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Mamma mia in London: Tickets

Mamma Mia is a feel-good musical that has been wowing audiences in London for years. The show follows the journey of a mother and daughter as they search for love, and self-identity. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed and relationships are tested, while they struggle to let go of the past.

The performance features catchy music from the pop sensation ABBA, and the choreography is flawless. Those looking for an evening of fun should purchase Mamma Mia musical tickets and leave the theater smiling from ear to ear.

You will find below all you need to know about Mamma Mia, one of the best options for musical shows in London.

What is the Mamma Mia musical about?

The Mamma Mia musical plot is shaped around some of the most iconic tunes of the world-famous Swedish band, ABBA. The story takes place on a mythical Greek island — Kalokairi — where the main character Sophie is preparing for her upcoming nuptials.

Raised by her headstrong single mother — Donna — Sophie dreams of her father giving her away at the altar. However, neither she nor her mother knows the identity of her dad. Sophie is the result of a summer of passion with three possible contenders to fill the role.

She secretly invites these mystery men to the island, much to the dismay of Donna, who hasn't seen any of them since the summer of Sophie's conception. Convinced by the young bride-to-be to hide the real reason they've come to Kalokairi, the men spin various tales to explain their arrival.

With little time to spare until the big day, Sophie makes it her mission to get to know each of Donna's ex-lovers. She is certain she can unravel the mystery of her father's identity, and live her dream of being escorted to her wedding by him.

Consumed by past hurts, Donna is flustered by the men's presence in her daughters' life, and makes several attempts to get them to leave. As the wedding looms closer, the race is on to find a dad and soften Donna's heart.

The show features classic hits, such as "Mamma Mia," "Take a Chance on Me" and "S.O.S."

How much do Mamma Mia musical tickets in London cost?

Mamma Mia musical ticket prices range from £20 to £270 per person, depending on the seats you select and your timing.

You'll find the lowest-priced tickets are for matinée performances on a Thursday. At this showing, you can purchase balcony seats for around £20 per person. Tickets increase in price at weekend showings.

Generally, the most affordable seats are on the balcony or on either side of the grand circle, which range from £20 to £50 per ticket, depending on the viewing you select.

Seats that are more centrally located within the grand circle cost between £50 and £90 per person.

Most seats within the dress circle and stalls cost between £70, and £130 per person. However, you can pay up to £270 per person for Mamma Mia musical tickets that are situated in a prime location, with a central view of the stage.

When is the best time to see the Mamma Mia musical?

If you have young children joining you at the theater, you may find that a matinée performance of the Mamma Mia musical suits your schedule best.

If not, choose a nighttime showing as this will guarantee you a special night.

The latest performance of Mamma Mia ends around 10 PM. This gives you plenty of time to catch a tube back to your accommodation before the service stops at midnight.

If you'd rather not use public transportation, you can catch a taxi from right outside the venue.

How is the seating map for the Mamma Mia musical in London composed?

The Novello Theatre has a seating capacity of almost 1,100 guests, split across four sections.

You can choose to sit in the stalls, dress circle, grand circle or on the balcony, depending on your preferences and budget.

The stalls form the largest section and are widely regarded as the best seats in the house. You'll gain the best view from the central block of seats between rows G and M.

You'll also have an excellent view of the stage from the dress circle, which some theater-goers prefer because of its elevated perspective. If your budget allows, opt for seats in the first two rows.

Moving back to the grand circle, seats offer a partial view of the show. While you'll be able to see most of the performance, you may miss scenes that take place at the very front of the stage.

To keep costs down, you can purchase Mamma Mia musical tickets for the balcony. Seats here are severely discounted. You'll gain a decent view of the stage, but may miss details due to your distance. You can expect the seats to be a little less comfortable on the balcony than in other areas of the theater.

What theater in London is the Mamma Mia musical playing at and how do I get there?

Mamma Mia musical tickets are available for the Novello Theatre in central London. Located in the "Theatreland" district, the Novello is within walking distance of both Covent Garden and Holborn tube stations.

The Line 176 bus stops just a 3-minute walk from the venue. Buses run several times an hour and you'll need to alight at the stop for Temple, Aldwych.

Alternatively, you can catch a taxi to the theater, which will drop you right outside the entrance.

What are the Mamma Mia performance schedules in London?

From Monday to Saturday, Mamma Mia is performed at 7:30 PM, with the exception of Tuesdays when the theater is closed.

On Sundays, the show starts at 2:30 PM and there are additional matinée performances on Thursdays, and Saturdays at 3 PM.

How long is Mamma Mia?

The Mamma Mia musical running time is 2 hours and 35 minutes. This includes a 15-minute intermission, which enables you to stretch your legs and purchase refreshments.

In what language is Mamma Mia performed?

Mamma Mia is performed in English, making it easy for all ages to understand the plot.

Mamma Mia is a family favorite that is suitable for children aged 5 and over. While it is ultimately the parent or guardian's decision whether to take a younger child to see the show, the theater prohibits those under 3 from entering.

What is the dress code to see Mamma Mia in London?

There is no formal dress code to see the Mamma Mia musical. Some guests like to be casual and comfortable, while others dress to impress in suits and cocktail dresses. You'll fit in with the crowd, whatever type of attire you decide to wear.

What is the cancelation policy for Mamma Mia?

Once you've purchased your Mamma Mia musical tickets, you cannot amend or cancel your booking without being charged.

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Travel tips

  • Brush up on your ABBA lyrical knowledge before the show, so that you can sing along to your favorites.
  • When booking your Mamma Mia musical tickets, choose centrally located seats for the best view.
  • While taxis are readily available in the center of London, you may consider pre-booking one to collect you from the theater after the show. In doing so, you'll avoid the rush for a cab and potentially, a long wait.