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Things to do in Kraków

Krakow is a city that has fully embraced its potential as a hotspot for tourists. And why shouldn't it? Poland's second city escaped much of the damage that was done to the capital Warsaw and has managed to retain much of its medieval character despite the violent upheavals the country as a whole has been subjected to. Krakow's historic center was the first of such sites to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list thanks to its well-preserved beauty. Wandering around Krakow’s old town is like a journey back in time. It’s easy to lose yourself in the warren of narrow streets and picturesque squares. There are few better places to get lost in. But if you want to gain a deeper understanding of Polish and European history, a guided walking tour can fill you in on all that Krakow has been through. Krakow is the nearest city to the former Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. While this sobering museum is not for everyone, it does provide a glimpse into one of the darkest chapters of European history. Similarly, the Oscar Schindler Factory memorializes the famous industrialist who saved the lives of many Polish Jews. Besides history and architectural beauty, Krakow also offers excellent options for food. And while Krakow's prices have risen as more and more tourists discover the city, it remains a very affordable destination compared to other cities in Western Europe.