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As photogenic as it gets, free walking tours in Budapest unravel the art, history, and the architectural grandeur of the Hungarian Capital.

Consisting of the hilly Buda and the sprawling Pest on the right, this multi-faceted city promises something new and exciting at its every nook and corner. 

From the dramatic skyline to the vintage architectural wonders, artistic boulevards to the mouth-watering cuisine, see Budapest as it should be seen: up close and personal.

How do free walking tours in Budapest work?

The free walking tours in Budapest are pretty much what the label tells you. These tours are absolutely free of cost and run on a ‘tips-only-basis’ as exploring such a wonderful city shouldn’t come at a high cost. 

While each free tour promises to take you to an iconic or unexplored part of the city, it primarily works on a ‘name-your-own-price’ model. After relishing the tour,  you get to decide on how much to tip your guide for showing you around, depending on what you could afford, even nothing

What are the best free walking tours in Budapest?

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1. Nazism and World War II: Jewish Quarter Free Walking Tour

Get transported into Jewish history as you pay a visit to the Jewish Quarter on this walking tour in Budapest. The guide will walk you through tales of the horrendous Holocaust in Hungary and the heroes of the Red Army who salvaged the city. 

You’ll feel as if you’re walking through the pages of history, discovering more about Judaism as you witness the iconic site of synagogues. After an insightful session, discover the delectable Jewish-Hungarian food that’ll send your taste buds into a frenzy and explore the numerous bars that encompass the nightlife of Budapest. 

2. Budapest Communist Free Tour

This free walking tour in Budapest will feel like a history book coming back to life, as you delve into the birth of the communist movement in Europe. Track the roots of communism and unveil how it became such an integral part of the Hungarian lifestyle.

Further, unfold insightful discoveries as you strut alongside iconic spots like the National Museum, the interior city theatre, and the Church of the Secret Heart of Jesus. Even better; get ready to immerse yourself in the Soviet past of the city as you walk these lanes stained with culture. 

3. Alternative Budapest in the VII District

When you’ve absorbed enough of the city’s vast history, this free tour to the VII District will come as a respite full of frolic and excitement. Breathe in the eclectic air of contemporary madness as you take in the sight of murals reigning the walls and edgy design shops that will give you an insider feel of this city.   

What’s more; the city’s alternative scene will become crystal clear to you when walking past green parks to quirky eateries, celebrating kosher food, and “ruin pubs” where the likes of Szimpla Kert used to spend time. 

4. Free Tour of Buda Castle

You didn’t really travel to Budapest if you failed to gawk at its marvelous Neo-Gothic structures that are the hallmarks of the city. You’re in for some action stories of infamous warriors that fought in revolutionary battles as you lumber in the Buda Castle. 

On top of that, the Fishermen Bastion will lighten up your eyes not just with the gorgeous panorama of the city but also with the decorative flowery motifs that run across it. Also, experience the grandeur of the detailed Matthias Church and get ready to witness some of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites on this free tour.

5. Budapest Free Tour

Buckle up to lose yourself in the radiance of the enormous Parliament building, a beautiful sight to behold on this freestyle tour of the city. As you walk further onto the Liberty Square, indulge in an indulging commentary about the ideals of communism that spread through Hungary like wildfire. 

This free tour will also take you to witness the majestic St. Stephen’s Basilica known to be the largest church in Budapest. Lastly, you’ll be taken to the Erzsebet Square built for Elizabeth, the Sissi Empress, and the Lutheran Church of Budapest, culminating the tour with a final stop at the Great Synagogue. 

How much should you tip after a free walking tour in Budapest?

These free walking tours in Budapest plunge you into its most fabulous spots, earmarked with the city’s culture and lifestyle. While the reservation of these tours is free of cost, the passionate guides give you their in-depth view of the city. It falls under basic courtesy to tip the guide between €10 and €30 per person if you have a wonderful time exploring.   

In which languages are free walking tours in Budapest operated?

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Most free walking tours in Budapest put forward a native Spanish local guide but many tour companies also provide the option of English for the convenience of the tourists. Free tours in Italian are offered as well. You can easily check in which language the commentary will be spoken before booking a tour online. 

Where do free walking tours in Budapest start?

The meeting spot of particular tours vary but most tours start from the tourist spots that are easy to locate like the Erzsebet Square or famous statues like the Sisi statue. The starting point of each tour is mentioned in its details which you can check before booking online.  

How long do free walking tours in Budapest last?

As these free tours are conducted on foot so the duration usually ranges from one and a half hours to three hours. The duration also depends on the spots and the activities the tour will cover.   

What is the best time for a free walking tour in Budapest?

The usual timing of most tours is morning and afternoon which are preferable as the tourists can go on with the rest of the itinerary after the tour. But, many special tours also take place in late hours to give the tourists a glance at Budapest’s nightlife. 

The travel-friendly late summer months of August and September are perfect for walking tours in Budapest because of the weather and the festive ambiance.  

Should you book a free walking tour in Budapest online?

Budapest is a picturesque city with something for every one of its tourists ranging from historic places to fun bars and art streets. So, it’s usually brimming with tourists throughout the year. 

It’s a safe bet to book your free walking tour in Budapest well in advance to plan your itinerary accordingly as well as to avoid any last-minute cancellations.  

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