things to do in Monteverde

Cloud forests, butterfly gardens, coffee farms, and an incredible variety of wildlife are a few of the attractions to be experienced in the canton of Monteverde in Costa Rica, located 3 hours north of San José.

Its year-round sunny skies, and tropical, humid weather, create the perfect habitat for the abundance of insects, birds, monkeys, and a variety of other animals while also providing Monteverde (Green Mountain) its lush, green rainforest landscape and waterfalls.

Attracting over 250,000 visitors yearly, from nature lovers to sustainability experts, eco-tourism seekers, and adrenaline junkies, Monteverde has proven itself to be one of Costa Rica’s most prized destinations.

With the fertile natural backdrop, enjoy farm-to-table dining, and learn all about the ecological and sustainable farming practices used to cultivate everything from chocolate to exotic fruits, and foodies! – make sure to give your palette a culinary expedition through Costa Rica when you reserve your seat on the treetops of the San Lucas Treetop Dining Experience.

Before you start looking for your best hiking boots, let’s explore the best things to do in Monteverde to get an idea of just what’s out there.

1 – Get your hands in the mud at Hidden Valley Permaculture Farm

Hidden Valley Permaculture Farm, Monteverde

Get your hands dirty at the Hidden Valley Permaculture Farm, quaintly situated in the lush valley of Monteverde.

Learn about the most sustainable agricultural farming practices at a permaculture farm, utilized to help grow an abundance of natural crops for local communities, in environmentally friendly ways.

With many tours and experiences available meant to learn about and enjoy the natural abundance of fruits and vegetables, join a permaculture tour to visit the natural reserves. If you have some time, sign up for a workshop covering the different sustainability practices at the farm that you can easily implement back home!

Want to learn even more? Sign up for a 2-week course if you have the time, and learn and practice at the farm some of the sustainable permaculture farm methods, alongside ecological educators and agricultural engineers.

Finalize your visit with an incredible farm-to-table dining experience, offering organic dishes using native ingredients grown on the farm, prepared by a trained chef. Check out their website to sign up for their ongoing tours, courses, and experiences, enriching your view on farm practices, and food habits.

2 – Explore Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve, Costa Rica

Known as one of the 7 wonders of Costa Rica, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve is a natural paradise when it comes to an array of wildlife, and astonishing tropical forests, hazed by the mystical fog of the clouds that hang on the canopy of the trees.

With its special ecology, and over 150,000 hectares, discover all the incredible activities to do in the forest!

From bird watching, hopping on the zip line, doing an early morning hike, listening to the sounds of the early animals wake up, or a night walk to listen to the sounds of the night, there’s no shortage of magical fun at this forest.

If you’re leaning towards taking a hike through the forest, make sure to book a tour with a certified tour guide who can share with you helpful and fascinating information about the forest, its animals, and the pure vegetation. On the tour, you’ll learn that this forest makes up 1% of the total cloud forests on the planet!

So shake off your hiking boots, you’re going to need them on this trip!

3 – Find the courage to go Bungee jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park – the tallest bungee jump in Costa Rica!

bungee jumping in Monteverde

Reach new heights in the middle of the majestic scenery of forest greenery, and impressive wildlife at Monteverde Extremo Park, offering an impressive list of fun activities, from adventurous to adrenaline-rushing.

One of the most exciting experiences to have at Monteverde Extremo Park is bungee jumping from the highest platform in Costa Rica (a staggering 143 feet in the air!).

Hopping off from a moving cable car, and into the abyss of canyons and valleys down below, you’ll catch the sight of the Cloud Forest while on the zip line, while hearing the sounds of the resident animals below.  This adventure truly calls out to the true adrenaline junkies at heart – is that you?

All bungee jumping experiences include safety gear, guides, and hotel pick-up, and drop-off. When preparing for this ultimate experience, make sure to slap on some sunscreen, and wear comfortable clothing, and closed-toe shoes for your protection.

Depending on your package, photography and videography may be included to document your moment of bravery, so double-check what your specific package includes, as personal cameras are not allowed.

4 – Explore all the activities to do at Sky Adventures Monteverde Park

Sky Adventures Monteverde Park, Costa Rica

Settled in the richness of the Monteverde Cloud Forest is the wildly fun Sky Adventures Monteverde Park.

Brimming with its own set of fun and ecological adventures, from walking the scenic skywalk, marveling at the animals on the trees at the hanging bridges, to crazy fun zip lines, climbing trees as you’re safely harnessed, and taking in the scenic views in a relaxed way on a sky tram – it’s truly all about choosing the right adventure for you at this anything but average park!

If hiking is more of your calling, check out the numerous hiking opportunities in the wonderful cloud forest, oftentimes including access to other fun activities like the sky tram and the zip line.

However, if all you want to do is a hike, then book a private hiking expedition in Monteverde, where you’ll learn all about the fascinating animals that call the forest their home, with a stroll through the iconic Curi-Cancha Reserve.

The hiking experience through the Curi-Cancha Reserve lasts around 3 hours and is child-friendly. However, if you’re into unique hikes, consider doing a memorable night tour!

5 – Treat yourself to some ice cream at Monteverde Cheese Factory

Monteverde Cheese Factory, Costa Rica

Cheese lovers this one is for you! Head to the Monteverde Cheese Factory, and get a load of the cheese-making process with deep immigrant roots settled into Costa Rica’s history.

A factory that was started out by the Quaker immigrant group in the 50s, as a way to feed and sustain their community in Monteverde, the cheese factory was born and has been in business producing dairy products beyond its community ever since.

Today, guided tours are not always offered, however, visitors are welcome to enter the cheese factory and look behind the glass windows that offer a view into the cheese-making process.

Step inside for a while, and learn about some of the traditional cheese in Costa Rica, from the first pasteurized cheese made in Costa Rica like Queso Tico, Queso Rico, and fresh cheese like Queso Palmito.

Other dairy products to try are ice cream and milkshakes, made from different and local ingredients that offer flavors, from macadamia, coconut, and soursop (a local tree fruit).

The cheese factory is open every day from 9 AM – 5 PM.

6 – Hang tight as you zip line at 100 Aventura Park

100 Aventura Park, Monteverde

If adventure is what you’re looking for in Monteverde, 100 Aventura Park is another attraction to add to your list of must-do activities in Monteverde!

Test your limits zip lining through the famous Cloud Forest, or literally feel like you’re walking through a mist of clouds in the middle of the forest on a hanging bridge adventure.

Can’t pick just one activity? Your best bet is to choose the Canopy Tour, offering the best of zip lining activities at 100 Aventura Park, which includes access from a variety of 9 different zip lines, and 2 superman ziplines, where you get to lay on your stomach and soar through the mystical forest.

Feel like Tarzan as you swing through the forest, do some rappelling, or hang out on the hammock bridge for a while, as you snap all the pictures of these truly magical sights.

Streamline your adventures at the adventure park, and choose an experience that includes all the incredible zip line activities for one price, which oftentimes also includes hotel pick-up/drop-off.

7 – Have a pint of the purest beer at Monteverde Brewing Company

Monteverde Brewing Company, Costa Rica

Situated in the neighborhood of La Virgen is the Monteverde Brewing Company, a great place to savor some of the most authentic beer available, without preservatives, and a whole lot of organic ingredients from Monteverde.

After a day of zip-lining through the forest, a cold beer with notes of fruit like in the Sirena Dorada or a coffee-infused beer like in Salsipuedes hits the spot, along with the delectable gastropub items on the menu, many of which have been raved by past visitors as one of the best meals in Monteverde, including chili poppers, hummus, hearty burgers, and other perfect pairings.

Want a behind-the-scenes of how the brewery concocts the perfect beer? Consider joining a tour of the brewery for $35 USD, where you’ll also get sizeable samples throughout the experience.

Don’t drink alcohol? No worries! The brewery also offers a brewery tour with non-alcoholic beers for $25 USD, so you don’t have to miss out on the artisanal process of making the perfect pint.

A popular place for visitors and locals to mingle, this is the perfect end to any day of adventurous fun.

8 – Listen to the forest come alive on a night walking tour

night walking tours in Monteverde

Explore the magical animal kingdom that lives (and comes alive in the night) inside the famous Cloud Forest when you book a night walking tour.

Head into the famous forest, listening to it come alive in a different way as you listen to (and even spot) animals like the olingos and kinkajous, as well as many other critters many of which are considered nocturnal including the famous Costa Rican two-toed sloths.

Other than seeing (and hearing) the different animal calls echo through the forest, you’ll also catch one seriously stunning sunset, casting a golden glow onto the dense forest, which is when the tour officially will start.

Some tours offer both a bus and walking tour options, and both offer hotel pick-up/drop-off, as well as an informative tour guide, with an abundance of knowledge, and fun facts to share with you.

Tours also include tools like a flashlight and other helpful equipment, all included in the tour price, starting only at $50 USD. The tours typically last around 2.5 hours and are child friendly.

9 – Peep inside the wildlife sanctuary at Curi-Cancha Reserve

Curi-Cancha Reserve, Monteverde

Walk into the Curi-Cancha Reserve, a wildlife park overflowing with incredible flora and fauna as you take on the 3-hour guided hike with a passionate and knowledgeable tour guide.

Whether it’s exotic bird-watching that you’re after, breathing in some of the freshest air possible, or learning more about the natural history of the Curi-Cancha reserve, booking a tour is the best way to fully immerse yourself in all there is to experience inside.

Look around, and above you, as you listen to the various bird calls, the sound of the wind brushing up against the various vegetation, as your eyes become fixed on the vision of various animals, from the famous Quetzal bird, the Coppery-Headed Emerald, to the anteaters, white-faced capuchin monkeys, and armadillos.

Child-friendly, this is a great tour to bring any young children you’re traveling with to learn about wildlife in the best way possible. If you experience some walking difficulties, most tours offer a motorized scooter rental.

Additionally, the hiking trails are not entirely difficult, and fairly easy to do, no matter your hiking abilities.

10 – Enjoy the nature at the Valle Escondido Nature Reserve

Valle Escondido Nature Reserve, Monteverde

Far more than just another nature reserve, the Valle Escondido Nature Reserve features a wide range of activities to take part in, including an organic farm, hiking trails, bird-watching opportunities, access to crystal-clear rivers, and even a farm-to-table style restaurant, and much more.

The nature reserve is a beautifully conserved “biological corridor” set in the middle of rushing rivers, and towering trees, surrounded by plants of all sorts, and birds of all kinds.

Make your way through the beautiful trails and platforms for a reflective moment taking in the leafy green forest around, as colorful butterflies and insects make an appearance in plain sight.

Refresh yourself with the gushing waters of the waterfalls, while learning more about the sustainability practices taking place at the reserve on specialized farms and sustainability tours.

Grab your flashlights and stay up a little more to join the nighttime hike, where you’ll venture off into the forest in the dark to get a different perspective of the forest, and listen to the sounds of nocturnal animals coming alive and well in their home.

11 – Experience the magical world of butterflies at the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens

Monteverde Butterfly Gardens

Surround yourself with the fluttering of over 30 different species of butterflies while learning about the smaller critters that call the vibrant forests of Monteverde their home.

Situated in the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens, and offering tours every day between 9 AM – 3 PM, consider stepping in and through 4 different gardens, taking a look at caterpillars, butterflies, and an amazing array of other insects and spiders that all have an important role in the forest ecology.

Tours are available both in English and Spanish and are recommended so you can gain a better appreciation for the natural splendor of the gardens. After the tour, you are more than free to venture out on your own, now with your newly gained knowledge.

The butterfly gardens are only a 25-minute drive from the town of Monteverde, and if you book a pre-arranged tour of the butterfly gardens, you will also receive roundtrip transportation from your hotel, perfect for traveling families.

For those wanting to add to their itinerary, explore the bonus activities included in other butterfly garden tour packages!

12 – Join a coffee farm tour

coffee farm tours in Monteverde

Bring your binoculars and your best hiking shoes on this 2-hour-long hike through the fertile lands of coffee cultivation to learn about this globally-recognized and time-honored favorite drink.

Learn all about the artisanal craft of what it takes to cultivate coffee, from beginning to end, as you also finally learn whether coffee is a fruit or a seed. After the tour, you’ll be able to sample some of Costa Rica’s most famous coffee, as you start to take in the sounds and sights of various birds that share the coffee cultivation space.

From woodpeckers to other sorts of incredible birds local to Costa Rica, you’ll be able to ask your bird-savvy guide all the questions pertaining to the local wildlife of this part of the mountains.

Many of the organic coffee farms are owned by local families, so you’ll also get to know the families behind the coffee farms, as well as their stories tied to this ever-popular crop and drink.

Coffee and bird-watching tours start at $20 USD, so make sure to book as soon as possible as this is a popular tour!

13 – Skip the hiking crowds at La Reserva Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena

La Reserva Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena, Monteverde

Be sure to visit Monteverde Cloud Forest’s little sister, La Reserva Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena.

Located 45 minutes north of Monteverde, and offering equally attractive views of the 300 hectares of the rich reserve, minus the foot traffic commonly found at the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Enjoy 5 various trails, snaking through the abundant forest, typically ranging between less than a mile to 3.2 miles in duration. If you are not accustomed to hiking much, the hiking trails in this forest prove to be easier to handle due to their continued maintenance.

One of the trails often recommended by locals is the Encantado Trail, (Enchantment Trail), which isn’t too hard to see why that name, as the trail, is beautiful, and fruitful with greenery, forestry, and incredible life.

Another incredible path to walk across is the Santa Elena Skywalk, a suspension bridge that gives you the best views for miles from the top of the forest, as the clouds hang low.

Bring cash with you, as the entry for non-Costa Rican adults is $16 USD and it’s $7 USD for children.

14 – Enjoy a day kayaking in Lake Arenal

kayaking in Arenal Lake, Costa Rica

Underneath the warm Costa Rican sun, enjoy a kayaking session in the lake that feels like a beach – Lake Arenal.

From kayaking to wakeboarding, and other fun water activities, you’ll also get the chance to learn more about the geological history of the lake, as well as the nearby volcano, and why the lake has a sandy shore.

While on a kayaking tour, you’ll also have free time to swim, enjoy local fruit, and mingle with other travelers, your local guide, and much more.

Whether you’ve been wakeboarding before or not, take lessons at Lake Arenal, a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the picturesque lake.

Bring your own binoculars, or use the ones provided on the tour to look out at the local wildlife, spotting a few rare animals including birds like the Flycatcher and Great Blue Heron.

Depending on the tour you choose, you may also have the chance to use a GoPro to film your adventures, and share them on all your socials!

Wakeboard and kayaking tours start at $55 USD.

15 – Observe bats mingling with each other at The Bat Jungle

The Bat Jungle, Monteverde

Maybe you’ve already seen a few bats chilling in the cloud forest, but let’s be real: what do you actually know about bats?

Now’s your chance to learn all about them in one of the most complete and fascinating museums, The Bat Jungle. Offering a variety of tours and experiences to get as close as possible to these interesting creatures.

Learn about the 85+ different bat species in Costa Rica, while observing them in their natural habitat.

Learn about how these animals give birth and tend to their young, listen to bats echolocating (psychological communication) using a special microphone, and more – the bat jungle will definitely change your mind about these incredibly intelligent animals.

With the guidance of a bat biologist, whom you can ask all bat-related questions to, confront any fears, or learn something new about this fascinating mammal, in one of the best places in the world to learn about them, and observe them.

Be sure to email them to make your reservation, any time between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM for a guided tour.

16 – Opt for a breathtaking horse riding experience

horse riding in Monteverde

Leisurely and steadily take in the magnificent views of Monteverde’s greenery on a horseback riding experience, while passing through some of the vibrant food crops including coffee, sugar cane, bananas, and other local fruit.

Take the scenic route, as you view the impressive mountains, and lakes, as well as the Gulf of Nicoya and bits of the refreshing forest.

While passing through some crops, you’ll be able to learn more about the local produce, and the cultivation of these local staples, as well as about different ways of farming. You may even get to try some local produce if you catch the farmers themselves!

If you want a different scenery, opt for a horseback riding experience that will have you chasing the best waterfalls in the middle of the forest, while also including a bit of hiking.

Depending on the tour, hotel pick-up and drop-off are available, and tours last anywhere from 3-5 hours.

When planning your trip, make sure to wear appropriate clothing for the experience, including long pants, closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, and of course, your camera!

17 – Hop on over to the Frog Pond Ranario

Frog Pond Ranario, Monteverde

Check out the “animal theme park” that is Frog Pond Ranario, a live exhibition, and sanctuary for hundreds of thousands of different insects and animals, including over 20 different frog species, different butterfly species, exotic birds, and much more.

Round the corner to find various beautiful waterfalls, flower gardens, and other habitats created for the wellbeing of the amphibians and insects, taking a closer look at the flowers to find little caterpillars hanging low, or different birds and butterflies flying freely around you.

Tours are available in the park, as well as simply walking through it yourself. Aside from learning about national insects and amphibians, you’ll also get to see and learn about a few international insects, and their adaptation to Costa Rican climate.

To get an even better experience, locals recommend visiting closer to evening, as you will hear a variety of frog calls and animal sounds.

Open every day from 9:00 AM – 8:30 PM, the animal theme park is open for visitors! Entry starts at $12 USD for adults and $10 for students.

18 – Ride the adventurous rapids on a rafting experience

rafting tours from Monteverde

Adrenaline junkies this one is for you! Sign up for an unforgettable rafting experience down Tenorio River, known for its rambunctious yet fun rapids, with beautiful views of the Guanacaste forest.

Embark on the 2.5-hour-long journey, no matter if you’re a complete newbie to rafting or a seasoned pro! You’ll get a safety briefing at the beginning of the experience, assuring everyone has the same information to ride together in a fun and safe way!

Tenorio River is known to be a class 3-4 for rafting, and one of the best places for rafting in the country, so if heart-racing fun is what you’re after, this is the one!

Prepare for your rafting experience by bringing a change of clothes, waterproof shoes, or rubber sole shoes, and don’t forget to slap on that sunscreen! Equipment like helmets and life jackets are included in the experience.

After your experience, you’ll be rewarded with a hearty lunch near the river as well as a few snacks and drinks to refuel after all the fun.

19 – Challenge yourself at El Tigre Waterfalls Monteverde

El Tigre Waterfalls, Monteverde
credit to El Tigre Waterfalls

Overflowing with different activities, starting with the wild zipline bike, to beautiful hiking trails, and refreshing waterfall tours, some of the best in Costa Rica, El Tigre Waterfalls Monteverde is an adventure park not to skip over!

Taking visitors on a whole new level of trust as they ride a bike on cables (harnessed) for a distance between 100-150 meters long, and hanging high above some 70 meters from the ground, the zipline bike has become one of the most popular attractions at the park.

With a distance of 5 miles, check out The Big Hike or El Tigre Hike trail, taking you through some of the most beautiful sights in the park. However, for this hike, it is recommended to have some sort of experience hiking as this trek comes with a few uphill climbs.

If seeking waterfalls is more your speed, check out one (or all 4) of the waterfalls, to refresh yourself and breathe in the misty beauty.

Afterward, have lunch at one of the most panoramic restaurants in the park, getting a bird’s eye view of what you were just exploring.

20 – Go on a quad tour in the middle of the forest

quad tours in Monteverde

Get off the typical trails, full of people, and other tours, and hit the untamed roads of the forest on a quad tour, absorbing and breathing in that fresh forest air.

Drive through the famed cloud forest, and spot animals and different sounds as you zoom by the trails with your tour mates and guide.

Be aware if you want to participate in this activity, you must hold a driver’s license, and children ages 8 or younger cannot participate due to the rugged nature of the activity.

Be ready to get dirty, so make sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet or muddy, and tour guides recommend wearing close-toed shoes.

Depending on the tour you go with, hotel pick up and drop off are included, and you may receive water and snacks with bonus professional pictures taken of you throughout the experience.  The experience lasts around 3 hours.

If you’ve never been on a quad tour, you should consider it as these tours are beginner friendly, and will meet you where you are.

21 – See the world’s smallest orchids at the Monteverde Orchid Garden

Monteverde Orchid Garden, Costa Rica

Located in downtown Santa Elena in Monteverde is the bountiful Monteverde Orchid Garden, famous for housing the world’s smallest orchids with vibrant colors, and fragrant scents.

From orchids to various other plants and botanical beauties local to Costa Rica, the tours offered at the garden go beyond showcasing the flowers themselves but also goes deeper into helping establish a connection between humans and plants.

The tours (offered in English and Spanish) feature a closer appreciation for the specific and special details of each type of flower and plant variety in the garden, down to the intricacies of the colors.

With over 400 different flower species, come down to the Orchid Garden, which is blooming every month of the year.

If you want to catch the world’s smallest orchids, make sure to plan your trip around May. If you want to book your experience (recommended so you don’t miss out on the various flowers) make sure to do so on their website, and receive a small percentage off when you do it ahead of time.

22 – Tantalize your sweet tooth on a chocolate tour

chocolate tours in Monteverde

Learn about and taste for yourself the traditional craft of chocolate-making in Monteverde on a chocolate tour, as you sightsee the beautiful surrounding nature of the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

As a bonus, a few chocolate tours will also take you to a few coffee and sugar cane plantations, to further enrich, and enhance your overall knowledge of local crops and farming techniques.

Chocolate tours are offered during the day and include chocolate and coffee tastings, as well as views of the beautiful Nicoya Gulf.

Night tours are also offered, where you’ll be able to listen to the evening sounds of local animals, from frogs to toads, and more. Finalize the tour with a hot cup of coffee, as you take in the aromatic ambiance of the coffee fields in the middle of the forest.

Tours for a delicious chocolate tour start at $45 USD and can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. Some tours will also include hotel transportation for better convenience.

The trails near the crops are cemented, meaning that it’s an easy walk for children or older people.

23 – Rappel down from a 40-meter high waterfall canyoning in the Monteverde Cloud Forest

canyoning in Monteverde

Are you in for some more adrenaline-pumping fun? The adventure continues on, canyoning at Monteverde Cloud Forest, one of the top 5 places for canyoning, as you rappel down 5+ different waterfalls, while surrounded by the magical ambiance of the forest, wildlife, and exotic flora.

With raving reviews from professionals and newbies, canyoning is one of the best experiences to add to your list of things to do in Monteverde, especially on a hot day – are you up for the refreshing fun?

With all the safety equipment, briefing, and guidance, feel ready to get harnessed and feel the rushing energy of the waterfalls as you begin your adventure.

On the way to the different waterfalls, your guide will identify different wildlife that you’ll surely come across from different monkeys to local birds and frogs.

Worried you’ve never done this before? Now’s your chance to try something new! The canyoning tours are easy enough to get the hang of, especially with the guidance of the professionals on hand, ready to assist you where you need it.

24 – Get swept away by all the thrilling fun at Selvatura Park

Selvatura Park, Monteverde
credit to Selvatura Park

40-minutes away from the quaint town of Santa Elena in Monteverde is the Selvatura Adventure Park, offering a variety of fun, and thrilling activities to do.

From zip lining through the forest to walking on tall hanging bridges, the famed Tree Top Walkway, and getting a close encounter with animals you’ve never seen before – it’s one of the top attractions in Monteverde that you cannot miss!

Browse through the different packages, each curated with specific and different activities based on the kind of adventure you’re looking to have, from a calm day in the forest with a few activities for children, to adrenaline-seeking adventurers looking for the next dose of fun.

If you aren’t renting a car in Monteverde, consider booking a package that has transportation included, which includes around 6.5-7 hours at the park, with zip lining, canopy adventures, swinging on the famous Tarzan swing, and exploring the butterfly gardens, amongst other activities, with roundtrip transport included from Monteverde or Santa Elena.

Packages to Selvatura Park start at $60 USD and can be pre-booked ahead of time!

25 – Stay a few days exploring the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest

Children’s Eternal Rainforest, Monteverde

Incredibly founded on the donations of children from all over the world, the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest is the perfect spot for ecotourism, bird watching, and beautiful hikes that positively impact the local ecology and communities.

Considered to be Costa Rica’s largest private reserve for all things ecotourism, explore the abundant hikes available, and incredible opportunities to witness nature come alive in its true habitat.

Enjoy searching through the different stations and trails, each offering a few days’ stay with lodging and food options, as well as day-long activities such as hiking the trails of the primary and secondary forest after an environmental awareness class.

If you’re looking for day or exciting nighttime hikes, most of them take place in the beautiful Bajo del Tigre Reserve, and they are either self-guided or offered with a private guide.

When selecting the activity you want to do and the duration, make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible, as these are some of the most popular tours and experiences to do in Monteverde.

26 – Witness the beautiful countryside on a bike tour

bike tours in Monteverde

Volcanoes, lakes, and forests, oh my! On this bike tour through the equally stunning Monteverde countryside, you’ll gain a whole different perspective and appreciation for the natural sights that you’ll exclusively get a peek at when you book a bike tour.

Biking along a distance of around 24 kilometers, you’ll pass through a variety of different landscapes that make Monteverde the beautiful nature paradise that it is. From biking near Lake Arenal with exquisite views of volcanoes to zipping by farms, and crops, while listening to the sound of animals.

Regardless of your biking abilities, this experience is perfect for those who want to set out on a 2-wheel adventure, whether you’re a pro bicyclist or not. If you’re traveling with older kids, this is a perfect activity to do as a family!

Depending on the tour that you choose, throughout your journey you will have a few snack breaks, allowing you to refuel, and learn about the places where you’re taking your pit stops.

With bike tours starting at $100 USD, this tour is a complete no-brainer.

27 – Pretend to be a monkey or a bird at Monteverde Extreme Park

canopy tour in Monteverde

Swings, ziplines, climbing cables, and tunnels are all part of the fun at this adventurer’s paradise, located smack dab in the midst of the cloud forest.

Each section of the course provokes delight and increases adrenalin, and all the while, you get the joy of being truly out in nature.

You may even catch some local animals watching you explore their home!

28 – Flock your way to an exotic bird watching tour

bird watching tours in Monteverde

Want to get a close-up look at some of the exotic birds of Monteverde? Make sure to look into booking your spot on the next bird-watching tour!

Due to the country’s central location in the Americas, serving as a pit stop for many traveling birds, settling in the abundant forests, Monteverde is one of the prime bird-watching destinations in Costa Rica that make it worth seeing for yourself.

With over 500 different bird species to look out for, book a bird-watching tour where with the expertise and eye of a knowledgeable guide, you’ll be able to distinguish and observe these fascinating animals in action, in their natural habitat.

From spotting the famous Quetzal, the Golden Browed Chlorophonia, and many more.

Wake up before the birds do (at least the majority of them) and head to the Monteverde Cloud Forest with your tour guide, while also spotting a few different animals on the way like monkeys, and deer.

Round-trip hotel transportation is included on most tours, so don’t worry about figuring out your way to the tour.

29 – Treat your mind, body, and spirit at the Monteverde Massage Center

Monteverde Massage Center, Costa Rica

After so much hiking, bird watching, and zip lining, your body deserves a complete and rejuvenating treatment, or two, and there is truly no better place to get it than at Monteverde Massage Center.

This wellness hub is situated north of the center of Monteverde, secluded in the middle of nature, and offers a complete menu of different body treatments, from healing massages, facials, foot therapies, hair treatments, and much more, perfect to heal your body after so much exploring in powerful nature.

Choose between a hot stone massage, a deep tissue massage, reflexology, cleansing facial, and if you’re traveling with your partner, consider a beautiful couples massage complete with other bonuses.

Featuring a wide choice on their treatment menu, at really accessible prices, top hospitality, and in a new, and beautiful remote location, a spa moment at Monteverde Massage Center is as essential as the adventures through the forests.

30 – Witness one of the best sunsets in Monteverde at Cerro Pinocho

Cerro Pinocho, Monteverde

Located about 1-hour from downtown Monteverde is the beautiful Cerro Pinocho (Pinocho Hill), a highly coveted sunset spot, with a few views of the Pacific Ocean.

See the panoramic sight of different mountains in the distance of different heights, as the sun starts to set, and begins to cast an incredibly bright glow on the surrounding nature.

A stunning and perfect way to end your day, make sure to pack some durable and comfortable hiking shoes to use for the hike up to the mountain, as the hike takes around 1-1.5 hours to trek, one way.

Make sure when you’re planning your sunset sighting, you also bring cash with you for the $4 USD entry, as well as possible extra cash for a taxi on the way back down.

31 – Take a culinary route through Costa Rica at San Lucas Treetop Dining Experience

San Lucas Treetop Dining Experience, Monteverde
credit to San Lucas Treetop Dining Experience

Celebrate a birthday or other special event with a perfect meal in the magical ambiance of the San Lucas Treetop Dining Experience.

Offering a splendid 9-course meal featuring the best of Costa Rica’s cuisine, local ingredients, and seasonality, enjoy a sample of a variety of dishes that will surely enchant your tastebuds as much as your spirit.

Due to the limited seating and dinner times, it’s best to book this must-do dining experience, situated in the middle of a forest surrounded by the soft illumination of thousands of little lights.

Raised above the treetops, the dining experience takes place inside a glass box, giving you ultimate views of the nature around, and even of Monteverde, with ample amounts of privacy.

Don’t want to drive there yourself? Inquire about the VIP shuttle bus service, ready to pick you up from your hotel and drop you back with ease in a luxurious car, for the perfect ending to your spectacular evening.

As far as memorable meals, you’ll want to add this to your list of things to do in Monteverde, surely!

Where to stay in Monteverde?

Enjoy the beautiful sight of the sunrise or sunset from your room’s patio when you stay at the exceptional Sunset Vista Lodge, offering the perfect amount of seclusion while being close to must-see sites like the Monteverde Butterfly Garden, and the Ecological Sanctuary.

Nestled in the forest-covered mountains is the beautiful Burbi Lake Lodge Monteverde, offering guests wide open windows allowing light in and views out to the adventures awaiting. The modern and clean rooms are equipped with wifi, and a private shower, with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

For a budget option, consider staying at Hotel Cipreses, a perfect option that also includes complimentary breakfast for its guests. Speaking of food, the restaurants onsite offer incredible Costa Rican food, made fresh from ingredients from nearby farms. Each room comes with a spacious terrace, and if you’re driving, you’ll enjoy free parking on-site.

Montefresco Boutique Hostel offers quality on a budget with its continental breakfast options, cleanliness, close proximity to the Orchid Gardens, and many more sights not to miss nearby!

Where go next?

With all the fun there is to do in Monteverde, you must also check out the long list of fun things to do in Costa Rica, starting with a few other notable destinations to add to your Costa Rican itinerary.

Walk across the bluest, and most beautiful river, Rio Celeste before continuing on your quest for wildlife sightings in the forests of La Fortuna.

From the forests to the magical world of the sea, be sure to go free diving in Tamarindo, known for its stunning blue color. After the hike, make sure to give your body a little TLC by booking your spot at a wellness spa.

Known for the beautiful Cataratas Llanos de Cortes (Llano de Cortes Waterfalls), Liberia is one of the lesser-known cities of Costa Rica, but don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s not much to do around there.

Take a cooking class and learn about the flavor and medicinal properties of the ingredients used when you visit Manuel Antonio, about 3 hours south of San Jose.

Situated on the west coast is the quaint town of Jaco, known for its awesome surf scene, as well as access to beautiful national parks and beaches.

Last but not least, San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica is a no-brainer to visit and explore the many things to do, from its historical museums and delectable food scene!

Final thoughts

With its relaxed and secluded location in the Tilarán mountain range, Monteverde offers unique beauty, wildlife, stunning activities, and natural foods to attract visitors from all corners of the world.

From the smallest orchids to the most exotic birds, and the almost rare Cloud Forest – Monteverde is the bridge connecting humans to nature in adventurous ways.

We hope you enjoyed our compilation of the best things to do in Monteverde.

Happy travels!

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