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Obidos: Day Trips and Tours from Lisbon

A little over an hour north of Lisbon, the heart of Portugal lays in the dainty streets of Obidos that boast of flower-covered whitewashed houses surrounded by imposing medieval walls. This small walled town is teeming with historic nuances ranging from glorious castles to medieval churches and architectural marvels from the yesteryears.

Indulging in one of the famous Obidos tours from Lisbon lets you wander around the nooks and crannies within the walls that are believed to have existed even before the foundation of Portugal.

Time-traveling back in the middle ages treats you to the exotic flavor of the famous cherry brandy and vintage settlement topped with vibrant culture. Here’s all you need to witness the pure grandiose of this gorgeous town in Obidos tours from Lisbon.

How to get to Obidos from Lisbon

Obidos by car from Lisbon

Situated about 80 kilometers from Lisbon, this pretty, medieval town only takes 40-50 minutes to reach by car. And with easily available rental cars around Lisbon, one can truly relish the ride into this glorious little township that holds a lot of fun surprises for you.

Note: Obidos is closed to traffic and the cars are not allowed within the town. While you can easily find car parks located outside, it is a sage idea to carry coins for the parking meters.

Obidos by bus from Lisbon

The best, hassle-free way to reach from Lisbon to Óbidos is to get onboard an RDO (Rodoviára do Oeste) bus and enjoy the comfortable ride for just €8. The journey takes 1 hour 39 minutes with only one stop in Bombarral. You can buy tickets directly from the driver (cash only) or at the ticket office (cash or debit card).

Obidos by train from Lisbon

Experience the old world charm of trains as you set out on a two and a half-hour long journey to the gorgeous town of Obidos. While the train service is available three times a day, the journey takes approximately 2h 24m. A single ticket costs €9.05, and the latest timetable can be seen on the Comboios de Portugal (CP) website.

Obidos tours from Lisbon

The town of Obidos serves you with a plethora of tour options to choose from. Apart from group guided tours, you can also hop onto private tours for a personalized experience or purchase full packages to your nearby towns as well.

While many day trips to Óbidos stop at the nearby fishing village of Nazaré, some also include a visit to the city of Alcobaça, where you can sightsee several iconic landmarks.

How much does a tour to Obidos from Lisbon cost?

To fit the bill of all kinds of preferences, tours to Obidos from Lisbon come at prices of varying ranges without bearing a hole in your pocket. While you can be a part of the group tours that range from €70-€160, for private tours you will have to pay somewhere between €100 and €400. No matter what kind of tour you wish to partake in, you will plunge into the pep of this medieval town.

What kinds of tours are available to visit Obidos from Lisbon?

Small-group guided tours

The small-group guided Obidos tours from Lisbon lets you feel the ocean breeze along the expansive Atlantic Coast before you step into the beautiful countryside of Portugal. You will be able to unveil the interesting facts about the medieval village as well as about fortress, Gothic doorways, and narrow streets.

Your guide will enlighten you with facts such as- Obidos being known as the ‘wedding present town’. After all, it was gifted to Queen Isabel from King Dinis on their wedding in the year 1282.

Private guided tours

Journey eons back into the primordial times on the private Obidos tours from Lisbon on the wheels of a luxurious car. Escape the hustle and bustle of group tours as you take delight in the customized tour and witness the magnificence of the Obidos without any interference. You’ll get bewitched by the countryside as you gawk at gorgeous churches, historic castle, and fun-filled streets to go on a shopping spree.

Obidos and Fatima

On this tour, immerse yourself in the stories of the infamous three apparitions of the Virgin Mary and the overall piety of Fatima. Continue your excursion into walls of history as you witness the radiantly engineered shrine which receives millions of tourists every year.

Pave your way to the lovely white-washed town of Óbidos and unveil years of tradition and culture steeped in a cluster of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque monuments. After witnessing the eclectic mix of architectural styles, capture the ethereal view of the little town to keep it forever with yourself.

Obidos and Nazaré

Land onto the popular town of Nazaré to unearth fishermen history that runs deep in its veins. Presently a world-class surfing location, lose yourself as you stand over Nazaré cliffs to take in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Now turn your wheels to the primordial town of Obidos that harbors an exciting spot at every nook and corners like exotic wine shops or artisan work centers. Lumber around in the history-rich walled town through its Gothic facades to learn and explore more.

Obidos and Batalha

Buck up for your heart to pounce right out of your chest as your step into the beautiful town of Batalha, humming a melody of its own. Treat your eyes with the intricately carved Batalha Monastery which is crowned one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Next, let your expert guide take over an insightful commentary into this fortified town which dates back numerous centuries. With vintage streets, painted houses, and many shoes to indulge yourself with, Obidos will leave you bedazzled.

Multi combo tours

Experience all the unforgettable gems of Portugal on one day to get a concise dive into the countryside that’ll sway you away from all your troubles. Squeeze Obidos, Batalha, Nazaré, and Fatimá all in one tour to get a wholesome experience filled with history and surreal views.

Get lost in the quaint streets of Obidos after glimpsing at the Batalha Monastery. Take another turn to fall into the holy pilgrimage of Fatima and then, skip onto the fishing spot turned into a surfing location, Nazare with high cliffs bestowing views to die for.

What will you see during your Obidos day trip from Lisbon?

Discover the rich and varied history of the ‘wedding present town’ of Obidos as you step into the ethereal Obidos Castle, which has been a place of relaxation for the Portuguese monarchy since the 12th century.

One of the greatest pleasures of visiting Óbidos is discovering several churches and chapels that are scattered around this small white-walled town. From the beautiful main church of Santa Maria adorned by renaissance-style tombs to the ‘Sanctuary of the Lord Jesus da Pedra’ etched with a primitive image of the crucifixion, the town makes a delightful place to pass an afternoon.

That’s not all; you can turn onto Rua Dierita, the main street of Obidos that’ll fill your purse with souvenirs and satiate your appetite with scrumptious ginjinha, which is world-famous Portuguese cherry brandy to savor.

Travel tips

  • Pack comfortable footwear as you’ll have to walk a lot through the town and even the historic monuments and castles are around 2 kilometres long.
  • Obidos doesn’t allow visitors to bring cars into the town to keep it preserved. Additionally, the streets are so narrow, you might as well walk. But, you can find rental cars to drive you around if you’re guests at a decent hotel.
  • The weekends are usually jam-packed at this fortified town so make sure to confirm your reservations beforehand.
  • To experience the charm of Obidos at its peak, it’s best to visit in dry weather from June to August where you can gawk at its wonders in the beautiful sunshine.