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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Tickets and Tours

Embark on a spiritually fulfilling adventure in Abu Dhabi by taking full advantage of one of the many Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque guided tours. Recognized as one of the world’s most astonishing places of worship, the Grand Mosque was built on the premise of uniting the cultural diversity of the Islamic population around the world.

These tours not only provide an opulent blend of spirituality, history, and modern architecture but also make the perfect highlight for tourists seeking to add pious serenity to their vacation.

How much do Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque tickets cost?

The entrance to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is free of charge and does not require a reservation.

How much do Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque guided tours cost?

Group tours

Take a half-day to indulge in the many features of this historic “people’s mosque” in small groups of up to 15 persons. Group tours to the Grand Mosque range from $18 to $110 and will allow you to dwell among combined elements of myriad cultures as you explore the rich architectural styles that have made this site world-renowned.

Private tours

If your preference is for a more personalized experience, you can choose from a variety of private Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Guided Tours. Ranging from $90 to  $165, these private tours give you an intimate experience as you discover the hidden wonders of this place of worship.

Your dedicated tour guide will lead you past the pools, courtyards, domes, prayer hall, and colonnades of this magnificent structure while imparting important bits of history and information about Islamic culture and prtices.

Combined tours with other attractions

Do you prefer a mix of attractions packed in one package while sightseeing? Mix and match your experience by seeing the Grand Mosque along with a choice of other splendid attractions such as the Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum, Ferrari World, Qasr Al Watan Palace, Etihad Towers and many more!

A plethora of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque guided tours also originates right in Dubai giving you the option of starting with a city tour or the convenience of being picked up right at your hotel. All in all, you can pack a variety of experiences into one day’s journey in a range of $55 to $62.

Are there any Abu Dhabi tours from Dubai?

Yes, there are many Abu Dhabi tours from Dubai, which combine the visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque with a city tour or other attractions of Abu Dhabi.

Grand Mosque & Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Tour

Immerse yourself into the unremitting beauty of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Louvre Museum in this ultimate tour of Abu Dhabi from Dubai. Marvel the astounding mix of both ancient and contemporary Islamic architecture along with the world’s largest hand-woven carpet and glass panels studded with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

After witnessing the charismatic allure of the grandest mosque, shower yourself with the magical rays of lights from the interwoven palm-shaped dome as you walk down the corridors admiring the incredible panoply of various exhibits.

Desert Safari with BBQ and Sheikh Zayed Mosque Tour

Experience the two juxtaposed experiences in Abu Dhabi as you sign up for the tour to the heavenly Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and an adrenaline-pumping desert thrills.

The heartfelt admiration for the architectural brilliance and the tranquility from the worldly chaos in the Grand Mosque is followed by an exhilarating adventure to the desert safari.

From indulging in some intrepid desert sports to taking immense delight in the warm Arabian hospitality, this contrasting tour blesses you with memories to be cherished for life and beyond.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi City Tour with Grand Mosque and Ferrari World

Be wowed by the magnificent architecture of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque before you experience the thrill of the fastest roller-coaster on the planet at Ferrari World. You can revel in the absolute presence of peace to calm your mind, body, and soul.

Once you’ve marveled the mosque to your heart’s content, head to Ferrari World from Dubai, the largest space frame structure ever established! Feel the adrenaline rush as you are launched 52 meters into the sky before flying through the curves that resemble the most famous race tracks.

How do you book online Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque guided tours?

Thanks to today’s digital age, all the information for booking a tour to this world-famous religious site is available on this page. Search and compare a list of countless tour operators offering the best deals for these excursions. You’ll have the chance to get all the details of your trip while comparing various costs offered by different tour operators.

What will I see at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque?

The Grand Mosque has no shortage of attractions within its walls. Explore the reflective pool while walking through peaceful grounds outside or absorb the quiet serenity in its spacious hallways. Admire intricate wall art, ornate decorations, and artistic mosaics.

Be amazed by the world’s largest hand-woven carpet in the prayer hall. Take in the majesty of the world’s largest chandelier, adorned by Swarovski crystals. Grandeur and luxury can be found in endless elements throughout your visit to the Grand Mosque.

What are the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque visiting hours?

Opening times for the Grand Mosque are 9:00 am- 10:00 pm, Saturday-Thursday and 4:30 pm- 10:00 pm on Fridays. During the holy month of Ramadan, opening times are amended to 9:00 am-2:00 pm Saturday-Thursday with tours offered only at 10:00 am, while it remains closed on Fridays.

Depending on which of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Guided Tours you choose and the tour guide that is in charge, visiting times will be arranged according to the current schedule at the Mosque.

What is the best time to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque?

As one of the most popular sites in Abu Dhabi, things can get a bit busy depending on when you want to visit. Weekday visits help you avoid crowds as there can be quite a lot of traffic on the weekdays.

Crowds also get bigger on public holidays so be sure to check your calendar before you plan a visit! If you are visiting during the month of Ramadan or other Islamic festivals, be sure to check the schedule and times as these may vary in order to accommodate prayers.

Pro Tip: Visiting the mosque from about 4:30 pm to sundown provides you with breathtaking photo ops for your memories. And even better; you can also dodge the scorching heat!

Travel tips

To help you prepare better for visiting the Grand Mosque, here are a few tips that will come out handy when partaking one of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Guided Tours:

  • As a place of worship, visitors must observe a very modest dress code: women must wear long, loose clothing that covers their arms, legs, and head. Men must cover their shoulders and below the knees. All tattoos must be covered properly. If necessary, long black attire (labya) and a scarf will be provided at the site and must be returned before departure.
  • The Grand Mosque is a huge place with lots of ground to cover. Get there early before your tour starts or if you’re getting picked up from your hotel, ensure that you are on time so as not to delay the group.
  • Photography is allowed and so you can, by all means, walk with your cameras. But make sure to be respectful when posing.
  • Fuel up before visiting! No food and drink are permitted while on the premises of the Mosque. However, there is a nearby Coffee Club where you can grab some snacks to ensure you are well fed before entering the premises!