Budapest is one of the most picturesque charm-filled European cities that is internationally renowned for the innumerable, lavish Budapest river cruises. Also, acclaimed as the ‘Heart of Europe’, the capital of Hungary takes pride in its perfect amalgamation of the ancient and contemporary world that has its unique appeal.

On this post, you will learn everything about Budapest river cruises, including:

With several historical masterpieces to marvel and the latest attractions that lure visitors, the Hungarian capital offers various activities to splurge in extraordinary experiences to last a lifetime. These escapades can be better enjoyed as you make a handful of cherished memories while you revel in the top-notch river cruises in Budapest- which are unarguably among the best boat tours all over the world!

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What kind of river cruises can I find in Budapest? What can I expect?

Budapest is a magnificent grandeur that is widely acknowledged as the ‘Paris of East’. A visit to this remarkably romantic city can be made more fun, entertaining, and unforgettable as you hop in the boat to involve in the luxurious yet affordable Budapest river cruises. From sumptuous dinner cruises with live music to premium moonlight cocktail cruises to exceptional beer tasting cruises, you’ll be spoilt for choices when you are in the Hungarian Capital. To help you with the decision, we’ve master-crafted a list of most frequented and much-in-demand boat tours.

1 – Marvel the city with a sightseeing river cruise

Budapest sightseeing river cruise

A 45-minute Budapest river cruise on the Danube River is an unmissable boat ride in the Hungarian capital that will bless you with a completely different perspective of looking at the ‘Paris of East’ from water.

As you glide past the iconic landmarks on the riverbank, you can’t help but wonder the creativity of the individuals who contributed to creating the grandest architectural feats. From the Hungarian Parliament in the Gothic Revival style to Matthias Church in neo-Gothic influence to Buda Pest Castle that boasts of medieval architecture, the city is teeming with eye-catching historical monuments narrating the rich past of the city.

What’s more, you may wonder? The answer: you can also enjoy the audio guide in English or German as you breathe in the fresh, oceanic air and feel the soft, pleasant breeze brush against your skin. Also, you can’t miss the opportunity to click a snap in this amazing ride as you savor the sip of the chilled beer.

P.S. You can use the ten-dollars-ticket multiple times for the same cruise on the same day.

2 – Experience Hungarian indulgence on a craft beer cruise

Budapest craft beer cruise

What do you think of exploring the incomparable beauty of the Hungarian Capital while relishing the cold, refreshing and authentic Budapest-beer? It’s a fantastically fantabulous way to admire the centuries-old manmade marvels which rest majestically on the bank of the river Danube.

What’s more, you may wonder? The answer: the first craft beer cruise among Budapest river cruises serves you the finest products from the unrivaled Hungarian breweries. You’ll get the taste of the emerging Hungarian craft beet scenario as you treat your taste buds with a top-notch selection of exquisite local beers from the best artisan beers of the country.

Moreover, you’ can dive into the once-in-a-lifetime indulging experience starting right from the sweet-sour beverage to light lager to the strong porter and dark porter. Along with the sampling of 150ml of five types of beer each, you’ll also be offered locally prepared pastries to surprise your taste buds with diverse flavors. And finally, you can get a full pint of beer that you devoured the most.

P.S. You can make the most of this unique adventure for your palate, at just $33.00, by taking your beer to the open-air top deck. 

3 – Relish the local cuisine on a dinner cruise

Budapest dinner cruise

Devouring the delectable, candlelit dinner under the starry sky complemented by the chilly yet pleasant breeze in the most sophisticated setting is truly a dream come true for many. And on top of all this, imagine soothing live music played by the music aficionados!

Delving into the incredible culture of Budapest as you relish delicious local cuisine, treat your ears to the local music and watch the dazzling city come to life is surely not an everyday encounter. You should not miss an opportunity to partake in this compelling cruise on the Danube River, admiring the lit cityscape on the bank of the river.

The dazzling ambiance of the cityscape must be the reason the magnificent Budapest is referred to as the ‘Paris of the East’. Soak in the romantic Budapest-ian atmosphere while you float past the Technical University, Gellert Baths, and the Citadel in one of the Budapest river cruises.

P.S. A variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are on the menu to complement the lavish four-course meal in the most romantic dinner cruise starting at approximately $50.00. 

4 – Venture out of the Capital on a Danube cruise

Szentendre cruise from Budapest

A relaxing boat ride out of the Hungarian Capital is a must-do activity during your stay at Budapest. If you want to venture out of the capital for a while, Szentendre fits the bill as it’s outside the capital but not too far away for a day trip.

On this beautiful, upriver journey, you’ll feel as if you’re witnessing a picturesque landscape straight out of the fairy tale. From lush green rolling hills to tree-jutted skyline to flower-speckled ivy, Budapest river cruise to Szentendre will delight you with its fairy-tale-like-charm and take your worries miles away.

What’s more? The answer: as you breathe in the pleasant air of the countryside while you admire the perfect landscape, you’ll instantly feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world with your new-found energy and enthusiasm. A Szentendre Cruise isn’t just any other tour; it’s an extraordinary cruise-venture to find the hidden gem to the north of Budapest, starting only at $9.00.

P.S. You can either buy a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket to drift along the most breathtaking view to reach Szentendre.

5 – Don’t miss the wine tasting cruise

Budapest wine tasting cruise

It’s always wine o’clock somewhere, isn’t it? Wine takes everything you do to the next level! Likewise, you can crank your cruising up a notch by signing up for the Budapest river cruise that avails the service of the finest wine tasting while floating on the Danube River.

The two-hour-long ride on the Danube, right through the heart of Budapest, will bless you with a stunning view of the iconic monuments like the House of Parliament, the Basilica, and the Great Market Hall. Moreover, the splendid view of the Chain Bridge, a UNESCO-listed heritage site bridging two shores of the river, as you sail under it, will astound you with its architecture.

The best part! While soaking in the romantic ambiance of the Budapest river cruise, you’ll get an opportunity to taste seven different Hungarian wines from the country’s best-known grapevines. From red to white to rose, you will be served with classic, authentic Hungarian wines. Also, you’ll be served with nibbles that bring out the flavor of each vino and takes your palate to an unforgettable rollercoaster ride.

P.S. To make your cruising experience the best you’ll ever have, at just $37.00, live music is performed that makes everything other-worldly. 

How to book Budapest river cruises?

Budapest River Cruises

Trying to find the perfect Budapest river cruise to spend quality time with your loved ones is a Herculean task. And the process is made more difficult when you come across several tour operators offering a gamut of boat tours. To streamline the cruises that suit you the best without any hassle, you can take the assistance of TourScanner’s search engine to compare the rides and find the perfect trip.

What is the best time to go on a river cruise in Budapest?

best time to go on a Budapest cruise

Budapest enjoys the sunshine as much as the Mediterranean resorts, therefore you can enjoy the boat ride most time of the year. May and June are considered the favored months to take pleasure in cruising in the Danube River. However, you can also book a ride till September when the weather might be chilly, but the landscape will catch your eyes.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Budapest experiences occasional showers and at times heavy downpour, so it’s wise to check the weather forecast before booking the Budapest river cruise. Even after you have taken this precautionary step and the weather turns unfavorable, fret not as the tours will still operate after the close monitoring of the weather conditions. And unfortunately, if the tour has to be canceled, you’ll be given a different date to cruise or a full refund.

Travel tips

Budapest river cruises travel tips

  • To avoid getting sunburnt, packing sunscreen is a must.
  • Wearing a hat not only makes you look trendy but also prevents unwanted sun exposure.
  • Consider cross-checking the weather forecast before you get dolled up in your favorite dress.
  • If you are cruising in summer, make sure you hydrate yourself.
  • If a tour guide assists you, you can always make his day by giving a generous tip.

With the points mentioned above, you’re all set to enjoy your cruising experience in Budapest – the Paris of the East! 🙂

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