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Multi-day Tours and Trips from Pathum Wan

Multi-day Tours and Trips from Pathum Wan

There is plenty to keep any traveler busy for the duration of their vacation in Thailand’s buzzing capital, Bangkok. However, if you wish to experience more of the country, consider booking one of the many multi-day tours and trips from Bangkok on offer.

These excursions provide you with a whirlwind introduction to a host of sites, from ancient cities filled with ornately decorated temples to undisturbed jungles and national parks where wild elephants roam free. You can even leave Thailand behind altogether and explore Cambodia’s crowning glory, Angkor Wat, on one of these multi-day tours.

2-Day trips

Those who wish to discover more of South East Asia than Thailand’s capital city but are limited on their itinerary can choose to participate in a 2-day trip from Bangkok. These excursions allow you a taste of the spectacular nature that covers much of the region, from rafting along the River Kwai to discovering wild elephants as you hike through Thailand’s first national park, Khao Yai.

Alternatively, take yourself on a cultural experience to Cambodia’s UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor, considered the largest religious site in the world. Another option for 2-day trips is to explore Bangkok in further detail alongside a local guide, seeking out its most iconic monuments, including Wat Po, the Grand Palace and Wat Arun. You’ll typically spend one day discovering Bangkok’s highlights and the second venturing further afield to destinations such as Ayutthaya or Hua Hin.

3-Day trips

If you can stretch to a 3-day trip from Bangkok, you won’t regret it. Many of these excursions head to the same destinations as 2-day tours, providing you with the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into Thai culture. However, this additional day also allows you to reach other breathtaking locations.

You can take a 3-day trip from Bangkok to meander through the verdant greenery of Khao Kho or embark on a cruise to the ancient city of Ayutthaya, which was once the capital of Thailand. Or, travel further down the country to trek and kayak through the natural wonderland of Khao Sok National Park. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in a tranquil oasis of emerald lakes and howling monkeys, providing you with a sensation of total inner peace.

Alternatively, challenge yourself to 3 days of intense training at a Muay Thai boot camp and discover the nation’s most celebrated martial art.

4-Day trips

With 4 days to spare, you can gain a more comprehensive overview of both Thailand and its surrounding countries, and enjoy a more leisurely pace on your multi-day trip from Bangkok.

One of the most popular 4-day trips from Bangkok transports you to Angkor. Alongside this ancient temple complex, you’ll also explore its neighboring town, Siem Reap, as well as Phnom Kulen National Park — a green haven best known as the birthplace of the Khmer Empire that lasted 600 years from the start of the 9th century.

Those who feel like they’ve only skimmed the surface of Bangkok can spend 4 days discovering its many faces, including the Chinatown district — where two cultures are perfectly fused together — as well as a vibrant floating market selling juicy fruits, aromatic spices and handmade souvenirs.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has been gaining popularity among tourists and expats as an enchanting mountainside city in Northern Thailand for several years. Those looking to discover the ancient Lanna Kingdom can participate in a multi-day tour from Bangkok, which ranges from 2 days to a week, depending on how much time you have to kill.

Along the way, you’ll stop off at some of Thailand’s most renowned destinations, including Ayutthaya, as well as Lopburi, which is famed for its temple that has been overrun by monkeys. In Chiang Mai itself, you’ll discover exquisite temples, watch dazzling traditional dance shows and see wild elephants up close, all of which are sure to make this tour a highlight of your Thai vacation.


Featured on the country’s flag, Angkor is the most important cultural monument in Cambodia. Built in the 12th century under the reign of King Suryavarman II, the temple complex has served as both a Hindu and a Buddhist place of worship over the centuries.

While you can spend just 2 days here, those who have a little more flexibility should consider a 4-day excursion, during which you’ll explore the most famed temple, Angkor Wat, still used by practicing monks, as well as Ta Phrom and Bayon Temple — the last monument completed in the complex. Cycling enthusiasts can opt for a week-long Angkor tour from Bangkok by bike.

This way of traveling enables you to experience more of both Thailand and Cambodia as you pedal along their winding streets, and vast countryside. Whether you’re a serious cycling pro or are simply interested in a new experience, you’ll be welcomed on this bike tour from Bangkok.