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Tickets for Shows & Music in London

Tickets for Shows & Music in London

London's nightlife scene is legendary, from its bustling pubs and bars serving frosty brews, to its spell-binding theatrical scene, which includes iconic shows, and beloved musicals.

Shows and nightlife experiences in London are incredibly diverse, meaning there's something for everyone to enjoy, from booze-filled pub crawls to Disney favorites on stage. These experiences are designed to dazzle you and are bound to be a highlight of your London vacation.

Pub crawls

One of the most exciting activities to participate in once the sun sets on the lively city of London is a pub crawl.

These excursions showcase the city in a way that can only be experienced after dark, hopping in and out of traditional English pubs, and bars, and forming new friendships.

You can explore the alternative neighborhood of Camden on one of these tours, famous for its market and charming lock.

Alternatively, stay in the center of the city and party your way through the West End. As the night progresses, you may move on to the best nightclubs in the city, where you can dance until you drop alongside your new pals.

Or, head to the hipster paradise of Shoreditch, where you can explore craft beers and sip cocktails in London's coolest hangouts.

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia follows the tale of Sophie, a young woman about to get married, and her mother — the fiercely independent Donna.

Sophie, after struggling to find out information on her father's identity, happens upon Donna's old diary from the summer of Sophie's conception and comes across three possible dads.

She invites these potential fathers to her wedding on the idyllic island of Kalokairi, without Donna’s knowledge and they all surprisingly agree.

Sophie gets to work trying to uncover her father's true identity in secret, forming a bond with all of the men, who are delighted to get to know her.

Donna, on the other hand, is alarmed and frankly annoyed by the arrival of these faces from the past, and it stirs up a river of emotion.

But after all this time, can bygones be bygones? Featuring hits from the global sensation, ABBA, this movie turned musical is shown at the Novello Theatre and has won the prestigious Laurence Olivier award.

The Lion King

One of the longest-running musicals in the West End, the Lion King first premiered in 1999 at the Lyceum Theatre and has been entertaining the whole family ever since.

Following the Disney classic, the Lion King tells the story of Simba — a young lion destined to be king. Simba is still learning about life when his father has a sudden fatal accident.

Now an orphan, the cub runs away from his pack after being told that he is responsible for his father's death. Along his way, he meets Timone and Pumba who guide him through his new outcast way of life, and with whom he becomes inseparable.

When one day, he bumps into his childhood best friend, he discovers that hyenas have overtaken his beloved homeland and his pack is barely surviving. Simba struggles with the idea of returning, fearful to bring up his mistakes of the past.

But it soon becomes clear that all is not as it once appeared and only Simba can help restore Pride Rock to its former glory.

Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is based on a French novel by Gaston Leureux and has been gracing stages across the world since 1986.

The show features a score written by Andrew Lloyd Webber — one of the greatest theater composers of the modern day — and has won a variety of awards, including a Tony.

The plot revolves around a disfigured phantom who lives in the basement of the Paris Opera House and becomes enchanted by the young, and beautiful Christine.

Known to terrorize the cast and crew of the opera house, the phantom turns his attention to aiding Christine with her singing, and transforms her into a musical sensation.

As the phantom falls in love with Christine, her head is turned by a childhood friend, Raoul.

Furious about this turn of events, the phantom launches a plan to draw his sweetheart near to him by any means necessary, while Raoul attempts to foil his plan. After all this effort to win her over, who will Christine choose in the end?


Wizard of Oz fans will be enthralled by this prequel to the well-known tale of Dorothy's escapades in the fairytale land.

The Wicked story is based on the two witches of Oz — Glinda and Elphaba — known as the good, and the wicked witch respectively.

The two witches struggle through many disagreements and personality clashes, only enhanced by their mutual love interest.

However, their unlikely friendship remains strong until they encounter the Wonderful Wizard, which sends them spiraling down different paths.

You'll learn how the wicked witch came to be known as evil and that all is not as it appears in this triumphant tale of good versus evil.

Launching on Broadway in 2003, the original cast featured Indiana Menzel who went on to play the princess Elsa in the Disney hit "Frozen."

Wicked made its way across the pond to London's Apollo Victoria Theatre and has been performed to over 30,000 guests.

Les Misérables

Les Misérables has been performed in London for over 35 years and still remains a favorite of musical fans. The story follows Jean Valjean, a convict who has just been freed after 19 years.

Originally imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his sister’s starving family, Valjean breaks his parole, which infuriates police inspector Javert who becomes obsessed with bringing justice upon him.

Meanwhile, Valjean meets a bishop who sets him on a path of reinvention. Eight years later, Valjean became a factory owner and the mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer, and after a brawl turns sour, ends up assuming responsibility for an ex-workers child.

As the French Revolution brews, Valjean meets a myriad of characters along his journey, with tales of love triangles, anger and rebellion. Valjean must try to stay one step ahead of Javert to avoid his past catching up with him.


Based on the children's book by Roald Dahl, Matilda the musical tells the tale of a young girl, born into the wrong family.

Seen as a thorn in her parents' sides, Matilda has an unhappy upbringing as she tries to challenge her parents' questionable ethics. As she discovers she possesses telekinetic powers, Matilda starts to fight back against her family in subtle ways.

After stumbling upon the local library, Matilda soon finds refuge in books, which sparks a love of learning.

When she starts school against her parent's will, Matilda comes to know love for the first time, through the gentle and nurturing manner of her teacher, Miss Honey.

At the same time, the principal, Ms. Trunchbull takes a dislike to Matilda after being sold a dud car by her father.

As the intelligent little girl forms a deeper bond with Miss Honey, she learns about her family secrets and uses her magical powers to try and set things to rights.