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Boat Trips and Tours in Prague

The picturesque city of Prague is characterized by the mighty Vltava River that carves its way through the center of the city. Eighteen bridges span from shore to shore, each one more intricate and detailed than the next.

The river flows pars some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and by night it is transformed into a romantic waterway with the city’s yellow lights glistening on the surface.

A boat tour in Prague is the best way to gain an appreciation for the delicate Romanesque architecture that has dominated for centuries, from sunrise to sunset boats glide up and down the river, transporting visitors deep into the heart of Prague.

Here's all you need to know about bout tours, one of the most invigorating outdoor experiences in Prague.

There is a boat trip in Prague for every type of traveler, whether you want to dive into history or enjoy a romantic evening on the water.

1-hour sightseeing cruise

This boat tour in Prague is perfect for budget-conscious travelers and people light on time. Take a 1-hour cruise down the Vltava and see the top monuments in the city and learn all there is to know with the help of an audio guide.

Cruise under the oldest bridge in the city and marvel at the beauty of Prague Castle along the way. This tour showcases the best Romanesque, gothic and baroque architecture and you will learn about the history as well as contemporary uses of the buildings.

Devil’s Channel Cruise

Take the river less cruised and get away from the tourists with this fantastic small group cruise in Prague. Venture into Prague’s very own “little Venice” to see the charming medieval buildings created by this 800-meter-long channel.

The waterway between Malá Strana and Kampa Island is one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

Beer Bike Cruise

Prague is equally beloved for its historic sights and world-famous beer. Combine these two top attractions into one fun-filled afternoon pedal down the river with your friends.

You and up to 10 friends can make your way down the Vltava on a bike-boat where the beer keeps flowing as long as you keep peddling!

Evening Cruise with Dinner

Feast your eyes on the beauty of the city after sunset with an evening cruise in Prague. Glide along the Vltava River to see the city’s stunning monuments lit up at night while enjoying an indulgent buffet of Chezch cuisine.

The dinner cruise starts around the Čechův Bridge and continues past the Charles Bridge, the hill at Petřín, the historic fort of Vyšehrad and the grand concert hall of the Rudolfinum.

Onboard entertainment sets the scene with serene serenades as you tuck into a delectable buffet of international and traditional dishes.

There is also a 2-hour lunch cruise following the same itinerary.

How much do boat tours in Prague cost?

A basic 1-hour boat cruise in Prague with an audio guide costs US$15 per person. The tour of the Devil’s Channel is also around US$15 per person.

The popular dinner cruise on a glass-top boat costs between US$50 and US$60 per person and includes your dinner and a welcome drink but other beverages are purchased onboard. The lunch cruise is US$40 per person.

The beer-bike boat cruise costs US$420 for a group of up to 11 people and it includes alcoholic beverages.

Which places are seen with a boat tour in Prague?

Prague Castle

The iconic Prague Castle monument is one of the highlights of a boat trip in Prague. It is a 9th-century castle complex elevated above the city and it serves as the official office of the President of the Czech Republic.

It is the largest ancient castle in the world and it encapsulates several architectural styles as it has been expanding over centuries.

Petřín Hill

This green space stands almost 130 meters above the banks of the river and rises right in the center of Prague.

The hill featured prominently in early works by Franz Kafka (whose museum is also spotted on the boat cruise) and stones from the hill were used to build the medieval fortifications of the city.

Petřín lookout tower stands tall at the top of the hill and strongly resembles the Eiffel tower.

Vyšehrad Fort

This fort dates back to the 10th century and is one of the most important historic places in the city.

You can see the spires of the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul peeking out above the walls and you can see the ancient ruins of Libuše's bath from your water-vantage point.

Charles Bridge

Prague has 18 bridges spanning the Vltava river but none is as famous as the Charles Bridge. It was opened in the 1400s and served as the main passage between the old town and the castle.

The stone bridge has 16 arches, three watchtowers and multiple statues along the walkway. It might not be as elaborate as other famous European bridges but this bridge has stood the test of time and is an unmistakable symbol of the city’s remarkable past.

How long does it last?

Basic sightseeing boat tours in Prague last 1 hour and there are 2-hour options if you have more time.

Dinner cruises last 3 hours and lunchtime cruises last 2 hours while beer-bike cruises go for 1.5 hours.

Where do boat tours leave from?

Most boat tours in Prague leave from the pier between Čech Bridge and Štefanik Bridge. Once you book your ticket your tour operator will send you instructions on the meeting point.

When is the best time for a boat trip in Prague?

Boat trips in Prague are especially popular in the beautiful Czech summers and spring. Winter could be a bit cool but the snow-covered city is equally as beautiful.

Sightseeing boat trips are a great way to end your visit in this beautiful city while a dinner cruise is a great way to end your visit on a high note.

Which other sightseeing tours are available in Prague?

Travel tips

  • Wear sunscreen on open-top cruises.
  • Don’t eat before your dinner or lunch cruise, there is plenty to indulge in onboard.
  • Book your tour in advance as spaces are limited and this is a popular activity in Prague.