Outdoor & Sport Activities in Troms

Outdoor & Sport Activities in Troms

Tromsø sits high in the northern ridges of Norway and almost seamlessly integrates with the serene landscape bordering the Arctic sea. For more than seven months of the year, this corner of Scandinavia is covered in a blanket of snow and becomes an outdoor lover’s playground.

A myriad of adventures awaits those who dare take on the snow. From the heights of the Lyngen Alps to the belly of grand fjords, Tromsø is a winter wonderland (for the majority of the year). Here are some of the unforgettable outdoor activities in Tromsø you can enjoy.

Boat tours

The awe-inspiring fjords and straights of northern Norway are best seen on boat tours from Tromsø. These majestic bodies of water cut through the landscape creating delicate ecosystems both in the water and on land.

A cruise on the fjords departs from Tromsø harbor and ventures into the Arctic Sea. Most boats offer a warm cabin below deck with ample viewing room or you can brave the cold and wear an insulated bodysuit to take in the crisp air.

From the boat, you can see all manner of marine life that breach the surface and onshore, you might be able to spot reindeer wandering along the water.

A comprehensive 5-hour cruise on a wooden boat offers a traditional lunch and drinks, while an adrenaline-fueled 2-hour cruise on a jet boat from Tromsø creates a daring adventure.

Whale watching

There are also dedicated cruises for whale watching in Tromsø, as well as other boat tours if you want to set out in search orcas, pilot whales and puffins among others.

Northern lights tours

The captivating northern lights, or aurora borealis, are one of the biggest reasons people travel to Norway. But these elusive miracles of nature are not all that easy to find. Tricky weather conditions and unpredictable roads make it difficult to find the best spot on your own so a guided northern lights tour in Tromsø is your answer.

Join a guide as they scour the arctic landscape for the prime location based on the day’s weather. You might even visit several spots throughout the night so see it from all angles. These tours can be upward of 6 hours and you will enjoy some Norwegian snacks, hot drinks and a bonfire to keep warm.

These tours also offer expert help with the particularly difficult photography involved with the northern lights. Guides will help you capture the perfect shots on your phone or camera and also share stories of the legends surrounding the graceful dance of the lights.

Husky dog sledding

A pack of thick-pelted huskies pulling a sled is one of Norway's more unconventional modes of transport, but it has become an iconic tradition nonetheless. Yell “mush” as you make your way through the blanket of snow that covers northern Norway.

Dog sledding in Tromsø can be at night or during the day, each offering a unique take on the Norwegian landscape.

The team of huskies will take you deep into the wilderness where nothing but snow, trees and mountains surround you. After a 12-kilometer journey, you will be welcomed into a traditional reindeer herder’s pelt-covered tent so indulge in a hearty meal to beat the cold.

Reindeer sledding

Another thought-provoking excursion is a reindeer sledding in Tromsø. This unique experience connects you to the ancient Sami culture and the people’s deep bonds with the elegant reindeer. A herd of more than 300 reindeer roam the icy fields outside Tromsø and the Sami community awaits to welcome you with open arms.

Feed the reindeer and ride on a sled pulled by these docile creatures before gathering around a fire in a lavuu (Sami tent) to have a meal and warm drink and listen to stories about the special relationship between herder and herd.

There are also reindeer sled adventures that depart at night. If you are lucky, you will witness the northern lights dancing above before enjoying a warm 3-course dinner. To finish off the experience, you are treated to a traditional song performed by your guide and the Sami herders.

Snowmobile tours

Snowmobiles are the best way to reach inaccessible snowy areas and in the Lyngen Alps you will find plenty of that. Whizz through the snow to find untouched beauty like you have never seen before. Nothing but fresh white powder as far as they can see, only interrupted by expanses of gleaming blue fjords on the horizon.

A snowmobile tour in Tromsø starts with a transfer to The Green Gold Villa in the Lyngen Alps where you will learn all the necessary safety precautions. Set off on a 2-hour drive through unbeatably beautiful scenery before returning to the hotel for a warm meal.

Snowshoe hike

Nothing beats the crunch of fresh snow underfoot but walking through an icy landscape can be taxing on one’s body. A snowshoe hike is the best way to spend hours comfortably walking through the snow to experience the tranquility of northern Norway in the most sustainable way possible.

Strap on some snow shoes and head out on a 2-hour guided snowshoe hike in Tromsø. Halfway through the hike, you can stop for a packed picnic lunch served with a side of panoramic views, simply unbeatable.