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Things to do in Porto

As the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, Porto attracts millions of visitors per year. It's not hard to see why. This coastal city, with its vibrantly-painted buildings overlooking the harbor, is a real beauty. Porto enjoys great weather, fantastic scenery, and amazing food. In short, Porto offers everything you need to have a spectacular vacation. History enthusiasts will marvel at the city's monuments, such as the ornate Clerigos church, the fascinating Sao Bento railway station and the majestic Porto cathedral. Culture fans will be stunned by Livraria Lello, often called the world's most beautiful bookshop and the sprawling museum of modern art. Sports fans are advised to take in an FC Porto game and experience the passion of this soccer-loving nation. And nature lovers will enjoy the beautiful scenery to be found outside of the city. No matter where your interests lie, Porto will beguile you with its charismatic charm. And the delicious food is sure to please everyone. Plus, as the birthplace of Port, wine lovers will find plenty to enjoy in Porto. While in Porto, you can experience Portuguese culture with a traditional Fado show. You can also sample the variety of wines produced in the region on a tour of local vineyards and port caves. The endless charm of this captivating city never fails to leave visitors with fond and colorful memories of Porto. See for yourself why this city remains such a popular destination with tourists from around the world.

Wine Tours and Tastings

Porto is rightfully proud of port, the fortified wine that takes its name from the city. The vineyards outside the town and the caves where the wine is aged are popular attractions to be visited during a wine tasting tour from Porto. Whether you choose a short tour of the wine caves in Porto or go on a more extensive trip into the Douro valley to see where the process of making port begins, wine lovers are guaranteed to find something to delight them. Sampling the produce of the local wineries along with traditional Portuguese cuisine is an experience not to be missed by any oenophile.