Versailles Tickets - Everything you need to know

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about Versailles Palace tickets, including tickets price, guided tours, how to book online, and some useful travel tips.

Updated information about the Versailles reopening after COVID-19 closure

We are happy to announce that the Versailles Palace has reopened after the closure due to COVID-19.

In order to welcome visitors in safe conditions, safety measures have been taken. Masks are compulsory for all visitors over the age of 11, and sanitizing hand gel dispensers have been installed at the entrance to each space.

Please note that visitors that wish to visit the famed palace will be required to have a reservation. Visitors will be asked to follow a one-way route through the palace complex for social distancing.

More than three million tourists visit Versailles every year, making it one of the most visited palaces in the world. If you’re reading this article, you must be looking to book Versailles tickets. To make the journey easier for you, I have included all details regarding Versailles tickets so you can save time and money.

I’ll provide you with a well-researched guide to buying Versailles tickets.

How much do Versailles tickets cost?

Updated information about Versailles Palace tickets after COVID-19 closure

The price of Versailles tickets has not changed. However, visitors to the Versailles Palace must book in advance and select a specific time slot. Online booking is compulsory.

The Palace is situated on a huge land and is divided into several parts. You may opt to just visit the Palace or book tickets to other areas as well including the Estate of Trianon, the Musical Gardens and the Musical Fountains Shows.

While tickets can be bought at the entrance, I strongly suggest you book your Versailles tickets online to skip the line. Plus, online booking has other advantages as well which I will describe below. You can book your tickets (except guided tours) on the official website of the Versailles Palace and also on many other websites such as Viator, Ceetiz, Klook to name a few. Prices can be different so make sure you compare them on TourScanner before booking.

Skip the line Versailles tickets

1. Skip the line ticket to the Palace

The price of the ticket to enter the Palace is 18€. With this ticket you will be able to Skip the line at the tickets desk but you will need to queue at the priority line and the time spent will depend on the time of the day, since this ticket does not have a timed entry slot.

The ticket includes:

      • A visit to the Palace (including a free audio guide)
      • A visit to the Coach Gallery
      • A visit to the Gardens. The access to the gardens is always free. However, if there are special shows in the garden (Musical Gardens and Musical Fountains), an additional ticket has to be bought (see below)
      • Exhibitions held in the Palace on the given day

2. Skip the line ticket with access to all areas (passport with timed entry)

Versailles Tickets

This option is probably the best single ticket, cause you get the access to all areas of Versailles and the benefit to skip the line of the tickets desk. This option is often referred as Passport with Timed Entry. It will give you access to the palace within 30 minutes of your chosen time.

You will most probably have to stand in a priority line, which is a lot shorter than the standard line.

The passport with timed entry ticket costs €20 (without the Musical Gardens and Musical Fountains shows) or €27 (including access to the Musical Gardens and Musical Fountain shows)

The ticket includes access to:

      • The Palace (timed entry+audio guide)
      • The Estate of Trianon
      • Temporary exhibitions
      • The Parks
      • The Gardens
      • The Coach Gallery
      • The Musical Fountain Shows+Musical Gardens (additional)

3. Passport without timed entry

This option is equal as the one before, but there is not an entry time slot and therefore  you will not be able to skip the line.

The passport ticket price is €20 (without the Musical Gardens and Musical Fountains shows) or €27 (including access to the Musical Gardens and Musical Fountain shows)

The ticket includes access to:

      • The Palace (free audio guide)
      • The Estate of Trianon
      • Temporary exhibitions
      • The Park
      • The Gardens
      • The Coach Gallery
      • Musical Fountain Shows+Musical Gardens (additional)

4. 2-day passport

As mentioned above, the palace is huge and one day might not be enough to see every corner. If such is the case, you may opt for a 2-day passport. It will give you access to the whole or a large part of the estate, based on the option you pick.

The 2-day passport ticket price is €25 (without the Musical Gardens and Musical Fountains shows) or €30 (including access to the Musical Gardens and Musical Fountain shows)

The ticket includes access to:

      • The Palace (free audio guide)
      • The Estate of Trianon
      • Temporary exhibitions
      • The Park
      • The Gardens
      • The Coach Gallery
      • Musical Fountain Shows+Musical Gardens (additional)

Note: Must be used over two consecutive days (Tues-Wed, Wed-Thurs, Thurs-Fri, Fri-Sat).

5. Estate of Trianon ticket

Estate of Trianon Versailles tickets

If you have enough time, I suggest you to visit the Estate of Trianon, which includes the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon and their gardens, as well as the Queen’s hamlet. The kings of Versailles built them to get more intimate spaces close to the main palace – a must-see if you are visiting Versailles.

The price of the Estate of Trianon ticket is 12€.

The ticket will give you access to:

      • The Estate of Trianon
      • Temporary exhibitions held in the Grand Trianon
      • The Parks
      • The Gardens (Musical Gardens and Musical Fountains Shows not included)
      • The Coach Gallery

You can visit the Estate of Trianon also with the general ticket that include access to all areas (point 2).

6. 2- day passport + Show “La voie de l’écuyer”

Equestrian show Versailles tickets

This is quite similar to the 2-day Passport discussed above but will give you access to the Equestrian show of the Equestrian academy of Versailles.

The show is held on Saturdays (6PM) and Sundays (3PM). Some other days may also get announced from time to time.

The ticket price is 40€ (basic) or 49€ (including one day of Musical Gardens or Musical Fountains, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in high season).

The ticket includes access to:

      • The Palace (free audio guide)
      • The Estate of Trianon
      • Temporary exhibitions
      • The Parks
      • The Gardens
      • The Coach Gallery
      • Musical Fountain Shows ‘or’ Musical Gardens (additional)

7. Musical gardens ticket

Versailles gardens tickets

Discover the Versailles pools (the largest open air sculpture museum in the world) with the rhythm of baroque music at the heart of the Versailles palace gardens.

The Gardens are open every Tuesday and Friday till 30 Oct, 2018. Some additional dates may also get announced from time to time.

The Musical Gardens ticket price is 8.5€ for adults or €7.5€ if you are aged between 6 to 17 years old (or part of a group of 30 people or more).

The ticket gives access to:

        • The gardens (during the day)
        • Pools and groves

The Musical Gardens ticket includes only the admission to the Musical Gardens in the Gardens during the day.

8. Musical fountains show ticket

Musical fountains show Versailles tickets

The Musical Fountains show take place in the Versailles gardens. Discover the pools, the groves (open for the occasion) and their fountains put in water to the rhythm of baroque music. This is beautiful show to attend, especially for kids.

The show is timed and only performed on the weekends (till 28 Oct, 2018).

The Musical Fountains Show ticket costs 9.5€ and reduced rate is 8€

The ticket gives access to:

      • The Musical Fountain Show (during the day)

9. The fountains night shows ticket

Versailles night show with fireworks

The Gardens come to life when the night falls. Enjoy an amazing musical treat and heartwarming visuals as groves and fountains turn colorful thanks to special lighting effects. A fireworks display conclude the show.

The night show is presented every Saturday from 8.30pm to 10.40pm. The fireworks starts at 10.50pm to 11.05pm.

The ticket gives access to:

      • The Gardens (evening for the Fountains Night Shows)

The Musical Fountains Show ticket costs:

– Simple Ticket (Dated) – Price: 26€

– Reduced Ticket (Dated) – Price: 22€  (for people aged 6-17 or for a group or 30 or more)

– Prestige Ticket (Dated) – Price: 44€ (a dedicated car park with direct entry, and a glass of champagne)

  • Family Ticket (Dated) – Price: 52€ (2 adults  + 2 children, both under 18)

You may also opt for undated priority tickets if you are not sure of the date of your visit. These tickets cost a little more than dated tickets.

– Simple Ticket (Undated) – Price: 30€

– Reduced Ticket (Undated) – Price: 26€  (for people aged 6-17 or for a group or 30 or more)

– Prestige Ticket (Undated) – Price: 48€ (A dedicated car park with direct entry, and a glass of champagne)

You also have the option to couple this ticket with a trip to The Royal Serenade of the Hall of Mirrors.

– Simple Ticket (Dated) – Price: 42€

– Reduced Ticket (Dated) – Price: 35€  (for people aged 6-17 or for a group or 30 or more)

There are no undated tickets available for the combo.

10. Palace ticket + tour of the equestrian academy of Versailles

This ticket lets you visit both the attractions. The price for this ticket is 19€.

It gives you access to:

      • The Equestrian academy of Versailles (dates to be announced)
      • The Palace (including an audio guide)
      • The Coach Gallery
      • Temporary exhibitions
      • The Gardens (Fountain Shows and Musical Gardens not included)

11. Guided tours

There are several ways to tour the Palace. You may hire a car and go on your own or pick one of several tours including group tours, family and kid friendly tours, private tours and full-day bike tours. Many different tours are available in websites like Viator, Musement, Tiqets, etc. You can easily compare all the options for a guided tour from several websites  through TourScanner.

While the official site only offers basic tickets, you can buy complete packages with additional services such as lunch/dinner included, hotel pick and drop, a professional guide, etc. There are many websites selling those packages, so make sure to compare their prices on TourScanner and pick one that you find the most suitable. You can also check our specific guide to select the best guided tour of Versailles.

Also, remember that ticket prices change from provider to provider and are based on the type of the ticket purchased. For example, a basic ticket that gives you access only to the Palace is cheaper than a ticket that includes access to the Musical Gardens.

Should I include the musical fountains show and musical gardens with my Versailles tickets?

I bought a ticket to the Musical Gardens and the Musical Fountains Show, and was totally mesmerized by the beauty.

The show is beautifully orchestrated and worth your time and effort.

It costs an extra 7€ to enjoy these special shows with an exceptional firework at the end. However, the shows are performed only on selected days.

The Musical Fountains Show: On Weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) till 28 Oct., 2018

The Musical Gardens: On Fridays till 26 Oct., 2018

Is there any free admission?

Versailles Tickets are free if you are:

      • Under 18 years of age
      • An EU resident under the age of 26
      • A student
      • Teacher in a local establishment with a Pass Education
      • Disabled (+ one accompanying individual)
      • A job seeker in France
      • A recipient of minimum social benefits

You will have to provide proof to enjoy free access. However, the tours are not free except for Versailles audio tours.

Group discounts

You can get free admission if:

      • You go in a group of differently-abled individuals
      • You want to hold a school activity

There are conditions in each scenario and you may even need prior permission in some cases.

Free Sundays

Entry is free on the first Sunday of every month for five months (Nov-Mar). However note that Versailles will be super crowded during those days.

Reduced Rates

You can avail reduced rates if:

      • You hold a ticket for the Arras Musée des Beaux-Arts
      • You are a member of societies of friends of national museums
      • You hold a large family reduction card
      • You are paying the fee with a Chèques-Vacances.

The Versailles Palace reduced tickets cost 13€ and the Palace of Trianon and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate cost 6€.


If you wish to visit the Palace for more than once a year then we suggest that you pick an annual subscription.

      • SOLO (only for the subscriber) – Ticket price: €50
      • DUO (for the subscriber and any one guest) – Ticket price: €80

Both these cards give one year access to all the sections including the Fountains and Gardens with no-queue. Moreover, community rates are available when you buy these cards in bulk.

Additionally, there is also a card for those who only wish to enjoy the Gardens and Musical Fountain all year round.

The year-long pass gives access to the Gardens and Fountains at night for €22.

Are Versailles Tickets included in the Paris Pass?

Paris Pass

Every Paris passes gives you access to the Versailles Palace, including the Museum Pass, the Paris Pass and the Paris City Pass.

What places are free for everyone?

The Gallery of Coaches: Can be accessed for free in low season from 12.30pm to 5.30pm. The timing is 12.30pm to 6.30pm during high season.

The Park: Free for all, all year round.

The Gardens: Entry is free when there are no performances (Musical Gardens and Fountains Show). Nonetheless, admission is free for children under the age of six.

Skip the Line – How do you book Versailles tickets in advance? How do you skip the line?

Skip-the-line tickets are a little more expensive than regular tickets and can be bought online. The normal Skip the line ticket is the option 2 of this article and sometimes they are referred as Passport ticket with timed entry.

Where do I go if I book my tickets online in advance?

You will receive all the information in the voucher after the purchase. However, in general you can follow these instructions:

The Palace: go to Entrance A.

The Estate of Trianon: go to the Petit Trianon entrance or the Grand Trianon entrance.

The Gardens: if you’re at the palace, you can reach The Gardens through the Princes’ Courtyard. If you’re at the Park, head to the Gardens through the Queen’s Gate.

Guided Tours: head to the reception for guided tours. It is situated in the North Ministers’ Wing, near the Honour Courtyard.

However, some tours may have a different starting point, especially if you booked one online. Check details to be sure.

Can I cancel or modify my Versailles tickets?

This depends on the provider. Some may allow free cancellations while some may charge a cancellation fee based on when the tour was canceled.

A modification is typically not an option and most tickets are dated.

Make sure to read the descriptions carefully.

What is the best time to visit Versailles? What time slot should I choose for my Versailles ticket?

Versailles is almost always crowded, especially during the summer, which is also a good time to visit since winters in the city can be extreme.

Tuesdays and weekends are the busiest. Try to visit early in the morning (9am-10am) to avoid the crowds. End of the day is also a good option for this reason.

Moreover, I suggest that you go for skip-the-line tickets to avoid having to stand in queues for hours.

Operating hours are:

The Palace: 9am – 5:30pm

The Trianon Estate: 12pm – 5:30pm

The Gardens: 8am – 6pm

Do I need to print my Versailles tickets I purchased online?

You may save a copy on your phone or get a printout. They are both acceptable.

I hope I have answered all the questions you may have regarding Versailles tickets. Don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below if you have other questions. Wishing you a great visit in Versailles. Have fun !

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