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Boat Trips and Tours in Seville

Get ready for Seville to envelop you with its vibrant vibes, collection of historic and aristocratic buildings, flamenco dances, and medieval hubs.

Whenever you want to have a break from exploring the medieval roads and aesthetically pleasing sights traversing across the Spanish city by foot, you can always hop aboard one of the many boat tours in Seville! Amid the stunning architecture, numerous churches and cathedrals, and towering palaces flows River Guadalquivir.

Boat tours from Seville will cruise by the various buildings dotting the banks of River Guadalquivir.

What will you see on your boat tour in Seville?

Ultimately, what you see will depend on which tour you opt to take! Some boat tours in Seville only last 1 hour while cruises may last for 3 hours or more! On your boat excursion, you will cross a few of the remarkable sights listed below.

Triana Bridge

Travel under the most River Guadalquivir most ancient bridge—Triana Bridge (otherwise known as Isabel II Bridge). You may be under the impression that the design of this bridge mirrors The Carrousel Bridge in Paris, but that’s because two French architects built the magnificent bridge.

Torre del Oro (Gold Tower)

The lofty tower dates back to the 13th century. During the Middle Ages, the city imprisoned criminals inside the Gold Tower. During the Age of the Discoveries, the tower used to be the gate to enter the city by ship. On the other side of the river, Torre de la Plata (Silver Tower) was closing the naval gate. Cargo ships coming from the Americas full of gold and silver had to unload their treasures at the gate. It’s impossible to visit Seville without taking a moment to admire the medieval structure standing amid modern life.

Real Maestranza

When you imagine quintessential Spanish buildings, images similar to the Real Maestranza likely flood your mind; this site hosts one of the greatest bullfighting festivals on Earth. On the outside, you’ll see typical Spanish architecture covering the facade, but when you step inside, you’ll enter a massive stadium where the bullfighting takes place.

Plaza de España

Stretching along the riverbank, sits Plaza de España. The massive building seamlessly fuses Baroque, Renaissance, and Moorish styles into one grand structure.

San Telmo Palace

Marvel at the intricate detail and design making up the facade of San Telmo Palace. The construction for this massive, luxurious palace began way back in 1682 and several inhabitants have resided there over the centuries. However, now, the president of the Andalusian Autonomous Government stays in this palazzo.

Old Tobacco Factory

Cruise by the stone-built Old Tobacco Factory, constructed in the 18th century. The city relocated the production of tobacco, and now the towering building has morphed into the base for the University of Seville.

Isla de la Cartuja

Some boat tours in Seville will carry you to Isla de la Cartuja, where you can see the Navigation Pavillion. What’s so significant about the Navigation Pavillion? Well, it was part of the Universal Exhibition of Seville held in 1992. Some rooms within this Pavillion redesigned the interior of the ships used during Christopher Columbus’s time on Earth.

Monastery of Cartuja

Along the riverbank, you’ll find the Monastery of Cartuja, which was built in the 1400s. Apparently, Christopher Colombus spent some time in this remarkable monastery when he was preparing for his expeditions.

Castle of San Jorge

On the outside, you’ll see a magnificent building, but on the inside, you’ll come across ruins, while also learning about Spain’s rich history.

What kind of boat tours are available in Seville?

You can opt to explore the riverbanks of Seville via a river cruise or a yacht cruise. However, some tours give you the option of touring the city before or after you hop on a boat excursion. If you’re looking for boat tours in Seville, you’ll be happy to know that you can travel in luxury on a yacht or enjoy a simple, informative cruise! Let’s take a look at how the two boat tours differ:

River cruises

If you want a short, cheap excursion that details the ins and outs of the Spanish city, the river cruise is for you! Float below famous bridges, appreciate the stunning, historical buildings spanning the riverbank, and listen to informative commentary on your river cruise. It’s a great expedition for those of you who have limited time or want a quick history lesson of the city before hopping onto your next destination.

Yacht cruises

Craving a luxurious, scenic expedition? While you admire the panoply of views lining River Guadalquivir, you will receive top-notch service! Some guests can opt to partake in the extravagant dinner served on board. After you view Seville’s collection of charming architecture, you can visit either the upper or bottom deck for a musical experience.

How much does a boat tour cost?

It depends on which tour you decide to take! On average, river cruises cost around €17 ($19). While the yacht excursion will cost around €40 ($44).

How long does a boat trip take?

River cruises typically last for around 1 hour. If you decide to go on a lavish yacht trip, you will get the chance to bask in luxury for 90 to 120 minutes.

Where do boat tours leave from?

All tours depart within Seville. However, most boat excursions will leave from Torre del Oro, while the meeting place for the yacht cruise will depend on which company you booked booked the trip with!

When is the best time for a boat trip in Seville?

If you want to avoid crowds of tourists, it’s best to visit Seville between March and May. And you’ll have great weather during these months, too.

Travel tips

  • Most 1-hour boat tours in Seville do not include food and drink.
  • The yacht cruises typically include a bar, a six-course dinner, but you may have to pay extra for these options.
  • Most 1-hour river expeditions include commentary. Some may only have English commentary, while others may include an array of languages: Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian. It’s essential to inquire about the language used for the commentary before embarking on your journey.
  • Most boat trips do not include a hotel pick-up, but some combination tours (sightseeing and boat tours) may include a complimentary pick-up.