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The 8 Best Toronto Tours


Niagara Falls Day Trip from Toronto

Of all the Toronto tours on offer, a day trip to Niagara Falls should be first on your list. This pounding wall of water is world-famous, and it’s one of the country’s most-visited attractions. It takes 1.5 hours to reach the falls from Toronto, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore.  

There are three waterfalls plunging into the gorge that separates Ontario from New York State. Together, they form the most powerful cataract in North America. You can see Niagara Falls from both land and water during your visit.

The best way to experience the falls is on the iconic Hornblower boat cruise. You’ll get up close to the cascade, feeling the spray on your face as you penetrate the swirling mists. Wear a poncho if you don’t fancy getting drenched. 

Another highlight of your trip will be the Journey Behind the Falls, where you’ll enjoy a unique perspective of the cataract from underground observation tunnels. Finish your day with the magical light show that illuminates the falls after dark.


Toronto Islands Boat Cruise

Take to the water on these relaxing Toronto tours and discover the allure of Lake Ontario. From your vantage point on board, you’ll admire the iconic city skyline as you cruise along the scenic shores. Stand out on the observation deck for the best views.

You’ll begin your adventure with a cruise around the harbor, enjoying panoramas of the CN Tower and the Roger Center. Then it’s time to head out onto the lake, where further adventure awaits. Many trips take place on sailing yachts, so you’ll be voyaging in style.  

You’ll glide past Tommy Thompson Park before finally venturing across to the Toronto Islands. This chain of 15 islets is connected by bridges, and the mini archipelago is known for its charming cafés and laid-back vibe. 

On the boat, you’ll have front-row seats to the island vistas. Behind the long sandy beaches, lush tracts of green parkland provide a refuge for wildlife. Everything from beavers and muskrats to kingfishers and cormorants can be spotted here.  


CN Tower Tours in Toronto

The CN Tower stands head and shoulders above the other city skyscrapers, making it the ideal platform for admiring Toronto. This is the number one attraction in town, so it’s a good idea to book tickets well in advance of your visit. 

Standing tall at 553 meters, the CN Tower was once the world’s highest freestanding structure. It was constructed in 1976 as a telecommunication tower to allow radio waves to pass uninterrupted over the tall city buildings. Today it’s home to a panoramic observation deck and a 360-degree restaurant. 

After seeing the looming tower from the outside, you’ll head up to the SkyPod on the elevator. Don’t forget your camera so you can capture the downtown area from above. Glass walls ensure you won’t miss a thing – on a clear day you can see into New York State.

Many of these excursions to the CN Tower also include either a harbor cruise or a city tour. This is a great way to see the top sights while keeping costs down. 


Cultural Walking Tours in Toronto

Explore beneath the city’s surface on these immersive Toronto tours. You’ll discover some of the most famous districts, ticking off key landmarks as well as hidden gems. Venturing out on foot is the best way to get to know Toronto, and the relaxed pace makes for easy sightseeing.

One of the most popular routes takes you through the Kensington Market and Chinatown areas of the city. These multicultural neighborhoods give a unique insight into Toronto society and the diverse heritage that makes the place so appealing. 

Admire street art and soak up the bohemian vibe in Kensington Market. You can check out the vintage boutiques and trendy bars while you’re there. Meanwhile, over in Chinatown, you’ll sample international food at some of the local eateries. 

If you’re on a budget, then free walking tours are the way to go. You’ll see all the same sights, but there’s no fixed cost for the excursion. Just tip the guide at the end according to what you feel the experience was worth. 


Distillery District Tours by Segway

The Distillery District is one of Toronto’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Once home to a whiskey distillery, the renovated 19th-century brick buildings are now the focus of the city’s arts scene. The industrial heritage of the Victorian era is ever present, offering a pleasing contrast to the rest of Toronto. 

The place has a hip atmosphere and attracts visitors from far and wide, who come looking for a slice of indie culture. Here, you’ll find everything from cutting-edge restaurants to art galleries. Bars, artisan boutiques and sculpture trails complete the look.

If you’re not content just ambling around on foot, then segway tours offer an alternative way to explore. These quirky experiences let you roll around the Distillery District in style, stopping at key points for a history input from your guide. 

You’ll have a briefing session before your ride, so don’t worry if it’s your first time. Helmets and tuition are included in the tour price. This is a pedestrian-only area, so you won’t need to worry about dodging traffic.


Bike Tour of Downtown Toronto

You can cover a lot of ground on a bike, so this is a great way to tick off multiple sights in just a few hours. Most of these Toronto tours last 3.5 hours which is enough time to get a feel for the city. Both daytime and evening tours are available depending on what you want to experience.

First-time visitors should concentrate on the downtown area, as this is where you’ll find the main cultural landmarks. As you cycle by, make a note of the places you fancy returning to later during your stay.

The pace of these bike excursions is gentle, so you don’t need to be super fit to take part. Most of the routes are fairly flat too and you’ll be able to stop for a breather at certain points along the way. 

During the ride, you’ll pass icons like the CN Tower, Dundas Square and the Royal York Hotel. You’ll also get to pedal through Chinatown and the Financial District to see contrasting city neighborhoods.


Toronto Market and Food Tours

Get to know the underbelly of Toronto with a walking tour that focuses on food. This is a fun way of learning about the city’s cultural diversity while sampling a range of cuisines from around the world. Make sure you arrive hungry.

Most excursions are based around St. Lawrence Market, as this is where you’ll find some of Toronto’s top food offerings. It can be quite an overwhelming experience, which is why it’s best to visit with an expert local.

Enjoy a stroll around the market with your guide, who will spill the beans on the city’s culinary history. It’s a lot to take in, but the color and aroma of the fresh produce help to set the scene.

During the tour, you’ll stop at several different food vendors, restaurants and bakeries for tastings. There’s everything from Jamaican patties and cheese pastries to Tibetan momo dumplings and fried shrimp in store. Finish on a high with a few sweet treats if you still have some room.


Sightseeing Helicopter in Toronto

Take sightseeing to a whole new level with these thrilling Toronto tours. You’ll hover high above the city on an epic helicopter ride, where you’ll see the city from its best angle yet. These trips aren’t for the faint-hearted as you’ll need a head for heights. 

Leave the traffic and downtown bustle behind as you soar through the sky on your aerial adventure. Bird’s-eye views never looked so good! You have a choice of flight times – the longest rides cover up to 35 kilometers and last 12 minutes.

One of the highlights will be seeing the CN Tower at eye level, and looking down on the skyscrapers that feel impossibly tall from below. Speaking through the headsets, your pilot will provide commentary, so you know what you’re looking at.

Other sights to tick off from up above include Ripley’s Aquarium and the Rogers Center. When the weather is clear, you can even see the mist surrounding Niagara Falls. For the ultimate helicopter experience, book a private flight and enjoy guaranteed window seats.

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Planning your visit to Toronto

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About Toronto

The dynamic city of Toronto is the capital of Canada’s Ontario province, over in the west of the country. Sitting on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a popular destination for travelers looking for culture as well as outdoor adventure. 

Good to know before arriving

You can visit Toronto in all seasons, and there’s always plenty to do, even in the colder winter months. Peak season is between June and August when prices tend to be higher and the streets more crowded. Come in spring or fall for the perfect blend of warm weather and cheaper hotels. 

Places and experiences that cannot be missed

There are so many Toronto tours and attractions that you could spend a month here and still have plenty left to do. However, if you’re only in town for a few days, there are some must-sees. In the city, the CN Tower boasts sweeping views of Toronto, while the districts of Chinatown and Little Italy offer unrivaled cultural experiences.


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