand new sport of coasteering while amid the beautiful scenery of the natural park. This adrenalin-fuelled pursuit involves climbing, swimming and cliff jumping.

Mountain Biking

See Mother nature at its best when you cycle by and through vineyards, forests and beaches on an Arrábida mountain bike tour.

When is the best time for a day trip from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park?

The best times for your adventure are during spring and autumn. The summer months can be scorching, which can make physical activities such as hiking uncomfortable. However, if you like it hot and want to stretch out on the park's beaches, then June, July and August are perfect.

Travel Tips

Following are a few travel tips to ensure maximum comfort during your day trip from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park:

  • If your excursion includes a lot of walking, wear a comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Some tours may not include snacks or water, so bring them with you.
  • If you're hiking or heading out on the water, consider bringing a change of clothes with you. Also, pack a towel and some swimwear.
  • For some of the tours, you will need a moderate level of fitness.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are advisable, especially if your tour takes place in the spring or summer months.