29 best Grand Canyon tours

From air adventures in modern choppers to outback jeep drives and hiking trips, there are all sorts of Grand Canyon tours out there. This list can help you pick the one that suits you the best.

It’s got options that depart from lively Las Vegas, others that come in from Sedona or Phoenix, and even multi-day adventures that begin on the West Coast. They invariably include eye-watering lookout points, visits to the vertigo-inducing Skywalk, and oodles of geological history and Native Indian heritage.

Let’s take a look…

From Las Vegas

1 – Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Exploring the iconic South Rim is what this day-long tour from Sin City is all about. You’ll shoot out across the desert on the jaw-dropping driveway of Route 66.

A stop at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center opens up stunning views of the Colorado River and the red-painted gorges that unfold in this corner of Arizona. From there, you can choose to hoof it on the South Rim Trail, which weaves through juniper groves to Mather Point, offering unforgettable panoramas along the way.

2 – Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

There are more thrills than you can shake a stack of Vegas casino chips at on this airborne adventure. You hop in a copter and take to the Arizonan skies.

Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the craters of long-extinct volcanos are just a taste of some of the awesome natural features you’ll spy from your plane. Then, you dip right into the Grand Canyon itself, to explore the base of the great gorge. Finally, you fly back up to the rim to clink champagne more than 300 feet atop the meanders of the Colorado River!

3 – Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour

Grand Canyon West Bus Tour

It’s the eye-watering 180-degree views of Guano Point that make any trip to the West Rim worthwhile.

This tour from Vegas puts them front and center. After traveling out past Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, you get to walk the high-perched hiking trails that lead along the tops of the canyon – some say the views of the Colorado River from there are second to none! Topping that off is Wild West immersion at the Hualapai Ranch, a place to sling pistols and ride rickety cowboy wagons.

4 – Grand Canyon West Rim and Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas with Optional Skywalk

Grand Canyon West Rim and Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas with Optional Skywalk

You can mix and match experiences on this all-round awesome pick among Grand Canyon tours to really make the most of the natural wonder.

On the dramatic West Rim, you could add on a jaunt to the gravity-defying Skywalk – a glass-bottomed bridge that’s not for the faint hearted. You might prefer to upgrade to a helicopter flight to take you right over the roaring Colorado River. Or, you could hop on the water to experience the red-rock walls from below.

5 – Grand Canyon Airplane Tour with Optional Landing and Skywalk

Grand Canyon Airplane Tour with Optional Landing and Skywalk

Prepare to gasp with awe as you rumble off the runway in Las Vegas and skim under the clouds across the Mojave on a small-body Vistaliner plane.

Below, you’ll watch as the whitewater rapids and bends of the Colorado River wiggle by cinnamon-tinged walls of rock.

You’ll be able to spy out the soaring crags of Guano Point, and even see the famous Skywalk viewing platform from the air. An optional landing heightens the experience, to include Native American exhibits and hop-on hop-off shuttle rides.

6 – Grand Canyon South Rim Bus & Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus & Helicopter Tour

The uber-famous South Rim of the Grand Canyon – the most-visited corner of the great gorge – is what’s on view on this day-long outing from the Gaming Capital of the World. Things start with a bus journey over the state line to Arizona. There, you get to walk trails along the edge of the sheer-cut ravine, learning all about the two billion years of geology that helped to forge it. Then, you hop on a helicopter and fly right over the Dragon Corridor, where a wild riverway weaves under cliffs hued in red, brown and yellow.

7 – Skip the Line: Grand Canyon Skywalk Express Helicopter Tour

Skip the Line Grand Canyon Skywalk Express Helicopter Tour

Trade the neon lights of The Strip for the rock-ribbed clifftops of Eagle Point, all by choosing this express helicopter transfer out to the amazing West Rim of the Grand Canyon. The trip from Sin City to the home of the Skywalk takes around 45 minutes each way. Then you’ll have plenty of time to gaze out across the canyons from the glass-bottomed viewing platform, all before exploring the ancestral home of the Hualapai Indian Nation.

8 – Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip from Las Vegas

Get the adrenaline glands a-pumping by swapping classic sightseeing Grand Canyon tours with this hands-on adventure outing. It all takes place on the roaring courses of the Colorado River. You’ll follow the waterway on a raft under the guidance of a Native American leader, going for 40 miles between red-rock cliffs and challenging rapids. You’ll make the odd stop to see terraced waterfalls and hidden sections of the canyon.

9 – Grand Canyon All-Inclusive: Helicopter & River Cruise

Grand Canyon All-Inclusive Airplane, Helicopter & River Cruise

No sandstone slab is left unturned on Grand Canyon tours. The day begins with a scenic journey through the Mojave Desert, with the Hoover Dam whizzing past your window. Then, you’ll touch down on the edge of the fabled lookout points of the West Rim and board a helicopter. That’s your ride for a descent of more than 4,000 feet. Landing at the canyon’s base, you enjoy a pontoon cruise right on the Colorado River itself. Amazing stuff!

10 – Grand Canyon West Rim Deluxe Sunset Helicopter Tour

grand canyon helicopter sunset tour
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Not all helicopter-based Grand Canyon tours are made equal, you know! Just take this high-class ride in a deluxe craft. It zips out of Vegas in the early evening, to see Lake Mead as the sun is dipping low on the horizon. You touch dusty ground on the high-perched outlooks of the West Rim, where you’ll be treated to fine champagne tipples and nibbles as twilight starts to descend on the Arizonan outback. Returning to the city, you also get a chance to see the famous Strip all lit up with bright lights and neon.

11 – Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour

If you’re hitting Vegas for just a few days but are dying to see the mighty walls of the Grand Canyon, this zip-in, zip-out copter tour could be just what’s needed. It takes under four hours from start to finish, which means you can be back at the Bellagio’s blackjack tables in time for lunch. Journeys include glimpses of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, all before a pitstop atop a bluff for sparkling wine and a light lunch.

12 – Complete Grand Canyon + Private Flights

Complete Grand Canyon + Private Flights

Score tickets on a private air transfer across to the Grand Canyon and you can be gawking at the glorious views of the West Rim in around just 45 minutes. Once there, you’ll find yourself jumping on a helicopter that dives over 1,000 meters into the heart of the wonder. Later, you can choose to add on a visit to the see-through platforms of the Skywalk. And there’s a stop at the Hualapai Indian Village, where you’ll learn about the local tribes, their heritage and history.

13 – Grand Canyon West Rim: Skywalk, Helicopter, and Boat Add-Ons

Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk, Helicopter, and Boat Add-Ons

Moments of wonder abound on this day-long odyssey through the Arizonan backcountry. Things start with glimpses of the awesome Hoover Dam. Then, you’re navigating the strange landscapes of the Joshua Tree Forest. And then you’re right at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon itself. That’s home to the legendary Skywalk – a glass-bottomed walkway with thousands of feet of drop right underneath. You can also drop in some adrenaline by choosing the pontoon boat and helicopter extras, or unravel some regional history at the Hualapai Indian ranch.

14 – Grand Canyon in a Day: Hummer Tour from Las Vegas

grand canyon hummer tour
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See the Wild West in true American style on this high-energy Hummer tour of the Grand Canyon and its rugged surroundings. It promises to be the sort of adventure that a traditional coach trip could only dream of offering. As the engine fires up, you’ll be whisked away. Your hardy ride takes you close to the edge of the Canyon and you can even visit one of the deepest sections of the national park.

15 – From Las Vegas: Antelope and Grand Canyon Tour

From Las Vegas Antelope and Grand Canyon Sunrise Tour

Two full days of immersion in the canyons and bluffs of Arizona is on offer from this 48-hour tour. It whisks you away from the casinos and straight across the Hoover Dam. You’ll conquer sections of the legendary Route 66 on your way to see the red-rock heart of Antelope Canyon (an amazing, water-forged gorge with unique geological features). However, the real zenith surely has to be the show across the Grand Canyon, with stirring visions of light shooting down towards the depths of the Colorado River.

16 – 3-Day Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Park

3-Day Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and Zion National Park

If the bright lights of The Strip and the buzz of the Bellagio are getting just a little too much, you might want to trade Sin City for the wilder wonders of the great American outdoors. Cue these three-day Grand Canyon tours through some of the most gorgeous reserves in the West. You’ll begin your tour with a visit to Zion and Bryce National Parks, before hitting up Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley. Then, you’ll end off with an epic finale at the Grand Canyon.

From Grand Canyon South Rim (Tusayan)

17 – 45-Minute Helicopter Flight Over the Grand Canyon from Tusayan, Arizona

Grand Canyon West Rim Deluxe Sunset Helicopter Tour

You’ll cross from the famous South Rim to the more remote North Rim in just a matter of minutes on these flyover Grand Canyon tours. Jetting out of Tusayan, you first zip over the mighty ponderosas of the Kaibab National Forest and wonder at the vast ochre dunes of the Painted Desert. After dropping low to see the layers and layers of ancient stone that make up Marble Canyon, you then fly into the midst of Dragon Corridor – it’s one of the widest and most dramatic corners of the whole gorge, and a fitting highlight of the tour.

18 – Grand Canyon: Discovery Air Tour

Grand Canyon Discovery Air Tour

They say there’s no better way to appreciate the majesty of the Grand Canyon than by hitting the skies. That’s precisely what’s on offer from this 40-minute flyover tour. It leaves from the Grand Canyon South Airport, which means you won’t have to travel far before you get to see the colossal gorge and surrounding amazements. As you go, you’ll be able to spot the confluence of the Little Colorado River. There’s the great dash of greenery that is the Kaibab National Forest, home to the world’s tallest ponderosa pines. And you can glimpse Imperial Point, clocking up more than 8,000 feet in height to rise as the mightiest of the North Rim lookouts.

19 – Grand Canyon South Rim Jeep Tour with Transport from Tusayan

Grand Canyon South Rim Jeep Tour with Transport from Tusayan

Going off road and into the wild with help from a hardy jeep is the perfect way to get a feel for the character of the Grand Canyon. You’ll be picked from Tusayan at your chosen time and whisked right to the edge of the South Rim. There, you can find lookout points without the crowds, and learn all about the enthralling geological past of the landscape. And when you’re done outdoors? The outing finishes with entry to the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center, which has an immersive IMAX feature all about the region.

From Sedona, Flagstaff or Williams

20 – Ultimate Grand Canyon Day Trip from Flagstaff or Sedona

Ultimate Grand Canyon Day Trip from Flagstaff or Sedona

These aren’t titled the ultimate Grand Canyon tours for nothing! Fusing tales of age-old tribes with stories of geology and local flora, they are packed with more amazing factoids than you can poke a walking stick at. The trip encompasses the popular lookout points of the South Rim, but also throws in journeys along the lesser-known East Rim. As you go, you’ll stop at the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, a dramatic cinder cone that rises above Flagstaff. And there’s a chance to glimpse the haunting ruins of the Wupatki National Monument, the onetime home of the ancient Pueblo peoples.

21 – Grand Canyon South Rim Day Trip from Sedona

Grand Canyon South Rim Day Trip from Sedona

It’s all about the amazing South Rim on this 11-hour jaunt across the edge of the Grand Canyon. A dedicated guide is always at hand to offer insights into the billions of years of geology that led to the creation of the mighty gorge. Be sure to ask all your questions before pulling up at the Grand Canyon Village, where you find majestic views across the bluffs and cliffs. From there, the trip continues to the altitudinous lookouts of the East Rim. Or, you can throw in a ride on the historic Grand Canyon Railway, which chugs through pine forests and Mojave scrub for 64 scenic miles.

22 – Grand Canyon Luxury Tour from Sedona

Grand Canyon Experience Tour by Luxury Trekker from Sedona

The scents of pine will billow past in the desert breezes as you whiz along the dusty roadways to the rims of the Grand Canyon in a luxury vehicle. It’s a fine way to travel, and a darn great way to take in this jaw-dropping corner of the USA. The day includes pitstops at the South Rim, as well as lunch at the famous El Tovar Lodge. On the way back, you’ll also get to admire the Little Colorado River and Painted Desert.

23 – Grand Canyon Railway Adventure Package

Grand Canyon Railway Adventure Package

Take a journey into the heart of the Old West and channel your inner Clint Eastwood on this amazing railway odyssey through the wild lands of northern Arizona. Things get rolling with gunslinger shootouts at the age-old Williams Depot. If you survive the showdown, you can board the Grand Canyon Railway and rattle on tracks that were first laid back in 1901. As you travel, musicians perform ad hoc campfire songs and views of surrounding pine forests unfold – just be sure to watch out for train robbers! Stopping at the Grand Canyon Depot, there’s plenty of souvenir shopping, and the chance to grab motor tours deeper into the national park to boot.

From Phoenix

24 – Small-Group Deluxe Grand Canyon Day Trip

Small-Group Deluxe Grand Canyon Day Trip

This 13-hour tour through the heart of Arizona makes the most of the transfer from the Valley of the Sun to the Grand Canyon. Heading north, you might just spy out the cathedral bluffs of the Coconino National Forest. You’ll see lonely cacti in the sun-scorched Sonoran Desert. And you’ll follow the courses of old Route 66. The climax comes at a height of more than 1,800 meters above sea level, where you emerge onto a soaring lookout right above the Colorado River, beginning a scenic montage of the fabled East Rim Drive.

25 – Grand Canyon Airplane Trip From Phoenix

Experience the mighty gorge from both the air and the earth on these two-in-one Grand Canyon tours. Departing from Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, you’ll take to the skies for some incredible views of Arizona, with the high point of course being the panoramas of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Upon landing, you’ll switch over to a helicopter to descend into the canyon. Then, you can test your mettle on the Skywalk and have lunch at Guano Point. Go for a quick hike if you wish before your return flight.

26 – Grand Canyon via Sedona and Navajo Reservation from Phoenix

Grand Canyon via Sedona and Navajo Reservation

You’ll be able to infuse a sightseeing jaunt to the Grand Canyon with an immersive intro into the traditions of the Navajo Nation, all by opting for this enticing multi-faceted tour. It includes glimpses of some of Arizona’s most celebrated backcountry, from the untamed Sonoran Desert to tree-filled Oak Creek Canyon. Then, you’ll be treated to lookout points above the East Rim and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

From Los Angeles

27 – Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce and Zion Tour From Los Angeles

Las Vegas & Grand Canyon West Rim Tour From Los Angeles

It might be over 400 miles from the City of Angels to the bluffs of the Grand Canyon, but there’s no reason you can’t catch a sighting of the massive gorge while kicking it on the West Coast. Take this 4-day exploration of the Wild West. It begins in Los Angeles, and then heads across to fun-filled Vegas for a night at the casino tables. In the morning, you move on to the Grand Canyon for an engaging exploration of the park. For the remainder of your multi-day trip, you’ll hit up Antelope Canyon as well as Bryce and Zion National Parks.

From San Francisco

28 – 4 Days Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon & Lake Powell

4 Days Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon & Lake Powell

These four-day Grand Canyon tours let you leave behind the hills and chowder stands of San Fran for a taste of cowboy country. Things start strong as you whizz into the Mojave and straight to the hedonistic casino halls of Sin City. From there, you break away to the Horseshoe Bend and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon itself. There are viewpoints and panoramic trails to enjoy before you push deeper into Arizona and hit Antelope Canyon. Stops at Lake Powell and the Navajo Nation are all welcome extras before the return back to California.

29 – 6 Days Yosemite, Las Vegas & Grand Canyon South Rim

4 Days Yosemite, Las Vegas & Grand Canyon South Rim

There’s simply no end to the breathtaking sights on this expedition through the glorious landscapes of California, Nevada and Arizona. Jaunts to the paradisiacal reaches of Yosemite Valley, topped by El Cap and the Half Dome, are usually enough to leave guests speechless. But then you get to add to the experience with a journey to the famed Grand Canyon. Oh, and you’ll get to experience the bright-light enjoyments of Las Vegas to boot!

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Wishing you an excellent time at the Grand Canyon!

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