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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Miami, the frequent destination of travelers, offers more than just a sea holiday. Seeing the sunrise and sunset in the Miami when flying above the Atlantic Ocean is a wonderful experience that you can have with your family and the loved ones. When you feel the refreshing breeze of the altitude of 5,000 ft, enjoying the hot air balloon ride, you will have the opportunity of taking great photos for your instagram and facebook.
A hot air balloon ride over Miami offers an unparalleled view over the scenic beauty of Florida. Watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean is an experience not to be missed. Flights can be shared with other passengers or, if your budget allows, booked solely for yourself and a few special friends. Be aware when booking that hot air balloon flights are weather dependent. While the weather in south Florida is generally good, this is a part of the world prone to hurricanes so that certain seasons will be off-limits. As with any activity like this, the safety of guests always comes first. Florida's low-lying landscape means that passengers can see for what feels like forever from the vantage point of a cruising balloon's basket. The silence and stillness of this mode of flight add to the experience of awe as you soar above the ground, powered by nothing but air. It's a magical experience not to be missed.