hop on hop off Paris bus tours

If you’re thinking about a trip to Paris, then one of the best ways to explore the city is by using a hop on hop off bus tour. They can be a fantastic way to get around and experience the highlights of Paris, without having to spend a fortune or spend a long time trying to work out public transport. Read on to find out more about the best bus tour options to choose from in Paris, as well as what to look for, route choices and more.

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What are the best hop on hop off Paris bus tour companies?

Paris bus tours companies


Using a hop on hop off tour is a practical and great value way of exploring Paris. You’ll often get to see the main attractions much more easily as the bus will stop nearby, rather than having to work out complex maps and routes yourself. You can also learn more about the city and the sights, as many tours also include audio or live guides. Check out some of the best hop on hop off bus tours in Paris.

1 – Big Bus

Big Bus offers some of the city’s bestselling hop on hop off bus tours, and provide a great way to explore Paris with the help of a live guide.

Choose from two different routes and discover the best of the city.


The Big Bus Paris bus tour offers two fantastic routes that show off the most interesting highlights of the city, and offer a great way to get around. The Red route encompasses Paris’s most iconic and breathtaking sights, including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, while the Blue route includes the city’s artistic and bohemian quarters, near Montmartre.


The classic ticket provides hop on hop off access around Paris for 1 calendar day, with the choice of 2 different routes. The tour also includes an English speaking live guide, to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. An adult ticket costs €39 and a child ticket is priced at €19. Discounts are available when booking in advance.
For a longer trip to Paris, the premium ticket option can be a great value choice. This ticket provides access for 2 calendar days, and is valid from the first use. You can use 2 different routes, with a variety of stops all over Paris. All tours feature a live English speaking guide, as well as audio guides in other languages. An adult ticket costs €43, and a child ticket is priced at €21, with discounts available online.
If you are planning a longer visit to Paris and want to discover as much of the city as possible, the deluxe ticket can be a great choice. This provides 2 days hop on hop off access, with 2 different routes around the city. This ticket also includes a river cruise along the Seine. Adult tickets are priced at €52 and child tickets cost €26, and discounts may be available when booking online.

2 – Open Tour Paris

Open Tour offers the largest hop on hop off bus tour network in Paris, with three different routes to choose from, and stops all over the city. With free walking tours included and audio guides available in 12 languages, you can discover the city in comfort.


Open Tour offers three different routes across Paris. The Blue Line explores the west of the city, and takes you around key tourist sights around the Champs-Elysées, Eiffel Tower and more. The Green Line explores the south-east part of the city, including Notre Dame and the surrounding area, while the Red Line takes you around Montmartre and Sacre Coeur.


The one day pass allows 1 calendar day access to all routes available with Open Tour’s hop on hop off bus tours around Paris. This can be a convenient and affordable way to explore the whole of the city easily. Adult tickets cost €34, and a child ticket costs €17.
The two-day pass provides complete access to all of the routes on offer from Open Tour across Paris, with no limitations. An adult bus ticket costs €38 and a child ticket is priced at €17.
A three-day pass with Open Tour is a great option if you are visiting Paris for a few days. The ticket provides access to all of their hop on hop off routes across the city, and includes walking tours as well as facilities onboard, such as free WiFi and audio guides in 12 languages.  An adult ticket costs €42, and a child ticket costs €17.

3 – Foxity

Foxity provides a great value option for hop on hop off bus tours in Paris, with 10 stops near the major attractions in the city, as well as audio guides available for passengers in 9 different languages.


The Foxity bus tour features a single route, with 10 stops. The route explores the main city centre, with stops close to all of the city’s most popular attractions, including Opera, the Eiffel Tower, and other key monuments. With unlimited access, this can be a great way of getting around the city easily.


Foxity offer a one day pass only, which provides complete access to their full route and unlimited use. The pass includes audio guides in nine languages, as is covered during bad weather to provide a comfortable experience in all conditions. Adult tickets are priced at €24, and children under the age of 12 can travel for free, when accompanied by a paying adult. Discounts are available when booking online.

How do you find discounted hop on hop off Paris bus tours tickets?

discounted hop on hop off Paris bus tours tickets

There are some great options available when it comes to finding a hop on hop off bus tour around Paris, and it’s worth taking the time to check out the special offers and promotions available before you book. It’s often a lot cheaper to book ahead of your travel dates, rather than buying a ticket on the day, and it also means that you don’t need to worry about waiting in line to pay. Instead you can simply jump on the bus and get going!

1 – Check out discounted tickets on travel websites

bus tours travel websites

It’s a good idea to look at the price of tickets for a hop on hop off bus tour in Paris online, before booking. Look our for providers such as Headout and Getyourguide, as they will often have great deals available.

2 – Book a city pass

book a city pass

City passes are a fantastic way to explore Paris, as they will often include entry to numerous attractions and skip the line access, as well as often including bus tours and transport around the city. If you are visiting for more than a day, then they can often be a great value choice, and can also help you avoid having to wait in line for long periods.

There are several city passes available when visiting Paris, including the following:

Paris Pass

This is one of the most popular city passes in Paris, as it includes a great variety of benefits. With this pass, you’ll enjoy fast track entry to several important attractions in the city, saving you from having to wait in line. The pass also covers the entrance fee for selected attractions, including the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles and others. As well as entrance into attractions, you’ll also get a hop on hop off bus tour ticket, which provides a great way to get around.  On top of all of this, you’ll also receive a Paris Visite travelcard, which covers the cost of public transport across all buses and trains through zones 1 to 3.

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Turbo Pass

The Turbo Pass can be a useful option if you are planning a shorter visit to Paris, as it allows you to choose how many days you would like the pass to be active for. While the pass offers slightly fewer benefits, this can be a more cost effective choice for shorter stays. You’ll enjoy fast track entry to many of the key attractions around the city, as well as a Paris Visite travelcard to enjoy travel via public transport in zones 1 to 3.

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Paris Fast Pass

The Paris Fast Pass offers a range of options, for different durations from two to four day visits. You can enjoy fast track entry to over 50 sites, a river cruise along the Seine, and hop on hop off bus tour access to help you get around the city comfortably and easily. The maximum time this pass allows is four days, so if you are planning to explore for longer, you may want to consider other passes.

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We hope this page has been helpful and you can look forward to planning a great trip to Paris soon.