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Gardens by the Bay: Tickets and Tours

Turn your Singapore vacation into a botanical extravaganza at the notorious Gardens by the Bay and discover a world of exotic floral wonders. Located by the Marina Bay Waterfront in the city center of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay has seen more than 50 million visitors since its opening in 2012. The attraction combines exotic vegetation from around the world with futuristic architecture.

Gardens by the Bay is a must-visit for nature lovers. It features several impressive outdoor and indoor gardens where stunning flower displays and plant varieties await. Don't miss a visit to the Flower Dome — the world's largest glass greenhouse.

With the iconic "Supertrees" and distinctive pair of conservatories, Gardens by the Bay is one of world's most photogenic destinations and an instantly recognizable landmark in Singapore.

How much do Gardens by the Bay tickets cost?

Gardens by the Bay have no full entry admission tickets. Instead, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore tickets are sold in different packages with entry to portions of the nature park unless you purchase the Attraction  Bundle.

OCBC Skyway ticket:

Stroll around the 128-metre long aerial walkway connecting six Supertrees and enjoy terrific views of Singapore and Marina Bay.

  • Adults: S$ 8 (US$ 6)
  • Children: S$ 5 (US$ 4)

Supertree Observatory ticket:

The new observatory recently opened in 2019. It offers amazing views of the Marina Bay Skyline and its surroundings.

  • Adults: S$ 14 (US$ 10)
  • Children: S$ 10 (US$ 7.50)

Floral Fantasy ticket:

The is the newest attraction to arrive at Gardens by the Bay. See how flowers, artistry and technology come together in a dream-like way.

  • Adults: S$ 20 (US$ 15)
  • Children: S$ 12 (US$ 9)

Flower Dome + Cloud Forest ticket:

Step into the Flower Dome and stand in awe of nature. Then enter the Cloud Forest and take in stunning views surrounded by diverse floral gems.

  • Adults: S$ 28 (US$ 21)
  • Children: S$ 15 (US$ 11)

Attraction Bundle:

The is best value ticket to visit Gardens by the Bay. The bundle includes access to Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Floral Fantasy. It also includes a complimentary shuttle service.

  • Adults: S$ 46 (US$ 34)
  • Children: S$ 25 (US$ 18)

Please  note that some tickets, like the OCBC Skyway and Cooled Conservatory  packages, are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets can  sell out during peak visitation hours, so buying them in advance is  recommended.

Who are eligible for discounts?

Discounts  for residents of Singapore are available at Gardens by the Bay. You do  need a valid proof of residency to receive the discount. Additionally, children (aged from 3 to 12 years old) and seniors (over 60 years old) receive a discounted rate on all  park admissions.

The best way to save money is with the Attraction Bundle if you have the time to spend a half-day or full-day at the exhibits. It includes admission to all the popular attractions with savings of more than 25% compared to buying tickets individually for each exhibit.

How do you book Gardens by the Bay in Singapore tickets in advance?

Gardens by the Bay tickets are available through the official website. However, we strongly recommend you to book your tickets via a travel agency such as Viator,  Headout, or GetYourGuide. Those travel websites offfer discounted tickets on a regular basis. You may save up to 40%.

It is also important to purchase Gardens by  the Bay tickets in advance. Tickets for popular attractions like Floral Fantasy and OCBC Skyway get sold on a time-slot basis. During peak time, they generally sell out. Purchasing tickets in advance is the only way to guarantee a spot.

Are there any combined tickets including Gardens by the Bay and other attractions?

Absolutely, there are many exciting ways to combine Gardens by the Bay with other attractions in Singapore:

  • Gardens by the Bay + Marina Bay Sands Skypark: See the impressive nature park before you venture up to the highest point in Singapore.
  • Gardens by the Bay + River Cruise: A  true way to get connected with nature for a day. Cherish Gardens by the Bay before you sit back and enjoy a river cruise seeing other popular sights of Singapore.
  • Gardens by the Bay + Universal Studios Singapore: Experience cutting edge rides and amazing shows at Universal  Studios with a combined offer to see Gardens by the Bay.

Other combined offers take you on walking tours, bus tours, or boat rides to see other places in Singapore.

Is it possible to visit the Gardens by the Bay for free?

Yes, the Outdoor Gardens and Children’s Garden are open to the public and are completely free. The hours of operation are 10 am to 7 pm,  Tuesday-Friday. Weekend and holiday hours get extended from 9 am to 9 pm.

What will I see?

There  are so many exciting things to discover at Gardens by the Bay. The massive 100 hectares park is next to Marina Reservoir, and as the name suggests, the bay of Singapore. The nature park is composed of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central  Garden. Find below the highlights of Gardens by the Bay.

The Flower Dome

Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world, an architecture feat  before even getting into all the floral that is grown at the exhibit.  The greenhouse keeps conditions cool and dry, which allows it to grow  plants from all over the world!

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is the second  greenhouse included with admission when you buy the Flower Dome + Cloud  Forest, or Attraction Bundle passes. The biome replicates a tropical,  hot, and moist environment to harvest rare plants like orchids. The  exhibit is also home to the largest indoor waterfall in the world.

OCBC Skyway and Supertree Observatory

OCBC Skyway and Supertree Observatory are two prime points to take in the sights of Singapore. It is worth the extra price of admission to witness amazing views of the gardens and city.

Floral Fantasy

The new Floral Fantasy exhibit, along with the free Children’s Garden and Outdoor  Gardens, round out the list of impressive things to see and do during  your time at Gardens by the Bay. Floral Fantasy is home to the only 4D  ride at Gardens by the Bay. The Outdoor Gardens also have special  late-night visitation hours for special viewings.

Are Gardens by the Bay tickets included in any attractions city passes?

Yes, admission to Gardens by the Bay is one of nearly 20 attractions included in the Singapore City Pass. Tourists have the option of selecting between two, three, or five-day passes. The Singapore City Pass starts at S$ 62 (US$ 46).

What is the best time to visit Gardens by the Bay? How to avoid the crowd?

As space at Gardens by the Bay is limited, some of the attractions limit the number of entrants, making it important to purchase tickets beforehand.

We recommend visiting Gardens by the Bay in the early  morning. The other option is to visit the gardens in the last few hours before closing. Gardens by the Bay receives its highest volume of visitors mid-day. Also, weekdays are less crowded compared to weekends and holidays.

What are Gardens by the Bay opening hours?

All the conservatories of Gardens by the Bay and OCBC Skyway are open daily from 9 am to 9  pm. The last admission is an hour earlier, at 8 pm.

Please note the different opening hours for the Outdoor and Children’s Gardens: 10 am to 7 pm, Tuesday through Friday. The Children’s Garden is not open on Mondays.

Travel Tips

● Book in advance: Tickets to popular Gardens by the Bay attractions like Floral Fantasy and OCBC Skyway sell out fast. We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance. Use our search engine and find the best deal available for your prefered date.

● Lockers are available for rental. It is a good idea to store personal belongings so you can walk in ease. You can also rent wheelchairs or strollers for convenience.

● Check the latest schedule. Gardens by the Bay has rotating exhibits, including the  current #FutureTogether art exhibit. We suggest checking the schedule during your planned trip to make sure you don’t miss anything new and seasonal at the gardens.