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Boat Tours

Venture outside of Valletta's ancient walls and explore the aquamarine waters blanketing the surrounding area. Valletta, expanding across a 1 km by 600 m radius, encompasses an array of fascinating sights steeped in history. However, whenever you want to experience the vast blue sea outside of Malta's capital's small circumference, you can opt to partake in a cruise that will take you around the city or to nearby islands within the stunning archipelago.

Thankfully, holiday-goers can choose from numerous boat tours in Valletta!

What are the best places to visit with a boat tour from Valletta?

Whether you're looking to view Valletta's ancient buildings from the Mediterranean Sea or venture into the depths of the expansive archipelago dotting the azure blue waters, there are options for all travelers and vacation-goers! The boat tours in Valletta will introduce you to the medieval forts and battlements stretching across the small city. While the boat tours from Valletta will carry you to snorkel-friendly lagoons where sparkling blue water and colorful fish thrive.

Three Cities

Catch a glimpse of the three ancient cities neighboring the Mediterranean Sea. The remarkable, must-see cities—Cospicua, Senglea, and Vittoriosa—sit directly across from Valletta, making these cities an excellent option for a day excursion rich in history amid the stark blue sea.


Visit the small Maltese island: Comino. The bright blue waters paired with pristine beaches make this islet an ideal day trip destination for travelers craving a beach-friendly escapade. Once upon a time, Comino hosted pirates, but now the island remains uninhabited. No automobiles can drive here!

St. Maria Bay

The quaint, almost secretive bay, nestled a short walk away from the thriving Blue Lagoon, grants visitors a chance to relax away from other tourists. The views may not be as mesmerizing as the Blue Lagoon, but its peaceful vibes will take your breath away.

Blue Lagoon

Most tourists visit Comino for the sparkling Blue Lagoon. The sharp blue water gently swaying within the cove grants tourists with ideal conditions for snorkeling and swimming. The Lonely Planet describes the water within the inlet: "The blue is so intense it's as if you've stepped into an over-saturated postcard."


Travel from Valletta to Gozo on your boat tour! Admire the stone wall jetting out of the crystal clear blue-green water. Marvel at the panoply of golden-hued buildings sitting harborside.

What kind of boat tours are available in Valletta?

You can choose from a plethora of boat tours in Valletta! Do you want a short, calm cruise below the stars? Or a day-long snorkel adventure that takes you to the Blue Lagoon? Do you want a cruise that offers an open bar? Or do you want to catch a glimpse of Valletta's stunning historic landscape from the sea? Thankfully, you can partake in any one of these boat tours from Valletta. Let's take a closer look!

Day cruises to Comino

Do you want to spend a day basking in the wonder of the Mediterranean Sea, snorkeling and beach-laying? Find yourself falling into the undeniably beautiful oasis: the Blue Lagoon. Most full-day cruises last between 8 to 9 hours, giving you ample time to not only watch fish from a mask but to sunbathe and explore the island. Some cruises may also take you directly to St. Maria Bay, while others include stops in Gozo.

Do you want an open bar? Some excursions include wine, beer, and soft drinks.

Sunset cruises to Comino

Do you want to skip part of the afternoon heat and watch golden sunset hues stretch across Comino's sky? After spending the latter part of the day exploring the island's sights, you will watch the sun dip into the sea from your boat. The best part? Most sunset cruises include an open bar (soft drinks, beer, wine). These expeditions tend to last for around 7 hours.

Expeditions within and near Valletta

There are a few different boat tours in Valletta. You can opt to go for a night cruise that takes you by Valletta's 2 harbors, and en route to these landmarks, you'll see a collection of ancient relics. You can also choose to go on a sightseeing tour, which will show you the must-see Three Cities among other nearby monuments and medieval fortresses.

How much does a boat tour cost?

It depends on which one you want to take! Full-day cruises can cost anywhere between €30 to €55 ($33 to $60). Cruises to Valletta's surrounding landmarks and destinations cost between €15 to €35 ($16 to $38). Don't forget that some of these boat trips include an open bar.

How long does a boat trip take?

Boat tours from Valletta to Comino usually last for 7 to 9 hours, giving you plenty of time to soak in every possible corner of the tiny islet. Whereas boat tours in Valletta may last for 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on which one you decide to take.

Where do boat tours leave from?

All boat tours in Valletta depart from Sliema Ferries, but some deals may include a hotel pick-up and drop-off.

When is the best time for a boat trip in Valletta?

If you want to catch the lingering heat and miss the tourists, it's best to visit Valletta in September.

Travel tips

  • Most tours include hotel pick-up and drop-off, but be sure to check this information beforehand.
  • The Blue Lagoon can be super crowded during the middle of the day during the tourism season, so try to visit the stunning inlet later on in the afternoon (or don't expect to have the entire bay to yourself).
  • Some cruises include snacks and open bar, but others don't, so bring your own snacks along. Although some boat excursions may provide lunch, snacks, and drinks, for a price.
  • Some tours have a local guide and commentary, but for the most part, you have the freedom to roam around and explore on your own (day cruises are more likely to include live commentary than a guide).