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Terezin Concentration Camp: Day Trips and Tours from Prague

Going on a day trip to Terezin concentration camp from Prague will help visitors learn more about WWII and the importance Czech-Jewish history. During this excursion, you will be able to see the National Cemetery, the Small Fortress and Ghetto Museum.

Prague is a destination that not only offers picturesque views, marvelous architecture and unique culture, but also has a significant historical scene that is not to be missed. Combine all these interesting factors into an educational day trip to Terezin concentration camp.

How to get to Terezin concentration camp from Prague?

Terezin concentration camp is located 60 kilometers north of Prague city center and there are several transportation options to get there.

From Prague to Terezin concentration camp by car

The journey to Terezin concentration camp is straightforward and easy to navigate by car. If you follow the E55 highway from the city center of Prague, you will reach your destination in approximately 45 minutes.

Definitely consider renting a car during your time in Prague, especially if you’re planning multiple excursions.

From Prague to Terezin concentration camp by bus or train

There are several buses that leave from the Florence bus station in Prague and go to Terezin concentration camp. Stand number seven, which is located behind the bus station, is the most frequent departure point.

You will arrive at Terezin from where you can walk to the camp. The journey takes about 45 minutes and the bus tickets cost CZK80 (US$3). This route is the most affordable way to plan your day trip to Terezin concentration camp.

It is also possible to take the train from Prague to Terezin concentration camp. It departs from the city center of Prague or Praha Masarykovo Station. The journey takes about an hour and you need to walk about 20 to 30 minutes from the station to reach Terezin Concentration Camp.

Tickets are priced at CZK100 (US$3.5), making this another affordable and convenient transport option.

Guided tour to Terezin concentration camp from Prague

There are many guided tours to choose from if you’re hoping to see Terezin concentration camp on a day trip excursion.

These tours have meeting points at central locations in Prague and usually, the tour includes entry tickets, a guided tour and drop off at the meeting point.

How much does the entrance ticket to Terezin concentration camp cost?

You can buy your entrance ticket from the official website or at the door, but it is recommended to purchase in advance in order to skip lines at the entrance. There are two types of tickets that allow access to the different parts of Terezin concentration camp.

Single ticket (allows access to the Small Fortress or Ghetto Museum)
●   Adults: CZK210 (US$9)
●   Seniors and Children (7 to 18 age): CZK180 (US$8)
●   Children (below 7): free

Combined ticket (allows access to Small Fortress, Ghetto Museum and Magdeburg Barracks)
●   Adults: CZK260 (US$11)
●   Seniors and Children (7 to 18 age): CZK200 (US$8.6)
●   Family (including two adults and three children): CZK500 (US$22)
●   Children (below 7): free

What is the typical itinerary of a day tour to Terezin concentration camp from Prague?

In the morning, head to the tour meeting point in the city center and meet your expert guide. During the bus journey, your guide will give information about the itinerary and your excursion to Terezin concentration camp. After a 45-minute drive you will be arriving at your destination.

The tour will begin at the Terezin Small Fortress, formerly the Gestapo Prison. After about 1.5 hours, you will continue learning about the history at the Ghetto Museum in the Terezin Big Fortress.

There you will see the crematorium, prayer room and you can even view the propaganda movie produced by the Nazis about Terezin concentration camp. Education is always at the foreground of these guided tours and questions for your guide are welcome.

After you complete the tour, your guide will take you back to the buses and you will be dropped off at Prague city center.

What kinds of tours are available to go to Terezin concentration camp?

A day trip to Terezin concentration camp is one of the popular excursions from Prague. There are many tours available with different itineraries and starting times.

Terezin concentration camp day tour from Prague

Join a guided tour from the city center of Prague and explore Terezin concentration camp as part of a day tour. This full-day trip will allow you to discover all parts of the museum, including the Small Fortress, Ghetto Museum and Magdeburg Barracks.

The tour price includes round-trip transport to Prague city center, entrance fees and a guided tour. Lunch or drinks are generally not included.

Terezin concentration camp private tour from Prague

Take a private driver and guide, and go on a journey to learn more about the history of Terezin concentration camp without the crowds. Hear stories of Terezin survivors and explore the museum at your own pace.

You will be picked up and dropped at your hotel so no need to worry about transportation.

Guided tour to Terezin concentration camp with minibus transfer from Prague

If you want to explore Terezin concentration camp with a small group, take a minibus from the city center of Prague and learn about Czech-Jewish history with a private guide.

This exclusive excursion takes a half-day and the price includes transportation and entrance tickets to all areas of the museum and Terezin concentration camp.

Half-day trip to Terezín with admissions from Prague

Those who are worried about transportation and short on time can join a guided half-day trip to Terezin. In this jaunt, a private driver will pick you up from your hotel and drop you back after your visit to the Terezin concentration camp.

You will learn more about World War II and discover haunting details about the camp. Skip the lines at the entrance and enjoy a detailed guided tour.

How much does a tour to Terezin concentration camp from Prague cost?

A guided tour to Terezin concentration camp will start at €45, including the entrance ticket and transportation. Private tours start at approximately €120 per person and usually include pickup and drop-off at a hotel of your choice in Prague.

What will you see and do in Terezin concentration camp?

There are three main areas of Terezin concentration camp, including the Small Fortress, the Ghetto Museum and the Magdeburg Barracks.

Small fortress

This is the main section of the museum, where you will be able to see the terrible living conditions of the prisoners. The Small Fortress also includes the hospital, the cells where the prisoners lived, the morgue and bathroom facilities.

Magdeburg Barracks

Here you will be able to see the impressive art created by prisoners of the camp. Your guide will explain the meaning behind the pieces and how they came to be.

Ghetto Museum

The Terezin Museum, also known as the Ghetto Museum, is located just a short walk from the Small Fortress. This is often considered one of the most emotional parts of Terezin Concentration Camp and many visitors find the experience difficult.

You’ll be able to see art created by children who lived in the camp and learn about their daily lives in this terrible place.

Another important part of this section is the Crematorium. This is one of the most gruesome places in the camp and families traveling with children should consider whether the history behind it is age appropriate. Consult your guide for advice if you are unsure whether you want to proceed.

When is Terezin concentration camp open over the year?

Terezin concentration camp is open to visitors year round except on Dec. 24 to 26.

What are the opening times?

The opening hours of the Terezin concentration camp are from 8 AM to 6 PM during summer (April 1 to Oct. 31) and until 4 PM in winter (December to March 31).

When is the best time to visit Terezin concentration camp?

The best time to visit Terezin concentration camp is during summer and spring due to the comfortable temperatures. During the winter months, it can be cold to visit open parts of the museum.

Travel tips

●  During the peak season (June to August), there might be long ticket lines at the entrance of the camp. In order to save time, make sure to buy your tickets in advance.
●  An excursion to Terezin concentration camp mainly takes place on foot so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
●  There are very few shops and restaurants in the area. Make sure to bring some snacks and water with you for the day.
●  Due to its tragic history, it is not advised to visit Terezin concentration camp with small children.
●  It is expected that participants tip the tour guides as a small thank you.
●  If you are visiting during the winter, keep in mind that the weather can be snowy and cold. Make sure to bring warm clothes and some extra layers.
●  This is a place of tragedy and terrible historic events. Make sure to be respectful at all times.