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Transfers | Marco Polo Airport - Venice

Marco Polo Airport is the main airport of Venice, seeing domestic and international flights every day and millions of travelers each year. It's the fourth busiest airport in Italy, but it's not surprising to see why. Placing travelers at the center of one of the world's most famous cities, Marco Polo Airport transfers offer a convenient way of discovering Venice.

Here's everything you need to know about Marco Polo Airport, a major hub for transfers in Venice.

What are the best transfers at Marco Polo Airport?

Due its location near the water, airport transfers to and from Marco Polo Airport range from water ferries to buses, providing travelers with a wide variety of transfer options at a range of prices.

Express bus transfers

One of the cheapest options for airport transfers, express buses operate every day between Marco Polo Airport and Mestre Railway Station. Buses start from early in the morning and run until late in the evening. The journey lasts just 20 minutes.

Water bus transfers

Possibly the most unique airport transfer you could expect, water buses take you across the Venetian lagoon between Marco Polo Airport and Venice City. With three routes available, you can choose to arrive at the cruise terminal, passing through either San Marco or Murano and San Marco. Alternatively, head to the railway station and pass through Rialto and S. Maria del Giglio.

Water taxi transfers

If you want a more direct transfer, opt for a water taxi. These boats journey between Marco Polo Airport and Venice City, and will pick up and drop you off at the point closest to your accommodation. Both shared and private water taxi transfers are available.

Car transfers

For those prone to seasickness, car transfers are also available. With options for either pickup or drop-off, these car transfers travel between Marco Polo Airport and Piazzale Roma, one of Venice's central points for transfers.

How much do transfers at Marco Polo Airport cost?

For an express bus transfer, you can expect to pay €10 for one-way transport and €20 for a return trip.

Water bus transfers cost €15 for one-way transport and €30 for a return trip, while shared water taxis cost €35 one-way and €70 for a roundtrip. If you opt for a private water taxi, you can expect to pay anywhere between €150 and €300.

Car transfers cost between €50 and €120.

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