things to do in Jackson Hole

The wild mountain town of Jackson Hole is one of nature’s most fun-packed adventure playgrounds. There are heaps of incredible things to do in Jackson Hole, where rafting and rodeo rub shoulders with biking and bison watching.

In summer, fill your days with waterfall hikes, gondola rides, and hot spring soaks. Or visit grassy plains where elk roam free and see a Wild West gunfight in the town square. During winter it’s all about skiing and dog sledding in the shadow of magical snow-capped peaks.

In between these epic adventures, you can enjoy some of the low-key charms in and around the town itself! Kick back at lovely public parks, admire some spectacular wildlife photography, or try out some boot scootin’ at a genuine cowboy bar.

And there’s more than enough to satisfy adventurous types, from music festivals and plays to wine tours, beer tastings, and historical attractions. If you really want to lean into the Wild West theme, you can cheer on the antics at the local rodeo, chow down at an authentic cookout, or even test your skills at the shooting range!

1 – Be awed by Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole

Breathe in the fresh mountain air as you get out and about in one of nature’s finest arenas. You’ll be hiking along river trails and scrambling up forested slopes in search of wildlife on your epic day trip.

Reward your efforts with a sublime swim in the clear waters of String Lake. Then head to Schwabacher’s Landing for the best views in the Grand Teton National Park.

Take the trek to the Jenny Lake Overlook, a gorgeous slice of scenery that can also be experienced on a boat tour.

Or head out to Schwabacher Landing, best known for its massive system of beaver dams. For a particularly jaw-dropping vista, check out Snake River Overlook, where you can enjoy unparalleled views of the craggy mountains and the mighty, twisting currents below.

2 – Ride the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

Jackson Hole Aerial Tram, Wyoming

You don’t need to work up a sweat to enjoy those lofty mountain views. Just hop on the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram and be whisked off into the hills for the best panoramas in town.

The serene journey high above the valley floor takes just 12 minutes. Photograph the idyllic Alpine scenery, then hit the hiking trails or restaurants waiting for you at the summit.

3 – See the antler arches at Jackson Town Square

Antler Arches of Jackson Town Square in Jackson Hole

Step through one of the iconic elk antler arches and enter George Washington Memorial Park, or the Town Square as it’s known locally. Once you’ve posed for selfies, indulge your taste buds in one of the local restaurants or ride a horse carriage around the park.

As night falls, witness the longest-running gunfight in the country at the Town Square Shootout. Will Clover the Killer finally be brought to justice?

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4 – Go on a sleigh ride at the National Elk Refuge

National Elk Refuge, Jackson Hole

As the leaves turn to brown and the first flurries of snow hit the Teton slopes, thousands of elk make their way down to this lowland sanctuary. The valleys of the National Elk Refuge resonate with mating calls, which will set your spine tingling.

Feel the pull of the wild as you ride through the herd on a horse-drawn sleigh and see these majestic creatures up close.

5 – Escape the crowds in the Laurance Rockefeller Preserve

Laurance Rockefeller Preserve, Jackson Hole

Connect with nature and enjoy the serene spirituality that envelops the beautiful Laurance Rockefeller Preserve. Sensory exhibits at the visitor center bring you closer to this wild backcountry environment.

Lace up your boots and hit the wooded trails that wind through the emerald wilderness. Want to cool down after your hike? Then splash around in the lake and soak up those Teton views.

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6 – See nature differently at the National Museum of Wildlife Art

National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole
credit to National Museum of Wildlife Art

Examine the relationship between humans and nature at the thought-provoking National Museum of Wildlife Art. There are thousands of paintings and sculptures to admire, by local and international artists.

You’ll enjoy scenes from the western frontier and images of animals and their changing seasonal behaviors. With everything from bears to beetles, the exhibits will transport you deep into the wild world.

7 – Create and play at the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

Jackson Hole Children’s Museum
credit to Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

Your young explorers will have a whale of a time at the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum. Interactive play is the name of the game here, where learning is heaps of fun.

Experiment with science in the wild wind machine, dig for gemstones or become an engineer on the Magnet Wall. There’s climbing and crafts on the cards too.

8 – See bison at Antelope Flats

Antelope Flats, Jackson Hole

Feel like you’re on a movie set as you roam the iconic plains of Antelope Flats. Sprawling across 640 acres, the land is reminiscent of the Old West with its rustic homesteads and mountainous surroundings.

Bison and elk are the big draws, as vast herds roam the golden grasslands. Don’t leave without seeing the historic barns and settler buildings in the Mormon Row district.

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9 – Fly high on a sunrise hot air balloon ride

hot air balloon in Jackson Hole

See the mountains and valleys of Teton National Park spring to life as night turns to day on a hot air balloon flight. Watch as the sunrise floods the plains with orange, revealing breathtaking 360º panoramas.

Far below, rivers snake through the countryside, and wildlife scampers about in search of breakfast. There’s a Champagne toast waiting for you back down on earth, to toast your adventure.

10 – Play a round of golf

golf in Jackson Hole
credit to The Teton Pines

Golf course backdrops don’t come any grander than the ones in Jackson Hole. You’ll be playing those greens in the shadow of some of America’s most dramatic peaks, so it’ll be difficult to keep your eyes on the ball!

First-timers can enjoy practicing their swing at the driving range, while pros can work their way around the clubs. The Teton Pines and Shooting Star courses rank among the best.

11 – Go skiing on Snow King Mountain

Snow King Mountain, Jackson Hole

One of the ultimate things to do in Jackson Hole during winter is to head up Snow King Mountain and play in the powder. Slice through the white stuff as you hurtle down the hill on snowboard or skis – there are 32 runs here so make a day of it!

Take a moment to drink in those crisp mountain views as you glide up the slope in the chairlift. Magical!

You can also enjoy the runs at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which boasts more than 130 unique trails for athletes of all levels.

12 – Embrace summer sports on Snow King Mountain

sports on Snow King Mountain, Jackson Hole
credit to Snow King Mountain

Snow King Mountain is heaps of fun in the summer, with a whole host of outdoor activities to try. Adrenaline junkies love tackling the biking trails, while those with a head for heights should take to the trees where rope courses and zip lines await.

Hold on tight as you ride the twists and turns of the Cowboy Coaster and the Alpine Slide, zooming down the mountain at top speed.

13 – Feel the thrills on a rafting trip

rafting in Jackson Hole

One of the most exhilarating things to do in Jackson Hole is to plunge down rivers on a mini rafting expedition. Take on the white water as you slice through the rapids, shrieking in delight as the spray on your face keeps your senses alive.

In the calmer stretches, you can chill out and enjoy floating through deep canyons, with wildlife spotting opportunities along the way.

14 – Float down the scenic Snake River

scenic float in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Fancy a trip out on the water but don’t want to get wet? Then jump in an inflatable dingy and relax as you drift calmly down the scenic Snake River. The Grand Tetons look mighty impressive from here so don’t forget your camera.

Your guide will do all the paddling so you can concentrate on searching for animals on the riverbanks. Beavers, eagles, and even elk may make an appearance.

15 – Take the kids to the Phil Baux Park

Phil Baux Park, Jackson Hole

Nestled at the foot of Snow King Mountain, the Phil Baux Park is a fun place to burn off some energy outdoors. There’s a playground and swing set for kids, as well as horseshoe pits and plenty of green space for games.

Climbers love testing their skills on the Teton Boulder Project, where overhangs, ledges, and crevices keep them on their toes. Both beginner and pro routes are available.

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16 – Visit Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum

Historical Society and Museum in Jackson Hole

Enter the intriguing world of the Wild West as you explore the Historical Society and Museum. Check out the artifacts and narratives for a glimpse into the lives and legends that shaped this famous era.

From cowboys and ranchers to Native Americans and animal trappers, the characters of the past are brought to life once more. Anyone wanting to learn about America’s history will be in their element here.

17 – Pay a visit to the Chapel of the Transfiguration

Chapel of the Transfiguration, Jackson Hole

Standing in the midst of an open meadow, framed by pines and mountain peaks, The Chapel of the Transfiguration makes quite an impression.

It was originally constructed as a place for locals to hold church services, and it still serves as a religious space today, open to all who wish to use it.

Whether you’re attending a service or just admiring the striking views, it’s definitely a worthwhile stop!

18 – Glide through the wild on a dog sledding tour

dog sledding in Jackson Hole

In winter, one of the top things to do in Jackson Hole is, of course, going on a traditional dog sled tour.

You’ll be swooshing through the snow behind your trusty team of huskies, admiring the icy wilderness and watching for native wildlife. Bighorn sheep and moose are often spotted.

Jump into the hot springs at the end of your adventure to warm up.

19 – Hike up to Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls, Jackson Hole

Fill your lungs with fresh air as you follow the trail along Jenny Lake in search of one of the region’s most spectacular waterfalls. You’ll be traversing glacial landscapes and forested slopes in your quest to reach the cascades.

Hidden Falls tumbles down 100 feet in a series of steps, making it the most photographed cataract near Jackson Hole. Head up to Inspiration Point for bonus views.

20 – Enjoy the outdoors at Rendezvous Park

Rendezvous Park, Jackson Hole

Take a trip to Rendezvous Park where the hiking trails, bike routes, and lake access will keep you busy for hours. It’s a super place to enjoy some quality family time in the great outdoors, so bring a picnic and plenty of sunscreen.

The 40-acre public park is sometimes visited by elk and endemic birdlife, and there’s a giant wooden troll for kids to climb on.

21 – Sail through the sky on a paragliding adventure

paragliding in Jackson Hole
credit to JH Paragliding

Soar like a bird as you harness the thermals that rise around the mountains of Jackson Hole. You’ll be safely strapped in on your tandem flight, and the instructor does all the work so you can just sit back and enjoy the views.

There’s nothing quite so freeing as gliding along ridgelines and over valleys, where you might even be joined by an eagle.

22 – Bathe in the Granite Hot Springs

Granite Hot Springs, Jackson Hole

Are your limbs weary from all your Grand Teton escapades? Then head to Granite Hot Springs for a well-deserved soak. These natural pools bubble up in the Gros Ventre Mountains, and their warm, healing waters will have you rejuvenated in no time.

During winter you can travel there by snowmobile or dog sled, and there’s a manmade swimming pool and campsite for those who want to linger longer.

23 – Be wowed by the power of nature at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole

Yellowstone National Park isn’t far from Jackson Hole, so make time for a day trip if you can. Famed for its geological attractions like the majestic Mount Washburn and the colorful Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone is a wonder of nature.

Watch as thousands of gallons of water erupt from Old Faithful – the world’s most famous geyser. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

24 – Explore the Valley Trail

Valley Trail, Jackson Hole
credit to National Park Service

Following the base of the mighty Teton Mountains, the popular Valley Trail takes you on an unforgettable wilderness journey. It’s fairly easy going underfoot, with some undulations and just one short climb.

You’ll be exploring forests of lodgepole pine trees and negotiating switchbacks as you delve deeper into the backcountry. Scramble up to overlooks for sweeping vistas and enjoy a more leisurely stroll along the side of the picturesque Phelps Lake.

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25 – Whiz down slopes in snow tubes

snow tubing in Jackson Hole

One of the most thrilling things to do in Jackson Hole for families is to slide down wintery mountain slopes in snow tubes. Hang on tight as you slither along, picking up speed every second.

You can race your friends and enjoy a soft landing if you tumble into the powdery snow. Take the chairlift or enjoy a rope tow to get back up to the top, ready to go again.

26 – Traverse the Goodwin Lake Trail

Goodwin Lake Trail, Jackson Hole

This 10-kilometer-long trail loop winds through a fragrant pine forest before emerging onto the open hillside for dramatic views. It’s a great vantage point to admire the Tetons in all their glory and is quieter than some of the other nearby paths.

Ramble along the shore of Goodwin Lake and run through meadows of wildflowers as you complete the circuit. Keep an eye out for black bears.

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27 – Go fly fishing

fishing in Jackson Hole

There’s nothing quite like standing on the riverbank or sitting in a boat, waiting to see what might bite the end of your line. Fishing in the lakes and rivers near Jackson Hole is a thoroughly relaxing way to spend a few hours, fully immersed in nature.

Learn how to cast and reel in your catch under the expert supervision of your local guide. Who will land the big one?

28 – Step back in time at Menor’s Ferry

Menors Ferry Historic District, Jackson Hole

Menor’s Ferry was once a crucial transport link for the settlers in Jackson Hole Valley. Homesteaders would cross the Snake River on the cable-pulled pontoon to forage for mushrooms and berries to supplement their diet.

Today, you can see a replica ferry and explore the historic riverside district for a taste of life back in the day. Don’t miss Bill Menor’s cabin and the general store.

29 – Ride a snowmobile into the wild

snowmobile in Jackson Hole

Cut through the powder as you explore Jackson Hole by winter on an invigorating snowmobile tour. See the wilderness in a new light and drink in the beauty of this ruggedly beautiful backcountry.

You’ll be carving new trails in the powder and venturing to places inaccessible by foot. The white snow cover makes wildlife spotting a lot easier, so keep your eyes peeled for bison and elk.

30 – Encounter eagles at the Teton Raptor Center

Teton Raptor Center, Jackson Hole
credit to Teton Raptor Center

Meet the resident raptors and learn more about these majestic birds as they circle and swoop above your head in a public display. The Teton Raptor Center is home to hawks, falcons, eagles, and owls, all of which take the stage for an entertaining performance.

See the power of their talons and the sharp curve of their beaks up close. You wouldn’t want to get into their bad books!

31 – Explore the Tetons on two wheels

mountain bike tours in Jackson Hole

Embrace fun and physicality on a liberating mountain biking tour through some of the most stunning terrains in the Tetons. Choose from half-day trips around the Jackson Hole area, and multi-day adventures that explore further afield locations like Yellowstone.

Your guide will share some of the history surrounding the landscapes and settlements you’ll be cycling through, as well as tips for making the most of all those gears.

32 – Get a bullseye at the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience
credit to Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

Of all the things to do in Jackson Hole, a shooting experience is one of the most fun. Ideal for novice and pro shooters, this entertaining activity is customized for each participant.

Take aim with your pistol, rifle, or shotgun and see if you can smash the targets. You’ll have a go with cowboy-action revolvers too. All you need is the hat to complete the look!

33 – Enjoy a scenic drive

scenic drive in Jackson Hole

There’s nowhere better for a scenic drive than here in Jackson Hole. You’ll have several showstopping routes to choose from, each snaking through national parks and along mountain valleys.

Opt for the Kelly Loop if you want to see moose and bison roaming wild, or take on the switchbacks of Signal Mountain for unrivaled panoramas. Want to escape the crowds? Head to Hoback Canyon and swim in the hot springs.

34 – Ride horses through wild Wyoming

horse riding in Jackson Hole

Harness your inner cowboy and hit the mountain trails in true yee-haw fashion. Soak up the incredible views and big Wyoming skies from the saddle as your new best friend plods along.

You’ll be heading well off the beaten track through groves of aspen trees and beside meandering riverbanks in search of adventure. Stop for photos at picturesque viewpoints then tuck into lunch in a sunny meadow.

Bridger-Teton National Forest is another great spot for a ride, gorgeous groves of trees and stunning views of the local mountain ranges will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

35 – Hike to Marion Lake

Marion Lake, Jackson Hole

This scenic trail starts at the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram and winds its way up to Marion Lake. You’ll be traversing ridgelines, descending through evergreen forests, and skirting the edges of deep canyons on this epic wilderness walk.

As you’d expect, the views are quite something, with wildflower meadows sweetening the deal. Go in July to see the colorful blooms and see if you can spot marmots jumping about the rocks.

Directions on Google Maps

36 – Visit the Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery

Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery, Jackson Hole
credit to Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery

Fancying taking a special piece of Wyoming home with you? The pop into the Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery and be wowed by the vibrant photographs adorning the walls.

There are plenty of local wildlife shots, with the famous grizzly bears taking center stage. Or for something a bit more unique, the wild horses and red foxes look just the part.

37 – Climb up the Rock Wall

Rock Wall, Jackson Hole
credit to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Do you have a head for heights? Wannabe alpinists will love scaling the 25-foot free-standing climbing wall in the heart of Teton Village.

Perfect for anyone wanting to give this outdoor sport a go, the climbing wall is safe yet exhilarating for all who attempt to reach the top. Kids will zoom up in no time, racing their friends to be the first to finish.

38 – Have a night to remember at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, Jackson Hole

Get into the local Wild West groove at the buzzing Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. There’s live country and western music with all the line dancing you can handle.

For a breather, take a seat at the bar on a real-life saddle, and tuck into a Philly cheesesteak sandwich or a bison burger. Wash it all down with some Snake River Ale or a shot of Wyoming Whiskey.

39 – Crunch through the wilderness on snowshoes

snowshoeing in Jackson Hole
credit to The Hole Hiking Experience

Surround yourself with peace and beauty as you explore the mountains by snowshoe – it’s one of the most exciting things to do in Jackson Hole. Don’t worry if it’s your first time, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Learn the ropes on a half-day Hole Hiking Experience or go wildlife watching with Eco Tours Adventures. Wherever you end up, yours will be the only footprints in this pristine backcountry.

40 – Have a western adventure at the Bar T 5 Wagon Cookout

Bar T 5 Wagon Cookout, Jackson Hole
credit to Bar T 5

Enjoy a taste of the old Wild West at Bar T 5 – it’s the original wagon dining experience. You’ll travel deep into Cache Creek Canyon by horse-drawn carriage, listening to lore and legends from the local wrangler.

On arrival at camp, you’ll feast on roast beef and barbeque chicken, with corn and cookies on the side. A western show with comedy and live music seals the deal.

41 – Go on a wildlife safari

wildlife safari in Jackson Hole

Head off into the depths of Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Tetons for a wildlife safari extravaganza. You’ll be following animal tracks over plains and through forests in the search for the elusive inhabitants.

Marvel at the thousands of elk and bison munching on grass in the valleys, and keep watch for sneaky coyotes and moody moose along the periphery. Bears and eagles may also come to call.

42 – Enjoy an authentic western evening at the Jackson Hole Rodeo

Jackson Hole Rodeo
credit to Jackson Hole Rodeo

Rodeo has been at the heart of Jackson Hole’s heritage for over a century since the first settlers arrived in the area. Take your seats in the arena and prepare for some quintessential Wyoming entertainment.

You’ll be amazed at the skills of modern-day cowboys as they cling onto bucking broncos and lasso wild horses galloping around the ring. There’s barrel racing and bull riding too.

43 – Learn all about grapes at the Jackson Hole Winery

Jackson Hole Winery
credit to Jackson Hole Winery

Sitting at the base of the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole Winery is one of the highest in the country. They’ve mastered the art of making high-altitude wine, using the energy of nature to keep the process unique.

Sip some crisp white in the shadow of the snow-capped mountain peaks, and discover the secrets behind the grape to glass journey.

44 – Rub shoulders with locals at the Teton County Fair

Teton County Fair, Jackson Hole
credit to Teton County Fair

Have a go at pig wrestling and get the lowdown on horse showmanship at the annual Teton County Fair. This is a great way to learn about Jackson Hole’s western and agricultural heritage right in the thick of the action.

Be a spectator at the barrel racing, rodeo, and stock car events. Then boogie away to the live music with a pint of local ale in your hand.

45 – Book tickets for the Grand Teton Music Festival

Grand Teton Music Festival, Jackson Hole
credit to Grand Teton Music Festival

Some of the world’s best classical musicians gather at the Grand Teton Music Festival, which takes place over several weeks each summer. Attending an outdoor concert is one of the most romantic things to do in Jackson Hole, but there’s plenty going on indoors too if you prefer.

Whether you’re into Schubert or Shostakovich, you’ll find something that gets that foot tapping. You might even see a world premiere!

46 – Tour the Snake River Brewing Company

Snake River Brewing Company, Jackson Hole
credit to Snake River Brewing Company

This award-winning craft beer brewery is the oldest and largest in Wyoming, and a favorite with tourists and locals alike. Take a tour behind the scenes and discover the secret ingredients that make the beer so tasty at Snake River Brewing Company.

Taste some of the famous ales like Jenny Lake Lager and Blood Moon Rising. Then head to the restaurant to feast on succulent burgers or cheesy pretzels.

47 – Be entertained at Jackson Hole Live

Jackson Hole Live
credit to Jackson Hole Live

This summer concert series is fun for all the family, with live gigs keeping you dancing through the evening. Held at the Snow King Ball Park, Jackson Hole Live is a laid-back event – bring your own chairs and settle in for some serious tunes.

Feeling thirsty? Then pop over to the craft beer tent to sample some local brew. Then stock up on pizza and hot dogs at the food stalls.

48 – Dine at the best restaurants

best restaurants in Jackson Hole
credit to Gun Barrel Steak & Game House

A feast for the eyes, as well as the belly, Gun Barrel Steak & Game House, has to be seen to be believed. Formerly a museum and taxidermy house, today the venue is festooned with cowboy memorabilia and mounted game trophies. Chow down on bison carpaccio, wagyu steaks, and grilled elk lollipops, then finish with a double-barrel cheesecake for the ultimate sugar rush.

You can also snag a slice and enjoy the incredible views at Dornan’s Pizza & Pasta Company, or tuck into a brunch fit for a rancher at Nora’s Fish Creek Inn. Around these parts, eating is its own competitive sport!

49 – Absorb some culture at the Jackson Hole Center For The Arts

Jackson Hole Center For The Arts
credit to Jackson Hole Center For The Arts

From touring theatrical productions to concerts and documentary screenings, the dance card at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts is always full – and always exciting!

Whether you enjoy music, comedy, politics, or a little bit of everything, there will surely be a show to your liking at this dynamic space.

It’s the perfect place to add some culture to your trip!

50 – Watch a show at the Jackson Hole Playhouse

Jackson Hole Playhouse

Looking for something different to do? Then reserve your seats at Jackson Hole Playhouse for dinner and a show.

With a real Old West feel, the stage is set to take you on a journey through time, where the cast makes you feel like friends rather than guests. See what’s on when you’re in town. It could be a comedy, a play, or even a musical.

51 – Dance and drink at the best bars

best bars in Jackson Hole
credit to The Bird

One of the most popular things to do in Jackson Hole on an evening is to prop up the Stagecoach Bar and work your way through the local beer selection. There’s something different on each evening – don’t miss Disco Night if you really want to let your hair down.

Play some pool or darts, and beach volleyball in the summer. Then grab a bite to eat at the Stage Coach Grill.

And if you’re in the mood for a good old-fashioned bar crawl, this town’s got you covered! Sip some beers and watch some sports at The Bird, catch some music at The Silver Dollar Bar & Grill, or go full cowpoke – complete with horse-saddle barstools! – at Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

52 – Be dazzled by celestial skies

Wyoming Stargazing
credit to Wyoming Stargazing

Reach out and touch the galaxy at Wyoming Stargazing, where the night sky is brought to life right in front of your eyes.

You can bag a seat at the Cosmos Show and pick the brains of real-life astrophysicists, or book a private stargazing tour around Jackson Hole. See if you can spot the Milky Way and have your photo taken to remember this magical moment.

How to get to Jackson Hole?

Small but mighty, the Jackson Hole Airport is a great option if you don’t have the time to drive into the area (although road trips here are, of course, spectacular!).

And airport transfers are a great way to get to and from town easily, with private vehicles and excellent guides that can help you start your trip off right.

Where to stay in Jackson Hole?

While Snow King Resort is especially popular in the winter, with its easy access to ski runs, it also offers great amenities all year round, from a spa and salon to a pool, nearby hiking trails, and easy access to all of the best mountaintop attractions.

And The White Buffalo Club is perfect if you want to spoil yourself, with its massage services, expertly curated wine cellar, and top-notch steakhouse.

Elk Country Inn provides easy access to both the ski slopes and the main restaurants and attractions in town, as well as a gym, barbecue facilities, and shuttle services for guests on the go.

And at Antler Inn, you can go for a swim, get in a quick workout, or unwind in the hot tub, before heading out to the nearby city center for a bit of fun.

Or enjoy the cozy rooms at Mountain Modern Motel, which are the perfect place to rest up after hiking, skiing, rafting, biking, or strolling around the Town Square.

Where to go next?

Just an hour up the road, you’ll find the spectacular scenery and natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park.

With amazing geological features, miles of wild rapids perfect for rafting, and pristine hiking and biking trails that will take you into the heart of the wilderness, it’s the perfect place to enjoy nature in all of its glory.

Even a short visit will remind you why this is one of the most beloved national parks in the country!

And if you’re craving more of a metropolitan vibe, head down to Salt Lake City, where art, culture, and fascinating religious histories combine to form a city like no other in the U.S.

But never fear, outdoorsy types; with paragliding, skydiving, hiking, and kayaking on the menu, you’ll find more than enough nature-based adventures to satisfy you as well.

Final thoughts

A true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, this gorgeous little town is the perfect gateway to some of the best landscapes in the West – not to mention a launching point for all types of sports!

But with its mixture of cowboy culture and varied artistic events, it’s also the kind of place that continues to surprise you at every turn.

So start deciding on your top things to do in Jackson Hole, because there’s something new to try every day!

Heather is a freelance travel copywriter and blogger based in the beautiful English Lake District. She has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, having enjoyed roles in marketing, sales, content and even as a tour rep abroad. Her writing has appeared in several international publications, and she has partnered with tour operators and hospitality providers across the world to promote their services. Heather can often be found on safari in Kenya, haggling in the Moroccan souks or living the high life in Scottish castles. Back at home, she spends her time camping in the Cumbrian fells and playing the double bass.