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Day Trips and Tours from Bali

Day Trips and Tours from Bali

Snorkel and visit temples or hike through the jungle before watching the sunset on the beach during a day trips from Bali, the best way to see and explore as much of the island as you can.

These tours are designed to maximize your time on the island by combining several stops and activities into one action-packed day.  

To fully experience Bali, you need to zip around from beach to forest to mountain and back again. This compact island packs a punch and there are more than just a few “must-do” things around the island.

Mount Batur

In the north-western regions of Bali rises a dramatic peak, a volcanic giant at odds with the lush environment of the rest of the island. Mount Batur is the second-highest peak in Bali and lava has carved out an extra-terrestrial landscape around the volcano.

This bold playground is the place to be for the most spectacular sunrise on the island followed by several hours of adventure.

Hike to the summit at the crack of dawn and enjoy a delicious breakfast as the sun makes its way above the horizon. Follow this up with a soak in a volcano-heated Hotspring or opt for a bike ride through the rocky planes. Here you can also visit a coffee plantation to have a taste of the world’s most expensive coffee.


Ubud is the spiritual heart of Bali, a tranquil enclave in the central jungle of the island. Ubud awakens images of green rice terraces, jungle swings and dramatic infinity pools. Above all, Ubud is a place for healing, both physically and spiritually.

Yoga sessions and meditation are at the order of the day but also adventurous activities where visitors are brought closer to nature and its raw beauty. Day tours to Ubud offer you the chance to connect with this extraordinary region with bike rides, waterfall hikes, restorative treatments and culinary experiences.

These tours include visits to rice terraces and coffee plantations and some focus on temples like Tirta Empul.

Tukud Cepung

Bali’s best treasures take a little effort to reach but this just means they are often untouched and truly spectacular.

Tukud Cepung is one of these rare gems that are off the radar but delivers the most breathtaking payoff. A circular cavern opens to the heavens from where a gentle veil of water brushes down, creating an unreal scene.

To reach this eastern waterfall you need to hike for around 40 minutes and climb a few hundred stairs making a day trip to Tekud Cepung the best way to reach it. Along the way, you will also sit on Bali’s infamous jungle swing and see the striking rice terraces in Ubud.

Uluwatu Temple

This is another of the most iconic spots in Bali. The clifftop Uluwatu Temple is a must-see sunset spot on the southwestern edge of the Denpasar peninsula.

The temple sits on the tip of a 70-meter-tall cliff and peers out over the dramatic Atlantic ocean that crashes below. A day tour to Uluwatu Temple also includes a special performance of Bali’s famous fire dance and visits to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the south of the island.

Nusa Penida

Get your fill of island life by visiting Bali’s smaller neighboring island, Nusa Penida. The island is just to the southeast of Bali and is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear water.

An excursion to Nusa Penida is the best way to escape the crowds and bask in the unspoiled environment of another Indonesian island. Swim in the natural infinity pool of Angela Billabong, snorkel in Manta Bay and pose for epic photos high above the hidden Klingking Beach.

Nusa Penida is a beach lover's paradise and will afford you a new appreciation for the marvels of Bali’s underwater treasures.

Lempuyang Temple

This is arguably one of the most photographed spots in Bali and a day trip to Lempuyang should be top of your to-do list.

The Lempuyang temple, also known as heaven gate, is on the east of the island and is one of the more hard-to-reach spots. Join a day tour to get there early and pose for some enviable photos before setting off for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure in the Blue Lagoon.

This temple is one of the six holiest temples of Bali and sits at a stunning vantage point, 600 meters above sea level. Here you ascend into the clouds and gaze out at the highest peak in Bali, Mount Agung.

Tanah Lot

Another famous Balinese sunset spot is the water-bound temple of Tanah Lot. This west-facing temple sits on a small rocky islet and its name translates to “land in the sea”.

A day trip to Tanah Lot is loaded with temple visits and stops at many of Bali’s iconic locations like rice terraces and lakes.

Tours end the day at Tanah Lot, offering you the chance to sit back and soak in the peaceful environment as the sun sets on another unforgettable day in Bali.