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Flamenco Shows in Madrid: Tickets

Of all the dances in the world, flamenco is perhaps the most famous. It’s evocative, sensuous and bursting with passion while conveying stories of love, loss and Spanish folk heritage. Taking in a performance is a must for culture and music enthusiasts who are visiting the capital.

There are several Madrid flamenco shows tickets to choose from, each transporting you to a seductive world of music and dance. The exquisite guitar playing and the clicking of castanets combine with colorful dresses and elegant movements to create an experience to remember. You might even be inspired to have a go yourself!

Here's all you need to know about flamenco shows, one of the most captivating shows in Madrid.

What is flamenco about?

The origin of Flamenco

Flamenco originated in southern Spain as a way of expressing folklore tales through music and dance. It was initially created by Andalusian gypsy artists, to help keep their culture and heritage alive. Stories and legends would be passed down through family generations and immortalized by the art of flamenco.

Flamenco has grown in popularity over the centuries and is now performed all over the world. UNESCO has included flamenco on its World Intangible Cultural Heritage list, which shows the importance of this unique musical tradition.

Despite the dance’s global prevalence, Madrid flamenco performances remain among the most authentic.

Flamenco today

During flamenco shows in Madrid, you’ll get to experience some of the best music and dancing in the country. The performers are at the top of their game, dazzling their audience each evening with perfectly executed moves and melodies. The capital truly is the best place to witness the unbridled passion of flamenco.

So, what is this flamboyant dance all about? Flamenco in its original form was raw and simple. It comprised a single voice chant accompanied by someone beating a wooden stick on the floor to map out the pace. The flamenco dancer would take their cue from the rhythm, allowing the movements to be directed by the beat.

As the dance developed over the years, guitar accompaniments were added to give an extra level of musicality. Today, Madrid flamenco shows often involve multiple guitar players, singers and dancers for a foot-tapping extravaganza that pulls out all the stops.

Elaborate flowing dresses – often in a deep crimson color – just heighten the spectacle.

The key element of flamenco is “duende”. This is the mysterious spirit that the dancers invoke to harness the high levels of emotion required to perform. It’s something that not many outsiders fully understand yet it’s an integral part of the soul of flamenco.

The flamenco show experience

Flamenco in Madrid takes place in atmospheric “tablaos” across the old town. These specially created music venues are the perfect setting, with a small stage and intimate seating so that you’ll almost feel part of the performance. Foot stomping and hand clapping is optional but highly encouraged!

Many spots offer food and drink to accompany the show for a comprehensive night out. You can choose from tapas or traditional dinners – some of which can be up to five courses. If you’d prefer to just relax with a glass of wine, that’s fine too.

If you want to take your flamenco experience to the next level, you can attend a dance workshop and learn some of the iconic moves. You’ll have a go at the basic steps as well as try your hand with the castanets. It’s not as easy as it looks but is always heaps of fun!

The flamenco workshops take place before the evening performance, so you can relax after your lesson while the professionals show you how it’s done.

How much do flamenco show in Madrid tickets cost?

The Madrid flamenco ticket price varies depending on the venue, date and package you have chosen. Experiences start at €20 for an hour-long performance – this is purely for the show and does not include any food or drink. The price rises to €30 if you would like to add a glass of wine or another alcoholic beverage.

Tickets for Madrid flamenco workshops are €40 per person. The price includes tuition as well as a meal and a live show. The lessons last half an hour and take place before the evening performance.

If you fancy enhancing your flamenco evening with tapas and wine tasting, expect to pay €50 per person. You can also upgrade your Madrid flamenco show ticket to include a traditional gourmet dinner. This brings the total to €110 for three courses, €120 for four courses and €140 for five courses.

Some packages offer a bonus sunset walking tour in Madrid before the flamenco experience. These tickets cost €60 per person, or €80 if you want to include dinner at the tablao during the show.

To combine the flamenco performance with a tour of the Royal Palace in Madrid, you’ll pay €80 per person. This covers a guided visit of the palace with skip-the-line tickets, the flamenco show, a tapas platter and a complimentary glass of wine.

Hotel transfers are not offered with Madrid flamenco tickets, so you will need to make your own way to the venue.

Are there any flamenco show combined tickets available?

Flamenco shows in Madrid plus a Royal Palace tour

Enjoy a guided tour around the Royal Palace of Madrid before taking your seats for a show at one of the city’s best flamenco tablaos. The palace is the official home of the royal family although today it’s only used for state occasions.

You will explore the state rooms with your guide and learn about the history of this magnificent pile. The visit will be on a small group basis to keep things intimate. After the tour, you will head to the flamenco venue for an evening performance.

Madrid flamenco show plus tapas and wine tasting

Enhance your flamenco experience with some delicious Madrid tapas and wine tastings for an evening to remember. Dishes may include local specialties like gazpacho, Valencian paella and cheese croquettes, as well as the Iberian ham in Madrid.

You’ll tuck into these delicious delicacies during the show, washing it all down with a glass or two of Spanish wine. It’s the perfect way to finish your day.

Flamenco performance in Madrid plus a sunset walking tour

See the sights at night on a guided walking tour in Madrid then enjoy live flamenco in the heart of the old town. Focal points of the walk include the Plaza Mayor, the Puerta del Sol and the Royal Palace. Your guide will tell you stories of the city’s past and present as you explore the atmospheric streets of historic Madrid.

The evening ends on a high with a local flamenco performance. You can choose to enjoy tapas or dinner during the show as a reward for all that sightseeing.

When is the best time to see a flamenco show?

Flamenco shows generally take place in the evening, with many experiences incorporating a multi-course traditional meal or tapas and wine tasting. This means you’ll have plenty of time for enjoying some Madrid city tours during the day and won’t need to worry about arranging dinner.

Hotel transfers are not included in the ticket price, so you will need to make your own way back after the show has finished. If you have opted for a late evening performance, it may be a good idea to book a taxi. Many venues will also have a taxi line outside, so don’t worry about being left stranded!

There are flamenco performances in Madrid every day of the week, so you’ll be able to find one no matter when you visit.

How to get there?

The venues for flamenco performances in Madrid are dotted about the city, with most being located in the old town. They can all be easily accessed by public transport, although you may wish to take a taxi if you are attending a late evening show.

Popular spots include the Alhambra-inspired Torres Bermejas flamenco tablao, which you’ll find on Calle Mesonero Romanos. It’s just a short walk from the Callao underground station which is served by lines 3 and 5.

Another favorite venue is the Teatro Flamenco Madrid on Calle del Pez. You can get here on the Madrid Metro using lines 1, 2, 3 or 5. There are also several bus lines that pass through this area.  Meanwhile, the famous Corral de la Morería can be found on Calle de la Morería. Bus lines 3 and 148 are your best options – you’ll need to alight at the Las Vistillas stop.

Café Ziryab is another common venue. Located on the Paseo del la Esperanza, it can be reached via metro lines 3 and 5. The nearest stations are Acacias, Pirámides and Embajadores. There are multiple bus stops nearby too if you prefer to stay above ground.

Finally, for flamenco shows at the Centro Cultural, make your way to the Paseo de Recoletos train or bus stations. The venue is just a couple of blocks away on foot.

What time does it start?

Madrid flamenco show times vary, but most are scheduled for the evening. The first performance is usually at 5 PM, with hourly options then available through to around 9 PM. The shows last about an hour, although some are slightly longer and split into two 40-minute sections with an interval.

You’ll need to arrive 20 minutes before the performance starts to give you time to take your seats and choose meal options if applicable. The doors usually open half an hour before the show so don’t arrive any earlier. Note that anyone turning up after the flamenco has begun will not be allowed to enter and no ticket refunds will be offered.

What is the dress code?

There is no particular dress code for flamenco evenings in Madrid, but it’s always good to make a bit of an effort. Some visitors like to dress up for the occasion, and of course, the performers will be spectacularly clothed in their traditional costumes.

Smart casual attire is recommended, and it’s best to leave the jeans and sneakers at your hotel.

What is the cancelation policy?

Most flamenco shows in Madrid allow you to cancel or change your tickets for free up to 24 hours before the performance. So, if your plans need to be adjusted nearer the time, you won’t have a problem.

However, remember that if you cancel with less than a day’s notice, you will have to pay the full ticket price. On these occasions, no refunds are available.

These conditions can vary between providers so do make sure you check the details if you think that canceling may be a possibility.

What other shows are playing in Madrid?

Travel tips

  • Flamenco shows in Madrid are one of the most hotly anticipated experiences in the capital. This means that seats can sell out in peak times so make sure you book well ahead to avoid disappointment.
  • The minimum age for attending a flamenco performance is usually 4 or 5 years. Check with the provider for clarification if you are traveling with a young family.
  • If you have chosen a combination flamenco and dinner show, remember to advise of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.
  • Take a passport or some ID with you – this is sometimes required to verify your reservation on entry.