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Boat Tours and Cruises in London

Partake in an incredible sightseeing excursion as you glide by some of ‘The Big Smoke’s’ must-see landmarks on a boat tour in London.

Escape the city’s twelve noon crowds, and relax as you admire the eye-opening antiquity and Gothic grandeur by the Thames River.

From the wide-open vistas of the Tower of London to the unique, beguiling sights of the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, experience the exhilaration as you venture further into the magic of London’s urban shoreline.

Sit back and relax on the open-air deck or the indoor observatory, and enrich your knowledge of English history as you listen to the entertaining onboard commentary.

Even better; enjoy a delectable meal freshly conjured up by the expert onboard chefs in an intimate setting serenaded by live jazz music — all as you relish a panoramic excursion of a lifetime.

Here's all you need to know about boat tours, one of the most exciting outdoor activities in London.

Say hello to an eventful day in London replete with momentous architectural delights and melting-in-the-mouth multi-course meals on a variety of Thames' boat tour packages.

Listed below you'll find the most famous boat tours and cruises in London that will make your trip truly memorable.

Thames River sightseeing cruises

Start this mini-voyage from the Westminster pier to take a peek at the many architectural wonders dotting the shores of Thames.

Get awe-inspired by the splendor of the Cleopatra's Hall, Somerset House, and the Millennium footbridge as these sing the songs of London's colorful past.

As you enjoy the sublime views while savoring British-themed delicacies, you'll be taken towards the Greenwich pier where you can bear witness to the city's world-famous skyline.

Lunch river cruises

Tantalize your taste buds and please your pupils at the same time as you sail across the heart of London on a lunch river cruise.

Devour a scrumptious two-course meal served with warm smiles, just enough to glut your mid-river hunger pangs.

Behold the teeming Tower of London and the London Eye from the panoramic windows of the cruise, or breathe through the mellow river breeze on the open deck while lazily holding a glass of shimmering champagne.

Hop on hop off river cruises

Do you want to take your time relishing the devastatingly beautiful sights of the city? Board an all-day hop on hop off cruise passing through the major piers of Thames.

Get down and explore London's cosmopolitan architecture reflected in the Tower of London and the St. Paul's Cathedral.

Don't miss out the opportunity to marvel at the New Shard, one of Europe's tallest skyscrapers and an epitome of architectural wonder.

High speed boat tours

Collect your waterproof gear and jump on a high-speed powerboat flashing past the London shoreline for a healthy dose of adrenaline.

Start from Blackfriar pier and race towards the Tower of London while watching iconic monuments like HMS Belfast pass by.

Take pictures under the tower bridge and then hold tight on the boat as the engine roars and blasts through Wapping district at 35 mph.

Afternoon tea cruises

Take part in England's authentic tradition on the afternoon tea cruise along the River Thames. Get on board at the Tower pier and sail downwards past the most historic sites of London such as Shakespeare's Globe and the Tate Modern.

As you try to contain the overwhelming magnificence of London's landmarks, a freshly brewed pot of tea served with scones, and assorted creamy cakes will quadruple your joy.

Sunset cruises

Set sail from Westminster around Sunset towards the Canary Wharf and pass through the majestic monuments sparkling with golden lights.

Gape at the endless London sky glittered with hues of different colors as the sunset gives birth to a romantic evening, all the while enjoying a refreshing sip of wine and crispy bites of canapes.

Dinner cruises with live entertainment

Experience a night of luxury with a 3-hour fine dining cruise in the river Thames. Dig in the irresistible multi-course meals served on board with exotic white-sugared desserts while enjoying stunning vistas of London.

As the night matures, take to the floor and dance to contemporary pop tunes or your favorite jazz songs.

How much should I budet for a boat tour in London?

The prices for boat tours in London are around $25 for sightseeing boat tours and cruises in river Thames.

Regular boat tours start from $16 while lunch and dinner cruises are more expensive (around $100).

If you are planning to save both time and money, you should have a look at the combined packages for enjoying various attractions.

How long does a boat tour take?

The duration of boat tours in London ranges from an hour to a full day. Evening tea cruises don't last longer than 2 hours while lunch and dinner cruises take 4 to 5 hours.

Hop off Hop on tours are of longer duration and can even extend up to 24 hours.

Where do boat tours in London depart from?

Boat tours and cruises in London depart from the Westminster, the London Eye, the Tower, the Blackfriars, and the Greenwich pier.

The cruises travel to and fro the major piers depending upon the sightseeing package.

When is the best time to experience a boat tour in London?

The best time to go on a boating trip in London is during May-June and September-October. These months enjoy mild temperatures perfect for cruising in river Thames.

The prices are also comparatively lower, and you'll find fewer crowds during these months.

Travel Tips

  • London enjoys unpredictable weather, so it's smart to carry an umbrella or raincoat that might come handy on a boat trip.
  • There are many boating options to choose from, so make a list of your favorite sightseeing tours beforehand to avoid last-minute confusion.
  • Call the cruise service a day before to reconfirm your schedule and arrive early to avoid the rush.
  • Take extra care of children during speed-boat tours, especially when the engine catches pace.