things to do in Hobart, Tasmania

It may be near the bottom of the world, but the fun in this city is of the highest quality!

As the biggest city in Tasmania – itself a wild, wondrous Australian state off the coast of the mainland -, Hobart’s distinctive character is shaped as much by the distinctive landscape as its unusual history.

Once a popular landing point for prisoners and ne’er-do-wells, this dynamic little burg has had one heck of a renaissance, with historical sites and quirky cultural offerings galore – including some of the oldest establishments in the whole country!

But of course, the great outdoors still beckons as well, with some of the country’s greatest hikes and wildlife refuges right nearby, plus sights that look like they came straight out of National Geographic.

So let’s dive into the rugged, the hip, and everything in between, as we explore some of the coolest things to do in Hobart!

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1 – Let yourself be baffled at the MONA Museum

MONA Museum, Hobart

Start your trip off right with a leisurely jaunt through one of the region’s best and most delightfully strange institutions. To say that MONA is an art museum is technically true, but it doesn’t encompass just how ambitious, welcoming, and utterly eccentric it is.

Created and curated by renowned art collector David Walsh, the space focuses on curating fascinating works from history and the present, with exhibits that very often push the boundaries of what’s considered art.

Each gallery is a world unto itself, with different forms and ideas bursting forth in every corner.

And with the eclectic pieces grouped together more by themes – including popular topics like sexuality and mortality -, you’ll get the chance to experience the works as one big, sometimes baffling mass, separated from their original times and brought together again in thought-provoking forms.

It’s a great crash course on the city’s artistic side, and a memorable one too!

2 – Explore beautiful Bruny Island

Bruny Island, Tasmania

Just 20 minutes from the city by ferry, Bruny Island is a windswept testament to Tasmania’s nautical history. And it’s also got some unique treasures, both cultural and natural, to explore!

Stand in the shadow of the impressive Cape Bruny Lighthouse, and soak up the amazing stories of terrifying shipwrecks and the brave keepers that once watched over the structure and the sea beyond.

Then wander around to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife, from possums and wallabies to seals and penguins frolicking in the water!

And with culinary delights such as cheese, chocolate, and oysters, you can always be sure of a good meal after a day of exploring.

3 – Learn about Hobart’s history and landmarks on a walking tour

walking tours in Hobart

With such a rich culture and beautiful landscape, it’s little wonder that this city is packed with walking tours!

Whether you’re roaming through the  vibrant historic quarter, enjoying the verdant colors of the botanic gardens, or sipping a few rounds at some of the local pubs, it’s a wonderfully accessible way to dive into the city – and you’ll see amazing things that you might not catch from a bus!

While Hobart only dates back to the 1800s, it’s brimming with intrigue, the kind of place where distinctive sandstone buildings and bustling harbors sit side by side.

Stroll through the architectural timeline of the city, with influences borrowed from Georgian and Victorian methods.

Along the way, you’ll also get to take in the fascinating stories of each space, from the marvelous Town Hall to the charming homes of Battery Point, which once housed prominent politicians and whalers alike.

Grab your best sneakers and start exploring!

4 – Delve into nature at Maria Island

Maria Island, Tasmania

The windswept beauty of Maria Island is not to be missed; a truly spectacular meeting of land and water, it draws the visitors into a wild world like few others.

An irresistible blend of powerful coastal landscapes and stunning mountains, it’s the kind of place where you can watch the gentle arc of swimming whales one minute, then look upwards to see spectacular birds in flight, all framed by stark cliffs and pounding waves.

And there are even some historical points of note as well; trips include a stop at the Darlington Probation Station, one of the earliest prison facilities in the nation, which first opened in 1824.

It’s a stunning introduction to the famously pristine wilderness!

5 – Stroll through a world of plants at Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

There’s nothing quite like a garden stroll to liven up an afternoon, and this massive green space is certainly a great place for it!

Opened in 1818, this 14 hectare (34.5 acre) paradise is filled with some of the finest plants in the region, plus a few guest appearances from overseas.

Along with an impressive assortment of succulents, palms, and herbs, you can admire local flora curated by visiting French adventurers, stunning offerings from China and Japan, and even a greenhouse full of rare sub-Antarctic species!

Throw in some historical cuttings and a wonderful community garden, and you have a park that’s educational, helpful, and beautiful… a winning combination!

6 – Discover the wonders of Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Even in comparison with the other jaw-dropping views around town, Mount Wellington is hard to miss! It’s something of an iconic site, towering high above the city skyline; and it’s even more amazing to explore up close, with abundant plants and wildlife, plus some pretty remarkable trails that are perfect for a refreshing hike.

Explore densely forested areas and admire cascading waterfalls, then enjoy remarkable panoramic views of the metropolis from its highest vantage point.

In the winter, you can even stop by for a bit of fun in the snow!

You can go on some excellent hiking tours, or check out a different side of the trail network on some exciting bike tours.

And of course, you’ll want plenty of time to linger and reflect on all the nuances of this marvelous mountain!

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Candlelight Concerts: A Musical Soiree in Hobart

candlelight concerts in Hobart

Embark on an enchanting journey with candlelight concerts in Hobart, where music and ambiance combine to create an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the warm glow of flickering candles as live performances span classical, jazz, and contemporary genres, offering something for every musical palate. From the historic charm of St. David’s Cathedral to the intimate setting of Salamanca Arts Centre, these concerts provide a magical evening for all who attend.

7 – Pay a visit to Iron Pot Lighthouse

Iron Pot Lighthouse, Tasmania

Another maritime beacon with a flair all its own, Iron Pot Lighthouse is no mere relic – it’s actually the second-oldest structure of its kind in all of Australia!

Built in 1832, it helped shepherd Tasmania through its earliest years as a shipping port, guiding sailors through the Derwent River and out to sea.

Amazingly, the structure is still in use today, although it’s seen some updates over the years; nowadays, the light is powered completely by energy from the sun.

And it remains an architectural marvel as well, with a blunt, square shape that’s charming and almost cartoonish.

You can see it on excursions around Storm Bay, which is still a bustling boating area in its own right, and a beloved part of the local landscape.

8 – See it all at your leisure on the hop on hop off bus tours

bus tours in Hobart

It’s time for an adventure… on your own terms! Hop on Hop off Bus Tours are perfect for seeing a little bit of everything; they cover all of the best spots in town (and even Mt. Wellington! in a convenient, efficient format.

While you’re on the bus, you can enjoy some world-class commentary to complement the scenery; and if you want to explore any spot further, just “hop off” at the nearest stop and roam around.

And once you’re ready to go, you can just “hop on” the next bus that comes by, and continue you on your journey… until you see another spot that you want to check out, that is.

With 24 hour and 48 hour options, you can get your fill of the city in a footloose fashion!

9 – Use kayaking to discover new worlds

kayaking tours in Hobart

From the streets to the sea… it’s time to see the city like the sailors do! But never fear; kayaking has a much lower barrier for entry – and it’s tons of fun!

These tours are the perfect way to explore a place like Hobart, which is so deeply interconnected with the surrounding rivers and oceans.

Paddle along the  scenic waterways in the middle of town, enjoying the energetic thrum of the harbors and the beauty of the different neighborhoods.

You may even be able to stop for some classic fish and chips!

Or go on a real adventure with a 10-hour jaunt all along the magnificent Tasman Peninsula, a wild land of seals, shipwrecks, and breathtaking views.

From the shoreline to the waterfront, there’s nothing like a floating vantage point!

10 – Find a bit of everything at Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market, Hobart

Looking for a filling snack, a good coffee, or an utterly unique tchotchke to bring back home? Then bring yourself – and your various appetites – over to this thriving market, one of the most iconic things to do in Hobart!

A welcoming crowd of over 300 stalls provides an atmosphere that’s wonderfully overwhelming, offering everything you could possibly want to eat and drink, plus a whole range of cool crafts developed by local artists.

Running every Saturday along Salamanca Place – a lively neighborhood in its own right, filled with top-notch eateries and art spaces housed in lovely former industrial buildings -, it’s an ideal stop for browsers and hardcore foodies alike.

While you’re strolling around, check out some of the many lovely historic buildings lining the lane, including Parliament House, the impressive home of Tasmania’s political processes.

11 – Learn the tales of prisoners at Port Arthur (Unesco World Heritage Site)

Port Arthur, Tasmania

When a place has been deemed worthy of UNESCO status, you know that it’s going to be an interesting time! Port Arthur, with its fascinating cultural details and visually compelling location, is a particularly excellent specimen!

Within these weathered walls and in every crevice of the old buildings, there’s a poignant story being told, one that explores one of the largest incarceration systems ever made.

Starting in 1830, it played a major role in Tasmanian history, hosting scores of convicts who also helped build the very community in which they were imprisoned.

It was most famous as a shipbuilding center, and after the official facility closed in the 1850s, it became more of a place of cultural interest.

And the complex remains a fascinating, multi-tiered artifact, with over 30 different buildings and facilities presenting the stories of its past residents in vivid detail.

There are few more important places to learn about this long, strange chapter of Australia’s past.

12 – Take a deep dive into nature and culture at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart

It may not be quite as eccentric as the MONA Museum (see #1), but this renowned cultural institution offers its own perspective into the lively local arts scene… and much more!

Focusing on culture and history in equal measure, the museum has been drawing visitors since it first came on the scene in 1863, showcasing the arts and sciences of the state.

The collection stretches back a whopping 12,000 years to the earliest Indigenous tribes, highlighting the beautiful creative pieces and the compelling stories of their culture.

Then it’s onwards through the millennia, with decorative furniture, fine china, and vivid paintings representing the many evolving creative forces over time.

But of course, you can also take in the broad spectrum of science and society as well; their diverse exhibits include everything from Roman coins and artifacts from colonization to the remains of the recently extinct thylacine, better known as the Tasmanian tiger.

Stop by and get to know the beauty of the island… in more ways than one!

13 – Meet some of Australia’s coolest creatures at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Tasmania

Let’s face it… coming to Tasmania and not seeing Tasmanian devils would simply be sacrilege! Don’t believe what you may have seen in certain cartoons; these charming marsupials might be lively and a bit aggressive, but they’re also fascinating, complex creatures worthy of study.

And Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, located just half an hour from the city, is the perfect place to see them – and lots more!

This gorgeous facility serves as a rehabilitation center for some of the local creatures, including kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, and of course, the Tassies themselves.

During your visit, you won’t just be able to see some of the region’s most amazing species up close and personal; you’ll also get to learn all about the organization’s many conservation efforts, from wildlife hospitals to breeding initiatives.

It’s truly the best of both worlds, and a must for animal lovers!

14 – Savor the low-key delights of Richmond

Richmond, Tasmania

If you want to venture a little bit from town and see some truly historic attractions, Richmond may be just the ticket! Wine-lovers will be in paradise; this little burg is located right in the Coal River Valley, which is famous for its extensive vineyards.

But you can also stroll along the lovely streets and enjoy the intermingling of styles and eras, with trendy shops and cafes sharing blocks with remarkably well-preserved buildings such as the oldest jail in Australia.

You can enjoy another dose of history with a leisurely stroll along the Richmond Bridge, a lovely sandstone structure that has been in continuous use for nearly 200 years.

And if you really want to dive into the rich past of the area, check out the Old Hobart Town Model Village, which is filled with charming, pint-sized recreations of the city’s earliest days.

Enjoy all of the charms of rural life, without skimping on the cool sites!

15 – Stroll around the Hobart Waterfront

Hobart Waterfront

With such fine aquatic surroundings, it’s no wonder that Hobart boasts a world-class waterfront – and you don’t even need to be a boater to enjoy it!

With distinguished monuments, mouthwatering restaurants, and an endless array of shops, there’s more than enough activity to keep you entertained – and the views aren’t half bad, either!

Constitution Dock is the perfect stop for boat fans, housing some of the best fleets in the area; if you’ve ever wanted to watch the ships come and go, or do a little bit of window-shopping, now’s your chance.

And you can soak up even more of the atmosphere at Victoria Dock, where heaps of fishing vessels still come and go just as they have since it opened in 1891.

There are few better places to enjoy a fresh breeze and some great visuals!

16 – Spend some time hiking and beachcombing around Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

The shape of the coastline is what gave this lovely spot its name, and a visit to Wineglass Bay is almost as relaxing as a big glass of vino!

The lush scenery (think pink granite mountains) and ample outdoor activities (it has some of the best hiking in the region) have made it a beloved spot for national and international travelers, the kind of place where you can truly unwind and enjoy the wild world.

And when you’re not trekking through the woods or enjoying the nearly transparent ocean waters, you can explore the rest of Freycinet National Park, the remarkable ecosystem that encompasses the bay… and so much more!

With the intersection of mountains and ocean, it’s an utterly breathtaking scene, and showcases the best that the east coast has to offer!

17 – Absorb the views and adventures at Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

And while we’re on the subject of beautiful outdoor areas… This park isn’t just renowned for its sights; it also offers some of the best plant and animal-viewing in the region, as well as some fantastic outdoor activities.

Whether you’re camping in the pristine wilderness, wandering past vibrant meadows of wildflowers, or exploring the long legacies of the local Aboriginal tribes, it’s a remarkable place to unwind and connect with the great outdoors.

Go for a swim or do some fishing along the beautiful shoreline, or trek out further along the peninsula to explore the lush forested areas, with the stately, ridged outlines of the Hazards mountain range to keep you company.

And if you want some help deciding where to start your adventure, there are some excellent tours to help you get acquainted with the park’s highlights.

18 – Get out and explore the local waters on a few boat tours

boat tours in Hobart

If you can’t get enough of the water around here (and we don’t blame you!), you’re in luck – there are boat tours galore for you to try!

Whether you’re puttering through the harbor or visiting nearby ecosystems, you’ll be able to enjoy a unique vantage point that’s also a fun ride in and of itself.

Enjoy a splendid wilderness cruise through ecological hotspots like Bruny Island (see #2) or Maria Island, famed for its active population of wombats.

Or stay closer to town and enjoy a leisurely cruise around the harbor, enjoying a fabulous panorama of bays, buildings, and botanical gardens.

There’s nothing quite like the sights from a ship!

19 – Indulge in the natural smorgasbord of Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

Even by the amazing standards of the local national parks, Mount Field is an exceptional place! Not only is it one of the oldest protected landscapes in Tasmania, but it’s also one of its most varied, with a whole mosaic of natural wonder to explore .

Mountainous terrain, crisp, glacier-fed lakes, and towering eucalyptus groves are just some of the spectacular sights on offer, and a long, scenic hike is a great way to take it all in at length.

Gaze at the effects of erosion, watch for wildlife, and explore the great diversity of the area, where you can see everything from pristine snowbanks to intricate systems of fungi.

And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for even more cool creatures; watch for wedge-tailed eagles gliding overhead, skim the bushes for a glimpse of the rare eastern quoll, or take an unforgettable evening stroll to Russell Falls to see brilliant displays of glowworms shining like an earthbound galaxy.

Take some time to get out and go a little wild in this amazing ecosystem!

20 – Gather up the freshest eats at Farm Gate Markets

Farm Gate Markets, Hobart

If you’re looking for more ways to shop local, and really craving some fresh goods, Farm Gate Market has got you covered! Each and every Sunday, the neighborhood comes to life like the world’s greatest garden, with stalls flowing over with fruit, vegetables, scrumptious seafood, and savory herbs – it’s the perfect one-stop shop for truly organic options!

And if you’re looking for something to eat while you’re browsing, they also boast plenty of food trucks, with cuisines that run the gamut of global cultures… with plenty of regional representation, of course!

Drop by with some good walking shoes and an empty stomach, because this place is a true culinary treasure!

21 – Explore the beaches and seascapes of the Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Peninsula

If you’re looking for an utterly unforgettable spot to visit, you can’t miss the Tasman Peninsula…after all, it’s intricately connected with the state itself! As one of the most scenic and popular parts of the island, it’s a true geographical delight… and a picturesque place to drive around!

Rugged coastal views instantly transport you to the furthest realms of civilization, where seals might be sharing your route, and every turn reveals breathtaking scenery.

Peer into caves battered by the sea, and spend a day truly immersed in the landscape – it’s a great reminder of how wonderfully wild this region truly is!

22 – Nibble your way through some food tours

food tours in Hobart

Is all of this adventuring making you a bit hungry? Just join one of the excellent food tours in Hobart! There’s a surprisingly robust culinary scene here, helped along by the unique growing seasons and fertile land.

These trips are a great way to sample the goods – literally! -, but they’re also ideal for learning more about the local culture, as you visit different eateries and chat with some of the passionate cooks that make the scene here so memorable.

Whether your tastes run more to the savory (think fine cheeses and fresh oysters) or sweet (like rich fudges and local honeys), you’ll be able to indulge in some truly marvelous treats; and they pair perfectly with all of the sightseeing excursions you can enjoy along the way!

23 – Use airplane tours to get some jaw-dropping views

airplane tour in Hobart

Alright, you’ve done your tours of the land and the sea… now off to the skies! When you embark on an airplane tour, you’ll get a view of the city – and the surrounding landscape – like nowhere else, laid out with a level of detail that is simultaneously gigantic and scaled down.

Gaze at the layout of Hobart or the gorgeous terrain of Maria Island and Wineglass Bay, or get a unique perspective on Mount Wellington as you glide over the top of it!

And heck, while you’re up there, why not try taking over the controls?

Book a flying lesson in Hobart, and take a crack at navigating one of these delightful little aircraft; it makes the whole journey that much more thrilling!

You’ll never see the land quite the same way again!

24 – Learn about a sobering chapter of the past at Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site, Hobart
Credit to Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

The name of this place will certainly draw your attention… and it boasts a compelling story to match! Believe it or not, women were actually not present on this little island at the beginning; it wasn’t until later, when boats of female convicts started arriving, that the government created a “factory” to put them to work in the manufacturing trades.

It was far from an easy life, with harsh conditions and constant labor; and while the inmate’s work played a role in shaping the country, it came at great personal and physical cost.

Today, you can tour the whole length of the factory where they once toiled away – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and gain some fascinating insights into their daily lives, as well as the ongoing, often unsung roles of women in the shaping of the nation.

25 – Feast around the world without leaving town at Street Eats @ Franko

Street Eats @ Franko, Hobart
Credit to Street Eats @ Franko

Another great place to search for your next meal, this market has everything you could possibly want to nibble or sip on… and it’s perfect for night owls! Every Friday from December to April, Franklin Square bursts forth with color, sound, and mouthwatering smells, offering one of the hippest hangouts in town.

Unlike its daytime counterparts, this vibrant complex blooms into being in the evenings, with a fun, vibrant atmosphere to match.

Take your time checking out the broad selections – from local meat and pizzas to street foods from Indonesia, Venezuela, and Sri Lanka -, all while enjoying the steady soundtrack of live music.

It’s one of the coolest things to do in Hobart, and you’re sure to come away satisfied!

26 –  Pick your poison with beer, wine & cider tours

drinks experiences near Hobart

Let’s face it… you can’t live out the old adage “eat, drink, and be merry” without enjoying a beverage or two! And the city provides no shortage of options, with an incredible array of beer, wine & cider tours to keep you occupied… often with a designated driver included!

Whether you’re venturing out to the luscious vineyards nearby or sipping the finest spirits right in town, it’s a great way to get to know the local scene – and maybe find some new favorite drinks along the way!

Be sure to leave time for a trip to Cascade Brewery on your jaunt; as the oldest brewery in the country, it offers a fantastic setting worthy of its legacy, with beautifully landscaped gardens and fresh beers made with water straight from Mt. Wellington!

27 – Enjoy some downtime at St David’s Park

St David’s Park in Hobart

While it may have somewhat somber origins, this beautiful park has become a welcoming community fixture today. Its tranquil grounds once served a very different purpose as the final resting place for hundreds of the city’s residents; it was actually the first graveyard ever built in the city!

It underwent a significant makeover for use as a public park in the 1920s, and today, it showcases bits and pieces of all of these eras, with gorgeous trees, majestic statues, and some of the original headstones still carefully preserved.

Stop by for a relaxing stroll, with some history thrown in!

28 – Get some stories with your sightseeing at Mount Nelson Lookout

Mount Nelson Lookout, Tasmania

With such an isolated location, it’s little wonder that effective communication with the outside world played a huge role in the state’s development… and at least one project resulted in a pretty great tourist attraction!

Back in the early days of European settlement, Mount Nelson’s lofty perch was used as a signal station setup, relaying messages throughout the island.

But such a spectacular view couldn’t stay unused forever, and the lookout point is now perfect for tourists (and locals) hoping to get a great glimpse of the surrounding area.

Admire the bay and the city around you, and take a look at the retired signal station itself – a relic of the old days.

Then head back down the hill through the gorgeous Truganini Reserve, where flowers and trees envelop you in a sensory wonderland that’s utterly thrilling.

29 – See the countryside the delicious way with some wine tours

wine tastings in Hobart

Looking to learn more about the local varieties of vino? Then prepare your palate for some excellent wine tours!

Tasmania offers some of the best varieties in the country, and these tours offer more than just great tastes; they’re also a wonderful way to get to know the people that cultivate these phenomenal drinks.

Better still, these trips often include some classic attractions as part of the bargain; for instance, you can enjoy the world-renowned strains at the picturesque Moorilla winery, then head over to the fascinating MONA Museum (see #1), which is located right on the grounds.

Get acquainted with the reds and whites in style!

30 – Ponder the nautical past at the Maritime Museum of Tasmania

Maritime Museum of Tasmania in Hobart
credit to Maritime Museum of Tasmania

At this interactive and engaging spot, you can do more than just read about the long history of seafaring industries here… you can feel like you’re right in it!

The marine legacies here stretch back thousands of years, to the earliest Indigenous residents; and over the centuries, the vessels – and their uses – evolved consistently, right up to the busy fishing industry we still see today.

As you tour the space, you’ll be able to explore these stories from every angle, and delve into the fascinating aspects of Tasmanian nautical life, including the many voyages to neighboring Antarctica!

And of course, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to learn about the ships themselves, whether you’re perusing the detailed photographic collection depicting different vehicles, or admiring the lovely May Queen, which once served a vital role in the trading industry.

After a day here, you may feel like taking to the water yourself!

31 – Gaze up (and up, and up….) at the World’s Tallest Trees At The Styx Reserve

World's Tallest Trees at Styx Reserve Tasmania

Tasmania really is a place of milestones; not only is it the southernmost place in Australia – and one of the furthest locations on Earth -, but it also features the tallest trees on the planet!

As you wander through the dense forest just a couple of hours from Hobart, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into the primeval era; gentle rivers wind their way through thick forests of ferns and myrtle trees that form a welcoming shelter.

And of course, the centerpieces of all this beauty are the massive eucalyptuses, soaring above the scene, with a size and power rivaled by few others.

Some of these magnificent specimens can be as tall as 90 meters – nearly 295 feet high -, and have been standing for more than 500 years!

To wander in their shadow is to truly be awed and humbled by the power of nature, unbridled; and the rest of the reserve is no slouch either, with plants of all types and fascinating animal residents such as cockatoos and platypus.

Come by and take a good long look at these incredible giants!

32 – Try expertly crafted drinks at Sullivans Cove

Sullivans Cove, Hobart

For another great glimpse of the area’s renowned beverage scene, swing by this hip, friendly distillery, which has been purveying fine spirits since 1994.

The owners are focused on promoting the Australian whisky industry by offering up all kinds of quality creations, all created in the single cask style.

And luckily, you can do more than just learn here… you can sample the results!

Take a tour to see the ins and outs of the intricate production process, or book a tasting to try a whole selection of their finest creations.

You can even combine the two activities for a fully immersive experience of this pioneering place and the smooth, delicious drinks that it offers up.

It’ll certainly make a fan out of you!

33 – Romp around the canopy at Tahune Forest AirWalk

Tahune Forest AirWalk, Tasmania
Credit to Tahune Adventures

If you’re looking for some pretty adventurous ways to get out in nature, head a bit out of town and look up – waaaay up! Tahune Forest AirWalk is not for the faint of heart, but it’s an excursion well worth taking!

Hovering 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) above the landscape, this massive suspension bridge offers a perspective that’s normally reserved for the bugs and birds; and as you stroll along, you can enjoy the amazing diversity of the treetops and the waterways in greater detail.

Watch for wildlife, breathe the fresh air, and gaze out over the lush woods and hills beyond.

Then it’s across the bridges, over the flowing rivers, and back to the ground – unless, of course, you choose to indulge in some of the other airborne activities nearby, such as “hang gliding” over the forest whilst safely attached to a cable.

It’s an elevated perspective in more ways than one!

34 – Enjoy the beauty of St. David’s Cathedral

St. David's Cathedral, Hobart

Of all the amazing cultural things to do in Hobart, a visit to this church may be among the most fascinating! It’s a unique example of Victorian British architecture in a transplanted form, with distinctive Neo-Gothic elements and an impressive atmosphere that has drawn worshippers and travelers alike for almost 130 years.

And it’s certainly a labor of love; the whole construction process took a whopping 68 years!

Listen to the thunderous ring of the bells as you absorb the beauty of this feat of human endeavor up close.

35 – Soak up the loveliness of Hobart’s Waterfalls

Hobart's Waterfalls

On the natural side of things, you can easily spend a whole day wandering from one gorgeous waterfall to the next… and all of them are conveniently close to town! Admire the layered cascades of Strickland Falls, or the fairytale-like aesthetics of Silver Falls.

Enjoy the tall, flowing columns of O’Grady’s Falls, or hike out to Wellington Falls, an impressive display right in the midst of Wellington National Park.

And don’t miss the small but mighty Myrtle Gully Falls, which offer the same level of charm without the lengthy hike.

Better yet, go and see several of them, and joyfully lose yourself in these gorgeous scenes!

36 – Enjoy a thrilling day of sailing

sailing in Hobart

For a slightly different take on the boating life, hoist the jib and embark on some sailing tours! While sailboats may have a somewhat more visceral vibe, they still provide all of the same great sights and cool facts as their larger counterparts – and you can even learn some basic nautical techniques on your journey!

The Derwent River is an especially popular spot for these vessels, with gentle currents offering plenty of opportunities to watch for wildlife and enjoy the city passing by.

And better yet, you can enjoy it all on a zippy little racing yacht, which offers some extra speed and luxury beyond your normal leisurely boat tour.

Set sail for adventure!

37 – Step into the lives of past prisoners at the Hobart Convict Penitentiary

Hobart Convict Penitentiary

If you want to dive even further into the remarkable stories of the city’s prison-based past, then a stop at this massive complex is a must. This is where it all started; not just the punishment industry in Tasmania, but in some senses, the formation of the city itself.

From the 1830s to the 1850s, it was one of the main jails in the area, housing as many as 40,000 inmates over the years.

While it has served several other legal purposes over the years, the building has also remained wonderfully preserved, offering a visceral glimpse into the harsh conditions and complex lives contained there.

From the cells to the chapel to the execution area, you’ll get a full picture of the harsh life behind bars, and learn all about how this grim space was developed and maintained.

It’s a vivid, crucial way to step into the city’s history.

38 – Peek into the lives of past explorers at Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum

Mawson's Huts Replica Museum, Hobart
right: Credit to Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum

Alright, time for a more fun journey into the past! The plain wooden huts sitting on the waterfront may look simple at first glance, but they actually represent one of the most fascinating chapters in the area’s history: the voyage of Douglas Mawson and his crew to Antarctica!

From 1911 to 1914, they set out from Hobart to explore the frozen land in-depth, using the original versions of these little structures as home bases for their journeys.

Today, you can step inside and see amazing recreations of the simple conditions in which they did their research, while also learning tons about the amazing voyages themselves, which provided great insights into the mysterious land to the south.

39 – Take in the wonders of Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs, Tasmania

As you roam through the picturesque Huon Valley, you may find yourself seeking some places to relax… maybe of the natural variety. By the time you reach Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs, you’ll be transported to the world of your dreams!

The caverns themselves are impressive sights; they’re some of the only dolomite caves in the country, with ancient layers and formations that date back 40 million years.

And once you start exploring, you’ll be even more enthralled!

This warm, spacious system is a geological treasure, and the springs are just part of that package.

Best of all, you can enjoy a soak in them!

There’s nothing quite like floating through the soothing waters, admiring the ancient formations above you; it’s a terrific way to spend a day underground!

40 – Sip some new favorites on the Gin and Whisky distilleries tours

gin and whisky distilleries tours in Hobart

Why just limit your drinking to the pub? If you like a little bit of learning with your beverages, then you’ll love going behind the scenes to explore some of the amazing processes behind these iconic drinks.

The gin distilleries tours in Hobart are perfect for fans of the smooth beverage, with glass after glass of boutique offerings available.

And if you’re more of a Jack Daniels fan, then a whiskey distillery tour may be right up your alley; enjoy the smoky, the smooth, and everything in between.

But if you want a real smorgasbord, the signature tours are just the ticket, covering everything from vineyards to cider houses to breweries.

And thank goodness, they come with designated drivers!

41 – Spend the day adventuring at Brooke Street Pier

Brooke Street Pier, Hobart

Public art, trendy bars, magnificent boats cruising by… it’s all part of the fun at this lively local boardwalk! A prominent part of city life for around 150 years, the pier is  a gathering place for all kinds of revelers, and you could easily spend a whole holiday just checking out what it has to offer.

Sip some drinks at Moo Brew, an acclaimed microbrewery; shop for some knockout jewelry at  Earthfire Opals; or enjoy a world-class meal at The Glass House, with its waterfront location and compelling mural depicting a surreal world below the deep.

You can also even hop aboard a sightseeing boat for a cruise, or head to the ferry terminal to set sail for nearby islands and other adventures.

The possibilities are truly endless!

42 – Soak up the unique offerings at the Salamanca Arts Centre

Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart

The city’s creative culture is active and diverse, and the arts center is a perfect place to sample it! Once a prominent fixture on the rowdy waterfront, this marvelous space has morphed from a hangout for whalers to a full-fledged cultural star.

The joy of this space is its variety and sense of community; a whole hive of galleries come together to create a thriving hub of activity.

Every step brings you in contact with a new delight: contemporary works spanning the broad spectrum of art and design, lively music, or ambitious, experimental films that you can’t find anywhere else.

Keep an eye on the calendar, because there’s always something afoot in this wonderful area!

43 – Take a crack at the chef life with a few cooking classes

cooking classes near Hobart

Grab an apron and get ready for some culinary adventures, because the cooking classes in Hobart are definitely hands-on… and your tastebuds will be in on the fun as well!

With professional chefs as your guide and some fabulous local ingredients at your disposal, this course will guide you through all the components of a top-notch Tasmanian meal… which you’ll sample at the end, of course!

Whip up a four-course extravaganza featuring everything from fresh vegetables and eggs to some decadent honey.

And best of all, you’ll learn how to make the recipes at home… Australian accent optional!

44 – Enjoy a performance at the historic Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal in Hobart
credit to Theatre Royal

Want to focus more on the thespian side of things? Then step through the doors of this magnificent space, which is almost as old as the city itself!

Since it first came on the scene in 1837, the theater has been committed to presenting some of the best stage productions in the country, with cutting-edge works showcasing the best of Tasmanian talent.

As Australia’s oldest theater still in operation, it boasts a remarkable legacy that’s tied to every part of the industry, all while remaining actively up to date with the modern scene.

As the curtain rises, you’ll quickly see why a visit here is one of the most beloved things to do in Hobart!

45 – Stroll around and take in the views of Rosny Hill Lookout

Rosny Hill Lookout, Australia

Surrounded by Kangaroo Bay and the Derwent River, Rosny Hill Lookout is in good company when it comes to scenery… and just wait until you start looking around!

Perfectly positioned near town, this beloved viewpoint offers unparalleled glimpses of some of the area’s most dazzling gems, including Ross Bay and the Tasman Bridge.

And since it’s only an 11-minute drive from the main part of town, you can easily pop out for a quick look… and endless pictures!

If you want to stretch your legs a little more, head out on the Rosny Hill Circuit Track, which runs down and around the bottom and past the bay.

46 – Hang around and enjoy the food and drink at the best cafes

Room For A Pony, Hobart
credit to Room For A Pony

Sometimes, you just want to unwind with a nice cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the vibes of the city; and luckily, these cafes will provide those attributes with great service to match!

Enjoy excellent dishes packed with farm-fresh ingredients at Pigeon Hole Cafe, or the unforgettable cups of java at small, welcoming Ecru Coffee.

At Room For A Pony, you can feast on everything from pizza to eggs benedict; and at Dandy Lane Cafe, you can enjoy stylish caffeine breaks and contemporary Australian meals.

Or head over to Born in Brunswick, specializing in sustainable and scrumptious food and drinks; they even offer barista classes if you want to try out the cafe life yourself!

47 – Try out your F1 skills at Hyperdrive Kart Racing

Hyperdrive Kart Racing in Hobart
credit to Hyperdrive Kart Racing

Rev your engine and get ready for some sharp turns… it’s racing time! Hyperdrive might not be a full-fledged race course, but it is open to most ages (7 and up for Junior Karts, 13 and up for Adult Karts), and has the perfect tracks for several joyful laps!

You can even soak up the feel of a real-life video game with the Kombat Karts option, which includes plenty of power-ups to snag along your route for some extra fun.

And for another novel adventure, try the Dark Kart Experience, which includes several exhilarating laps in lower light… talk about testing your driving skills!

48 – Place your bets at Wrest Point Casino

Wrest Point Casino in Hobart
credit to Wrest Point Casino

Sometimes, vacations are about taking a little risk – and the chance of earning money always makes it more fun! Wrest Point is the only gaming emporium in town, and it has a reputation to match, with all manner of diversions to enjoy.

Try your hand at the electronic slots, each with their own fun theme and jackpot options; or settle in at the tables for a few rounds of roulette, blackjack, and more. Be sure to leave time for a dip in the pool, or a couple rounds of mini golf.

Then settle in at the bar for a fabulous cocktail and some great scenery – the perfect cap to a day of thrills!

49 – Pair your drink with local vibes at the best bars

Mary Mary, Hobart
credit to Mary Mary

Ok, you’ve done all of the tastings… now check out some actual watering holes! They’re every bit as diverse and fun as the city itself, and always offer top-shelf service – and plenty of fun!

Try unique brews with Indigenous ingredients at Mary Mary, or try the titular drink at Gin(bar), which specializes in fine spirits.

Take a journey underground to enjoy the wacky cocktails and live music at Void Bar, or blend jazz with fine beers or liqueurs at the elegant IXL Long Bar.

And don’t miss out on LARK Distillery Cellar Door, another excellent place to try smooth, world-class whisky, with a specialty in single malt varieties.

From an afternoon sip to a nightcap, you’ll have plenty to enjoy!

50 – Fuel up in style at the best restaurants

ti ama, Hobart
credit to ti ama

You’ll certainly need some good food to try in between all of these jaunts, and there’s a whole world of palates on each plate in town!

Indulge in some properly decadent pizza at Ti Ama, or pair your cafe grub with some excellent coffee at Tatler Lane.

Sink your teeth into local meals at Dier Makr, or feel a little fancy with a trip to the oyster bar at Franklin Wharf Restaurant.

Or head to Fico for a unique blend of Japanese and Italian cuisine, all presented with flair and substance that will linger on your mind long after the food is gone.

Eat up, but be sure to save room for the next meal!

How to get to Hobart?

Flying is generally the easiest way to get to the city (and Tasmania in general), with Hobart Airport serving as the main hub. There are some excellent airport transfers to help you easily get from there into the city, and back again at the end of your journey.

No need to worry about taxis or buses; just grab a seat and let your driver lead the way!

And if you happen to be sailing by and want to stop for a better look around, there are also some amazing shore excursions in Hobart!

Where to stay in Hobart?

At MACq 01 Hotel, you’re guaranteed glorious views of the waterfront and easy access to nearby sites like Salamanca Square, as well as cool historical details throughout the space.

And Wrest Point has more to offer than just the casino, from a pool and sauna to a revolving restaurant and bar that’s packed with live music.

Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart puts you in the perfect spot to enjoy museums, the waterfront, and more,but also keeps you entertained inside, with places to eat, swim, and work out to your heart’s content.

And the Customs House Hotel combines upscale amenities with the city’s famous historical elements, featuring one of the oldest pubs in town – and one of the oldest buildings in general, for that matter!

Meanwhile, Black Buffalo offers a welcoming setting and a great bar and restaurant, just far enough from the city to feel peaceful… but close enough to join in all of the fun!

Where to go next?

Not only is the town fun in and of itself, but it’s also the perfect starting point for some wonderful multi-day trips from Hobart!

While you may not be able to see everything that this phenomenal island has to offer in one visit, you can easily head out of the city to see some of the highlights.

From gorgeous national parks to historic gems and unique, charming burgs (be sure to try all of the things to do in Launceston), you’ll find an endless array of spots to explore – and great motivation to start planning a return trip!

And of course, that’s just the start; when you venture off the island, you can start indulging in more of the best places to visit in Australia!

This massive country is bursting at the seams with beauty and character, offering such iconic natural attractions as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, and the Daintree Rainforest, plus a whole host of smaller ecosystems in between.

But its cities are no slouch either!

Check out the dynamic, artsy culture and eclectic things to do in Melbourne, or the scenic splendor and civic gems of Canberra, the country’s capital.

You can also enjoy marvelous food and lively festivals, and other lovely things to do in Adelaide, or head further north to try all of the things to do in Sydney, famed for stunning architecture, great beaches, and a cosmopolitan charm that’s both epic and accessible.

And if you’ve got even more time in the region, check out some of the fun things to do in New Zealand – North & South Islands!

Final thoughts

It’s lovely, it’s lively, and it’s waiting for you!

Every type of traveler will find excellent things to do in Hobart; and the more adventurous you are, the more you’ll be rewarded by this hip, historical, fun, and fascinating town.

Trust us: it’s well worth the trek to see what this sweet southern city has to offer!

Kiernyn Orne-Adams is a reader, writer, and roamer who currently resides in Seattle, Washington. She has spent the last several years traveling around the U.S. and the world, and is always on the hunt for unique museums and beautiful outdoor spots. Her work has been featured in Roadtrippers, SouthSoundTalk, Beloit College Magazine, and Fodor’s.