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Jet Ski Tours & Rentals in Miami

Experience moments of pure adrenaline with a jet ski ride! Miami offers an ideal combination of climate and calm waters for this activity all year round.

Biscayne Bay is relatively protected from ocean waves and is a place where it is relatively easy to ride a jet ski and have fun safely. Experience the thrill of a jet ski ride along the Miami coast!

Where can you rent a jet ski in Miami?

Jet ski rentals are located around Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach. Some jet ski rentals are located at the Bayside Marketplace, while others are in Miami Beach. There is also a rental at Dinner Key Marina.

Are there any jet ski tours in Miami?

Yes, there are jet ski tours that include a guide who will accompany you for the tour duration. Some tours offer hotel pickup included, which can be useful for those without a car.

Otherwise, you can rent a jet ski and ride it independently.

What is the best season to go jet skiing in Miami?

Miami has a tropical climate with hot, long summers and short winters with temperatures above 70 ° F (21 ° C). Therefore, it is possible to ride a jet ski practically all year round without any problems.

What are the best places to go jet skiing in Miami?

The most common area for jet skiing is Biscayne Bay. The bay is vast and includes many islands in addition to the Miami Beach peninsula. In Biscayne Bay, you will be able to pass between the artificial islands built on the bay, see the Harbor, Millionaire's Row (the place where there are millionaires' villas and apartments) and stop for a break on Flager Memorial Island.

Besides Biscayne Bay, you can also go to the open ocean facing Miami Beach or the southern part of Biscayne Bay.

What are the best companies to rent jet skis in Miami?

Many operators rent jet skis or offer jet ski tours. These are the most famous operators:

  • Extreme Jet Ski Tour
  • Jet ski Tours of Miami
  • Jet Ski 305 Rental
  • Jet Skis in Miami
  • American WaterSports Boat Rentals
  • 1 Jet Ski Miami
  • BJM Jetski Rentals
  • Cheap Jet Ski Rentals
  • Miami Boat Charters & Jetski Rentals and Tours

How much does it cost to ride a jet ski in Miami?

The price of a jet ski ride depends on the duration and type.

  • A jet ski tour can cost around $ 200 for an hour and a half and with hotel pickup included.
  • Jet ski rental costs around $ 100 for an hour, split over one, two or three people per jet ski. You can also rent a jet ski for an entire day for around $ 450.

How long does a jet ski tour in Miami last?

The duration of jet ski tours usually ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. On the other hand, jet ski rentals depend on the customer's request: you can rent a jet ski for one or more hours, or even for more than a day.

Is it necessary to have a license to drive a jet ski in Miami?

To drive a jet ski, you don't need a real boat driving license, but, in Florida, you need a NASBLA certification if you were born after January 1, 1988.

The certification can be obtained for free and is quite simple: you will have to learn the basic rules of conducting in the water. You can take the free online course at http://www.boatus.org/florida/. Otherwise, many jet ski rental operators offer the option of certification before rental. Just notify the operator and go to the rental point 30-60 minutes before the scheduled rental time.

In addition to the NASBLA certification, you will need to bring a valid identification document showing the birth date.

What is the minimum age to rent a jet ski in Miami?

The minimum age to rent a jet ski is usually 18, as you will need to sign the disclaimer. If the parents are present to sign the document, the minimum age drops to 16 years. Jet ski rental operators can increase the minimum age depending on their policies.

Is it possible to bring children on a jet ski in Miami?

Yes, passengers can also be children, provided they are old enough to hold onto the jet ski. Furthermore, the parents must be present, as the parents will have to sign the assumption of responsibility for the children.

How many people can ride a jet ski in Miami?

The maximum number of people depends on the watercraft model, but it is usually two or three people. The maximum total passenger weight is between 400 and 450 pounds (approximately 180 - 200 kilograms).

Is it dangerous to ride a jet ski in Miami?

Running a jet ski can be dangerous if you are not experienced and reach high speeds. A jet ski easily reaches 65 miles per hour (100 km / h), and jumps on the water and vibrations are relevant at that speed.

To make the most of your jet ski ride, try not to reach top speeds if you are not experienced and keep a reasonable distance from other boats and the coast. Always wear a life jacket.

What safety equipment is needed to ride a jet ski in Miami?

During the entire duration of the tour or jet ski rental, you will need to use a life jacket.

How should you dress to ride a jet ski in Miami?

In general, you can dress in just a bathing suit. The life jacket provides a minimum of protection against the air. You can also bring a T-shirt for colder days.

Which other water activities can be done in Miami?

Miami, with its year-round warm climate, offers an excellent environment for water activities. In addition to jet ski tours, the most common water activities are:

Travel tips

To better enjoy your jet ski experience, here are some travel tips:

  • If this is your first time renting a jet ski, follow the instructor's instructions.
  • Remember to tell the operator if you need NASBLA certification to drive the jet ski.
  • Watch out for other boats - Biscayne Bay is popular with all kinds of boats.
  • Book your jet ski tour as soon as possible to ensure you get the day and time you require.