Praha: Sightseeing Tours

Praha: Sightseeing Tours

From lofty Gothic towers to stirring war memorials, Prague is a mixing pot of culture, art and architecture.

Its rich history means there are plenty of tales to be told about each of the city’s landmarks, which include Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter and Wenceslas Square.

Nazi takeovers, communist rule and revolutions all occurred in this vibrant city, and you can see where each left its imprint on the Prague you see today.

Participate in a sightseeing tour in Prague if you want to dig a little deeper into this multi-faceted city.

Walking tours

Wandering through Prague  — also known as the “Heart of Europe” — with a local is the best way to immerse yourself in Czech life and discover its many architectural, and historic jewels.

You can explore the artistic talents of the Czech people on a free walking tour. Alternatively, discover the rise and fall of the Iron Curtain on a communism excursion.

If it’s architecture you’re interested in, you can roam the opulent halls of Prague Castle — the seat of the Kings of Bohemia — on your walking tour of Prague.

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter — also known as Josefov — is one of the oldest parts of the city, with a colorful history that stretches back to the 10th century. Since then, this ghetto has witnessed hideous atrocities but has always come back thriving.

On a sightseeing tour, you can discover the cemetery that houses over 100,000 Jewish souls, explore the haunting events of WWII and admire the grand architecture of the ghetto’s synagogues.

Ghosts and legends tours

Known to be one of the most haunted spots in Europe, Prague is full of paranormal activity, from bell-ringing nuns to murderous Turks.

You can expect to be frightened and fascinated at the same time on a ghosts and legends tour in Prague. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary as you hear tales of the spooky incidents that have unfolded in the city.

These alternative history tours of key sites, including Kinský Palace and the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, will have you second-guessing everything you know about Prague.

Communism tours

Step inside a bomb shelter and walk in the footsteps of heroes as you delve into the authoritative communist reign over Prague, which spanned over 40 years in the 20th century.

Read propaganda at the Museum of Communism or take a city tour through the streets in a Trabant 601. Be sure to pay your respects at the Operation Anthropoid Memorial on a communism tour.

Segway tours

Whizz through the city on two wheels and see more of its monuments in less time on a Segway tour of Prague. Gain a bird’s eye view of the city from the picturesque monastery perched atop Petřín Hill without breaking a sweat.

Slow the pace by meandering along the banks of the Vltava River and experience the grandeur of Prague Castle — home of the crown jewels.

Prague Card

One of the easiest ways to navigate the city is by purchasing a Prague Card. These handy passes can save you a small fortune on entrance fees and transportation as you fill your itinerary with attractions, and city tours.

Enjoy discovering all of the most significant sights, including Prague’s lavish castle and Jewish Museum for one all-inclusive price.

World War II tours

Occupied by the Nazi regime from 1939 to 1945, modern-day Prague is brimming with monuments that show the impact of Hitler’s war on Europe.

On a World War II tour in Prague, you can expect to be shocked by the brutality of the Gestapo forces in their invasion of the city.

Learn about the resistance through Operation Anthropoid, discover the seat of the “man with the iron heart” — Reinhard Heidrich — and wander through the heart of the Jewish Quarter.

Scooter tours

For a fun way to experience the city, you should consider hopping on a scooter. On these sightseeing tours of Prague, you’ll cruise the hilly terrain of the city with ease as you tick numerous attractions off your itinerary.

Pause to see the liberal arts movement at Lennon Wall or the spectacular architecture that lines the city streets on a scooter tour.

Hop-on hop-off bus tours

Hop-on hop-off bus tours enable you to discover all the sights, without any strenuous walking.

Simply depart the bus at a landmark that looks appealing, such as the Old Town Square or St. Vitus Cathedral, immerse yourself in its story and then hop back on your bus to explore the next attraction.

Alternatively, opt for a historic hop-on hop-off tram tour and travel back to a time period before bustling metros.

Vintage car tours

Hear the soft purr as your engine comes to life on a vintage car tour of Prague. Hop in the passenger seat and enjoy all eyes on you as you zoom through the city’s cobbled streets in a classic vehicle.

Cruise through the Old Town, take in the glamour of the National Theater and cross the iconic Charles Bridge on this one-of-a-kind type of excursion through Prague.

Scavenger games

Give your sightseeing tour a fun twist by participating in a scavenger game of Prague. These treasure hunts are an exciting way to explore the delights of the city, no matter whether you’re 9 or 90.

Work together to solve puzzles, analyze clues and complete tasks in order to reveal your next destination.

Hop between the city’s celebrated landmarks and let your inner child come to life as you race to the finish line on a self-guided excursion across Prague.

Escape rooms

Enter an alternate reality by taking part in an escape room while in Prague. Fighting off zombies, channeling your inner wizard and protecting the planet from aliens are all part of navigating through the interactive puzzles, and riddles of an escape room.

Feel the pressure as you work against the clock in order to evade annihilation and open the door before time runs out.

Art Nouveau and Cubist architecture tours

Art connoisseurs will be enlivened by the refreshing and unique 20th-century architecture scattered in between the Gothic, and Romanesque designs of Prague’s more classic buildings.

Art Nouveau and Cubist architecture tours are the ideal way to discover alternative landmarks in the city, such as the imposing House of the Black Madonna or the luxurious interior of Café Imperial.

Whether you’re an architecture buff or are just keen to admire some unusual spots in the city, this type of sightseeing tour in Prague is for you.

Street art tours

Budding artists can experience the passionate creativity that a can of spray paint sparks on a street art tour in Prague. Surrounded by dazzling works of graffiti, you’re sure to feel inspired as you focus your attention on the white canvas in front of you.

Learn the techniques behind creating masterpieces in this medium and create an art piece to keep forever, as a vivid reminder of your trip to the city.