Guilherme Filipe

Portuguese native, Guilherme Filipe is a dedicated content manager and writer who has a genuine interest in learning about other cultures. His foray into the world of content creation is a seamless synthesis of his love of storytelling and his never-ending wanderlust. Guilherme is a seasoned scriptwriter and producer, and his unique perspective comes from both his experiences as a creative in the world of film and his adventures as a traveler, crisscrossing the globe to write articles for TourScanner blog. While he has savored the allure of Europe, his heart longs for the captivating mystique of Japan and the enchanting landscapes of Iceland. Traveling has not only broadened his horizons but also deepened his understanding of the many different ways that people think. In addition to his love for travel, he possesses an unexpected passion for cars and motorcycles, which infuse his content creation with a distinctive edge. His storytelling is influenced by a wide range of interests, which gives his work a unique and engaging style.