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Day trips from Miami to the Bahamas

You’ve probably heard—it’s better in the Bahamas. So if you’re in Florida, you should absolutely think about booking a day drip from Miami to the Bahamas.

The Bahamas are made up of approximately 700 islands and more than 2,000 reefs and cays which are spread over an area of 100,000 square miles of beautiful blue ocean, said to be the clearest water on the planet.

Come visit this archipelago and find out for yourself.

What will you see during your Bahamas day trip? What is the typical itinerary?

Day trips from Miami to the Bahamas typically take you to the Bimini Islands. It’s a two-hour boat cruise to a tropical, Caribbean paradise in the northwestern Bahamas.

The Biminis were a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, a spot he often used as a retreat.

In most cases your Miami to Bahamas excursion will start with you being picked up at your hotel by a coach. From there, you are transferred to Port Everglades and you will board the vessel that will take you to the Biminis.

Most tours from Miami to the Bahamas allow for a lot of free time, often from about 11 am to 6 pm, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the white sand beaches. If you prefer a pool, most tours also offer day passes to some of the local resorts, so you have your pick of beach or pool.

Bimini is also well known for its big game fishing, so you might want to book yourself a side outing while there.

What can you do during your day trip to the Bahamas?

Do you love the water?

  • Water Sports. You could just lie on the beach all day, but you can also rent paddle boards or glass bottom kayaks. Paddle or row through a variety of mangrove creeks or out to sea.
  • Diving. The clear waters mean you will be able to get the best views of stunning marine life. Want a closer view? Consider scuba diving, snorkeling and SNUBA.
  • See Dolphins and Sharks. The waters of Bimini, Bahamas are home to Great Hammerhead Sharks and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. You can book excursions from a few spots that will take you out to swim with them and the dolphins.
  • Visit the SS Sapona shipwreck. This is a cargo steamer that ran aground in 1926 during a hurricane in the Bahamas. The wreck is one of the most popular snorkeling and diving spots in the area, which is also teaming with beautiful, colourful fish of all shapes and sizes.

And when you’ve had enough of the water during your day trip to the Bahamas, there are other things to consider. Like the Bimini Nature Trail and Fountain of Youth.

How much does a day trip from Miami to the Bahamas cost?

Since available day trip from Miami to Bahamas range from a single day to 3 day, there’s also quite a bit of range in price.

Regardless of the tour you choose, be prepared to spend more than a hundred dollars US, per person.

  • From US $100 to $200. This will get you a simple round trip from Miami to Bahamas — Bimini — a day pass to Hilton at World Resorts Bimini, round trip transfers to select hotels, and free time to spend at the beach.
  • From US $200 to $300. This is a full day tour from Miami to Grand Bahama, plus an optional side trip to swim with the pigs on Crystal Beach. End your day with a shopping trip to Port Lucaya Marketplace.
  • From US $300 to $400. If you’re looking for a longer, 3-day excursion from Miami to Bahamas, this is your price range.

How to get to the Bahamas from Miami?

You know that your options are limited here. Any excursion from Miami to Bahamas is going to take place by boat—unless you choose to fly.

At the end of the day it’s likely cheaper for you to sign up for one of the many available tours, because the option of chartering your own boat or yacht for the trip is likely going to cost much more.

Whatever option you choose, the jaunt across the water will take about 2 hours, so you do have time to relax and enjoy the trip.

Travel tips

If you’ve made up your mind that a day trip from Miami to Bahamas is something you want to do, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Most trips start very early in the morning (between 5 am to 6 am).
  • The US dollar is widely accepted in the Bahamas, but having a few Bahamian dollars is a good idea as well.
  • If you are there between January and May or October through November, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism hosts a Tea Party at the Government House, which is worth checking out.