Day Trips and Tours from Prague

Day Trips and Tours from Prague

If you want to explore beyond the buzzing city of Prague, a day tour is the perfect way to experience more of the fascinating Czech Republic.

A day trip from Prague will allow you to explore the myriad of rolling hills, medieval castles and cozy countryside villages dotted throughout the European nation.

Enjoy the splendors of nature in spectacular national parks or soak up the culture of ancient monuments in cobblestone cities just a stone's throw from the Czech capital.

Terezin Concentration Camp

One of the most harrowing excursions from Prague heads to the largest Czech concentration camp of WWII — Terezin. Here, over 33,000 Jews lost their lives under the racist Nazi rule.

The camp was built upon an old military base — Terezin Fortress — in the northern part of the Czech Republic, and those on a day trip to Terezin Concentration Camp will gain a brutal insight into the daily life of a camp.

Discover the appalling conditions of the camp that led to malnutrition and disease among thousands of innocent civilians, and take a trip to the town’s Ghetto Museum.

This eye-opening exhibition features a memorial dedicated to the children who died throughout the horrifying World War.

Český Krumlov

With its terracotta roofs and cobblestone streets, Český Krumlov is known to be one of the most picturesque towns in all of Bohemia.

Named a UNESCO World Heritage site, its quaint center is brimming with Gothic and Baroque architecture, and historical monuments dating back to the Middle Ages.

The crowning glory of any Český Krumlov day tour is its fairy-tale 13th-century castle complex — a maze of over 40 opulent buildings, commissioned by the noble Rosenburg family.

As you wander through the grand hallways and pristine gardens of this exquisite castle, you’ll discover handcrafted tapestries, regal weapons, and a stirring collection of artworks.

Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora’s “Bone Chapel” makes it one of the most notable and unique destinations in Central Bohemia, and across Europe.

The Sedlec Ossuary is the most visited landmark on a Kutná Hora day tour, where visitors can become enthralled and horrified in equal measures at its intricate artworks made from human bones.

You’ll learn all about the silver mining history of this wealthy town, and you may even don a helmet, and dip into a medieval mine yourself.

Ancient Cisterian monasteries and lofty Gothic churches can be found as you amble along Kutná Hora’s UNESCO-listed streets, and learn about its patron saint.

Bohemian Switzerland

Immerse yourself in the deep ravines and dramatic rock formations of Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Nestled along the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, this astonishing natural beauty is a far cry from the hustle, and bustle of the city.

Visitors on a day trip to Bohemian Switzerland can marvel at the colossal sandstone arch that forms Pravcicka Gate or sail along its winding Kamenice River.

Explore the fascinating ruins of Neurathen Castle, which offer an unparalleled view over the Elbe River. With plenty of fresh air in your lungs, you’ll return to Prague feeling enlivened.

Karlovy Vary

If rest and relaxation are what you’re seeking on your Czech vacation, why not head to the spa town of Karlovy Vary?

Located in the western part of Bohemia, the town is just a short ride from Prague and has been attracting famous faces to its streets since it was established in 1350.

Known for its thermal springs thought to contain healing properties, Karlovy Vary is home to an impressive assortment of luxury spas.

Visitors on a Karlovy Vary excursion can waltz along its historic colonnade or slip into one of its many temperature pools. Alternatively, travel to the neighboring town of Mariánské Lázně, which is surrounded by over 100 springs.


Day trips to Dresden transport you away from the Czech Republic, through the spectacular German landscape to one of the greenest cities in Europe.

There is plenty to be seen in the capital of Saxony, including its Semperoper Opera House — where spine-tingling arias and emotional sonnets are performed.

On a guided walk through the captivating city, you’ll happen upon the intricately-designed Lutheran Frauenkirche Dresden and the babbling water features of the Zwinger.

Some day tours also enable visitors to catch sight of the Bastei Bridge, offering panoramic views that stretch far over the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

Karlštejn Castle

While the Czech Republic is known for being the “King of Castles” with over 200 chateaus scattered across the nation — many visitors on a Karlštejn Castle day tour agree that this palace is the most magnificent in the country.

Attracting over 300,000 tourists per year, the 14th-century Karlštejn Castle to the southwest of Prague, was once home to the crown jewels and several royal treasures.

Many excursions to the castle take place on a bike, pedaling through the traditional villages and meandering rivers of the Czech Republic to catch a glimpse of the enchanting landmark.


A half-day of winding through the highlands and country scape of central Europe brings you to the city of music — Vienna.

The UNESCO-listed city is brimming with extravagant landmarks, such as the Hofburg Palace — named after the influential Hofburg family.

The Vienna Operahouse is another of the city’s famed monuments, where the esteemed singer Pavarotti stood out among other notable tenors for his spellbinding performances.

Excursions to Vienna celebrate many of its main historic attractions, exploring noteworthy Czech destinations, such as Český Krumlov and Kutná Hora along the way.


Best known for its glass production, the tiny Bohemian town of Nižbor is another choice for a day trip from Prague.

Rückl Glassworks was established in the 19th century and its reputation for quality hand-blown crystal pieces still precedes the company today.

On a day tour to Nižbor, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the entire process of making elegant crystal trinkets, including the traditional method of mouth-blowing.

Watch artisans cut delicate glass into intricate shapes and finish them off with detailed paintings.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Beer lovers will jump at the opportunity to slurp down a frosty brew at the home of lager.

Known as the beer-brewing capital of the world, Pilsner’s history of creating the tipple can be narrowed down to one particular brewery — Pilsner Urquell Brewery.

Day tours to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery show you the tried-and-true techniques that its brewers have upheld since it was founded in 1842.

You’ll learn about the variety of hops used to form this lager’s delicate flavor and try a glass fresh from the barrel.


The romantic whitewash and fairytale turrets of Hluboká Castle attract history buffs, and avid photographers alike to this opulent palace in the south of the Czech Republic’s Bohemia region.

Having gone through multiple reconstructions since the 13th century, the castle has featured an amalgamation of Baroque and Gothic architecture.

The current monument was constructed in the style of England’s Windsor Castle at the request of the influential Schwarzenberg family.

On your excursion to Hluboká Castle, you can wander its elegant gardens and art-filled halls, and admire its detailed interior.

Sázava River

Adventure enthusiasts in need of a break from the busy city life can travel to the Sázava River for their nature fix.

Winding along 220 kilometers of dense Czech forests and verdant fields, the river is the perfect location to hop into a canoe, and follow its flowing current.

Whether you’re a canoeing novice or a water sports connoisseur, you’ll be in safe hands as you learn to cross turbulent rapids. Alternatively, take to two wheels and cycle your way along the picturesque banks on a day trip to the Sázava River.


Another of the Czech Republic's magical castles is Konopiště. This magnificent French-inspired dwelling gains its fame as the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination sparked World War I.

Konopiště excursions enable visitors to step back into the European history books by viewing the bullet that killed the Austrian heir at the castle’s museum.

You can discover the archduke’s interest in hunting through his vast collection of weapons and even take a peek into his living quarters.

Stroll through the castle’s fragrant rose garden and fall in love with this historic home-turned-tourist attraction.

Mělník Castle

Less than an hour north of Prague lies the royal residence of over 20 Czech kings and queens — Mělník Castle.

The origins of this chateau date back to the 9th century when a wooden castle structure stood upon the ground that houses the current building.

A day trip to Mělník Castle allows you to view its collection of 17th-century maps and admire the differences from a modern-day atlas.

Discover the royals that called this opulent chateau home and admire the view out over the region's winding vineyards.

Before you return to Prague, you may have the opportunity to sample the full-bodied wines created in this corner of the Czech Republic.


Those who wish to pay their respects to the millions of Jews who endured unimaginable torment during World War II can do so on a day tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

This site of suffering is located in the southern stretch of Poland and was the largest extermination camp in Europe during Hitler's reign.

Be haunted by the camp’s dark history as you walk through its gas chambers and barracks.

Spare a moment of thought for the innocent men, women and children who lost their lives to the extremist regime at the Auschwitz Memorial, and see the personal belongings of former prisoners from their lives before war broke out.

Český Šternberk Castle

The Gothic masterpiece that is Český Šternberk Castle resides on a towering hill overlooking the Sázava River in the picturesque region of Bohemia.

Built in the middle of the 13th century, the castle has been expertly preserved over time despite its seizure by the King of Bohemia — George of Poděbrady — in the 15th century.

Excursions to Český Šternberk Castle give you an insight into the family who originally commissioned its erection and still own this impressive monument over 800 years later.

Moser Factory

Karlovy Vary is not all spa retreats and hot springs. This northwestern town close to the German border is also home to a historic glassblowing factory that produces some of the finest crystalware on the continent.

The Moser Factory is known for its luxurious stemware, glassware and engravings that have been used for royal weddings, and distinguished trophies since 1857.

If you’ve ever wondered how sand is crafted into complex works of art, you can find out on a day trip to the Moser Factory from Prague.

Learn the aged techniques that Moser’s artisans have been using for centuries, and see the complete process from grinding to engraving, and painting.